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All?? What about any? Wouldn't that help?
Because it's true? Even very old Android versions are still supported, including some security enhancements. Yes, there are absolutely features and security enhancements that can't be delivered via Play Services, tho the limitations are getting far fewer. But why do you continue to "write the crap" that Google can't deliver security updates to years-old Android devices via Play Services after I've clearly explained it to you in the past on multiple occasions that they can....
It probably doesn't.Do I personally think they should have sent out at least one more update to the old Webview in Jellybean. Yeah I do, and for PR reasons if no other. With that said I also understand Google's reasoning. In effect they did deliver an update to it: KitKat. If the manufacturer of the smartphone didn't offer that as an update what are the chances they would offer the Webview update by itself? To avoid any future issues the rendering engine has also been...
The Android version itself is still supported. Those users still get updates, including security specific ones, via Google Play Services. (Edit: Play Services supports Android Froyo and above, essentially every Google Android phone in use today) What they won't continue to get is any updates to old Webview versions.
No sir they did not stop supporting older Android versions. What a few click-bait articles actually should have reported was that Google wasn't going to continue updating the older Webview that was a part of the Android up until 4.3 Jellybean.This short article explains it better.http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/01/23/google-issues-official-response-concerns-jelly-bean-webview-security/
Gosh, that's a relatively mild response to reported privacy news considering your past writings on the evils of user tracking, data collection and ad targeting. Because it's Apple I presume or some other reason?
There's no doubt more than 7 in the App Store. This particular review looked at fewer than 15 thousand of the over 1.2 million available.
You could take your posts premise and substitute any number of company names and issues instead of Apple and it still works.No matter your brand of smart-device, camera, vehicle, or whatever there are those that will blindly bash anything about the one they didn't choose no matter what it is. Surely you've noted the same venomous posts just here alone of anything having to do with any other vendor or tech company that's perceived, right or wrong, as not being Apple's...
So I'm wandering a couple of sites to see what's new and I come across this headline:"Google Play no longer is the Wild West" http://www.androidcentral.com/google-play-no-longer-wild-west-and-thats-good-developers-and-users
It could mean several different things, or nothing at all.
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