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Oh I would agree that Google may well make it progressively harder to use unofficial app stores.But still the fact remains Google officially prevents it as well. It takes some significant user input to side-load an app, something NOT from Google Play.The person first has to dismiss a security warning or two and then find the setting that turns off the default Android security setting to then allow 3rd party apps to be installed. You didn't know that?EDIT: To Google's...
If Apple can't prevent it how could Google?
Yes Google has always had humans involved in vetting apps, but they were relying on user feedback to flag those folks to potentially problematic apps AFTER the fact. The initial approval process relied on automated checking of code and functions.Now they've added humans to the app approval process too which they should have always done in addition to the automated process IMO. A computer-based inspection of the underlying code no doubt catches a lot of bad players before...
Oh, it's certainly possible, tho it's not likely to go unnoticed for very long.http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/10/chinese-government-launches-man-in-middle-attack-against-icloud/
Simply avoid the carriers altogether. I bought three "pure" Android Moto X's, unlocked. with absolutely no bloatware or carrier crap. The Moto X isn't the only phone available with zero carrier installed stuff. Really no different than buying an iPhone unlocked other than the OS. Understood of course that iOS is superior to Android in many areas so it's not a viable option for most anyone here.
Capitulation like pulling out of China for all intents as they did a couple years ago rather than bending over for the Chinese government? That kind of capitulation?
According to the AI article it's not a store anyway, and Google isn't renting a retail area. The space is owned by and the sales made by Dixon's Carphone.Quote:"Dixons Carphone CEO Sebastian James elaborated that the Shop is "billboarding" for Google, and not being rented out. "The actual "Google store" is an on-line one only. They aren't setting up retail storefronts at the moment despite what some newspaper or blog might be erroneously reporting (perhaps for the...
The main number for support is 1 (650) 253-0000, Hit 5 and then 3. I'd sure give it a shot to see if they can connect you with someone to help with your cancellation fee. At least they should explain why the fee and where you agreed to it.
Why wouldn't I? I've posted a lot of things here that neither Apple nor Android users are generally aware of.
New Posts  All Forums: