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Google is lacking in cash? First mention of that I've seen.I suppose some people might think having only $60B in cash would be teetering on the edge. Google is obviously doomed...Like Apple much of Google's cash is technically (but not really) held overseas and thus subject to US taxes if repatriated for something like a $70B purchase of Tesla so what could Google do? Simply do the same as Apple would have to do and borrow the funds via a bond at some ridiculously low...
For what its worth a former Apple Senior Marketing Manager confirms that Apple really does do "unofficial controlled leaks" on occasion.http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/how_apple_does_controlled_leaksI think that article qualifies as walking the walk doesn't it?
https://corelblogs.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/you-can-run-coreldraw-on-a-mac/Yes completely CMYK compatible and offers PDF export for press-ready files. This video is for an older version, perhaps Corel10. It's much improved in the past couple of years.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1uvTlRTg6wCorelDraw, particularly the more recent versions (X6 and X7) on on par with the latest Illustrator IMHO but with better yet text handing and gradients and PhotoPaint serves well at a...
Agreed. CorelDraw's included Photopaint on the other hand is pretty good and easy to navigate. A hidden gem IMO considering the cost of similar Adobe products. Worth considering for those with limited budgets.
I'm sure prior art is missed all the time. With millions of patents it would be impossible to cover them all. If were that easy to discover no company like Apple or Google or icrosoft would ever be blindsided by a patent claim they weren't aware of. The USPTO won't rise up in anger if some patent shows itself as prior art after the fact.As for whether you personally believe a Samsung patent from 2005 exists it's no skin off my teeth either way as I don't really care...
In a quick search I didn't find the particular patent either. Perhaps it wasn't even a US patent which would make the search difficult. Perhaps there was no patent in the first place. Maybe the articles author would know. Did you consider asking him?
Yeah I know what accual accounting is. I've used it for two of the three companies I set up.Still it remains that most folks including AI readers read "paid" x-number taxes as they actually really, well... PAID them just like they themselves paid their own taxes and not that they might pay them one day if nothing changes.
Both Chevron and Exxon say they're paying more in taxes than Apple does.
The company "paying" the most is US taxes is not Apple. There's at least a couple ahead of "em. And to be clear I'm not demonizing them either. I just didn't agree with Sog that these tax breaks are all to benefit the states residents, a solely benevolent move on the part of our legislators. IMHO they are more often designed to benefit already wealthy corporations and their owners.EDIT: Note that what Apple says it may technically have computed as it's Federal income tax...
Hardly. I am suggesting that Apple might be using their power to squeeze more tax breaks (as tho they need 'em), in the process shifting some of their tax responsibilities onto the shoulders of those with no real influence over the Arizona legislature, like Arizona residents or small businesses
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