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You need to go back and have a look again. DED was wrong tho I don't recall him ever noting so. NAND was not a problem. It was software related and addressed in a point update to Android 4.1.EDIT: And yes DED noted his mistaken assumption that NAND was the problem. Kudos.
Microsoft in their infinite wisdom has made Office 365 absolutely free now for iOS and Android. Those who paid for an annual subscription prior to this month are reportedly slated for refunds.http://fortune.com/2014/11/06/microsofts-office-365-mobile-apps-are-now-free-for-everybody/
Apparently not, assuming Apple knows their business, tho at that moment in time he may have had a point. You didn't see them introduce a new iPhone this year with anything smaller than a 4.7" display. Looks like they're reading consumers as wanting something with a with a much larger display, and willing to buy a phone both taller and wider than Apple has ever offered to get it.
Where in that doc does Apple break out tablet profits? Answer: they don't. It's entirely conceivable that Apple's tablet profits have plunged, buoyed by great returns on iPhones and to a lesser degree Macs and services. There's not been a single recent article indicating Apple is enjoying increased profitability this year from their iPad's that I can recall. Can you? On the contrary even Tim Cook has felt the need to discuss the apparent sales lag/reduced demand.
What you might think is private health information that is not shared may not be accurate. Have a read thru this, it's an eye-opener. http://patientprivacyrights.org/basic-health-privacy-faqs/
You don't have to opt-in. As a Verizon or ATT subscriber you're automatically targeted and your data shared. You should read the links I provided before assuming your data is safely in your own hands and under your control. You obviously did not so before posting.
Apple's profits on tablets are up 25%? Where did you see that? It certainly doesn't sound right but perhaps you have a citation.
A tempest in a teapot IMHO. So you might see an ad based on your interests. Big deal. That hardly rises to the level of a danger to you and yours. Even Apple is getting more involved with targeted advertising so it can't be bad can it? If there were no Google providing advertising services then someone else would fill the spot, someone unlikely to provide you anything of value in return (ie, search engine, business software, email service, mapping)Heck, unlike Google do...
Encryption will not prevent these boxes from uniquely identifying your device and your location within just a few meters. As I read it that's the goal of the program, not harvesting photos or reading text messages. It's meant to help locate persons of interest.Neither Apple nor Google store the private encryption keys so neither would be able to comply with a subpoena demanding access, a bone of contention for law enforcement and national security interests.
No sir, jailbreaking is not necessary. AI linked an article where they discussed it."choosing to "Trust" app installs that iOS identifies as being from an "Untrusted App Developer." . In other words supposed enterprise apps, something not at all uncommon for users of iOS in business environments. Apple makes it very easy to do too. It doesn't mean that iOS users should be concerned, just...
New Posts  All Forums: