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Good point and nice explanation. Thanks
AFAIK no one connected with Google ever claimed they had no UK sales staff.What I did find was a staffer claim in front of Parliament that their UK sales staff made no sales in the UK and thus owed no additional taxes, something that would have to be based on some ridiculous technicality if true. In any event it's a lousy argument to use for tax avoidance even if it's possibly legal.EDIT: Thanks TimGriff I see the technicality now. While Google admitted to having sales...
Do what, make you or someone else aware of something you perhaps didn't know about?... and yes Nokia can return to building smartphones under the Nokia name in late 2016 if they choose to. At this point they only plan to license the name to other smartphone sellers rather than get back into manufacturing themselves.http://www.mobileworldlive.com/nokia-smartphone-brand-licensing-effort-cards-report
Perhaps you are confused. I very specifically mentioned Nokia's licensing rights for phones in the very first sentence. If that's intended to be a claim I intentionally twist logic to make my points, which would be dishonest, it borders on an a personal attack unless you have some evidence to link to showing I do so. As I don't believe you have even a single example to offer I would appreciate your keeping to facts rather than insinuating something that's untrue, and...
Google has been pushing for changes to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the issue with MS, for several years. They petitioned the White House, lobbied Congress and partnered with other consumer protection groups and techs to convince politicians to enact better protections for customer data. Google has been the lead voice for change for quite some time with not a lot of help from others in tech. . Here's a couple of articles describing their...
Beginning the end of 2016 Nokia can license the Nokia name to 3rd parties smartphones. They can already put the Nokia name on products that don't directly compete with a Microsoft product.
This a a product in development and clearly noted as currently in a prototyping stage Additionally it's not even a Google product, and there's also an iOS version.https://github.com/google/physical-web/blob/master/documentation/getting_started.mdhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/physical-web/id927653608?mt=8
It's back to normal now. I expect Ars might mention it soon.EDIT: Spoke too soon. Back to a black page with:Arse security.@nidohax - @metapawdcue the music"Not every geek with a Commodore64 can hack into NASA"
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