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You can do that now, just not (yet) solely within the Apple ecosystem.
Nice post overall! Note tho that Google doesn't use Nuance. Never has AFAIK.
I wouldn't expect you would. Fair enough comment, it's your phone.
They're releasing the 6+, basically copying Apple's mid-cycle naming convention. Apple isn't releasing the iPhone 7 either AFAIK but the one coming in just weeks is still "new and improved".... and I already noted they were "getting their ass kicked" just as everyone here already knew. I guess making believe I hadn't works for your purposes tho.
I don't have a specific "Google Voice" number for a MotoX, just my carrier-assigned one, but still get transcriptions of voicemails.
TomTom will be next. If I was a betting man, which I'm not, I'd wager they change hands by the end of the year.
Nice post. BTW for those that didn't see news on these yet tho you obviously have:http://www.androidcentral.com/possible-galaxy-note-5-and-s6-edge-press-renders-leak-ahead-announcement?utm_source=related&utm_medium=module&utm_campaign=next
Most Google Android smartphones? Figured you were aware of that.BTW, neural network processing is now the way to go. Apple will use network processing, just as Amazon and Google do. Google Voice only recently started using their neural processing to do so according to their blog post. Doing so greatly increases the accuracy. It used to be humorously inaccurate at times.
Well of course we know that the sales were disappointing. That doesn't change the fact that new models launch in less than a month and existing stock needs to be cleared. Most companies run "sales" on existing models with significant inventory when new ones are imminent. If they were selling great there would almost certainly still be some price cuts on that soon-to-be-old stock. You know that, you're a smart guy.
IMHO the price cuts would have more to do with new S models launching in less than a month.
New Posts  All Forums: