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You may notice differences between this iOS version and the one on your desktop. Like all browsers for your iPhone they have to use Apple's Safari Webkit engine. Firefox would typically use Gecko.
I agree. Apple is at the top of the bell curve on mobile processor design.The Snapdragon 820 (underclocked) device discovered at Geekbench is reported to be the Xiaomi Mi5. As mentioned in my previous posts specs don't tell the story all that well anyway. There's actually more interesting features in that chip than speeds IMO.https://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench3/4157755
Anti-Apple? Nonsense. The point has been made here time and again that specs are not nearly as important as many of us like to pretend. It's the overall device build and operation and not any particular component that makes or breaks a smartdevice as it's been accurately pointed out. Many times.Yet here you are arguing processor specs make one product better than another and letting that distract from the bigger picture. You were on the right side a couple of days ago IMO,...
No idea what it will bench, nor whether that matters on any particular phone. Simply noting that at least Qualcomm doesn't see simply adding more cores to be the way to go about it.BTW the 820 will almost certainly be in a shipping device before years end. It's already shown up on Geekbench on a smartphone coming from Xiaomi.
Qualcomm's' latest, the 820, is quad-core isn't it?
It wasn't one kid. it was a group of kids who happened to be black. Whether skin color mattered isn't mentioned by the employees so I'd err on the side it didn't.https://www.facebook.com/eseose.oseghale/videos/759395487523343/
Agreed specs don't matter...until they do.
So now spec-whoring IS acceptable then. Geesh. . .
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I sure hope not.
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