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Then you shouldn't even be on this site, much less 99% of the internet altogether. At least Google's only interest is delivering ads for products that might actually interest you. Aren't you curious what the other 60+ trackers that load on just this page alone are after and what they do with it?
There's also a site where you can preview different Apple Watch combos. http://mixyourwatch.com/
If you're sincerely so bothered and take comments to heart as tho you yourself are under attack that's the best solution for you then. I had no idea until now.EDIT:By the way, if you wanna play around with some different Apple Watch combinations have a look here:http://mixyourwatch.com/EDIT 2: No gold band option?
AFAIK that's true. While Apple doesn't write checks for product placement they do actively seek out opportunities to "donate" numbers of iPads, iPhones, MacBooks or other Apple products in return for on-screen time. According to Schiller testimony in the Samsung trial they have employees whose job it is to work with TV shows and movie productions to make it happen. Dang smart move IMO.
Well gosh look at all the opportunities I give you to discover new things, or challenge things you thought you knew to be true. You should thank me. Being old and retired doesn't mean you have to stop learning, right? I'm right behind you, probably old enough to retire but too stubborn to do it.
I won't be at all surprised if Apple ends up eventually getting the patents invalidated, at least in part. They've so far filed 21 different business method review petitions attacking dozens of claims relating to Smartflash’s patents. Eight are already being investigated with the remainder either pending or awaiting review. Another fun fact: While it's often mentioned that other companies request inter-partes reviews of patent claims, did you know Apple is the most...
...tongue in cheek comment of course.
It's understood that you simply and in knee-jerk fashion hate all things Google. Others obviously use the services or products that best serve their individual needs. and sometimes those things are something "not Apple".
...or iPhone owners who simply prefer a watch style or shape that Apple doesn't offer. Not everyone has the same fashion tastes and one size won't fit all.
Not rounds!! Dang, get it right for Pete's sake. Rectangular, rectangular. . .
New Posts  All Forums: