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Try it. In post#10 he used the word "continuity" . It would appear as tho Taniwha used it.Pull up his name and look for "All Posts". The ones where he posted within the OP's quote won't show he said anything at all.
BTW, your new tactic of embedding your comments within another posters quotes should be pretty effective if your intent is to thwart members from looking up your statements on various subjects or easily respond. It would be quite a creative and sneaky way to avoid accepting ownership of opinions by hiding them from future searches.Of course I'm not saying that's why you do it. It is an abnormal way for a forum member to respond to another's comments, and something you...
FWIW on-device encryption will be on by default on all newer Google Android smartphones/tablets beginning with Android L rolling out in the next few weeks. Encryption has been optional for years. So like iPhones running iOS8 police will not be able to access your photos, data or communications stored on your Android smartphone without your password. No matter whether you use one OS or the other the recent attention paid to privacy issues is good...
As you should be more than aware of an 8GB iPhone 5c does not have 6GB usable. The OS requires some part of that leaving only 4.9GB
Today it's in Barcelona.
Well, if there's no 3rd party Healthkit apps available for new iOS8 users today it might point to an Apple feature issue rather than an app or two being problematic.
Didn't I see something about him working for Apple now?EDIT: Yes I did. His mobile editor Brian Klug also moved over to Apple.
Yeah, just read that. A little surprising this far into it, but better to delay and fix it now.
I think someone already did, perhaps either Cisco or Microsoft, with the claims re-examined and affirmed as valid by the USPTO.
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