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Really nice work Soli. One quibble tho and probably never entered your mind: Many feature and security updates are no longer delivered with an Android update. Google now uses Google Play Services to accomplish much of what Apple uses OS updates for.
Actually just shy of a fifth of the installed base not a third but close enough.http://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html?utm_source=ausdroid.net
...but not on known infections. Aiming for a target is not the same as hitting it.
According to a document Comcast filed with the FTC it's not a TV that Apple is working on but instead a new set-top box.http://corporate.comcast.com/comcast-voices/comcast-and-time-warner-cable-file-applications-and-public-interest-statement-with-fcc
Nope. Google was plainly evil for playing along as were the rest of them. But it apparently all began with threats from Steve Jobs. Google, Adobe and others were to cowtow to his demands or face the consequences. Frankly I'm shocked that few of the Valley elite thought these consequences were the wiser and less fearful than the wrath of Jobs.
In the only trial with "expert witnesses" where I served on the jury we didn't really give much weight to the hired guns. It seems like in the last Samsung/Apple trial they didn't either.
The US Government has nothing to do with this case. This is a class-action brought by the affected employees.
Someone mentioned they didn't do it with the S5 and thought it was Anandtech.EDIT: Can't find reference to it immediately.EDIT2: It was Ars that discovered ithttp://www.ibtimes.com/samsung-will-play-fair-galaxy-benchmarks-android-44-kitkat-update-1559960http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014/03/samsungs-kitkat-update-seems-to-remove-benchmark-boosting-shenanigans/2/
Ah, what's the definition of 'is" then? I got it.
The recent hire you mention, Washington insider Amber Cottle, is a replacement for their previous chief lobbyist Catherine Ann Novellim who had left for a job with the State Department after serving with Apple since 2007. Having a lobbyist isn't anything new for Apple. By the way they don't call them a lobbyist. The position is VP of Worldwide Government Affairs. Fancy huh?
New Posts  All Forums: