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It's pummel everyone in tech day. China news is dragging a bunch of stocks down.
You're only seeing 12?? Pause blocking and reload the page. Now count again. I counted 28. Worse, if you come here from a different site the number of beacons that followed you over multiplies. I've counted upwards of 80 different advertisers, persistent web beacons and pixel tags, and behavior trackers here in a single session.
Just a mention for what it's worth.Google doesn't permit collection or use of health data for advertising purposes.If you see one that appears to have been targeted to you it did not come from Google data-collection. There's actually a very lengthy list of personal information that Google explicitly says cannot be collected or used in the course of advertising activities, even by the companies using their ad-placement services.This will probably come as a surprise to many...
Another take on Alphabet and how it might help Google from becoming Microsoft. . . http://www.engadget.com/2015/08/11/google-alphabet/
...20M in 2016, not 2015.
The standard ad providers aren't the ones to be overly concerned with anyway IMO. It's the data aggregators and other companies with persistent trackers following you from website to website. Rather than serve up relatively benign personalized ads their business is selling data to other companies for whatever use they wish. Worse you don't even see the evidence of them at work unlike an advertiser, and zero control over what they do with what they have.As an example right...
Works on Chrome too. I use it on my work machines. It's only been out a few days and I think they mentioned a Safari version would be available at some point. But it's not an ad blocker.
This is dumb... Seems Oracle takes offense with security folks looking for holes and exploits in Oracle software. They even consider it illegal to do so! Very short-sighted... http://www.networkworld.com/article/2969773/oracle-pulls-blog-post-critical-of-security-vendors-customers.html
IMHO CurrentC would appeal to the same folks most likely to take advantage of payday loans. It was never going to compete with Apple Pay, nor even Android Pay for that matter. Two different demographics
If the "miserable failures"you believe are there exist then it should become more obvious. As it stands Google has been able to mask it. Alphabet changes that. Non-performing companies may end up sold off or otherwise disposed of. I'm surprised if you don't think more transparency would be a good thing.
New Posts  All Forums: