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...or Turing phone
BRIN: "…the whole point is that Alphabet companies should have independence and develop their own brands."
Did you read the SEC filing? What will the reporting requirements of each of the companies be? Seems like it will be a lot easier for investors to see the revenue and relative benefits of each of them, not harder.
How did you arrive at the figure? What did you include? Google Play app sales? Ad revenue from Android devices? What about in-app ads? The added value for their own services like maps and mail? is there a breakdown somewhere on what contributed to that $3B you know they earned?
Goldman Sachs believes the Apple Watch is failing sales expectations too. You really think their estimates are pretty accurate?EDIT: I realized how jaded by big numbers some folks have become to use the word "only" when discussing $3B revenue. Who here would be unhappy having $3B?
Here's the SEC filing for anyone that wants to dig into the details of how this will all happen. http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1288776/000128877615000039/a20150810form8-k.htm
Chairman of Alphabet
On first thought it does seem like Android could have been spun off separately. Thinking about it a bit more tho most of Android's services depend on search and the neural network that makes it possible. It's deeply integrated. Android would logically be developed with the same resources that support Google Search and it's related services like Google Cloud, maps and voice recognition. Chrome OS will be under Google too for the same reasons.
I would disagree. IMO it should make the individual companies much more focused. Now their leadership can concentrate solely on their own businesses, succeed or fail on their own merits. The chances of the various companies being successful enterprises in their own right just went up with the new accountability and opportunities for recognition (and compensation!). I think it will be seen as a brilliant move, thus the excitement from investors.
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