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If Sammy wasn't selling those Tabs they certainly wouldn't have been taking sales away from Apple. It does seem to be a very odd piece of evidence if it was Apple that wanted it entered.
IMO You are absolutely right tho that search algorithms should not be patentable. Period. Any they have should be invalidated for that matter despite the fact they've never threatened any competitor with themPatents on software haven't always been allowed and think it was a mistake to change it. Now they're trying to figure out how to wrest back control, put the toothpaste back in the tube so to speak.
If as you say Samsung isn't selling them anyway, they're only dust magnets, where's the loss to Apple or the profit to Samsung they want a piece of?/s
Ummm. . . I don't think Google patented it.
It expires in 2016.
Sure you can do it, but seems pretty useless.
The Apple rumor claims their "smartwatch" will presumably have it's own SIM. That's somewhat akin to combining an iPhone and a watch. That the resultant price might approach and even exceed $1000 shouldn't be a surprise. Samsung's similarly-rumored-to-soon-ship SIM-enabled version of their watch has been estimated to be no less than $850 or so.
Easy. I Google it.
FWIW Android's implementation (linkify) predates iOS's use of it, going back to before the first Android phone ever came to market. In fact Linkify code development dates back to at least 2006, probably even earlier.http://android-developers.blogspot.com/2008/03/linkify-your-text.htmlIf DED is correct data-tapping didn't appear in iOS until v3 in 2009. That wouldn't matter as far as the patent itself is concerned of course but if the timelines are correct Google certainly...
Google claims exactly that. I've no idea what Samsung says about it. It's obviously a nice idea, but as you say the details are all in the implementation.FWIW a large portion of the claims from Apple's patent, #13 and and 15-31, were tossed aside a couple years back by the USPTO after a likely Nokia challenge which Apple has appealed to the Federal Circuit. Unless those claims were to be reinstated Google's method of creating much the same Android function is reportedly...
New Posts  All Forums: