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If the original agreement stipulated that identifiable customer information could not be sold to a 3rd party I'd guess it's standard boilerplate language to say the same terms would apply in the event of a change in ownership. ATT apparently has the same in their re-sellers contract too according to the article.
BS.They don't sell personal data. Period. They may do some things that some folks think shady or at least concerning but that ain't one of 'em.As far as your other bogus claim that you have no control over what's shared with Google...If you wish to "control your personal information" associated with your Google account: https://www.google.com/dashboard/Maybe you want to go all the way and delete your Google account altogether.https://plus.google.com/downgrade/What, you...
I think that's the essence of the Google issue with a few Apple fans. They perceive Google as somehow affecting Apple's business negatively. Seeing as they're the most valuable company on the planet, combined with an inability to produce any more product than they do now and selling in short order everything they can have feasibly have manufactured it doesn't seem like a valid concern. Apple's doing OK. If Google didn't exist could they make any more money than they do?...
Seems almost like everyone ignores "Do Not Track". Yahoo doesn't honor it. Nor does Facebook. It looks as tho most advertisers ignore it too. Even Bing was ignoring it. It's useless for all intents, a failed effort.http://www.computerworld.com/article/2489727/data-privacy/internet--do-not-track--system-is-in-shatters.htmlAs far as tracking "you", without a Google account they probably don't even know who "you" are. You're simply a numbered account tossed into the same...
Perhaps something like Google Contributor?http://www.theverge.com/2014/11/20/7255779/google-contributor-will-let-you-pay-to-see-sites-without-adsIn the past couple of weeks they've expanded it even more.
They actually consider Google in the same small and elite group as Apple and Facebook, saying Google is matching Apple in the deployment of renewable energy. The report is a bit confusing to me at least.
According to financial data I've read Elon Musk owns 35,001,294 shares of the total 125.76M outstanding as of Jan. 1st.
If the reasoning is unclear Marvin has made several excellent posts on the subject. Here's a couple of the better ones if you missed it.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/186123/eu-delays-judgement-on-apples-irish-tax-deal-as-discovery-proves-time-consuming/80#post_2720631http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/186171/worst-case-scenario-from-irish-tax-changes-could-reduce-apples-annual-earnings-by-10#post_2721219Irish incorporated companies should pay Irish corporate taxes, and...
Update via TechCrunch: Due to an increase of stupidity and childishness Google has taken the extreme step of shutting down Map Maker for now. No big surprise probably that just a few folks are able to ruin a otherwise valuable service, particularly in 3rd world countries where accurate and needed maps had been unavailable. http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/11/google-shuts-down-map-maker-following-hacks/#.zcup57:9C1L
Just based on what I've read here and there if Musk was to sell Tesla I don't think his preference would be to Apple.
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