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Microsoft is accused by the Chinese of similar "backdoor" access in some of their products and has issued similar response statements as Apple's. http://www.networkworld.com/article/2458706/microsoft-subnet/about-those-alleged-backdoors-in-microsoft-products.html?source=NWWNLE_nlt_daily_am_2014-07-29#tk.rss_all
Not sure ALL those others writing and commenting about it do tho. ,,, and I'd wager there's a few things we could all teach Tim Cook if he asked. Many of us are pretty good at what we do just as I'm sure you are.
Apple's China's Mac numbers last year were reported to be 1.8M (from the SCMP link). . If they're truly up 39%, or about 700K wouldn't that account for the entire worldwide sales increase of around 660K and then some? The numbers just aren't making sense to me.Does 660K units allow for almost 40% increase in China Mac sales PLUS at least 10% more in the US, PLUS at least 10% more in Canada PLUS at least 10% more in 7 other regions pretty much covering all of Apple's...
Numbers aren't jiving in my read. According to DED's article "Globally, Apple reported that Mac sales jumped from 3.75 million to 4.41 million year-over-year for its fiscal Q3, a unit increase of 18 percent and a new June quarter record" At the same time Maestri apparently reported that China's Mac sales were up 39% YOY. That would eat up more than half the Mac sales increase reported wouldn't it? "But it was the 39 per cent increase in MacBook and iMac sales in China...
Beats purchase approved so it's back in the news? Google is also up for no particular reason that I can see. I've given up on making any sense out of the stock market.
Not unexpectedly the new Nadella-led Microsoft is being more aggressive in their advertising and no longer just attacking Google. In one of their newest ads they pit their Cortana voice assistant against Siri. Only one guess which one wins.
Engadget has a nice short photo article on the "Post-PC Era" and why it never really happened, instead moving to "convergence". Worth a read IMO. http://www.engadget.com/gallery/the-post-pc-story/
You probably meant the reports you hadn't read and weren't aware of. A couple of quick examples found in a 30 second search:http://seekingalpha.com/article/2166333-qualcomms-revenue-growth-slows-amid-smartphone-saturation-slow-lte-sales-in-chinahttp://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2328619/apples-and-samsungs-growth-stalled-in-q4-due-to-the-saturated-smartphone-marketMy personal guess is this is what's prompting not just one but reportedly two entirely new form-factor...
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