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Well of course they are. Which company isn't about making as much money as they can by whatever means they decided on? What needs to be done here is get an early jump on any issues before they become big ones. Make the lines really clear.
Ads are fine (within reason). Of course the service has to be paid for somehow. It's the way they're presented by some content providers that's a problem.Commercials/ads should be clearly distinct from the programming. What some are doing is blurring the lines or even erasing them entirely, using tricks like the characters themselves becoming the ad within the show. That's improper.
Absolutely the proper thing to do too. If Google is going to offer the app then they should make sure the developers/content providers are actually following their rules and not turning a blind eye to it. Kids are much more easily influenced and fooled and putting advertising rules in place if they have no intention of enforcing them is wrong. Nip this early.
I use a little tablet to share charts/mapping and side-imaging ("fish-finder") data with those on the bow via a Lowrance app and Go-free. It always get kudos.
Can't the PIN be entered on the keypad just as you would at the check-out counter? Perhaps I'm not understanding something.EDIT: Did some quick reading and answered my own question. The keypad and reader must be separate. Got it. By the way I learned something else too, what EMV stands for: Europay, Mastercard, Visa
Which Moto smartphones resemble anything Apple ever made? The answer of course is: None of them.
Motorola is creating some pretty compelling smartphones and with truly useful and innovative features rather than fluff, otherwise staying pretty true to stock Android. They may yet surprise.
According to market research loyalty programs are "where it's at".http://blogs.wsj.com/cio/2015/01/26/the-next-step-for-the-mobile-wallet-loyalty-programs/There were sources reporting Apple was working on an ApplePay bundled loyalty program too which would perhaps fill in the missing shopper data the retailers want.
Many retailers have loyalty programs which they do tie-in with your Apple Pay purchase. Beware too of the off-the-cuff "could I get your phone number" request from the cashier.
It's not yet final, which is why nothing has been paid yet. Both Apple and Samsung have appeals still to be ruled on, and since the initial case there's been quite a bit in the way of asserted patent claims being found invalid anyway, thus likely not infringed. It's entirely possible the entire case will be overturned, requiring a new trial. It may be mid-year before the Appeals Court finally decides who's right and who's wrong.By the time the ruling is final I'd guess...
New Posts  All Forums: