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  May I correct your statement for you?   "I think Google gave non-iPhone users the false impression that all smart phones are iPhones."
Besides taste, the other differentiating factor is happiness! J.D. Power confirmed it. iPhone owners are more happy and satisfied with their purchase than any other smartphone owner, by quite a bit.
"Do no evil." Hey Eric Schmidt - FYI - lying is evil. Maybe Google actually meant "Do know evil."
For this end user, if I buy a Mazda or a Honda a huge selling point is often "this model had the engine assembled in Japan." I wonder how these assembled in US iMacs will turn out, coveted or hated?
@mjtomlin Amen brother! CNET are the testing nubes, AI is just the reporting nubes.
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. I would like to see Tim give a new iPhone away to Balmer, he is not getting any richer. Plus if Tim could rig it to video the in-house fighting in the Balmer household showing the kiddies and wife clamering for the new iPhone and Balmer telling them no - pricelesss.
LOL! Hilarious! Thank you sir.
@ philboogie - LOL! Hilarious! philboogie 2012/10/02 02:49pm Perhaps Google used Apple Maps which read: "Dead end"
Oh I don't take the same take as you. It seems to me that every exploit that Apple has learned of has been taken seriously and has eventually been corrected. They have a pretty good track record that way. Just because they don't make knee jerk decisions and quickly throw out some messy code fix, doesn't mean that Apple isn't fixing the flaw. They take a little more time, but do it right. I'm just sayin'.   There are other Operating System companies out there that don't...
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