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Go back and read my first posthttp://forums.appleinsider.com/t/182981/hacks-targeting-chinese-icloud-users-prompt-apple-ceo-tim-cook-to-meet-chinas-vice-premier/40#post_2625546It's plain from your reply that you didn't, and still may not, understand what prompted the FTC action. I tried to explain what the $17M (?) fine was for since you and a lot of others thought it must be for illegally ignoring the browser settngs, thus the FTC fine. It isn't and there's...
O.M.G.What Google did in bypassing user settings was not ethical IMO. Nor do I necessarily believe it was an accident despite Google's claims. Wrong. Period.It does not change the fact that Google was not fined by the FTC for bypassing the setting. There's nothing illegal aboutg doing so and so it's not uncommon for other companies to still do so. They got nailed for failing to properly disclose their data collection policies, specifically how to opt out of it.Claiming...
Don't forget GTR. It's worth a visit just to read some of his one-liners. Often funny stuff that still makes a point.
BTW, if interested the security blog discussion of Poodle and how to address the 18 year old exploit:http://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com/2014/10/this-poodle-bites-exploiting-ssl-30.html
Well it was useful as click-bait. Can't ever tire of that, right?
No meed to go anywhere else to learn about Android or Google. AI has plenty of news to report on them, nearly a daily event, and some of the wittiest comments originate here. (Marvin's "the only thing more insecure" is one the the best ever) What news is missed gets mentioned by you and others so I think everything gets covered pretty well.
Since you couldn't resist a 'but...but...but Android" mention isn't it great that the "Assdroid" creator discovered this and advised Apple of the details so they could put a fix in place? Wouldn't be surprising that Apple thanked them. None of these techs could exist in a vacuum.
Actually I frequently do. I have false accusations tossed my way on a regular basis even falling to the level of childish trolling and name calling. Me'thinks you doth protest too much. Really. Just. Let. It. Go.
Pazuzu, just let it go. Yes Soli is a respected AI member, often offering unique insights on Apple topics as well as general tech topics. He's also one of the more open-minded members, willing to consider competing viewpoints when supported by facts rather than obstinately digging in his heels as some are known to do. You're not getting any respect yourself by carrying on with what are perceived as personal attacks. Tone it down.
...after telling users they didn't need to opt-out via Google Ad settings. According to Google the user cookie settings in Safari accomplished the same thing, which it did not. If your really are interested in what I thought of Google's bypassing why not actually read what I posted in this thread alone?Quote:"There was no obligation, legal or otherwise, to respect the user wishes, unfortunately in my opinion."and"If they (government) aren't going to put teeth in it why...
New Posts  All Forums: