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Nevermind. You've made up your mind they're pretty much the same thing. So are milk and water I suppose. They're both wet and drinkable.
That sounds a bit silly really. Hardly similar except by a looong stretch of imagination, but whatever. There's things Samsung may do similar or even identical to an Apple feature. This would not be one of them.
Yeah they both have something that turns and both use a familiar feature from traditional watches. Just different familiar things.
Teaser video on how the new Samsung smartwatch interface. It's nothing like Apple's. Selections are made using a rotating bezel.
If you had made that claim about ATT I would have agreed with you. They do have a special relationship with government snoopers. That doesn't stop millions of iPhone owners from using ATT's network.
Of course any company can change TOS whenever they wish. Companies we love do it all the time.As for Nest there's no data being shared with Google unless you've requested it AFAIK. Are you saying they're doing it without opt-in user permission/request?On the wi-fi debacle they were apparently logging whatever happened to be in the stream in the few seconds they were searching open wi-fi channels during streetview travels weren't they? I've no idea if it was intentional or...
There will be other routers from other companies, for example Asus, that sell under the OnHub moniker.
Not in government, enterprise or student accounts.
Is your Gmail an enterprise account? I would think so, in which case no they are not "reading your work email", and not using anything in them for targeted ads.
New Posts  All Forums: