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FYI, a note I'd come across on an investor site, and not specifically anything to do with Apple or their plans: "A lot of changes are in the offing with the DoJ reviewing the rates to be charged by publishers, the Copyright Review Board looking to make revisions in the statutory royalty rate paid to labels and artists, and the Congress considering recommendations of the U.S. Copyright Office calling for U.S. terrestrial radio to pay not just song writers and publishers...
Having just purchased Brighthouse I don't know if Charter will have any better luck absorbing TW than Comcast did.
... and how fortunate they are that most folks aren't that intelligent.
They announced the change over a year ago.
Perhaps not. Apparently there's an ad-free subsubscription version soon to be announced. I think the paid model is the one that most folks here have expressed a preference for anyway isn't it?
Was it the cable companies forcing it? I figured HBO and others were just chasing the money but maybe you're correct. Wonder how HBO got around it.
It didn't affect only AppleTV's.
Perhaps someplace in Europe? Nah, that won't work either. . .There's always China. Wait, not sure about that one now that I think about it. Where would you suggest? Personally I don't think they can do any better than the US, short of establishing their own country where they answer to no one. Is that possible?
Ah, you think Apple has given Google access to your AppleTV to make changes?? Since that would out of the question IMHO perhaps you can come up with a more likely and logical explanation.
Isn't Apple's current streaming service, iRadio, "free"?
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