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As for the slight tink sound in the iPhone; might it be the vibrator motor? In which case it would have to be loose to function.
I do not mean to offend you sir, but your attitude is so much why the common man really hates lawyers. You appear to be saying, "who cares what the truth is or who cares what is right or wrong. Just go for the quick path of the most gain. Just throw some money at it that will solve everything."Most people do care about what is right and what is wrong. Most people care if their reputations are damaged. And so most people I know are disgusted by the court system and the...
\t@ chabig - Exacty. The way things are now you can connect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod to at projector and show video, presentations, or more (the pico projectors are really handy!), but if Apple replaced the dock connector with USB that would no longer be possible. Fine for danbirchall who never considers such a use, but bad for all of the other users who depend on such possibilities. However, if Apple figured out a way to stream the video wirelessly that could be...
I was asked in 1999 by a group of guys at work who wanted to pool their money and buy a good stock, if Apple would be a good investment (if you remember many people had written Apple back off then). I said that there is no way that Apple would die, they are too innovative, more so than the average person realizes. I recommended that they invest in Apple. A few of them did, some later got scared and pulled out. The 2 that stayed in are soo happy! I wish I had a few bucks to...
Am I the only one (besides AppleInsider, I suspect) who sees a strong parallel between what Samsung is saying about Apple and TV's compared to what Microsoft, Palm, RIM, etc. were saying about Apple's iPhone when it was first announced. The competition has a history of underestimating Apple. Apple doesn't like to put out second best products. I think it would be very unusual for Apple to not be able to at least match Samsung's quality if not even beat them. Apple has much...
I wonder if these hacked accounts only happened to people who have iTunes on their Windoze computer. That would be a bit of telling information.
No kidding. I really don't understand why some people are so enamored with that android mess.
In the dark days, resellers were also marginalizing Apple products, which is why Apple has such a dislike for resellers. Does that mean all resellers were problematic? No, but when you are bitten by a coyote, you tend to shy away from all coyotes from then on.
Yes! I have an old Sony camera with fewer MP than the 3GS, but it takes pictures that are far better than the 3GS and even rivals those of the 4S (when not blown up). MP is nice, but the optics and light sensitivity really make the camera. On the other hand if the number of MP on the iPhone doesn't continue to steadily improve, all the noobs who don't know any better about what really makes a good camera will point to 8 MP and say the iPhone is crap.
Samsung Insider 2013 lead stories: "Copy Apple" "Copy anyone else successfull" repeat ..... (not a whole lot else to report on)
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