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Soli and me got's yer back.
http://www.macworld.com/article/1137094/safari_safe_browsing.htmlHope this helps.
Makes no difference to the relevancy whether TomTom is supplying on-going map updates or not. Apple would have to go thru the same general steps TomTom would if doing it themselves. So yeah, it's kinda relevant to those that have an interest. Regarding Dr. Dobson's article written prior to Apple Maps public release here's his blog article written post-release.http://blog.telemapics.com/?p=399I guarantee that if you read those links in their entirety you learned something...
It should be obvious if you read the linked articles. One explains the data that goes into a map and how updates are put together. The other lists the data sources and partners for Apple maps along with what now appears to be fairly accurate comments on potential issues for them as they begin their mapping venture. Both are things that you yourself discussed. I simply added more detail from professional sources for anyone interested. You are not one of those interested...
I don't think I'd do that myself. In the past few months Google has twice warned me of a fraudulent site posing as legit and directed me back to a safe page before any damage could be done. There's such a thing as cutting off your nose to spite your face.
Of course they're known. As DED says there's "mass infections among large volumes of lower-end devices that are unlikely to ever receive security updates." He didn't bother posting the actual numbers since everyone already knows there's 100's of millions of Android users infected with malware./s
Amazon has the reputation of delaying payments to vendors/suppliers as part of their business plan. Walmart used to be the same but reportedly have improved in the years since I stopped supplying graphics/signage to them.
Hmmm, after checking articles on other sites you seem to be correct. What does Gameover Zeus have to do with Android specifically? The linked TechCrunch article makes no mention of Android at all but perhaps DED assumed no one would go and read it.http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/11/crooks-reainmate-a-dead-botnet-to-target-high-value-bank-accounts/Weird and deceptive headline if there's actually NO relationship which seems to be the case.
I found this shocking: Aerosmith made more money from Guitar Hero than any album they ever released. Engadget dredged up the article today, originally written in 2008.
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