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That's been the general word for some time now. Maybe not the 9th specifically but perhaps announcing it early with no actual product available until very late 2014 or early 2015. FWIW Kuo has been saying as much for quite awhile, with Paczkowski now joining him.
Apple's mastery of the media detailed. . . http://tinyurl.com/nbdc5dt First time I've seen most of this described and there's tons of inside information. That Apple does all this with a relatively small team is amazing.
Well done. I would have assumed you hadn't noticed. The '286 patent gave them exactly that if it's a flat electronic device of any type. Apple owns sole rights to a flat rectangular shape with rounded corners at least as far as the USPTO is concerned. Excellent work by our patent office too. /shttp://arstechnica.com/apple/2012/11/apple-awarded-design-patent-for-actual-rounded-rectangle/
I assume you refer to "Do Not Track". Seems most large search providers ingore it including Bing and Yahoo. There is no actual benefit from Do Not Track user settings for frequent web travelers, nor have any companies been successfully sued for ignoring it AFAIK. In fact I'd guess it's ignored more often than honored.Those that think Google was sued by the FTC for ignoring it are mistaken. They got dinged for the incorrect advice they offered Safari users. Still I don't...
Only somewhat related and I don't know what it might lead to but Nokia is forging a special relationship with Samsung and their mobile devices. Personally I think they'll form a strategic partnership at some point as there's clear benefits to both by doing so. Sammy has hardware and production strengths and Nokia still controls a heapin helpin of IP. MS might have bought rights to certain IP when they bought Nokia's hardware but actual IP ownership, licensing and...
Goldmine for advertisers? How about the financial windfall for insurers and credit providers, the money guys. Indications of potential heart issues even tho no doctor has diagnosed it? Borderline high blood pressure showing? Your credit card/loan providers would dearly love to get early word on that, and so would insurers.Thank goodness we have HIPPA. Even my daughter couldn't pick up CT-scan disc for me without my written and witnessed OK. The health providers know how...
Based on this Google developers blog that would not be the correct way. Target the latest API version but support older ones.http://developer.android.com/training/basics/supporting-devices/platforms.html
It does appear Apple forgot to cite them as prior art when they filed for their patent three years later. They don't list Santambrogiomlano.
"Each successive version of the Android platform can include updates to the Android application framework API that it delivers.Updates to the framework API are designed so that the new API remains compatible with earlier versions of the API. That is, most changes in the API are additive and introduce new or replacement functionality. As parts of the API are upgraded, the older replaced parts are deprecated but are not removed, so that existing applications can still use...
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