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I read the first mention today that the keyboard is not lighted? If accurate then the Logitech keyboard would seem the better choice over Apple's own.http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/11/11/first-look-logitech-create-is-first-third-party-smart-connector-keyboard-for-ipad-proEDIT: Logitech's lighted keyboard is also less expensive than the unlighted one Apple is offering. Just a thought.
Tim Cook yesterday described Microsoft and their Surface as "deluded", so he would disagree. Of course that would be expected. Somewhat unexpected at least to me was that he would insult a competitive product by name. It's not the first time Apple has done so but it is pretty rare and perhaps shows the Surface has Mr. Cooks attention/concern.
iCloud data is encrypted, but unlike on your iPhone. etc it uses a key that Apple has. So yes if it's in "the cloud" Apple can access it.
Car speedometers are typically calibrated to read higher than actual speed if anything. Deviate from suggested tire size tho and as you suggested that may change.
And that's what they've reported in those SEC filings. All the shares are retired.
If I did it would be the first time I've ever said something from Apple was inferior.Apple explains the reasons for those permissions differently that you did, so not exactly the reasons you gave. Click the red Apple Privacy at the bottom of the install screen. Nothing worrisome in any event.I trust both companies which is why I didn't hesitate to install it.It's almost as tho you three would rather I didn't try out Apple Music. Don't worry guys. I'll let everyone decide...
I already had an account so perhaps that's it.I 'm going to play for awhile.
It was five stars when I downloaded it.Waiting for Apple to "authenticate" my current Apple ID. I guess because I logged in via Google Play they had locked it "for security purposes".
Yeah, not so different than what would be expected. Android M can't roll out fast enough. Literally. Not.Fast.Enough
I gonna give it a spin and I pay for all my services, current music streamers included. Edit: Interesting set of permissions it wants. . . Access to browsing history? Names of connected wifi devices? Call information?
New Posts  All Forums: