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You'd think if Apple was going to confirm the streaming is 256kbps, which they did, they could have at least also said it was AAC not MP3 and end the guessing about it, which they did not.
There was another source even before him that said the same thing. It was more for business locations than the all-encompassing street-view. Yelp is supposedly on the way out.
They aren't "deleted". Not using it will accomplish the same thing.
Reportedly about 1/2 oz of gold in the Edition, around $600 worth if accurate.
Apple has only confirrned 256kbps, but not that it will be AAC. Probably should wait for that before demanding the article be taken down.If it matters here's what Beats had to say about their music streamer: It's not ridiculous to think Apple may do the same.https://support.beatsmusic.com/hc/en-us/articles/200459220-What-audio-quality-bitrate-does-Beats-Music-support-
Where did Google admit they store that type of information or even imply they do? On the contrary the normal inference from their policy should have been that Google ignores sensitive data and makes no use of it whatsoever and certainly not for ads.. That stipulation extends to companies who wish to continue using Google advertising services.I would hope you're not making it up as you go along and there really is some rational thought process behind your claim that...
If it's similar to the already available Hyundai version it's a simple software update from the manufacturer. Hyundai even announced that a consumer will be able to do the system update themselves via flashdrive later this year rather than having to visit the dealership.
6 digits will now be the minimum required if you have TouchID and iOS 9+. Up to now a four-digit passcode was acceptable but you could of course use more as you have.
You don't seem nearly as bothered by Facebook doing just what you erroneously thought Google was doing. You "guess they could update their docs"? That's it? Then why sound so up in arms over Google then?
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