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This would be an interesting use of TouchID and perhaps be one of these incremental improvements that nonetheless attract buyers.http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/14/apple-explores-how-touch-id-input-could-be-used-for-ui-navigation/
I'd imagine most of us pay for music, movies, games, etc. I doubt there's a lot of thieves here. I still don't like to pay for blog content. I assume you have a subscription to AI then rather than taking advantage of the free ad-supported version?http://appleinsider.com/apps/ios/With Contributor you can do the same with a lot of popular sites.
Me a victim? Hardly. Never claimed to be either.
So here 'ya go. Perfect opportunity to see if you're sincere. IMO very few would really be willing to pay their favorite blogs if they can visit for free. Maybe you would.https://www.google.com/contributor/welcome/http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/nov/21/google-contributor-pay-remove-ads
I hated to see them go from own city. We had 3 different stores within a short drive. They were the only place to find some of the specialty electronics components, especially for those of us that weren't entirely certain what they were looking for and needed hands-on assistance. On-line ordering is not always a viable replacement for a brick-and-mortar.
Carry on then. I'm sure you'll soon get the responses you're hoping for.
On other sites it might be termed trolling...on other sites.
Yup I seriously asked that.If those few angry Apple fans that can't tolerate any mention of Google or Android or Samsung or Microsoft "on a pro-Apple site" are sincere then why try to bait folks that might not share their views with off-topic mentions and name-calling? Sounds more like they're inviting exactly the kinds of posters and comments they say they hate seeing here.
Since Radio Shacks own privacy policy stated that identifiable customer information would not be sold it might be deemed illegal to do so in the event of a change in ownership anyway, making the issue moot. I realize that companies seem to commonly add a disclaimer in their privacy policies (even Apple's) that in the event of a change in ownership they relinquish control of it and have no further responsibility or obligation to delete it I'll be somewhat surprised if...
Why would Google be part of the conversation in the first place? Odd that it's even brought up in an Apple specific thread if you and others don't want to encourage discussion of them. It's almost as tho someone was fishing (trolling) for off-topic and probably inflammatory comments...Nah, no one would do that.
New Posts  All Forums: