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The Nexus 6 is already a very large phone. Android phone don't typically have physical home buttons on the front either, and certainly not relatively large ones. For Apple to add the touch sensor to an existing home button makes good sense. Adding another 3/4" in height to a very large Android phablet only to add a touch sensor doesn't sound like a better solution than making use of already "dead" space in an area that your finger would naturally reside anyway. Am I...
That reads like foolishness.The article is about the Nexus 6 not an iPhone, and my comments were directed at what I think is the best placement for a touch sensor on that particular phablet Android phone. It would seem you might be arguing about a phone you don't own and probably a platform you've never used. What would that make you look like again?
??Where did you find that rumor?
There would not be any fumbling. The area is well-defined
I either wave my hand over my phone if I don 't feel like picking it up or I simply pick it up if there's some action I want to perform. . Sensor of the back is common sense if it's primary purpose is identity verification for payments. Only one hand needed, the one you're already holding your phone with. What benefit is there to making the phone larger/taller just to fit yet something else on the face?
Why would you need to look at the sensor?
Ah, you're a gripper! So try moving that finger around to the front sensor with that hand. How's that work for you compared to touching the back with that index finger if the sensor were there?
Sensor on the back makes a lot of sense to me. Where is your index finger when you're holding your phone? Making it an even larger phone by adding chin-space for the sensor on the front is what wouldn't make sense. Does it to you?
EDIT: NVM. Nothing gained from replying
Kids don't particularly care IMO. If you have children and can ever read their Facebook posts you'd be amazed at what they are willing to share with everyone. Family happenings, birthdays, medical stuff, who's having sex with who. . .Instagram is even worse, with a whole lotta nude and semi-nude pics being sent around.Privacy issues are not a priority for them. Probably never enters their mind.
New Posts  All Forums: