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Do you have a suggested solution?
Mueller offered his view on Ericsson's EU filings today. In essence says it's not time for Apple to be overly concerned about it. http://www.fosspatents.com/2015/05/how-much-leverage-will-ericsson-gain.html
Thanks. I missed that.
To muddy the waters further an ITC administrative judge made an initial ruling yesterday in a filing involving SEP's. While many here no doubt assumed they could no longer issue exclusion orders (an injunction) over standard essential patents that is not the case. "Yesterday (4/28), Administrative Law Judge Essex issued a one-page notice of initial determination holding that Nokia’s 3G mobile handsets infringe the asserted claims of InterDigital’s U.S. Patent Nos....
I hope you aren't misreading my posts as an endorsement of the status quo. With the money and businesses involved things cannot be allowed to continue as is, and clarification from the courts will be necessary.
Look ahead a couple more posts, #112, and you'll see the correct link I meant for Tmay was this one: Yes It's a Federal Court ruling.http://www.essentialpatentblog.com/2014/12/federal-circuit-gives-guidance-on-litigating-rand-obligation-ericsson-v-d-link/An hour ago you said I was on your ignore list.
You didn't ask me that. If you wish I can offer the players answers, which of course are the ones that matter. As for myself I don't believe there is justification for some of the rates, particularly as Qualcomm has set it up. In their case tho it's a massive part of their business and they aggressively protect it. Very few potential or current licensees have attempted to challenge them so far from what I can tell (Nokia being a notable exception) but at some point I see...
You need to go back and look again then. You made two assertions directed at me and only two, claiming in both cases I was wrong. I replied back with proof that I was right in the first place, making a honest effort to answer your question. You were simply mistaken in your belief.. I can't help it if you won't read 'em to realize why.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/186178/ericsson-turns-patent-royalty-spat-with-apple-into-an-international-incident/80#post_2721816EDIT: And...
Perhaps you should tone it down because the forum administration isn't very tolerant of personal attacks, and too it doesn't reflect well on the forum as a whole making it seem intolerant and petty.. Your time would be better spent disproving/disputing what someone has said with facts or politely stated and logical responses instead, don't you think? Some of the folks here have actually spent a great deal of time looking into the facts and issues surrounding this and you...
I think that's the issue too.BTW, thanks for the respectful discussion we're having. This is the way the give and take here should go. Others should take note of it as it serves as a great example IMHO.
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