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Sounds eerily similar to a piece of iOS ransomware that was reported to target Australian iOS users and another one that used the same "FBI Porn" warning to go after Mac owners too. I'm guessing it's probably a related group responsible for this supposed Android version and like with iOS and OSX requires the user to actively install...
Less secure than un-jailbroken iOS? I fully agree. That does not mean Google Android is therefore dangerously insecure.
Both solutions have their strengths. Apple could see benefits from a "Google Play Services" approach to speed updates to core services rather than waiting until an OS update is finalized.
Devices running Google Android. That would include those from Samsung. And HTC. And Motorola. And etc. It would NOT include Amazon or Nokia (Microsoft) or Xiaomi or various knock-off's with forked OS's.
I'm not even going to bother asking you again for any citations of these supposed claims I made as you always duck and hide afterwards. And you too sir are incorrect. Google Play Services currently installed on 93% of active Google Android devices does deliver security updates. Going back to some old GPS version to make yourself appear correct with what you want folks to believe today is kinda dishonest isn't it?And yes Verify Apps stops malware which you already knew....
Wrong sir.http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2014/06/google-play-services-delivers-security.htmlhttp://www.techradar.com/us/news/software/applications/updated-google-play-services-5-0-rolls-out-to-nearly-every-android-device-1255989As of v5 of Google Play Services "the updates services also adds a dynamic security provider allowing developers to rapidly deliver security patches. A necessity in today's world when it seems like some other app has been breached every...
It's not all that hard for developers. It's more of a mythical talking point anymore.http://rustyshelf.org/2014/07/08/the-android-screen-fragmentation-myth/http://finance.yahoo.com/news/2014-android-fragmentation-no-longer-190026012.html
FWIW there are several 4.7" smartphones thinner than what Apple offers. There will probably be thinner 5.5" phones too if Apple ever enters the phablet category. To be honest I don't get the fixation on having the thinnest smart devices anyway. Perhaps offering a bit thicker device allowing for a larger battery might have more benefits than downsides.
So why would anyone want this new Nook? http://techcrunch.com/gallery/up-close-with-the-samsung-galaxy-tab-4-nook/
New Posts  All Forums: