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One billion Android smartphones is worldwide while the quoted browsing figures are US only. It confuses some readers when both markets are mixed in an apples-oranges comparison within the same article, even within the same sentence. EDIT: Nice to see the author make a change to the first sentence. It's now a little clearer. Kudos!
It was widely published it will be closing the end of this year, but the example is still valid and the service still available for now. Unfortunate IMHO that management made so many options available, from the backplate color to the trim to even features, wallpaper and custom signature. Just too much really.
Motorola is offering much the same fast one-off service, and also "Made in the USA". See Moto Maker:https://www.motorola.com/us/designsAs an aside too much choice may not be good either. I've actually trimmed back some of my product options and found sales closing much faster.
Thank you Mr Frost. I agree he has some good ideas there.
While Google used to have a (oft-abused) 24-hour refund window on app purchases they still offer a 15-minute no restrictions refund policy. Beyond that Google offers other refund options they handle directly with their GooglePlay customers rather than sending them to the developer. It's pretty well explained here:http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/05/16/google-quietly-implemented-automated-refunds-apps-15-minute-window/
You apparently don't pay any attention to anything I've previously posted before commenting.
Not mentioned is the possibility, and IMO likelihood, that Google technology will now be assisting in the building of iPhones. Foxconn has been working with them for over a year on this project. ... and without Apple's Foxconn business Google might not be ramping this project up yet. Yeah, they still need each other.
To update this nearly 3 year old story the case against Apple (some of the others have presumably taken a license?) is just now making it to trial. Judge Koh has decided that pejorative terms like patent troll, bandit, privateer and shakedown are banned from use by Apple counsel. She will allow the use of Non-Practicing Entity, Patent Assertion Entity and even "a company that doesn't make or sell anything".
Then it's a good thing that Google Android is neither of those.
New Posts  All Forums: