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How do you account for the Netshare numbers tracking OS versions? Mac's certainly don't comprise 1/3rd. I also don't recall Apple ever saying that 1/3 of all computers sold in the US for home use are Macs but you no doubt have a link to that you can share.
But iPads don't come with keyboards
Yeah you're probably right. You shouldn't trust the study findings at all as they are obviously based on a flawed premise using unreliable data as you surmised. Who knows who's really #1. /s
If you look at OS version share I don't think it supports the view that Windows PC's in general don't have a long and useful life. Nearly 25% of those currently are using a relatively ancient PC with the at least 8-14 year old OS it came with, Windows XP. It 's not at all unusual to see Circa 2000-2010 Win PC's still computing away in dens and offices. They don't fall by the wayside as easily as you apparently...
Of note for those iOS users who enjoy those old Pokemon and DonkeyKong games and rely on emulators for play on their non-jailbroken iDevice.: News is that 8.1 is going to close the hole that allows those emulators to work. "The next version of iOS may not be an upgrade for fans who use their iDevices to emulate classic games. The latest beta version of iOS 8.1 removes the famous (or infamous) "Date Trick" workaround used by iOS emulator makers to bypass App Store...
MY beloved Samsung? I thought you paid more attention to my posts than that. I've never been a Samsung proponent, consistently dismissing them as copyists.Here's how I look at it. There's two Android licensees that actually distinguish themselves from the pack: Motorola and Sony. Rather than add superfluous "me to" features Moto has gone the opposite direction and committed to basically stock Android, which of course allows for exceptionally fast updates pretty much on par...
Ummm. . . OK. So then Sammy hasn't been highly profitable using Android then? I imagine if they thought they make more money with their own OS they would have done so, don't you? Same with dumping Windows for their own OS if they thought the money would be better BTW, you still neglected to mention which Motorola phone (and which version of Android) you're testing.
...and iOS is full of Apple services. Big surprise.Curious which Motorola phone you are testing tho.
I'd tend to question what Apple's numbers really say. The percentage of iOS6 users actually went up from 5% to 6% in the past couple of weeks?? No, I suspect the way Apple tabulates their numbers isn't telling the actual OS version adoption story.
"But...but...but Android" never really gets old does it? .
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