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Yup, your first sentence. I don't advocate/promote Google, particularly over any competing Apple product.If someone posts something obviously incorrect, whether by accident or FUD, and I happen to have more accurate information I'll post it. That's not just on subjects involving Google either. Apparently those are the only ones you notice tho. I would think having the facts right would be more important than making up reasons to dislike another company. Wouldn't you rather...
I see you tossing around a lot of insinuations that Google Apps/Cloud are not made HIPAA-compliant when Google and the heath care provider enter into a BAA, or that Google won't accept any responsibility. Any evidence that they aren't? What about Apple services, HIPAA-compliant?
So in your opinion why has Apple always refused to sign a BAA if they're "not worth the paper they're printed on"?A question too: Your hospital is using Apple Cloud services for storing and accessing HIPAA-protected patient data without a Business Associate Agreement with them?In any event Google Apps/Cloud HIPAA-compliance is hardly something to bash them with with when Apple's unwilling to even sign a BAA in the first place. Whoever raised it here first as a privacy...
Do you actually know what a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement is? Apparently not so here's the explanation. FWIW Google Business customers do not pay extra for that agreement from what I understand about it. Microsoft does not charge for a BAA either.http://searchhealthit.techtarget.com/definition/HIPAA-business-associate-agreement-BAAAFAIK Apple still will not sign one accepting responsibility for the protection of patient...
From February: Google cloud gets on board with HIPAAhttp://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/google-cloud-gets-board-hipaa
It's already written for 64 bit. The first Android devices running it with Android L may come as early as this month. IMO no surprise if thy hold off till next month tho.http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/phones-tablets/1401595/android-l-5-release-date-preview-features-rumoursEdit:Forgot to mention that there are already entry to mid-level Android phones using 64-bit chipsets. Tho currently running 32-bit versions of Android, owners of those devices can enable 64-bit...
FWIW I find iPhone 6 in space gray or silver, and in 64 and 128GB in stock at an ATT "nearby" using the search tool I linked.
http://www.seaturtle.org/idevice/ Try that link, entering your zipcode of course. You might find some nearby. Goes without saying to call and confirm the in-stock status.
According to industry news 14nm is shipping the end of the year whether Apple is the one using it or not. I suspect Apple is in the mix alongside Qualcomm.
Guess I didn't completely understand how Forstall's duties were distributed when he "resigned". I thought I'd remembered Ive becoming the responsible party. Thanks for the link!
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