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Alipay is also wooing PayPal for a partnership. Cover all their bases , eh? "Alipay, which has about 700 million registered accounts, said it wants to partner with PayPal, in addition to its ongoing talks with Apple to join Apple Pay. Here’s what Joseph Tsai, vice chairman of Alibaba, which effectively owns Alipay, told Bloomberg Businessweek: “If you look at our footprint of being the largest online payment company in China, and PayPal’s position of having a very good...
A few of the warnings you'll receive if you attempt to install an app identified as malicious on Google Android, even from one of those 3rd party stores.Well what about an app that revels itself as malicious sometime after it was installed?And Yes it's available to nearly every Google android smartphone and tablet in use today.
I'm convinced you know better so why continue with FUD Daniel? iOS doesn't need your half-truths to support it. It's a great mobile system all on it's own.From back in July:"We appreciate Bluebox responsibly reporting this vulnerability to us; third party research is one of the ways Android is made stronger for users. After receiving word of this vulnerability, we quickly issued a patch that was distributed to Android partners, as well as to AOSP. Google Play and Verify...
You must have been asleep the last two years of the Bush presidency when the Dems paralyzed the government while belittling the Chief Exec at every opportunity. As you can see little has changed and there are no clean hands. One side is as bad as the other.
Um, Bush isn't President anymore.OH, wait, you were talking about Obama. The more things change huh.
In a surprise the first phone to get the Lollipop OS update isn't a Nexus. It's the Moto X "pure edition" owners, some of them beginning to get prompts for it today.
Do you think Apple was blindsided, having no idea what the financial condition of GT was? Reading over the affidavit it appears Apple was for all intents largely in control of and constantly monitoring GT's business. Would you agree?
More prone to "malware" than non-jailbroken iPhones? Yes they are. Are "malware" infections prevalent on Android devices? No they're not even including the problematic Russian and Chinese users frequenting questionable 3rd party app stores. If you haven't yet read the article you pointed me to you should. The discussion of what is considered malware should be helpful as should the notes of false flags in both Symantec and McAfee malware databases which the researchers used...
I have researched it. Really seriously. It will not shrink head and neck cancers, tho it will help in controlling pain. So yeah I know exactly what CDB's are. And yeah I'm keeping a little Valentine X around.
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