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I reckon you are correct, but I also reckon that the iPad3 won't be using iPad2 power management or battery size to give the same battery life.
What you say is undoubtedly true of hard drive based systems, but we are talking about the iPhone here and Dynamic RAM will most likely always consume more power than Flash RAM. Therefore accessing secondary storage will most likely have very little power hit (especially if it is just read cycles) compared to the power hit from increasing Dynamic RAM. As the article points out, Dynamic RAM consumes power whether the RAM is being used or not, whether it is actually holding...
AppleInsider, Can we get the link to the Microsoft blog? It will help with fact checking. Thanks.
Did you read and understand the whole story? The conclusion is that you can't have the same battery life with more RAM. It is not possible with current technology.And it even stands to reason that future tech will consume less power if it is run with less RAM. Lean and mean is the best way. Nobody seems to understand this except Apple and believe it or not Microsoft. (Although Microsoft may have just copied the idea from Apple.)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Personally, I don't like a white iPhone, but would love to have a white iPad2. Perhaps cause my iMac is the white core 2 duo model. I'm looking forward to ordering my new black iPhone 4S, I'm willing to wait a couple of months to see if there are any issues that Apple needs to address. My 3GS is still going strong.
S is for SelfishMe want! Bad!
Yeah, same reasons Reagan was such a successful president. Vision, attracted good people to his vision. Didn't relent on his vision. A bit of a showman. And thought different. We need someone in the White House who is like Steve!
I understand AT&T's desire to spin their speeds (even though I don't like it), I think the best course for Apple to take is to put a "3G+" indicator rather than 4G which should be saved for LTE networks.
s4mb4, You really need to get out more often and attend a church or two, maybe more if needed. I belong to a faith that is extremely committed to family and community relationships, so I know there is at least one faith that does that. If you look at the June 2011 issue of National Geographic you will find a article about how scientists are discovering that religion is the most likely explanation of what brought humans together to form civilizations (this was previously...
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