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Well, Paper got an update today so maybe. First one too I think.
One of the primary reasons Apple gives for using open-source solutions is "Open Source methodology makes Mac OS X a more robust, secure operating system, as its core components have been subjected to the crucible of peer review for decades. Any problems found with this software can be immediately identified and fixed by Apple and the Open Source community."Pretty shocking when a big ol' rock like this pops out of the ground after two years.
Thank you. I've posted a less than favorable Google article more than once. It's seldom noted tho as most folks just aren't that interested in something they assume must be propaganda since a serious Apple fan wan't the one to bring it up. I'm much more middle of the road than some realize.
I've wondered how many tracks Google Music has available. So you found it was 15million then? Thanks. By the way where did you find that?EDIT: You got my curiosity going. I don't see anything real current but as of about 6 months ago Google said they offered about 20M tracks in their catalog which placed them similar to Spotify who also claimed 20M. . . and 20% of those had never played even once!
Well, actually. . .http://www.digitalearthblog.com/200908/nessie-found-in-google-earth/
I think both Apple and Google source some imagery from Digital Globe. As they're purchased static images I wouldn't expect they would all match. Years ago another satellite image also supposedly located "Nessie". That one was seen on Google Earth I believe. But dang, the satellite views being made available to the public are simply incredibly detailed. Some years back we purchased what was at the time a high-resolution regional image from Microsoft for use in creating...
Stick it to Apple? I'm sure there's an even lower-profile way to do so, but this one would still be a poor choice for thumbing their nose. Who even knows the back-story with Apple and SBB? A few readers of Apple tech forums. Big deal. If there was any "sticking it to Apple" going on I'd think it was more likely SBB perhaps not entirely pleased with their previous Apple negotiations.
Some of the similarities and differences between Google All-Access and XBox Music are discussed here:http://www.androidcentral.com/listen-comparing-xbox-music-and-google-play-music-all-access
Yes there is, and not even "leaks". IMO better not to reply at all if the only reason is to be snippy to you.Here's one hands-on video from yesterday:http://www.theverge.com/2014/4/17/5622144/apple-carplay-hands-on
That's what Veschi, Rockstar's CEO, publicly said. The Chief Judge in her ruling does not believe him.
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