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So a standard stylus works with the Pro. Thanks Soli.The other day someone here was tallying up how expensive the Pro might be once the necessary accessories were added in. Knowing a $5 stylus might be all that's needed depending on use case might make a difference. Or perhaps spend $5 to see if you need a stylus in the first place and if need be get the Apple Pencil once you've played some. They're in short supply right now anyway.
The quote didn't come from AI.
Would only the Apple Pen work for that or would any perhaps less expensive stylus? Honest question as I don't know. As a graphic artist I can certainly see where the Apple Pen is beneficial, but not sure how it fits with a use such as yours. Or do standard styluses even work with the Pro?
You could stick around a little while and comment on the thread topic rather than personalities tho. Any opinion whatsoever on the iPad Pro? Good addition to the line? Something you have an interest in? Anything in particular that really stands out about it to you?
More posts like that rather than less. Who doesn't enjoy a little ad-hom distraction? It just adds so worth to the forum discussions.
I think it strange the things you think are "anti-Apple" FUD. Which post here is?EDIT: I've always enjoyed the gentle chirp of crickets*
Oh, gotcha now. Well then we might agree on that.I see now why we weren't understanding each other.
well OK then. I would assume executive leadership determined the message they wanted to present, and marketing did what they decided on. If it's the other way around then I would absolutely agree with you that "marketing" isn't telling Tim Cook what to do.In any event it doesn't matter. The point was Apple is presenting the iPad Pro the way they want to at the moment. That message of course can change.
LOL. If it wasn't designed in then you don't need it?I often end up using my laptop for a few minutes here and there in the living room while other family members are watching a movie. You would say ignore 'em and turn the lights on or would you get up and go to another room yourself to use your iPad Pro? Or better yet, leave the lights off/dimmed and use a lighted keyboard. Now everyone is happy.
I believe you are. Apple has decided what the angle should be and it's the one being promoted by Mr. Cook and Mr. Cue. Who better to control the message? Just my opinion. Yours of course may be that Apple doesn't know what the message should be and marketing hasn't yet been given the game plan.
New Posts  All Forums: