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This sounds like data-mining put to use doesn't it? Who's the customer here?"Because iPhones are location-aware, so are Offers. Offers can be updated to present new messages dynamically, and also triggered with updates specific to a store location via iBeacon. Offers can also be targeted by age, gender, geography, or custom segments built by the marketer, and updated as often as required to keep messages fresh.""iAd’s exclusive targeting capabilities will allow...
Great! Never a bad time for a good day! BTW I love the weather up there this time of year. Here it's getting to close to indoors time for us old guys.
A case of do what I say and not what I do?http://advertising.apple.com/news/The title of the Apple article? "iAd helps marketers push Offers to iPhone"There's not anything inherently wrong with targeted ads but for Mr Cook to say one thing while he does another? I'm sure this gets a raised eyebrow from even you.
Well here's an interesting twist concerning targeted ads, data mining and how those things apply to Apple's Wallet, a feature discussed in the podcast. Newly posted today by Apple: iAd helps marketers push Offers to iPhone June 12, 2015 Offers allow marketers to put customized, dynamic messages directly into the Wallet that’s built into every iPhone - and accessible via Apple Watch. Marketers can reach loyal customers with specific messages that reflect the customers’...
Wrong side of the bed for you this morning I presume?
If I delete it your comments about it will make even less sense. The best solution is for the original off-topic comment from Eric to be deleted as well as my response, your responses and Raysz. Then there's no confusion for readers.
"Methinks"? Excellent. Here's another opportunity to put that to work. You have the information needed in the links I provided to come to your own conclusions on Apple's settlement over the same anti-competitive concerns and a background for forming an opinion of what Amazon is likely to do.
PM me the details of the deception so as not to derail this thread.Notice I nearly always include source links for anything folks might not be aware of so they can decide for themselves. You should consider doing the same as evidence of the way I'm trying to mislead you. Folks here are pretty intelligent and I have faith that they can discern things for themselves when presented with the appropriate facts and background.
Tangled web? I assume you meant to add "deceive" in there somewhere. Filed in Dec of 2011, Apple fought ebooks in Europe for a year before agreeing to settle on terms acceptable to the EU in December of 2012 as did 4 of the 5 publishers. Penguin was the lone holdout for a few more months, finally coming to terms in mid 2013. I assumed you were aware of all...
The EU forced Apple into a settlement over the same issue. Even they wouldn't fight them for long. The EU Commission meddles much more in business competition issues than the US does and I don't think most of us here want the US taking the same positions.IMHO Amazon will do the same as Apple did and reach an agreement with the EU to drop the contracts with the offending "anti-competitive" clauses.
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