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You gotta love how Apple gear is as good looking on the interior as it is on the exterior! Amazing!
Exactly my thought. Most folks who have cars that require premium gasoline know better than putting in regular, this is the same issue.
Honesty is a rare virtue it seems.
10.10 better be amazing and blow everyones mind if it is called Yosemite, because if it is buggy or lame it will be called "Yosemite Sam" by the pundits, press, and Apple haters.
This article made me wonder if anyone tried using "Find my iPhone" to find the plane.
From:https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/iphone/conceptual/iphoneosprogrammingguide/TheiOSEnvironment/TheiOSEnvironment.html"Specialized System BehaviorsThe iOS system is based on the same technologies used by Mac OS X, namely the Mach kernel and BSD interfaces. Thus, iOS apps run in a UNIX-based system and have full support for threads, sockets, and many of the other technologies typically available at that level. However, there are places where the...
Frankly I wanted an iPhone like device way back when I was using a palm os Samsung SPH-i300. It was a good little folding phone, but I wondered way back then why folks can't create something more user friendly, more like a real pocket computer. I used to carry a swiss army knife around as it could do anything. My new swiss army knife is the iPhone!
Just log into icloud.com, the new web apps are already there.
Welcome to the new generation, the markets, the news cycle, the hits, the hip, everything now-a-days has such a short attention span, very few really understand Apple as they don't know it's history or the history of personal computing. You and I are the old dogs, who have been paying attention over the past 30 years. Many of the new dogs were just puppies and didn't get to paying attention until just a few years ago. By the way, the new dogs don't want to hear our barks...
Another excellent example: Open giving promotes a superficial facade of good character, while anonymous giving improves the givers true character. And society learns from watching both, do we want to teach superficiality or true good character? I say we want folks to develop true good character, not a lie.
New Posts  All Forums: