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Am I the only one (besides AppleInsider, I suspect) who sees a strong parallel between what Samsung is saying about Apple and TV's compared to what Microsoft, Palm, RIM, etc. were saying about Apple's iPhone when it was first announced. The competition has a history of underestimating Apple. Apple doesn't like to put out second best products. I think it would be very unusual for Apple to not be able to at least match Samsung's quality if not even beat them. Apple has much...
I wonder if these hacked accounts only happened to people who have iTunes on their Windoze computer. That would be a bit of telling information.
No kidding. I really don't understand why some people are so enamored with that android mess.
In the dark days, resellers were also marginalizing Apple products, which is why Apple has such a dislike for resellers. Does that mean all resellers were problematic? No, but when you are bitten by a coyote, you tend to shy away from all coyotes from then on.
Yes! I have an old Sony camera with fewer MP than the 3GS, but it takes pictures that are far better than the 3GS and even rivals those of the 4S (when not blown up). MP is nice, but the optics and light sensitivity really make the camera. On the other hand if the number of MP on the iPhone doesn't continue to steadily improve, all the noobs who don't know any better about what really makes a good camera will point to 8 MP and say the iPhone is crap.
Samsung Insider 2013 lead stories: "Copy Apple" "Copy anyone else successfull" repeat ..... (not a whole lot else to report on)
Sculley is just talking semantics, but in the end it is effectively the same thing. The words are different but the result is the same.
My thoughts also. Does anyone remember the news article about the chinese toddler that was run over by a truck and no one stopped to help her? They kept walking right past her and a second vehicle hit her also. She didn't make it, but it makes you wonder how well Communism teaches morality to the people. I have always thought that it is actually morals learned at church and home that allow a society to advance.
I think the $5M was Apple paying for the sharing of Elan patents. Apple did not infringe, but they wanted in on Elan's patent portfolio.
Remember, Apple likes to move forward and has their eye on where the ball is headed, looking backward turns you into a pillar of salt. I think they will do cross platform via HTML5 once it becomes more ubiquitous.
New Posts  All Forums: