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I'd guess it's Nokia custom Android-based OS they had developed just before the MS buyout became final. I think they'd also released a phone with that OS.They were calling it Nokia X when they first revealed it.http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/24/nokia-x2/...and no, AOSP is not called stock Android anywhere that I've seen. Stock android would refer to the pure unadulterated Google Android build, Google services included, before the licensees add their own flavored features...
Hit who where it hurts? Any consumer who might find a use for something Apple had no intention of actually producing but patented to make it difficult for anyone else to either?
Tim's visit paid off whom? :drumroll: bah, dah dum (Sorry, it was just laying there waiting for the punchline)
An Android app, iBeacon Detector, was used to find those hidden beacons.
Titan, one of the LinkNYC partners, was already leasing thousands of these from the city. They were also sneakily installing tracking beacons unknown to the public but with nodding approval from the city to follow pedestrians as they strolled along or stopped at retailers/restaurants. They got caught last month.
The previous proposal included undisclosed beacons placed on each former payphone site to deliver personalized ads. This one may too. EDIT: Those beacons have supposedly now been removed. http://www.buzzfeed.com/josephbernstein/exclusive-hundreds-of-devices-hidden-inside-new-york-city-ph#c8ro8l
OK. From 2010http://www.wsj.com/video/allthingsd-at-ces-andy-rubin-interview/BFC2C7A1-0F2C-4846-BC60-FC69F8F622F0.htmlWalt tries to make the same "Google is getting into vertical sales" argument. which of course they didn't and that even Rubin the promoter wouldn't agree with. At 3:40 in Rubin explains why the Nexus devices are needed, same explanation as Google uses now: The only proper way to develop the platform is by everyone in the engineering group focusing on the...
Not every Korean paper is called the Korean Times. I think Business Korea is the publication that suggested Apple might recall some iPhone 6+ units, but not because of bending.http://www.businesskorea.co.kr/article/7084/huge-potential-recall-technical-defects-iphone-6-raise-questions-about-controller-ic
This isn't even something new. The Korean newspapers reported back in Oct. 2013 that Samsung had won back the majority of Apple's 2015 A9 production by virtue of being first to roll out a properly performing 14nm die, well ahead of TSMC. Yeah Apple works on these contracts years in advance.EDIT: Here you go. Take a look at the date of this even earlier article.http://english.hankyung.com/news/apps/news.view?c1=&newscate=1&nkey=201307150718011
No, they are the same ones that correctly reported Apple was working with TSMC on the A7 in April last year.http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/tech/2013/04/133_133715.html
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