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FWIW Amazon looks to be the primary interest.
News out today that the German government antitrust folks are investigating Apple over a related eBooks issue. The surprise this time is BOTH Apple and Amazon are involved. Why? Apple buys audiobooks wholesale from, you guessed it. . . Amazon. Specifically it's their Audible subsidiary. I didn't even know Amazon owned 'em. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/16/us-germany-apple-amazon-idUSKCN0T519P20151116#u8zKGFRUBLvxSRoU.97 Based on the tone of the article it would...
Really? I wasn't aware of that. Thanks!
Won't even cost that much to fix your wi-fi dead zone. Covered the far upstairs end of mine with a $40 wifi extender, and there's cheaper ones for as little as $25. My guess is folks just don't realize they're available and figure they just have to accept poor signal areas in their homes.
Hardly! Do you have a teen to mid 20's son or relative? Ask 'em yourself.
Network World explained that only paid apps were generally affected, as well as why it happened in the first place.http://www.networkworld.com/article/3004922/security/lapsed-apple-certificate-triggers-massive-mac-app-fiasco.html
I've always tended to overbuy when it comes to a new toy and accessories. I nearly always find I didn't need them all in the first place. I'd guess all retailers recognize the propensity to buy some added shiny stuff you think you need when buying a new "thing" whether it's an iPad, a mixer or a car.
Those two posts would seem at odds with each other. In both instances you're saving money if it's something you don't need. But you seem to think one is because "you're the cheap type" while the other isn't?
That's where the chasm is then. I'm not here to "knock Apple". Are there several posts where you were left with that impression? Dredge them up and I'll be happy to discuss them. As I've asked you before for an example of where you've thought I'd done so and none could yet be found I would assume you might reconsider why I might be interested in taking part here. "Clearly not to knock Apple".In any event I am glad to see yet another AI member pick up the civil discourse...
This will be the first post of yours I've acknowledged in weeks, despite your lobbing several taunts in my direction. I like your new attitude, and I hope it's sincere. Perhaps we can get back to discussions between the two of us afterall.You're one of the more knowledgable members here and I do appreciate much of what you contribute. I've learned a thing or two from you. How'bout we do a reboot and each try to be more respectful as the point you made was an excellent one....
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