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Folks are buying 4K HDTV's now, and by the millions. Wouldn't they want all the 4K content they could get? Sure they would.http://www.businessinsider.com/4k-tv-shipments-are-taking-off-2014-5http://press.ihs.com/press-release/design-supply-chain-media/4k-tv-panel-shipments-reached-monthly-record-3-million-units
Other than Apple I don't know enough about the others. Maybe you're right about them. But. . . Apple sells data? . . . really? To whom?
https://www.4kdownload.com/howto/howto-download-2160p-ultra-hd-video-from-youtubeNetflix may be differenthttp://www.techradar.com/us/news/television/why-netflix-in-ultra-hd-will-ruin-tv-1241142
I think there's a non-Apple related reason for the 16th to be the roll-out date *Android Pay going live on the 16th And I was wrong. Android Pay is live.
Copy of the data?? You can't even buy that Soli, but point me to it if you think I'm wrong. Keyword results is hardly selling the data that made it possible. If you were even half right then Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo and every other provider would just buy it all from Google instead of spending so much effort on collecting it themselves.The reason Google ad services are as valuable as they are is because no one else has access to the data behind it.
Soli if it never leaves their custody and control how did Google and Apple sell it? No sir, both companies securely keep the data they have on you under lock and key for their own uses, no one else's. But both will sell you access to customers for your product or service by using the data they keep for themselves.They don't sell the data itself, they sell ad placement targeting the customers whose data was accumulated by them.
They sell ad placement services. Are you saying there's someplace I can buy this Google data they have on you or me? Point me to it and I'll agree they sell data. Buying Adwords is hardly selling you data. That's selling you placement based on the data Google securely retains to itself.
They're doing the same as Moto as far as I know, with a dedicated chip that requires little power. Someone else more knowledgeable can probably confirm.
You're absolutely correct It was settled some time ago. Google does not sell data. I didn't expect you to have any backup for what I'll assume was an honest mistake on your part. It's not the first time your memory has played tricks on you.Mine sometimes fails me too. That's why I take a few minutes to have a look around when in doubt.BTW I don't own any tech stock at all other than just a few shares of Qualcomm you you can scratch that off your list too.
I've no idea why you have a problem finding the answer. I typed in the search phrase exactly as you listed it. Using Google Search this is the very first result (that's not labeled as an ad):http://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s4-active/319847-galaxy-s4-active-screen-replacement-just-glass.htmland the second one from the top:https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Samsung+Galaxy+S4+Cracked+Front+Glass+Replacement/21843Neither one is a video altho the next two listed are....
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