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I live in a Thailand and there's just one model of 5s. Last year they were pretty hard to get hold of for weeks after the launch.
Would be good, since we don't have 'MacBook Pro 5S' and the like. The new iPhone would be nice and simple.
In fact DVDs can go to 17 GB (double sided dual layer), though I'm not sure anyone actually uses them. :-)
The article says micro SIM trays. The iPhone uses nano SIMs. Better edit the article!
Quote: Hell no...I feel pretty naked without a watch on my wrist. I really don't get this whole "phones have replaced watches" sentiment. A phone might tell the time, but it's nowhere near as convenient as wearing a watch on your wrist - a quick glance is much easier than digging your phone out of your pocket. If (like me) you ride a motorcycle (and I admit this is a minority argument) a phone cannot replace the convenience of being able to quickly glance down and check...
I'm guessing that due to the shrink in die size of the A8 chip, 1810 mh will be more than sufficient.
"Why specifically the Home button? What is wrong with the LED light on the back being used for notifications?". I don't know about you but my phone is in a case and I keep the screen facing upwards. An indicator on the back of the phone wouldn't be any good for me.
Not necessarily. I wear a Tag on my left wrist and intend to wear the Apple device on the other one. I don't see it as an either / or situation.
Apparently Intel are to commercialise 5nm carbon nanotube transistors by 2020: http://gizmodo.com/carbon-nanotube-transistors-thatll-save-moores-law-are-1598486315
You're thinking about it all wrong, misled by the term 'watch'. Apple have no interest in a watch that simply tells the time (phones replaced that function already, even though not as conveniently). It seems the concept will be health related if the rumours are true, packed with sensors. Phones can't emulate that functionality easily, and just like the iPad it may well turn out to be one of those things people thought they didn't need and couldn't see a purpose for until...
New Posts  All Forums: