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In e-mails to Google Music subscribers today Google gave a little clarity on how they'll get access to Youtube Music Key: "Starting next week, as a Google Play Music subscriber, you’ll get free and complete access to the YouTube Music Key beta, a new service from YouTube where you can watch ad-free music videos, and keep the music playing in the background or when you’re offline. The Google Play Music app will also include ad-free music videos alongside select tracks....
Did I mention footprint? Not AFAIK.
Yes, I've actually held the new 6 in my hand. In fact I held the 6 in one hand and the Moto X in the other. While one is supposedly thicker than the other guess which one felt smaller? It wasn't the 6. With that said I personally think the advantages of a larger display outweigh reachability issues. If I were buying an iPhone today it would be the 6.
Soli, where did I mention the chin and forehead? Further what matter was it that the original iPhone was thicker? When the 3's were small enough to cup in your hand that thickness was of no consequence whatsoever. You could hold it naturally, grip it securely and reach every corner of it with your thumb. Did you forget the commercials so quickly? Now that you have to open your hand much more, flatten your palm out more to comfortably hold it (some prop a finger under them...
Hey, I'll agree with all that too. The 6 is still not smaller in the hand than the iPhones that came before.
Then since you've had to adjust the way you hold it and compromise at least somewhat for one-handed use it's not really smaller than the old 3.5 and 4" iPhones.
I agree. The original iPad Mini is on the way out. Unlike you tho I won't be shocked if the Mini disappears altogether with the next model updates.
Soli, it's only "smaller" in thickness, which hardly makes it feel smaller in the hand or more reachabe than the 3.5" iPhone. Trying to use total volume as the determination of smaller is a bit bogus IMHO. The new phones are plainly NOT smaller is use.
I don't think it's been mentioned here yet that Hachette and Amazon have settled their differences and sales have resumed.http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/11/13/us-amazon-hachette-idUSKCN0IX26220141113
Umm, yeah apparently you do need to go back and look again if you think "the NAND, which was so cheap it's been failing in all of them" is an actual issue.
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