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According to the statements I assume you too read Google's indemnity extends to only two patent claims and not the entire case.
Yup,.that's exactly what it is.
...ummmSection 1.4http://www.benedelman.org/docs/htc-mada.pdfSo anyway, you've been avoiding an answer to a question: What is Microsoft trying to hide and didn't you identify hiding the patent(s) supposedly infringed as a sign of a troll?
Doesn't seem like it sometimes.
There's a reason Verhoeven and Co represent nearly every Android licensee accused of infringement. Lawyers involved with the cases have long thought Google has an indemnity clause to support their Android partners.
LOL... Tell me I didn't call it. Take a look at the "white type" at the bottom of the post.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/178754/google-agreed-to-pick-up-tab-for-some-samsung-legal-fees-take-on-liability-in-case-of-loss#post_2521009Anyway, what does paragraph 1.1 refer to? The entire agreement speaks to Google Android and the requisite Google applications running on it. In general the two are inseparable.
Yes you did.
Microsoft has never proven any patents that are infringed by Android have they? I don't believe they'll even discuss what they think might be infringed without first getting a signed NDA. What are they hiding? Sure sounds a bit trollish to issue threats but not identifying what's supposedly infringing. In fact I think that was one of your own "signs of a troll".Anyway, I thought you'd be happy to see that Google indemnifies it's licensees just as Microsoft does. A week ago...
Sorry. Sounded as tho you might know. I'm not aware of any monetary payouts yet but not saying there hasn't been one. As far as anyone playing a weasel game . . . If you'd rather not be bothered to find the answer or discuss it there's no need to make up an excuse. Just don't answer.
How much money was paid out?
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