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The name changed sometime ago to Google Play Music. All-Access is no longer used AFAIK.
I don't think you actually understand the issues the EU had with Apple and iBooks, nor what exactly Amazon's issue with them is now. Yes, the EU had problems accepting the agency agreements. Here's what the European Commission had to say about the settlement with Apple and four of the five publishers. Note the EU had already announced they had "reasons to believe" there was illegal collusion between Apple and the publishers which prompted the opening of the formal...
According to Pew Research, data from about 6 months ago.
They did have an issue with iBooks. You just didn't read about it I guess? Apple settled with the EU well before the US case was heard.
I thought the disagreement, what you were "calling out", was over Samsung ownership as mentioned in the Appleinsider article.You said they didn't own them. I'm guessing you're now coming around to recognize Mapzen is owned by Samsung so the thing we might disagree about is how much influence they have over Mapzen operations. Is that the gist of it? If so that's a pretty tough one to establish so if you have it on good authority that Samsung has no involvement beyond...
Yes I do know "people in the industry" I can ask. I'll see what I can dig up if you wish to know for sure.I figured you worked in cartography from reading your initial post, so I'm sure you also know some of the players. Notice I gave that excellent post a "thumbs up".
I know a bit about it.
I don't believe you are correct that they're completely autonomous. Once upon a time they weren't funded in part by the Samsung Accelerator program but the association seems to be deeper than that now. Samsung applied for and received the rights to the name/trademark, which would indicate ownership of the company would it not?http://www.trademarkia.com/mapzen-86091461.htmlFWIW their CEO, Randy Meech, doesn't have a very deep history in cartography or even map-centric...
I think you're saying SRA is Samsung, correct? Because they are.
Note the statement at the bottom of the privacy policy:https://mapzen.com/open/privacy/"Mapzen is a division of Samsung Research America, Inc. (“SRA”). The Personally Identifiable Information collected by Mapzen may be shared within SRA or with entities that are controlled by, under common control with, or control SRA. This Privacy Policy is further subject to the terms and conditions of the then-current Samsung Privacy Policy, which you can access at...
New Posts  All Forums: