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I doubt any press releases will announce the ones who cooperate. Guess we'll see who gets the OK from China to pursue their projects there.
Will Applepay in China fall under these rules?
Microsoft has a real interest in Android too now. They've decided to invest in Cyanogen, one of the premier Android modders-turned-forkers. Should be fun times ahead.
Note Google has also developed their own programming languages:Gohttp://mashable.com/2009/11/10/go-google-language/and Darthttps://www.dartlang.org/
That's all fine and good but it's not iPhone vs. Nexus. It 's about the best choice for integrating a sensor into the Nexus 6 which has a nuch larger display than even the 6+ yet fits the same still very large footprint. What benefit would be derived from making the Nexus significantly taller than it already is? IMHO putting it on the back is the better choice for that particular phone and makes sense.Read back to my first post. I stand by it 100% tho I'm willing to...
It's not a pay wall. Click the calibrate button and it takes to to a screen where you can use either a drivers license or credit card to adjust the on-screen image until they match.
LOL! It won't cost anything. You just hold a credit card up to the image on the next screen to adjust the size.But simply read the dimensions and look at the pictures if you'd rather. Or download the two images and life-size them yourself. The two are nearly identical in size. It should be visually obvious that quite a bit more space would need to be created on the Nexus to fit a reader.Edit>I did it for you. The chin on the Nexus measures 5/16". The iPhone 6+ measures...
Those CAD files you mentioned. Until then we can use this tho:http://www.phonearena.com/phones/size/Google-Nexus-6,Apple-iPhone-6-Plus/phones/8626,8908Note the Nexus display is already significantly larger than the quite large 6+ yet both have nearly identical footprints. Again what is the benefit to making the Nexus even larger?
Then when you find it we can discuss it further. Until then I don't see a reason for either of our opinions to change.
No where near large enough to incorporate a fingerprint sensor. Adding another 1/2-3/4" to accommodate one is not a better solution than adding a sensor to the back where fingers naturally lay anyway. IMHO. Do you really think it's worth creating an even larger footprint?
New Posts  All Forums: