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Yeah. pretty much all the regulars. A couple are a little hard to remember only because their opinions are so inconsistent. Yours are not. For those members who seem to really believe what they post it's not all that difficult to remember their opinions.With the encryption done with the swipe and no card or customer data stored on the device I don't see why an iOS device would be inherently more secure than an Android one when using a Square reader. If the OP is that...
As I recall you don't advocate using credit cards even on an iOS device due to potential privacy issues?
Yup, just as safe.From Square:"Your customers' credit card information is encrypted at the moment of swipe. Data is stored on our servers, not on your reader or device."Rather than guessing you could spend a little time looking into it instead. Unless of course you didn't really care in the first place because it's iOS or nothing. Again that's certainly fair enough too. It's your business.
LOL! It's more important that you trust the person you're giving your card to than what device the reader interfaces with. There's no difference in the security of that card reader whether it's attached to an Android or iOS product. Now if you just don't like anyone with an Android device that's certainly fair enough. It's your money. Sometimes the point you want to make is more important than the inconvenience it causes you.
The newest announced Square readers support both. Perhaps Amazon's will too once EMV card tech becomes common in the US, which is still a ways off.
...and the seller will appreciate the cash too. There's no discount rate to pay.
I dunno. . .Sometimes the little guy wins and it doesn't always require a class-action. If it's that important just make sure you do your homework.http://www.geek.com/apple/apple-loses-court-case-on-defective-nvidia-gpus-in-macbooks-1484061/
He's not reading what the companies are announcing then.For instance Intel has a very detailed diversity breakdown and apparently has reported it for several years:http://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/corporate-information/equal-employment-opportunity-employer-info-report.pdfGoogle is another who released a detailed breakdown back in May.http://www.google.com/diversity/at-google.html#tab=leadershipFacebook too breaks down the figures by...
Nope. You meed to go back and read the post I was replying to.
Yup nearly half the weight of a Pro3.EDIT: Ooops... misread as an Air instead of Macbook Air. . The Pro3 actually weighs less than that Macbook I think.EDIT2: the Macbook Air is heavier by about half a pound.Surface Pro 3: 2.42 pounds (with keyboard)MacBook Air: 2.96 pounds
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