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Well of course it does. They're the only one's who factually know. That's why you never see infection rates quoted by any of the anti-virus companies. They'd just be guessing. Instead they use phrases like "targeting Android" "focused on Android" or "written for Android", none of which means successfully attacked Android. It does make for a good piece of FUD tho and sells a few copies of AV apps.
There are emails collected as evidence claiming other techs are mad at Google for driving up wages, costing them more to hire or retain their own engineers. That hardly sounds like protecting trade secrets, does it to you?
According to the most recent real data the rate of actual malware infection from Google Play apps is only .001% which is probably not far off from Apple's App Store.http://www.phonearena.com/news/Google-says-less-than-.001-of-Android-malware-evades-Google-Play-security-to-cause-harm_id47960
In any event that's not what happened here. None of the employees had a say in the matter or agreed in any way to a no-poaching scheme.
Then in some ways Google Play Services is a better or at least more timely update solution than what Apple offers. New mail, map, search, music etc, etc features get out to Google Android users without waiting for an update of the entire OS (that may never come )
Really nice work Soli. One quibble tho and probably never entered your mind: Many feature and security updates are no longer delivered with an Android update. Google now uses Google Play Services to accomplish much of what Apple uses OS updates for.
Actually just shy of a fifth of the installed base not a third but close enough.http://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html?utm_source=ausdroid.net
...but not on known infections. Aiming for a target is not the same as hitting it.
According to a document Comcast filed with the FTC it's not a TV that Apple is working on but instead a new set-top box.http://corporate.comcast.com/comcast-voices/comcast-and-time-warner-cable-file-applications-and-public-interest-statement-with-fcc
Nope. Google was plainly evil for playing along as were the rest of them. But it apparently all began with threats from Steve Jobs. Google, Adobe and others were to cowtow to his demands or face the consequences. Frankly I'm shocked that few of the Valley elite thought these consequences were the wiser and less fearful than the wrath of Jobs.
New Posts  All Forums: