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Again, Google Play Music has no ads, nor any ad-supported level. According to the charts at the beginning of the comments section it pays a considerable amount in royalties compared to nearly every other streaming service out there. In fact Apple Music and Google Play Music are nearly identical in features and catalog. Apple will be the winner here for the reason I offered and Sog shares in a previous post. No other provider will be as successful.
That's exactly what Apple is hoping. I'll guess they'll be right.
As would Rene Ritchie.
There's other streamers with Taylor Swift too. Even ones that will include your iTunes purchases.... and yes Apple Music will end up a winner for the simple reason it will come pre-installed on new iPhones, and automatically installed by default on 10's of millions of older iPhone's with iOS 9 . Hard to compete with that.
I'd only question item 3. It looks like Apple will be offering around the same number of songs as some of their competitors, at least at roll-out. About 30M.
Why are you afraid to look for yourself? Unless of course you did and didn't like the result. If you're going to claim I made it up then back it up.I'll even get give you a good start:https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1QJDB_enUS633US633&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=Fashion+World+reaction+to+Apple+WatchDoesn't get any easier than that.
The OP asked that I not post links, preferring to do his own checking I suppose. You can easily do the same by typing "Fashion world reaction to Apple Watch" in your favorite search bar and see if you find mixed reactions as I mentioned. If I made it up it should be readily apparent and I encourage you to call me out on it if so. As it stands you're a bit premature to say it was "made up sh#t".Be sure to tell me what you find.
Google Play Music is subscription only. There is no free ad-supported version. But you're probably correct that Apple is going to destroy all competition.
They pay absolutely no royalties whatsoever during the free introductory period? Nada? It's not really costing Apple anything for three free months which is quite the accomplishment. So that was the tough bargain they wanted.
It will be.Other than for a few developers (and perhaps Daniel) I doubt anyone here is aware of what steps iAd has taken recently to benefit advertisers and how it helps those customers find you more efficiently and accurately.
New Posts  All Forums: