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Yeah, why is it so easy to like Jobs and so difficult to like Zuckerberg and his product? I hate Facebook, but I love nearly all things Apple.
Off topic, but how can you disagree with Coke being crap when its ingredients are water, sugar, caffeine, a tiny bit of flavoring and coloring, and carbon dioxide. Not a whole lot of good stuff in there. Also Coke's founder was famous for saying something to the effect that his goal was to sell something to the masses that cost a few pennies to make, that he could sell for a quarter, and that was addicting. Which is why Coke is named Coke, because it originally had cocaine...
Yeah, it is an interesting situation as I upgraded my +2 year old 3GS to iOS5 and I am getting better battery life than I was before the upgrade. I am very happy. I would not be happy if I was one of the people who are getting worse battery life. I have been pining for the new 4S, but perhaps it is good that I haven't gotten one yet. A couple more months when I have the pennies saved up and all the bugs will most likely be gone.
Eventually? It seems like everything already is. Even Nokia seems to be made in China now. The only part of products that are not made in China anymore seems to be the idea for the product.
Go Sprint! I wish them the best. I had Sprint before they merged with Nextel. Loved them, best customer service, but after the merger they lost their edge. However the iPhone was really the only reason I left them, side benefit, in my area AT&T coverage is much better than Sprint's. I hope they get their edge back and increase their coverage, their prices were better than AT&T and Verizon in my area.
Speaks volumes as to who are the greedy ones and who cares about their customers!
Your comment made me laugh, been there, done that! You have my sympathies.
Sorry, but I do not believe this is true in the US, because whether you buy the subsidized phone or the full price one, you still pay the same for your service. Who would buy a full priced iPhone in the US (except for frequent world travelers) when this is the case? As long as my service costs me the same, I will go with the subsidized phone, thus the carrier wins again as they have locked the conditions to be this way. It would be nice if things were different, but in the...
Thinking different than all the posts and the article, what if the Apple HDTV was a tv that got rid of all the boxes on you entertainment center. A device that would replace the DVR, the cablebox, the surround sound system (but had speaker connections) plus it would have a great picture and a network connection, did all of the things that the current Apple TV does also. Allowing immediate use by anyone with any cable/satellite provider, plus had the internet also. The...
I don't necessarily agree that the glass back is a poor design. I have a 2+ year old 3GS that I am waiting for another month to upgrade. I have never used any kind of case or protector or bumper on it. I keep it either in my pocket, in my hand, or on a cloth on my dresser when charging. The front glass is perfect except for one tiny small dent/scratch (looks like a tiny spot that can only be seen by angling to external light), while the plastic back is all scratched up and...
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