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This a a product in development and clearly noted as currently in a prototyping stage Additionally it's not even a Google product, and there's also an iOS version.https://github.com/google/physical-web/blob/master/documentation/getting_started.mdhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/physical-web/id927653608?mt=8
It's back to normal now. I expect Ars might mention it soon.EDIT: Spoke too soon. Back to a black page with:Arse security.@nidohax - @metapawdcue the music"Not every geek with a Commodore64 can hack into NASA"
On a totally unrelated note it appears Ars has been hacked.
There's nothing to prevent other smartphone vendors from designing and implementing a feature similar to Touch ID. Nor is there anything preventing any other vendor from including a "secure element" on their smartphone. As a matter of fact for years Nexus smartphones included a secure element on the phone for handling NFC payment functions. So why did Google decide to open up Google Wallet a bit and no longer require a secure element embedded with the NFC chip? Not all...
Exactly. If you want to bypass security and use 3rd party appstores, even those like Amazon or Cydia, be smart. Why anyone needs to use Amazon's store instead of Google Play isn't clear to me anyway. and what have you seen on Sammy's site that makes disabling security settings worthwhile? Cheap clone apps? Cydia is a different story of course. In any event If you "catch a cold" by wandering outside it's nether Apple nor Google's fault. They don't condone it even tho it...
Apple does hire for internal security positions where that type of experience might be a plus.
I'm well aware that you're part of the member group that truly but erroneously believes that. If your primary source of information about Google Android comes from AI articles it's completely understandable why you might think that too.
There's been claims of unfair treatment of tech contract workers for a long time, and not just at Apple.http://www.alternet.org/labor/how-google-and-silicon-valley-screw-their-non-elite-workers
You would likely be incorrect. The news that Samsung has a contract to supply the A9's to Apple date back over a year ago. This latest report is just more validation.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/183466/rumor-apple-taps-rival-samsung-to-build-majority-of-a-series-chips-starting-next-year#post_2640695
Just as this malware requires iOS users to disable default security settings for the malware to install so does Android. If you choose to bypass Android default security settings and ignore user warnings about 3rd party software installs, or jailbreak iOS and ignore warnings about 3rd party software installs then it's your own fault if this malware infects your device.
New Posts  All Forums: