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Well, if there's no 3rd party Healthkit apps available for new iOS8 users today it might point to an Apple feature issue rather than an app or two being problematic.
Didn't I see something about him working for Apple now?EDIT: Yes I did. His mobile editor Brian Klug also moved over to Apple.
Yeah, just read that. A little surprising this far into it, but better to delay and fix it now.
I think someone already did, perhaps either Cisco or Microsoft, with the claims re-examined and affirmed as valid by the USPTO.
...and there's already an Apple Bank anyway. https://www.applebank.com/Now how they get away the name and logo I've no idea.
Hard to say. Google has been filing several patents that relate to it.https://www.google.com/search?tbo=p&tbm=pts&hl=en&q=ininventor:Anand+ininventor:Agarawala&num=10&qscrl=1&gws_rd=ssl
Bloomberg, via a state-owned Chinese business newspaper, is saying the iPhone 6 won't be going on sale in China this year. Supposedly Apple has been unable to reach agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-09-16/china-mobile-expands-4g-rollout-amid-phone-subsidy-cuts.html
Do a search for NFC terminals. If a brief look I just did they seem to start at less than $200.
Did you miss the article update that there was no buyout offer from Apple?
FWIW Motorola is reportedly seeing a resurgence. Their Moto G has been particularly successful in recent months.
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