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After doing a bit of reading (prompted by Mel) it seems the vast majority of smartphones, not just iPhones, are sold unsubsidized. The US and Canada appear to be the only major markets where subsidies are expected and even here they're slowly coming to a halt.
Mel, I usually do pretty well finding stuff on the web but for the life of me I can't find where Cook stated that. Do you have a link to share?EDIT: You could well be correct. While I still can't find the quote from Cook himself I do see where The Fool mentioned it in August last year and attributed it to him, saying 75% of the iPhones sold that particular quarter were not subsidized.
Quote: Originally Posted by daveinpublic: "So, you expect me to go to an Android news website, and expect a forum filled with critical thinking and balanced comments about Apple. You're hilarious!!!!" So you didn't believe you could go to an Android forum and have an Apple/Android discussion "filled with critical thinking and balanced comments about Apple". You ridiculed the possibility as a matter of fact. I proved you can. There's several "critical thinking" threads...
So no comment at all about the link I provided but instead you practice dodge and weave skills, mentioning vague, unattributed and unlinked comments you supposedly saw there in some other thread you chose not to mention. I hope that's not how you typically handle tougher questions, by evasion and misdirection. If so you wouldn't seem suited to calling anyone else out.EDIT: So I tracked down the comments you referred to. Not from a forum discussion at all as it turns out...
Try it.This link is a "which should I buy Nexus 6 or iPhone 6+" thread on "fandroid" site Android Central. Certainly the kind of topic that would typically receive venomous replies if anything would right?. Then report back how rational and reasoned that thread is or isn't overall in your opinion. I know you have one. Note too if you see any Apple fans posting there.http://forums.androidcentral.com/google-nexus-6/501732-google-nexus-6-iphone-6-plus-one-should-i-buy.html
That's why we have a discussion forum, to sort all this stuff out while having the opportunity to consider a different point of view from our own.EDIT: Just realized it was a play on words with the Calvin rip-off image and not any forum member you were talking about. LOL!
I'll help you thru the reasoning and not even have to call you out... Why would Google do so intentionally NOW. Their maps app doesn't come pre-installed so the primary reason for iOS users to download and use it is if it works better for them than Apple Maps. If Google intentionally makes it difficult to use for Apple owners it won't be.Google benefits when Apple owners use Google Maps and they ain't gonna break it on purpose. There's absolutely zero benefit to making...
Copied the coordinates but still don't see it even zooming in as far as possible.
"I have tried Scrollmaps, it doesn't work." For those with unintended zoom instead of scroll problems I noticed someone else a few days back had mentioned it regarding some graphics program and the Magic Mouse. This is what they found to work. http://www.postseek.com/meta/50e51a5179c33fca0738f597e924d9fc
Don't be so defensive. I tried to give you a fix for something you were complaining about and pointing out it wasn't specific to Google Maps.https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/30119/how-to-control-mouse-wheel-zooming-with-apple-magic-mouseYour personal best choice is not to use Google since you don't want anything to do with them anyway even if they milled you bars of gold every time you did a search. So don't use 'em. Others here probably will appreciate the...
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