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http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014/10/make-your-smartwatch-even-less-useful-by-installing-windows-95/For those that missed the reference.
Using a PenTile arrangement isn't necessarily a black-mark. The most color accurate and strongest performing smartphone display yet tested is in fact an OLED using that diamond-pattern PenTile screen. In addition if OLED's were as inherently inefficient as you say Apple would not choose one for their Apple Watch would they?The Samsung Note might be a relatively poor performer with gaming just as DED claims but if so I don't think you can blame it on inefficient and poor...
In related news Bose offered a deal to the NFL that was too hard to resist. No more Beats products will be shown on NFL broadcasts with the new exclusive Bose tie-in. Not sure how they're going to police players walking around with Beats in pre-game shots but those are banned too.
In this instance tho Samsung doesn't mention Apple
Sounds plausible, except for the part about Apple users stealing software, That's reminds me about a new customer that came by this week. Wanted some images he had taken from the web and Photo-shopped printed up. He mentioned himself that he used a pirated version, but explained it was OK since he never needed it before now and might not really use it very much. Not worth buying in his view and he wasn't looking at it as stealing I guess.
The only thing I find of substance is over at ArsTechnica. While they too say the method of distribution isn't detailed:"its “dropper” program installs the malware into the Library directory within the affected user’s account home folder, disguised as an Application Support directory for “JavaW." The dropper then generates an OS X .plist file to automatically launch the bot whenever the system is started.."Perhaps it needs no user input? The whole thing is a little...
shushhhh. . . Loose lips and all that.
No it would still exist, but not actually infect very often. Kinda like now but even less effective.The stories we read, particularly those published by AI, only discuss potentials rather than factual harm numbers for the most part unless they're Apple-specific. There's really not a very high infection rate now even on Google's "virus-ridden Android", something south of 1% as I recall. Viruses for Android? No such thing AFAIK. As Digitalclips said, "Malware NOT virus ......
I doubt they're too concerned about what handle is holding the Gillette blade you bought. Why would they be?In Apple's case they were interested in selling expensive and profitable handles (iPods), but still didn't want the relatively cheap blades fitting someone else's handle did they, assuming I understand it correctly? As a businessman myself I certainly appreciate the reasons why so I personally don't have an issue with it.
That's right. I mentioned that a few posts later. You would think if a researcher was going to detail the worm/malware he had discovered in the wild that he'd also clue folks in on how they would get infected by it. Not doing so leaves the door open to speculation, misinformation and probably needless concern.IMHO most of the malware stories we read are simply sensationalism and often used as fear-mongering tactics.
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