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I think we know this is a JOKE.... but to be fair I think Rummy said that they had captured him, right before the media showed him giving that speech at the Palistine Hotel, that made some people upset. Wayyyy to much proprganda in war.
The OS I am using is OS10, but I am trying to burn OS9 onto the CD.... Techtools 4 has to come out so I won't need OS9 : P
I have Toast Titanium 5.2 and am trying to burn a CD of utilities to repair and defrag and what not... I have forgotten how you make a CD that a computer will boot off of.
[quote]Originally posted by Paul: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/standalone/
that is still just "6.0.2v2"
Hey guys... I have been updating a computer at school that is not connected to the internet. Its the video production machine so I instaled iMovie 3, yet it need Quicktime 6.1, the only way to get that is through the internet updater. Does anyone know of a stand alone installer or updater for 6.1?? I am really quite deperate!
I love my Tivo to death... I don't really want or need it to do any of that other crap because I have my mac to do that... I like my Tivo for a variety of reasons... •I like the season pass. I just hit the show and it will record it on that channel no matter when its on. I can have it record reruns and first runs, or no reruns. •Sometimes I will have watched everything on the Tivo and will not want to resort to commercial TV. That is when Tivos sujestions come in. Maybe...
Well if they bump the whole line, I am hopin that they include: mhz, graphics card, bus speed, and maybe LCD bumps. Well I am hopin the top model will hit 1 ghz, then maybe keep the same price points, except take the low end 15' model now, knock 300 buck off its price, and offer it for 999. I bet it will sell like crazy. That does not sound unreasonable does it?
Well aparently is says somewhere if you send any ideas or renditions to Apple they are automaticly the property OF Apple... Something I found interesting! Also I think if you stick the Apple logo on any reditions it automaticly will become Apple property. After the LCD iMacs introduction there were some comments to a strikingly smilar sketch on some site for Apple design wannabes. had the same half a ball bottom and neck. and had been on the site for up to a year before
i dunno... its said that steve reads most any e-mail he gets... (I cannot remember all the addresses, but one of the mentioned was it) infact not too long ago it think someone on these forums got a reply.. there were even times when he had a new mac sent out to this guy along with an apple tech to install it.... haha
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