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Amazon has the reputation of delaying payments to vendors/suppliers as part of their business plan. Walmart used to be the same but reportedly have improved in the years since I stopped supplying graphics/signage to them.
Hmmm, after checking articles on other sites you seem to be correct. What does Gameover Zeus have to do with Android specifically? The linked TechCrunch article makes no mention of Android at all but perhaps DED assumed no one would go and read it.http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/11/crooks-reainmate-a-dead-botnet-to-target-high-value-bank-accounts/Weird and deceptive headline if there's actually NO relationship which seems to be the case.
I found this shocking: Aerosmith made more money from Guitar Hero than any album they ever released. Engadget dredged up the article today, originally written in 2008.
I included that same sentence in my post if you read it, but you forgot to acknowledge the very important sentence it was connected to. Perhaps it was inconvenient to your stance that 9-5 is useless? The TUAW author at least had the integrity to give credit where credit was due.Your takeaway, were you being honest, should have been that rumor articles written by Gurman and based on his own sources are highly likely to be substantially accurate. If you toss in the numerous...
Hmmm. . . taking part in "it". What is "it", bribery? Something else? If so what?
Hardly unless they know and just refuse to take part in it. If it were true Google and every one of their services would not be blocked in China. Turkey, Iran and Pakistan are the other three bastions of personal freedom blocking at least some Google services. Any other big tech have a problem selling/shipping product to those countries? Any of them? If anything it's some of the others that have figured out where the grease gets applied. (pssst,...
A bit simplistic. It would be impossible to deny that under Obama the NSA's reach has been expanded and the military given legal cover for powers they never had prior to Obama.http://www.alternet.org/story/155045/how_obama_became_a_civil_libertarian's_nightmareAnyway, not trying to incite more political discussion. Back to the topic.
As an aside if you're searching for the Loch Ness Monster don't start with Google Maps. They've got their lakes confused.
Engadget has an article up today regarding sapphire displays. I had overlooked the fact that a very few smartphone manufacturers already use for the screen.http://www.engadget.com/2014/07/11/sapphire-displays/#continued
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