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The court recognized that, mentioning it in the Judge's order denying the move to Texas."Defendants' litigation strategy of suing Google's customers in the Halloween actions is consistent with Appleā€™s particular business interests. In suing the Halloween action defendants, Defendants here limited their infringement claims to Android-operating devices only, even where they asserted a hardware-based patent... This 'scare the customer and run' tactic advances Apple's...
You're welcome. And you thought there was no way out...Hint of the day: You can still use the several Android phones you have without a Google account. Might not be pretty but still usable.
Let me guess. You use Bing and think they don't. That's kinda cute. So back on topic folks in general are increasingly less willing to pay for music. I've no idea how the industry can wrest back control of their own future. $20 and more for a subscription is going to fail IMO and all-you-can-eat streaming seriously cut into individual song/album purchases.
You didn't read the link did you?
You should look at the link I provided Soli. You don't really understand what Google AllAccess offers. Its more of a Spotify combined with Pandora with some added value. iRadio lacks many of its features, as well it should as it doesn't cost as much. As for your "stealing" comment you pay $10/mo for the service. It may certainly be a steal but its not stealing. Anyway I'm not promoting AllAccess. My original comment was prompted by charlituna feeling $25 a month was a...
Google's service is entirely different than iRadio. Besides genre stations you can choose to listen to any specific track or album Google Music offers, add anything in their catalog to your personal library at no additional charge, set-up your own custom playlists ( My fav is tracks I've given a "thumbs-up which are added automatically to a playlist), no skip limits, etc. . . . iRadio is quite limited in comparison.https://play.google.com/about/music/allaccess/#/No doubt...
Commercial-free Google All-Access Music is only $10/mo. $25 is fairly high.
Just read a "hands-on with CarPlay" article over at The Verge. Short but informative. http://www.theverge.com/2014/4/17/5622006/apple-carplay-volvo-hyundai-mercedes-benz-hands-on
That doesn't make cents.
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