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Ok there's a differnce. And....? Don't stop now. Why is the value of the total device a fair basis in one instance but not fair in the other.
Easy enough to see how they react to patent infringement. Look at the list of folks they've sued.
Note that when it benefits them Apple has made the exact same argument that damages (ie past royalties) should be figured on the infringing component rather than the entire revenue from an iPhone. Some of the patent owners bringing cases against them have argued Apple should be paying based on the entire value, which most folks here have thought unfair,
Nope. Look at the price history today.EDIT: Today's low so far is $653, which was around noon EST, about the time I had last looked at it.
It was down $18 a little earlier today
They're giving a lot of it back today. You aren't trying to make sense out of the stock market are you?
Sometimes I think we forget that Apple is regularly moving into new markets, a sure way to increase sales. And of course when that happens it negatively affects products that are already selling in those new markets, typically Android devices.
Are you certain AI didn't get the image from Cupertino.org, the city's website? That's where the Verge presumably would have gotten it from.
They weren't the only ones ( but were the only ones who felt it was important to re-address the FASB with a second letter if it means anything). Other hardware companies included Dell, Xerox. Cisco. and HP. there were also accounting firms, a communications company, and on on-line software provider. It goes without saying that not all the commenting parties had the same views.
The right to lobby government is so important it's enshrined in the Constitution."Congress shall make no law … abridging … the right of the people peaceably … to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
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