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How bout whoever owns that system going to the terminal and typing hostinfo That will spit this back at ya, heres my G4 [code] [localhost:/usr/bin] patrick% hostinfo Mach kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 5.2: Fri Dec 7 21:39:35 PST 2001; root:xnu/xnu-201.14.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC Kernel configured for up to 2 processors. 1 processor is physically available. Processor type: ppc7400 (PowerPC 7400) Processor active: 0 Primary memory available: 1024.00...
As Homer would say (Simpson that is) "Its still good, its still good, its only a little prereleased" No it isnt dad. "I know"...... Steves gonna be breaking some balls tomorrow. I do still agree theres a "one last thing" with this new iMac. PK [quote]Originally posted by CyberZorn: This whole thing reminds me of the simpsons (as many things do) when Homer throws the big steak to the dog that is runing down bart. The dog swallows the steak whole and...
Does anyone actually have the combo drive (dvd/cdrw) not the superdrive on their G4? What model drive is it? I have both a cdrw (firewire) and a dvd internal and would like to combine them. OS X Compatibility info would be great too. PK
Ya know, I wouldnt be surprised if someone at Apple has a full time job of monitoring places like this combing for rumors etc, then attempting to pitch them to project teams. I could just see it now.... Pitchguy: But Junkyard Dawg said it would be released, so just change the name and add gigawire, I dont care if it hasnt been invented yet, just do it! Oh well. These boards are hilarious. Good source of enjoyment and the occasional bit of information. pk
[quote]Originally posted by KidRed: God you guys don't think very much. This dock thing could be plugged into a TV and have iPod as the head unit and using the tv and home stereo to play the iPod mp3s with itune visuals or something. Or perhaps it's got other purposes. Dorsal M had mentioned a dock of sorts that the iPod slides into _he thought is was a iMac or something) This could be Apple's next iGadget. You guys just need to relax and ponder a bit before you...
A friend of mine interned for Apple this past semester, and talking to him he described some plans for what the iPod really was created. He would not tell me much, other than it will be some sort of a dock that the ipod plugs into, and from there there will be a SVideo plug, RCA (Video/left/right) and another firewire plug. He told me to think entertainment. Anyone else heard of anything like this or is he just lying? PK [ 12-03-2001: Message edited by: PK ]

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