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There's NO proof Apple is working a car as you well know. Rumors and conjecture don't equate to proof (as I believe you've opined about other companies or their products on occasion. Remember vaporware?) All you or anyone else outside of Apple's circle knows is they're doing something in the automotive field.
Fixed the comparison for ya.
Since when did you decide you'd no longer talk about an Apple product that doesn't (yet?) exist. So no more Apple router or Apple car talk from you then? I doubt it.
It was already appealed and Apple won a couple of their points, just not all of them. That's why it's back in Judge Gilstrap's court now.
It should be plain why Google bought them. They're moving into the home automation segment just as Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are along with dozens of smaller companies. It's not about ads, it's about moving more into the hardware business while at the same time encouraging more folks to buy into the Google ecosystem. Haven't you noticed that all the big techs are diversifying more, hedging their bets against any downturn in their primary businesses?
Probably less but maybe not by a lot. There's nothing saying it couldn't be more tho, just not likely IMO.
4 models not 3 and two sizes;There's a 46mm for larger wrists.Two 42mm, one for women and one for men. Loses a little battery life but gains in screen res.Plus a Sport Edition.
FWIW as I've got no dog in the fight.
Unless you're willing to be dishonest it negates the advantage for those trying to pare back their reliance on cable. There's some content you just are not going to get without a companion cable subscription.
Amazon Prime can be your best friend.
New Posts  All Forums: