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A few of the licensees are arriving at the conclusion that leaving Android relatively unaltered is the way to go, among them Sony, Motorola, and now ZTE. It looks like the trend is back to more a stock Android look. After going to extremes to look like something other than Android I guess gravitating to a more comfortable and logical middle-ground shouldn't be a...
LOL. You are absolutely one of the wittiest posters here., and can be one of the most enjoyable.
I view Apple a whole lot more favorably than Samsung, a company that's never had any qualms about shamelessly mimicking and even copying other techs successes. So viewing Apple favorably and disliking the way Samsung conducts business makes me your friend then. Cool.
Apparently you desperately want me to be a Samsung fan so as to have a windmill to flail at? Imagine what you wish sir, but the factual record from my posting history will plainly show I'm no Sammy fan. Feel free to continue with your own version tho as I can't do anything about someone else's vivid imagination.As you were. . .
Manufacturers can offer different features and capabilities. Google hasn't said they shouldn't AFAIK. What they don't want is any change to the UX. If a person buys one Android Wear device then adds or changes to another Google wants the same familiar interface used. Makes complete sense from a consumer standpoint doesn't it, yet still allows Samsung or LG or Moto to create their own unique wearable.
Despite the denial Bloomberg confidently reports that Carney has been contacted by Apple about the PR opening. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-07-19/former-obama-spokesman-said-discussing-pr-job-with-apple.html
You must have skipped right over post 7 preceding yours.I've never trusted Samsung, nor thought Apple fans were wrong to distrust them either.
The OS for Android wear and the one for smart[phones/tablets is somewhat different.
Anyone thinking that Samsung is not going to try and take advantage of any business partnership or informal arrangement is simply foolish. IMO. Doesn't matter if it's Apple or Google. That's just what Samsung does, it's in their DNA. Google isn't stupid and knows Android without Samsung is the end result. In the meantime as much as possible they have to keep Sammy from hurting everyone else. as they walk out the door.
New Posts  All Forums: