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Sculley is just talking semantics, but in the end it is effectively the same thing. The words are different but the result is the same.
My thoughts also. Does anyone remember the news article about the chinese toddler that was run over by a truck and no one stopped to help her? They kept walking right past her and a second vehicle hit her also. She didn't make it, but it makes you wonder how well Communism teaches morality to the people. I have always thought that it is actually morals learned at church and home that allow a society to advance.
I think the $5M was Apple paying for the sharing of Elan patents. Apple did not infringe, but they wanted in on Elan's patent portfolio.
Remember, Apple likes to move forward and has their eye on where the ball is headed, looking backward turns you into a pillar of salt. I think they will do cross platform via HTML5 once it becomes more ubiquitous.
I guess I am a "no one". I got rid of my TV long ago and have been using only iMacs and el Gato's eyeTV and good external speakers as my entertainment center. (of course I live in a small house and prefer to spend my money on quality items that give me the most bang for the buck). I would definitely buy an iMacTV.
There sure are a lot of people who don't get it.Here is the pattern:3G upgraded to 3GS (they looked the same)4 upgraded to 4S (they looked the same)If you owned a 3G then the 4 was an awesome upgrade, a leap!If you owed a 3GS then the 4S is an awesome upgrade, a leap!Because of 2 year contract agreements, Apple doesn't jump out with new form factors every year, they do so every other year. The pattern is clear and as a 3GS owner, I am very excited about getting the 4S form...
I agree with you, and think Ron did a great job, sorry to see him leave Apple. I can see how he wanted a shot to be a CEO, so I don't hold it against him. In fact, I wish him good luck. I am glad he pushed for the Genius Bar, it was genius. However I doubt Ron would have been as successful in creating Apple's retail experience, if Apple didn't have great products to put in the stores.
This is how the second conversation went. When the iPhone first came out the conversation with Verizon was much more like what Simply Newton said, except that in the end neither Apple or Verizon budged. After seeing the amazing success of the iPhone on AT&T, then your conversation is correct.
Sorry, but are you insane? Less battery life, constant slowdowns, and application crashes make a better iPhone experience? Flash doesn't add anything good to the mobile experience. Yes we miss the web we are used to, but that is because so much of the web we are used to is based on flash, this must change. Sometimes change hurts, but in the long run the web and mobile experience will be better without Flash.
You and me both. This obviously discredits Greenpeace. Dell and HP who both make plastic laden junk with an effective life span of 3 years, their computers are terrible power hogs, and have little to no value on the resale market; are ranked higher than Apple who makes things out of metal and glass which can be recycled, have much longer effective life spans, are power efficient, and have value on the resale market (recycle/reuse)? This is madness, corruption, greed, or...
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