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Thanks. That's a great article.
You are 100% correct . Google had no real say in the matter. it was always Apple's decision IMO.
1. I doubt Google particularly cared unless Apple chose to lock them out. Fear of Microsoft doing so is what drove the Android program in the first place. Google does their best to be platform agnostic.2. The question makes no sense. Android users would never be given the option of buying apps via iTunes. 3. Google wants to be in your living room. How they get there is less important than making it so. Remember from point 1: Google is platform agnostic for the most part....
No one involved has said how that worked. Some stories say Google was willing to offer TBT but wanted something additional in return. Mentioned was branding as Google Maps for iOS which Apple resisted. Giving Google anymore credit than was absolutely necessary wasn't in Apple's interest at the moment. Google also wanted better sharing of the data Apple was collecting and storing on its users thru Google Maps use, again a supposed issue between the two. Both sides were...
Perhaps the "vice-versa" wasn't entirely accurate. Apple is getting heavier into cloud services, ads, and search which are all important parts of Google's business plan. Guess they're now part of Apple's plans too. So yes I can see why you'd see it as Apple at war with Google, tho I still don't think Google's plans include war with Apple.
Ah Google is secretly in bed with Localytics now, the two plotting against Apple. Gotcha.
Nexus devices are used to introduce new versions of Android and not intended as sales successes, particularly not iPhone competition. But you knew that.Yeah Google wants in on the living room just as Apple does just as Microsoft doesYeah App stores are needed to support mobile OS'sGoogle Docs came before iWork in the Cloud. Well before. But you knew that.Google Voice came before Siri. Perhaps you intended a different comparison.Google Maps came long before Apple Maps.But...
Perhaps you should research more.
In what way does Google cause harm to Apple? By creating an OS originally intended to protect them from Microsoft's plans? Seriously? Yeah, Apple seems to be pretty hurt by it. And you thought I was being ignorant?Apple's search plans have little to do with Google IMHO and more to do with a recognition there's a bunch of money they can make with one, just as there's been with music and apps and other services outside of hardware sales. They're smart to diversify.
On a related note: https://www.theinformation.com/Apple-Maps-Engineer-Moving-to-Uber
New Posts  All Forums: