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You don't have to opt-in. As a Verizon or ATT subscriber you're automatically targeted and your data shared. You should read the links I provided before assuming your data is safely in your own hands and under your control. You obviously did not so before posting.
Apple's profits on tablets are up 25%? Where did you see that? It certainly doesn't sound right but perhaps you have a citation.
A tempest in a teapot IMHO. So you might see an ad based on your interests. Big deal. That hardly rises to the level of a danger to you and yours. Even Apple is getting more involved with targeted advertising so it can't be bad can it? If there were no Google providing advertising services then someone else would fill the spot, someone unlikely to provide you anything of value in return (ie, search engine, business software, email service, mapping)Heck, unlike Google do...
Encryption will not prevent these boxes from uniquely identifying your device and your location within just a few meters. As I read it that's the goal of the program, not harvesting photos or reading text messages. It's meant to help locate persons of interest.Neither Apple nor Google store the private encryption keys so neither would be able to comply with a subpoena demanding access, a bone of contention for law enforcement and national security interests.
No sir, jailbreaking is not necessary. AI linked an article where they discussed it."choosing to "Trust" app installs that iOS identifies as being from an "Untrusted App Developer." . In other words supposed enterprise apps, something not at all uncommon for users of iOS in business environments. Apple makes it very easy to do too. It doesn't mean that iOS users should be concerned, just...
Yes they are, at least Google Android. No specific mention of MS. The AI article just neglected to mention it.Quote:The agency has made it a priority to examine whether mobile health developers marketing apps on Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms are taking precautions to safeguard user privacy, the sources said.
Maybe not for high-quality but for a lot of folks that's not their aim anyway. They want to post up quick videos to Facebook or send something to a family member. Use the device they have rather than the one they wish they'd brought. Remember the best camera is the one you have with you? Glass could be much more convenient since "as it happens" recording ain't gonna happen in many cases if you're taking the time to set up a Go-Pro. Some of the best photo/film...
The US Government issued a security alert today for iOS users, citing Masque Attack https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA14-317A
"ad-free video playback, naturally; offline playback, so that you can listen to YouTube music without an Internet connection; and the ability to play back music as a background service, meaning that you can surf the Web and still listen to your favorite tunes. Oh, and Google tossed in a free subscription to Google Play Music All Access, too"
Then it doesn't offer you any value. Beats sounds like a great choice for you. As far as "Google actively trashing Indie groups" did you make that one up or do you have some citation showing Google doing so? As far as I know they just signed licensing deals with the biggest of them and continue doing so with others. Is Apple's tactic of using their market presence to pressure the music labels (including Indies) for even lower royalty payments (Yippee, $5 Beats might be...
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