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Oil change. . .
LOL! Everywhere's a practical joker . . .Anyway, did you (AI author) actually check to see if it was still there before saying it was? It was supposedly removed several hours ago.As Marvin mentioned earlier, the change was a user submitted one done with Google Map Maker, not a Google Maps Team member. The Guardian had a better article to reference odd unknown blog commenter linked by...
TS, I really tried to use Safari on Windows. Really. The first efforts were more than 5 years ago but at the time Explorer just worked better for me. About a year and a half ago I tried yet again to see if some of the occasional issues with email attachments from Apple users would go way. Still not really usable as far as I was concerned nor did it eliminate the somewhat rare attachment problems. I honestly don't see understand why anyone having to work in a Windows...
The latest ARM roadmap to their reference designs according to a Chinese mention for those interested
It's not an app so I'm not sure how they'd "bombard you with ads". In addition Google doesn't typically push ads with their paid services. They'r even experimenting with paid ad-free web (Look up Google Contributor)As for info on user location and such I'd guess they'd have the same available to them as TMo and Sprint do but would that be any different than what they already have? Dunno.
I've never seen one that I know of.
Links r us. . . the magic of Google Search
Not surprising that TMo's CEO John Legere had something to say about this today. "Google has well established their brand as a technology innovator that has benefited customers in a ton of fantastic ways. So, when our friends in Mountain View approached us with their ideas for changing up wireless, it was a no-brainer to team up with them again. T-Mobile and Google go way back. In fact, we got together to launch the world's very first Android smartphone in 2008—the...
So don't install an app you'e not comfortable with. All the permissions are disclosed beforehand. Do ATT and Verizon plainly disclose the tracking and sale of their users' information and offer an easy to find opt-out? I'd wager only a relatively tiny number of subscribers have any idea it's happening and even fewer know anything about opting out of it, much less know where to look.
New Posts  All Forums: