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Hey, why give up a talking point even when show to be wrong eh? Hold fast sir, hold fast....Continue to claim Google is scanning student accounts and/or enterprise GMail for ads . FUD does serve a purpose.
Back to the Apple Watch: There's some good bargains, 25% off and perhaps more (ieTarget) if you or some special person you know would like to find it under the tree. Milanese loop anyone? Courtesy of 9to5Toys: http://9to5toys.com/2015/11/26/apple-watch-black-friday/ Sport 38mm: starts at $299 (Reg. $349) Sport 42mm: starts at $349 (Reg. $399) Stainless Steel 38mm: starts at $449 (Reg. $549) Stainless Steel 42mm: starts at $499 (Reg. $599) Target continues to throw in a...
Could that perhaps have more to do with DRM than trying to obsolete a widely available optical port that almost every sound bar offers? Very few of those have an HDMI connection and requiring users to go spend another $40 to get an adapter for "no particular reason" doesn't sound right.
They don't scan student accounts either. I don't think either you or the OP were talking about use'ta, could'a, would'a but instead saying they DO.They don't.
Well gosh we agree other than the selling your habits part. What they do is sell ad placement based on their access to your anonymized and bundled interests. Big companies with good reputations like BMW, Whole Foods and yes even Apple, along with millions of smaller companies with various agendas use those Google ad services to market their businesses and products to folks like you or me that are more likely to be interested.That would presume of course that Google's...
It's beyond me you wouldn't more carefully check before proclaiming so vehemently that someone else is wrong. The point I was making clear to the OP, who like you was under a mistaken impression, is that Google does not scan enterprise GMail for ad purposes. My post was completely accurate.
Some of the companies interested in automatic lip reading are not who you might expecthttp://www.google.com/patents/US8442820It makes sense they'd be interested tho.
I was trying to find what "he" actually said. Was it Patel? I doubt it was "no 3D apps" but perhaps something close to that?
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