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Many stay for years? Huh.Agree with the basic premise of your post tho. Apple may not need (or want) most of 'em after the deal is done and the tech absorbed.
I think most who bought Moto's StarTac back in the day knew exactly what they got too. One of my favorite all-time phones.
So you have an example of the average underpaid Google employee? Are they paid better or worse than a typical Apple Store employee for instance if that's the type of typical employee you refer to rather than engineers? I'll point you to one good source:http://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/Google-Salaries-E9079.htmWith about 1.3M folks applying for only 4000 positions at Google it doesn't look like they're hurting for employees or considered a bad place to work by "the average...
I thought it was pretty well-known by consumers who made the Razr they bought. Maybe not.
I don't think it would matter all that much. He'd be unlikely to stay there for any appreciable time anyway. Do any of the founders of companies snatched up by Apple still work for them? Maybe there's a couple but IMO entrepreneurs don't often make a good fit with large established companies and their hierarchy.
They must have patched things up then. Money can do that.http://gawker.com/5358318/team-michael-bays-megan-fox-diss-letter-censored
Perhaps the Virus shield developer really wanted to name it "The Most Useless App Ever". .. But the the name was already taken. The is the epitome of truth in advertising. Gotta love it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chris_economou.themostuselessappever
Why are vitamins so popular?
Then if you don't disagree with what I wrote what was the point of your post??
I don't. My claim is that I don't think Samsung's argument is without merit. Can I assume you do?
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