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Did you check to see if the ad was placed by Google on the sites behalf? There's thousands of companies out there placing ads and not all are Google. In fact on mobile it's almost as likely to be Facebook if stats are right.BTW, since you are at work could it have come from your own company's product search?http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Driven-by-Facebook-Google-Mobile-Ad-Market-Soars-10537-2013/1010690
That's a great percentage going back to the content owners. Very good Apple! Some others are more miserly.
I thought you used Ghostery or some other ad blocker?
That's called retargeting. FWIW several big mobile/web ad placement companies offer it. Apple does it too now.EDIT: Retargeting was added in iOS8. It's discussed in this presentation Apple invited advertisers too at last years WWDChttp://asciiwwdc.com/2014/sessions/510
They might. On the other hand some sites may be hesitant to bite the hand that feeds them and avoid articles that cast the ones paying the bill (and their paycheck) in a negative light. For instance if Microsoft were to become the major supporter of ArsTechnica, with the site in danger of losing money or failing if they were to stop, would you still trust them to be impartial?I've seen many posters here express doubts about the fairness of certain sites based simply on...
Concern? On the contrary I said there was no reason for concern after Rogifan raised the issue. Fashion is fickle. For whatever reason, and it appears to be a personal one going by recent posts, you're trying to put your own negative spin on what was actually said.EDIT: I invited you to PM me a couple days back so we can discuss whatever it is instead of a personal issue (if that's what it is) continuing to be a thread distraction. We've talked before and now would be a...
...but you found mixed reactions just as I said. At least you looked so no need to note I was correct.
Oh geez....If you were really that curious you'd type "Fashion world reaction to Apple Watch" in your favorite search engine.Like I said disagreement is not unexpected considering fashion changes with the wind direction.
Yeah, a mixed reaction from fashionistas but that shouldn't be a surprise. Fashion is fickle.
Disney rescinded the lay-off of about 35 or their programmers a couple days ago after announcing them a couple weeks ago. They aren't outsourcing their jobs after-all. Perhaps bad publicity wasn't worth it, especially coming on the heels of the ridiculous layoffs at their Parks and Resorts division that garnered a lot of derision.
New Posts  All Forums: