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Ah, ok. IMHO it was the AI forum's loss...
Here's a ridiculous use of it, that is unless they're being deceptive.http://www.amazon.com/Android-DX752-Tablet-Capacitive-Multi-Touch/dp/B00JZKLGW2
Nope. Apple wouldn't let iOS be modified for 3rd party uses at any price. Nor will Microsoft allow their their mobile OS to be "forked" for specialty needs Android is absolutely more adaptable...Period. (smiling)
That's certainly an inconsistent reply.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/181779/surveillance-leak-shows-spyware-loves-android-but-cant-infect-apples-iphones-without-jailbreak#post_2577936
Prosody, the beginnings of communication. For another example look to Jabberwocky.
I realize you and others are rooting for Tizen to destroy Android but IMHO it's a dead end wish. Even Sammy can't make Tizen a success.
But it does mean it's way more adaptable than other mobile OS'es. Setting aside the flame wars for a moment I think it's incredible how useful and widespread Android has become, and all in less than 6 years! Medical systems, sound and media devices, tablets and smartphones, security systems, robotics, defense. . .I doubt Google, much less anyone else, could have anticipated how successful the OS would be. That there's 1000's of devices depending on it today is a testament...
What a silly petty sounding statement. OF COURSE a screen sizer larger than 6" and smaller than 8" would be in the "7 inch range". If we didn't know better it would sound like you're trolling mStone. I'm sure that wouldn't be your intention as it's not all helpful or adds to the discussion.
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