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Your link includes this page by the way:http://www.google.com/selfdrivingcar/where/...which says, quote:Our testing fleet includes both modified Lexus SUVs and new prototype vehicles that are designed from the ground up to be fully self-driving.
Give it up. I said the same thing you did, the egg looks silly. Maybe you have hurt feelings from a couple days ago and so intend to take exception to anything I post? No need to. What I wrote about Google also using a Lexus model for self-driiving is 100% accurate.
Agreed the "egg" looks silly but perhaps for testing purposes it works. FWIW the other car they use is this one:
I dunno, I never really thought OLED was as much of a fail as some others here have claimed over the past couple of years. it has its benefits.EDIT: Nevermind. You were talking about the Apple Watch. Duh. . .
Tony Fadell, very recently interviewed by the BBC, where he discusses 'smart home" initiatives, the Apple Watch, and the header item Google Glass which is only briefly touched on.
To say that I would be disappointed if a highly educated and respected educator and writer would be prone to cast ad-homs as a proper response in a discussion between adults would be an understatement. IMHO the best minds are willing to question beliefs, even their own, particularly when presented with evidence that runs counter to it. Obstinance and teaching seem like a mismatched pair. NOT painting you specifically with that brush of course. Just talking in...
Apple can say whatever ever percentage they want is derived from US operations, within reason of course, depending on how they wish to shift assets. It's not a fixed formula. In the article you claim to have read (but perhaps could not understand?) it's explained in pretty simple terms why that 30% they chose to claim is misleading and not an accurate representation.DONE and OVER. . .CPA? huh. . . Clients and all who pay you for tax and business structure advice? Nevermind.
A professional accountant would not need someone to explain it to them IMHO. That's one reason why I've asked you repeatedly if you are one, something you've not-so-deftly dodged answering.It's not often I consider a discussion here at AI to have no value. This appears to be one of those times tho. Let's not continue.
You're not reading to understand IMO. You're attempting to cherry-pick isolated words to make it sound as tho the tax professionals cited are saying something they are not. Nice try tho.As you say: NEXT!And once again, are you honestly a professional accountant? Pretty sure I recall you claiming to be but I could be mistaken.
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