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Trump win?? Impossible IMHO so no worries.
Netflix costs close to $110 a year. I consider Amazon Prime Video free for all intents since I'm a Prime member for the free two day shipping. Video is simply a bonus.
See PM.
We just stumbled on that show yesterday. Yeah, I think it's going to be pretty good too.
That would be obvious without studies. Tesla owners are almost certainly "better educated and financially better off" than Toyota owners. In general you buy what you can afford.
I think this report was US. Here Android market share is around 50% and iOS about 45%.
Acxiom and Facebook would be good candidates. Both are likely to have a more "personal" stash about you than Google IMHO. But if you're talking about richer, or with more employees I would agree.BTW if you have any interest in a decent summation:http://qz.com/213900/the-nine-companies-that-know-more-about-you-than-google-or-facebook/http://gizmodo.com/5991070/big-data-brokers-they-know-everything-about-you-and-sell-it-to-the-highest-bidder
I can see that. Because... ads. In the meantime you seem to have little anger directed towards the true privacy thieves, those that provide absolutely zero to you. Nothing. Not even a free game. They simply gather up everything they can find about you, list it by your name, address and SS or ID number and sell it to anyone, literally anyone, who can pay. They don't ask for you permission, they don't discuss what it's used for. They don't reveal who their sources are and...
New Posts  All Forums: