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And you could have stopped with that alone, the one gem in the gravel pit.
Limited distribution, largely thru Google themselves? No advertising or promotion? Additional and useful consumer features reserved for the licensee version of that same general Nexus model, ie LG G3 is the enhanced Nexus 5? That's three I can come up with off the top of my head. Again it's not about whether a Nexus model is better both feature and hardware-wise than the followup licensee models that build on/improve the reference design and OS version.The Nexus program...
I suppose anyone can imagine a different scenario but unless you have some realistic evidence that Google isn't really using the Nexus program for the purposes stated (and stated as such for several years now) it's a moot conversation. We're not talking "what-if's" are we?
Eventually they'll finalize HTML5. Web-apps will be the way forward IMHO and that of a whole lotta others.http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_26844823/q-tim-berners-lee-professor-inventor-world-wideEDIT: Did they finally do so a couple of weeks ago, Oct. 28th? I missed that until a few minutes ago. Duh!
That Nexus devices fulfill their stated purpose pretty well.I don't have a problem with any smartphones being compared. That's the kind of thing consumers appreciate with so many choices out there. At the same time are any of the models DED discusses too slow to run the apps and services buyers typically want and use? I don't think so. An A8 is no doubt faster than Apple's previous A7, but that doesn't make the year old version unfit for purpose anymore than an i5...
Since it's been explained to you several times that Nexus devices are not meant to be market-leading commercial successes, and which you acknowledged as true at least once recently (and as Google themselves has oft-explained in blogs), continuing the same line of spin reeks of FUD-raking. This is probably where you pull out your venerable "but...but...but... Nexus One!"A flop would be a device that doesn't serve its intended purpose. Since Google's stated purpose for Nexus...
Really? Produce, bakery, deli, and customer service quality are less important than if you can pay by tapping your phone? Thee's no comparison in the shopping experience between Winn-Dixie and Publix. Certainly sounds like you'd be a poster-child for "cut off your nose..."
There's an additional weakness here which you may not have considered. It's come to light in the past month that some ISP's are stripping out a security flag called STARTTLS. In effect they're removing encryption for some customers as messages move between servers. Messages become plain text and easily intercepted and read. For what reason would they do this? No idea but it smells like another man-in-the-middle mission.
This is a conversation we've had here for a couple of years, but about big Android phones instead. There were a lot of posters claiming here was no way to fit one in a jeans or shirt pocket. My how things change.
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