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OK. Didn't know you were only interested in music royalties so fair enough. Even there some creative music artists are making money from Youtube.http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/seven-ways-musicians-make-money-off-youtube-20130919If YouTube wasn't free to use it could be more. AFAIK they're still planning a paid service rather than just ad-supported sometime pretty soon so hopefully some of the content owners can make a bit more than they do now. IMHO they deserve...
Ah gotcha.There's some folks making decent livings from YouTube tho.http://www.therichest.com/rich-list/most-influential/10-ordinary-people-who-earned-their-millions-from-youtube/Even those little "indies" can make money at YouTube if they'll take the time to understand the process.http://technical.ly/dc/2014/10/29/cd-baby-ceo-tracy-maddux-future-of-music-policy-summit/
Well that certainly is one proving they didn't steal the content.
What about YouTube is a "loophole"? They do pay artists/owners for play, a couple $B noted as of last year, block the use of media that copyright holders have claimed (ContentID), and are quick to remove content if someone contacts Youtube with a legitimate (or sometimes not) takedown request. Sure looks like they're trying to do the proper thing.
No mine is quite legitimate. Came with the computer I bought.
So @sog35 now has his video evidence that the rotating bezel can perhaps be easily operated with one finger. Not so obvious it required two fingers after all.
Supposedly somewhere in Europe. Or not.
@sog35 IMO you'd do better to note when you're stating opinion (we all have them) and when you're stating fact. It's almost impossible to tell one from the other in some of your posts.
I have no idea if it factually can be or not, nor do you. You won't have long to wait to try it in real life. You're comparing a watch you yourself have little experience with and don't even own AFAIK with one not yet available to buy and you've obviously never touched.You obfuscate facts with opinion far too often when you post IMHO, and casual readers may not realize the difference.
New Posts  All Forums: