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Where else would you expect a company claiming patent infringement file? I suppose they could have gone to Delaware, another venue friendly to patent holders. Every company and their lawyers tries to find the friendliest court to file in. Common sense. In Apple's case that's the Northern District of California apparently unless that was their only option.
I suppose that depends what is meant by independent arbitrator. There's no mention by Apple why they refused it and it would be assumed they would have had a say in who the arbitrator was. There was another instance a couple years ago of Apple giving notice they wouldn't be bound by a court's determination of what was FRAND/fair.
i think Apple actually filed the first lawsuit didn't they?
Not mentioned is that Ericsson offered to have an independent arbitrator determine the proper rates, but Apple reportedly refused to be bound by whatever the rate he/she decided was fair. To me that sounds like a reasonable offer and one that might have avoided lawsuits.
The only question in there was whether anyone thought that Apple was concerned about the artists or instead more about how to maximize the profits from a music subscription. You've given your answer that whatever the performers and songwriters get should be of no matter to Apple. Not their problem. Others here seem to think Apple's goal is to make sure musicians get more money and that's the reason "free" streamers have to go.I'm more in that first camp with you.
He/she doesn't smile...
They're working on it."Fair artist compensation from internet radio and streaming services is quite the hot topic of late, and now members of Congress are joining the debate. Congressman Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, alongside the musicFIRST Coalition, introduced the Fair Play Fair Pay Act today that would end regulations that don't require terrestrial radio stations to pay royalties to artists and labels. As it stands, those AM/FM...
I don't think the folks at Beats were particularly concerned with how much the artists were going to get. Numerous reports claim Apple was trying their best to get the labels to reduce royalty demands to the point Beats could still turn a profit at $5 or so a month. The labels wouldn't roll over. They also tried for $7.99/mo which reportedly won't be workable either (oddly that's the price Google Play Music was introduced at).So no, trying to get the content licenses as...
I use Ghostery myself. The first few visits at my favorite sites were real eye-openers. There's far more ad companies than just Google at work here, along with several data sellers.You should also consider a Facebook blocker. They've become insideous.
I still have an iPod rattling around here somewhere. I noticed my son had it out a few weeks back and had considered using it. I suppose nothing is really lost when it's in a teenagers room. Just can't find it. Still have a Mac put up in the print room at my business too. So yeah I do have some Apple products if it matters to you. . .which I suspect it does not.
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