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...and so there could be more to this? I would have expected some surprise on your part that Apple did not use Hong Kong servers as some other Western companies do to avoid Chinese censors and citizen tracking. Uploading iCloud data to Chinese controlled servers invites suspicions of Apple's motivation does it not? If the story gets more widespread reporting I'd expect some Apple damage control.
I would have thought the percentage of non-Google Android smartphones would be higher than that. Chna is the world's largest smartphone market and I don't think there's too many Google Android phones being sold there. Goog doesn't want to play under Chinese censorship and citizen control rules, and IMHO they deserve some small measure of credit for that
In a bit of a surprise newer Android devices accessing iBeacons (ie LG G3, Moto G, etc) are more power efficient than iPhone's. That's according to a study from AisleLabs released yesterday. Of course none of the phones are in danger of battery drain using iBeacons so it doesn't matter all that much. Still surprising at least to me tho. http://www.aislelabs.com/reports/ibeacon-battery-drain-iphones/#935
FWIW if there's a legal requirement to report it wouldn't that law apply to all Cloud providers? For instance I know that Apple iCloud and Verizon's Cloud Backup are both required by law to report child porn found in US users accounts as are all other cloud providers. AFAIK they all scan users uploaded and emailed files.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cassie-slane/yes-your-cloud-storage-pr_b_2853948.html
Tellingly there were two sources reporting the same news that Apple user data migration had been completed to China Telecom servers. Both of those articles have now apparently been purged from the Chinese sites initially reporting them.
This news kinda came out of the blue today, and something else too you might find worrisome. According to a Chinese government report Apple isn't using their own servers in China any longer. They've "dumped" their local iCloud storage into China Telecom servers if the reports are accurate. On the surface it wouldn't look to help keep Chinese users safe from prying...
Blah, I appreciate the time you've taken to respond and the polite manner in which you did it. Reading between the lines you wouldn't expect the carriers to "steal" CC info but the fact that the possibility exists is worrying. I would also assume that jail-broken iPhones would be exposed just as much as a root-kitted Android phone? You are much more informed on some of the details than I am.
From last month, an article on HP and MS expanding their working partnership to business mobility solutions. http://www.crn.com/news/mobility/300073401/hp-launches-new-unit-teams-with-microsoft-intel-on-business-mobility.htm
Yeah. pretty much all the regulars. A couple are a little hard to remember only because their opinions are so inconsistent. Yours are not. For those members who seem to really believe what they post it's not all that difficult to remember their opinions.With the encryption done with the swipe and no card or customer data stored on the device I don't see why an iOS device would be inherently more secure than an Android one when using a Square reader. If the OP is that...
As I recall you don't advocate using credit cards even on an iOS device due to potential privacy issues?
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