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Impressive numbers, but it still won't silence the naysayers...who cares anyway when there's no doubt that this is shaping up to be the biggest launch ever! :-) happy days.
Oh wait, so it was available years ago on a now-obsolete phone. And how has the feature you mention been working out for Sony and Android recently? Did it catch on? Why would Apple make a waterproof phone? it's got to be a complete waste of effort and resources when 99.9999% of the population are not stupid enough to get their phone wet.
 Two reasons why I will never buy Samsung anything again: 1) I bought a Samsung laptop 2.5 years ago for about £800, and a year later it went bang (and by that I mean something blew and smoke came out, rather than a software issue!) whilst I was on a business trip to Japan. I live in Thailand and went to customer services. They suggested they could reinstall Windows 7 (cripes), that is really all they could suggest. 2) I bought a Samsung 21" LCD monitor a few years ago....
These Samsung ads are laughably pathetic, even embarrassing. If I was in the market or a Samsung device, this would put me right off.
A square watch makes much more sense than a round one, since the main function will not be telling the time. Even though the Moto 360 looks good, I'm not convinced of the practicalities of having a round smartwatch. I guess we might find out tomorrow.
I live in a Thailand and there's just one model of 5s. Last year they were pretty hard to get hold of for weeks after the launch.
Would be good, since we don't have 'MacBook Pro 5S' and the like. The new iPhone would be nice and simple.
In fact DVDs can go to 17 GB (double sided dual layer), though I'm not sure anyone actually uses them. :-)
The article says micro SIM trays. The iPhone uses nano SIMs. Better edit the article!
Quote: Hell no...I feel pretty naked without a watch on my wrist. I really don't get this whole "phones have replaced watches" sentiment. A phone might tell the time, but it's nowhere near as convenient as wearing a watch on your wrist - a quick glance is much easier than digging your phone out of your pocket. If (like me) you ride a motorcycle (and I admit this is a minority argument) a phone cannot replace the convenience of being able to quickly glance down and check...
New Posts  All Forums: