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Why would Groupon give you 1% back? What would they have to gain from it? Oh wait. . .
I had no idea (except about the socializing). Thanks for that. I had always assumed that, particularly with his newer responsibilities post-Forstall, he needed to spend a lot of time at Apple.
iOS won't be bug-free until v.10. How do I know that? An analyst told me.
Latest indications from Samsung themselves is they'e going to be producing Apple's 14nm A9, along with 14nm chips for Qualcomm and AMD. Production is expected to begin around the end of this year.
Mr Newson said today that his work at Apple is only part-time and involves one specific project that doesn't require his full attention. He's still available for hire and his company continues on.
Apple said they didn't do what?
Relic:Google Play will not let you pay for or install an incompatible app unless you spoof your device to get around it. That would mean you probably knew that app wan't really compatible. And even you as knowledgeable as you are can't download an .apk from the Google Play store and sideload that app unless you have some secret trick that only you know about. If so please share.If you want to stray outside the official Google Play store and bypass the settings that prevent...
I'll call BS on that one. Ain't happenin. . .Even remote app install from Google Play tells you. Further if you access Google Play from your Android device itself it won't even show an incompatible app for install.Edit: I see some other kind members have already posted screenshots. Here's an explanation of how it works as you apparently have no idea about installing from Google Play.http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/54557/why-am-i-unable-to-install-some-apps
Yes there is.Have you ever noticed "this app is compatible with all of your devices" or "this app is not compatible" or whatever if you search from the desktop? In fact if you search apps from your Android device itself you shouldn't even be offered apps that aren't compatible with it.
It's almost impossible to know for sure how many reviews are fake paid ones. There's services out there selling 15 positive reviews (or negative if aimed at a competing app) for as little as $5. To their credit Apple began deleting ones they become aware of a little earlier this year. Not certain if Google Play does as well but I would imagine they do.http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/mobile-marketing/438561-where-buy-android-iphone-app-reviews.html
New Posts  All Forums: