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My iPhone volume is been going on and off the last few days.  When it's not in silent mode it will not ring or make the click sounds when you type.  It also doesn't play in iPod mode.  However when I put in headphones they work just fine.  What can the issue be?
My iTunes will not update. When I do check for updates, it will pop up there is a new version of iTunes and asks me if I want to download it and when I click download iTunes it does nothing.  Any suggestions???
Yes it has a bell next to it.
Stupid question here but how do I switch to a new ringtone? I bought one from iTunes. A school fight song but it does not appear in my settings. It's in my iTunes library on my phone but not in my settings for ringtones.
Gotta say as annoyed as I was that it sat in Hong Kong for 72+ hours, it went from there on Saturday to being delivered this afternoon. Amazing how quick it goes.
It says March 22nd.
72 hours and still sitting in Lantau Island.
Ordered mine at 4:09 EST, and it's been sitting in Hong Kong for 60 hours now Really annoyed!
44 hours and still sitting in Hong Kong. I'm beginning to think I won't get it till late next week.
So my ipad has been sitting in HK for over 32 hours. My friend ordered his 10 minutes before mine and it delivered yesterday, mine still sits in HK. How long should I anticipate waiting for it to arrive?
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