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I'm not yet sold on Creative Cloud (sticking with 6 for awhile longer) myself but don't your files get stored "in the cloud" by default even on the desktop with the same interruptions if you lose your data connection? Not entirely sure as I've not been interested enough to spend much time looking at it.Anyway like you (I assume) I don't think keeping essential/original docs only in a cloud account to be wise.EDIT: and for reasons like...
That came out of left-field. Normally you use facts. This time FUD. Perhaps you thought the thread was beginning to wind down and wanted to stir it up a little?I assume the "Google-guy" tag that you hoped was insulting was directed my way. It doesn't make your comments sound any more valid but if it makes you happy then fine with me.So what IP did Google steal? Apple hasn't filed any lawsuits saying they stole anything, despite Mr. Jobs rant, and they're hardly afraid of...
It won't get any easier to avoid targeted ads either. Now comes Facebook and Atlas.http://recode.net/2014/09/28/facebook-will-facebook-data-to-sell-ads-on-sites-that-arent-facebook/Facebook almost certainly knows much more personal information about it's users than Google does.
I didn't think so. Did you do a search? AFAIK the FTC was holding it up due to concern Google Maps had no competition if they acquired Waze. Perhaps they don't know about Apple Maps, MapQuest and Bing, or if they do don't consider them competition??
Photoshop for Chromebooks? I found this pretty surprising: Adobe is bringing Photoshop Creative Cloud to Chromebooks. http://chrome.blogspot.ca/2014/09/adobe-joins-chromebook-party-starting.html
Thanks! I don't look at Wikipedia all that often. So Google wasn't as anal about protecting the patent as some have surmised then.
There's been some suggestions that the Univ. of Washington has licensed it for a search project they're doing. Otherwise I don't know if anyone else has shown an interest.
It's already available for anyone to license.Google hasn't had exclusive right to the original PageRank patent for a couple of years now, the rights having expired at the end of 2011. Anyone is free to get a license from Stanford for it just as Google does. It is set to become public domain in two more years IIRC so its value is greatly diminished.Somewhat recently (2012) there has been at least one and I think two new "PageRank" patents granted to Larry Page and again...
Hardly an example of goalpost moving but I understand what you're saying. In all honesty many times the differences in actual privacy protection IS largely superficial IMO, and sometimes it isn't. Granted tho that Google has an interest in making their advertising services as valuable as they can. I can't think of a search provider who doesn't rely on ad revenue to make it possible. Some like DuckDuckGo don't get as detailed by collecting data from your searches but then...
I'm sure you already knew but for others all but the Sport version will have a sapphire cover.
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