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Dont forget that Steve said 1 percent of a billion phones - which is 10 million - WORLDWIDE. He was not refferring to Cingular only. That is why he said by the end of 2008, he aims to have sold 10 million iPhones. By the end of 2008 I'm sure there will be cheaper models around. As for the price.. sure $500 for a phone sounds like a lot (especially for americans who are not used to actually paying full price for their phones) But what if I offered you a special bundle...
Apple's design and marketing folks get the liions share of the credit for apple's success, but people never seem to appreciate how well run that company is from a management perspective.
While it's true that Steve never promised the iTV in 2006, the fact remains that for a consumer electronics device to be released right after the holiday season is unfortunate. You can be sure that Apple would have wanted to launch it in time for Christmas.
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