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While I agree with you in principle, I don't necessarily think this was the case with the iPhone. The problem seems to be that in the Apple-world, Apple itself is very quiet and everyone else is very noisy. And it's hard to really know what is true and what just came fresh from the ass of some random blogger. For example, when did Apple actually deny that there were any problems with the iPhone? As far as I can remember, they really didn't say much about it. AT&T issued...
Battery life is the only thing on your list that would depend on new hardware. Cut and paste and video recording should just be a matter of a software upgrade.
Well the numbers are all very imprecise, but one thing to consider is that the AT&T figures end in December. If Steve meant that 4 million were sold by the time of the keynote, and if his figure of 20,000 iphones / day is correct, then the 15 days in january would account for 300,000 more iPhones.
It's totally nuts. All the musc labels have banded together to try and kill their most lucrative online retailer. I may not be a great business person, but that doesn't sound like a good move to me, especially with CD sales falling, and piracy increasing. This does not even sound legal to me. Is it legal for the record companies to band together to offer a better product through one provider with the express purpose of destroying another? Isn't there some sort of...
I don't see that the fee is in any way tied to a phone being subsidized. I think thats an assumption that people have made. If they didn't charge a fee, then what is to prevent anyone from breaking their contract? There is always a cost for breaking a contract, in this case it happens to be $175.
Isn't $175 their normal contract cancellation fee? If I were to get a 1 year contract with a free phone, I think this is the amount of money I would still have to pay to get out of that contract. This does't seem to be news.
To paraphrase: He's just a man like any other. He puts his pants on one leg at a time. Except that once he has his pants on, he reinvents some consumer electronics space.
My wife saw Steve Jobs ordering a sandwich at Torpedo Joe's (I don't know if it's still there, but it was the sandwich shop in the Old Navy on 4th and Market) she said he was entourage-less. I've also seen his home in Palo Alto, and the immediate thought that goes through your mind is, "I can't believe a billionaire lives in that house." It's a nice house, and it's on a big lot, but it's certainly not Larry Ellison's japanese village.
Among my favorite comments that I've seen is: - The iPhone is nothing more than windows mobile with an apple logo pasted in. MS should sue! - My 4 year old x phone can do everything the iPhone can do. - the iPhone is a bad copy of the Linux based OpenMoko phone (nevermind that it only has GPRS, no WiFi, no bluetooth, and only 128MB of memory.. it has a touchscreen!) People are crazy.
I also disagree with your assessment of phones available in the asian market. Sure a lot of them have nicer features because they have a better network available to them, and of course they are willing to pay more. I always say that it's impossible to compare the iPhone to other phones on a simple feature by feature basis. In software especially implementation matters a lot. So while two phones you are comparing might have the 'Web Browser' feature checked, is that phone's...
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