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No I do not. Just telling you what the outcome will be IMHO. Some wheat is going to get trashed with the chaff.
I went thru that silly exercise with Verizon a couple weeks ago. It's cheaper for a new subscriber to get 25mb internet plus basic local and HBO ($50 no contract) than it is for a current subscriber to drop everything but internet. That's a flat $75.Of course that's on a Monday. On Tuesdays you get a different deal. /s
"On the internet" suddenly makes it a profitable venture? If you and a whole of of others aren't willing to pay the channel provider sending it out "on the internet" it will disappear. Economics. Like the bumper sticker back in the days said: Gas, Grass or Ass, nobody rides free.While of course these channels are going to come "on the internet", without a connection all you'll get is over-the-air via antenna and HBO and The Golf Channel ain't coming outta your antenna.
Exactly. Some channels are so niche as to be unsupportable without tagging along with a popular channel. Golf doesn't have a big TV following, but there's certainly rabid golfers who would hate for the Golf channel to disappear.Educational or public service channels may be in those niche markets too. It doesn't mean they don't serve a very valuable service for a smallish viewership segment but I don't see them surviving in an a la carte marketplace.
Educational channels may be some of the first to bite the dust. That and some of the sportsman stuff.Ovation? I wouldn't hold out hope. But I least we won't lose fine content like Sharknado on Syfy! They'll find a paying audience.
From AI's source:"The latest installer is essentially the same as the last one, updated so that it will no longer be blocked by the OS X anti-malware protections".https://blog.malwarebytes.org/mac/2015/08/genieo-installer-tricks-keychain/
Ads helped get Apple to get where they are. You don't see them throttling back do'ya? On the contrary when Apple releases a new product or big feature the media Cracken is let loose.
The less folks are willing to pay for content the deeper I see media sinking into the reality-show quagmire. They're cheaper to produce but will get the same pay. Please HBO, keep your prices high enough that quality shows like GoT don't disappear. Screw the call for $40, all you can eat.
Correct. That's stated in the source article.
Nope. Unless it's changed this is going to be the next goldmine for NPE's. Lawsuits are already in the works. Based on the law as it's been interpreted if a single icon out of hundreds on Apple's MacBook Air were found to be infringing on someone's lawfully awarded design patent the owner would be entitled to Apple's entire profit on MacBook Airs. Not simply a portion attributable to the interface. All of it. According to the Appeals Court ruling there would be no choice...
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