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Then you didn't read them very carefully if you did at all.The DED takeaway from the first link: ...the only remaining competitor who could be thrown at Apple’s iPhone would have to be larger than life and come riding in from the heavens on a mysterious dark horse.That leaves the fantastically valued Google as the only candidate for taking on the iPhone... The main problem facing pundits chanting their hope that the GPhone will attack Apple’s position is that Google has...
Common sense says it didn't happen, nor did Apple think so either. He remained on Apple's BOD nearly three more years, until August of 2009 and may have been around even a bit longer but for the FTC raising questions about the close cooperation between Google and Apple including the sharing of Board members (interlocking directorates). Schmidt wasn't the only one serving both.
Smart move too. That other phone wasn't going to be successful.
Wasn't the testimony that they first saw the iPhone during the presentation from Steve Jobs on stage, which prompted their rethinking of what it would take to be successful?
Yes, it's started out as a camera OS. It's focus was switched to development as a phone operating system sometime in 2004, which is why Google took an interest in it by investing, then buying it outright early in 2005.
More accurately I think they probably made it available to Autonavi, TomTom's China partner and licensor to Apple instead of Apple directly tho that's not entirely certain. I can check further. In any case TomTom can't develop their own China mapping but can act as the intermediary for licensing to companies based outside of China. Audi for example just signed an agreement with TomTom/Autonavi for navigation maps there.
I wasn't the one who decided Google/Android should be included in the conversation. Then again aren't they always dragged in, and not by me?
You should find that year's old article too. Your memory is faulty. Contrary to what you think Daniel opined that Android wasn't intended as an Apple competitor, instead clearly envisioned as a way for Google not have it's hand's tied by Microsoft's mobile plans. He and I actually agreed. How about that?Edit: Here I'll do the grunt work for you. Here's what DED really believed and proudly wrote about Google, Android and the "Google phone" as iPhone competitor years ago in...
Doesn't Apple scan emails too just as most email providers do? Of course. It's been discussed here before with examples of instances in which Apple "read" emails. Even spell-checking an email or monitoring for malware requires automated "reading". In Google's case they weren't scanning to deliver ads as that was off by default, as you probably knew. Now why Google would have allowed administrators to override that is ridiculous IMO and it's great that they were called out...
Yes your comment is the epitome of strawman since not even I said anything about folks believing he stole an actual iPhone. Hell, when Schmidt was asked to join Apple's board Jobs and Company knew Google was developing a mobile OS that might compete with them eventually. Who in the industry didn't know? Perhaps Apple thought by keeping Google close by they could better control them, maybe convince them to at least slow down by dangling a couple of carrots. Dunno. In any...
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