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Wow. Google really DOES double down on secrecy huh since no one ran their mouth about it. So you must be one of their "insiders", privy to this kind of stuff? If so be careful. People lose their jobs over leaks. .
I already commented on "Bend-gate" in another thread about it. My comment? If you use the slightest bit of common sense bending your iPhone is hardly any concern IMO. I said earlier I believe you only are seeing the comments you want to.
We all channel a little DED sometimes.
I don't think Apple offered on-device encryption on iPhones until iOS8 did they? Google Android had the feature for several years. Maybe I'm wrong, but if not that's why there's no need to count.
LOL! That really WAS funny, and well-timed to lighten the tone a little. Well played sir, well played.
Hmmm..Since you already found them which post(s) do you think are bashing Apple? I'm also very interested in all things Apple, and perhaps even more knowledgeable about Apple even than some other AI members. I wouldn't get that knowledge from Android sites would I?
If you don't care to know why then don't bother researching it. Just continue to make up your own explanations for it.
I don't "support" either one over the other. But as an example of my own Google-bashing I've brought up their indefensible bypassing of Safari user settings on several occasions. It was plainly wrong. In some other threads I've said more than once that Google's "inadvertent" collection of assorted information via Streetview cars was not any accident in my opinion. Another black-mark on Google. I'm also not a fan of the automatic Google+ accounts either and consider it...
You can search the web, even use Bing if you're suspicious of the result, to understand why Chrome "phones home". You should try it rather than guessing what the reasons are.
Now THAT"S a cool site. Love the map!
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