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Well I suppose when Beats offers a Youtube-like video service that profiles new performers as well as the established for no additional charge then they will be similar. For now they aren't.So call me crazy but when one service offers more features and value than another. . .
It's equal to Beats with its professional human-curated playlists, same streaming quality, similar 20M+ catalog of music, and the bonus of video performances.
They may not be any longer. Despite the article's claim that this patent app is proof Apple is still dumping money into it, a patent filed back in 2013 isn't evidence they're still actively pursuing sapphire for smartphone screens at the end of 2014.
YOURS may be loud. Apparently not all are.“In the case of a marsh harrier, we might want to use it to check on the state of a nest without traipsing in," Butcher said. "We don't like to put cameras close to nests until the eggs have hatched, because the birds can be prone to deserting the nest.The main advantage of the craft is how quiet it is. "It only has six little electric motors so it is almost drowned out by ambient sound and the wind, and doesn't disturb the birds,"...
I agree with you. I would assume then that you see no more danger in Google Glass than you do with a drone or any other vehicle with recording capabilities. Every method has the potential for abuse, but doesn't make it abusive. Still the early FUD has probably killed Google Glass as it's currently designed. By carefully and slowly introducing it Google gave the fear-mongers a window of opportunity to do their work. IMHO they would have been much more successful with it had...
Google Glass isn't about spying for most either. Drones could potentially be even more intrusive and privacy-broaching, viewing/filming entire neighborhoods backyards and peeping in second story bedrooms. Worse you won't even know who is doing it. I think it's another intriguing idea that sounds cool and fun but a small number of deviates (or at least deviate claims) will kill it.
Besides Google removing copyright-infringing YouTube content when made aware of it and licensing/paying royalties just as Apple does I can't think of any reason.
I have used it on several occasions. For basic searches it's a fine service. It's not as comprehensive or detailed as what Google offers but for a lot of folks they only need a general search engine and for that DDG is a good option. With that said in my experience the results are not very far from what you'll get from Bing, sometimes nearly identical AAMOF. Not surprising since many DDG results are sourced from them. My guess is they're pretty reliant on MS for revenue.
http://googleprojectzero.blogspot.com/It's from the link you already looked at. I'll assume you're a security researcher?Anyway to get back on track do you have any opinion to add on the value or lack thereof of Youtube Music Key?
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