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I think they would have had a competitor anyway. Apple isn't dumb. If they see a value to owning the service rather than depending on a 3rd party one that's what they do, as they often have.
I pay attention?
Google may not be the only licensee. They have no agreement with Stanford that says that.If you have any actual interest I can point you in the right direction so you can begin to understand why it doesn't matter if the original PageRank patent becomes public domain. In fact it hasn't mattered for a few years and that's based on fact and not FUD.
That's the problem with Apple users. They expect everything to be free. /s(kidding)
Try a couple of searches and see how the results are displayed. That way you'll know rather than guessing. It won't cost you anything, and probably not even attract a targeted ad. They won't know who you are if you have no Google account whereas some other companies with trackers (on this very page!) well may and worse be more than willing to sell it.
That exclusive period expired a few years ago, the end of 2011 IIRC.
API's are only going to get more important, not less.http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/06/apis-fuel-the-software-thats-eating-the-world/
..and it won't matter at all when it does. It's a complete non-issue with no effect on Google.BTW, it's not Google's patent to begin with.
Good questions. I've never researched it myself but I'll be surprised if someone here doesn't know the facts about it.
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