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If the "miserable failures"you believe are there exist then it should become more obvious. As it stands Google has been able to mask it. Alphabet changes that. Non-performing companies may end up sold off or otherwise disposed of. I'm surprised if you don't think more transparency would be a good thing.
Alphabet isn't meant to mask it. Instead it should make any wastefulness more obvious. If Google intended to hide it they wouldn't make the change they are. IMO this will bring some needed filtration to Alphabets investments, as well as let the Google portion concentrate on ... well, Google. Fewer distractions may mean more profits.
Well, gosh, now that would explain why Google just can't be successful. Bankruptcy must be right around the corner.
It's no reflection on Apple whatsoever so don't get too defensive. The OP specifically mentioned "CVS data-mining" as a big negative he needs to advise patients of. I thought it prudent to mention that Walgreen's does its own data mining and using their app will only make it easier, even to void the security advantages of Apple Pay if that's a concern. I'm sure you'd agree.If the primary reason you want to use Apple Pay is security then don't use the retailer's app or...
Google Contributor perhaps as a start....https://www.google.com/contributor/welcome/
Then why does Apple advertise everywhere from TV to Youtube? Apparently they don't share your view. Or is "depend on " the qualifier which wouldn't apply to many big advertisers whose products are already fairly well known. Yet they still advertise them.The ones with the biggest concerns are probably some of the website operators.
According to reports nearly half the corporations in America call Delaware (or at least a PO Box there) homehttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/02/delaware-tax-haven_n_1644006.html
Tell them to be careful then if tracking is an issue. This is how Walgreens will use Apple Pay to track your habits and health issues:http://news.walgreens.com/press-releases/walgreens-launches-app-for-apple-watch-to-support-medication-adherence.htmNot sure if Walgreens still does this either, but if so it's not very nice.http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/patients-sue-walgreens-making-money-their-data
LOL... I think you meant that for a different thread.
Good link."...with the restructuring, the company is going to tell Wall Street for the first time just how profitable its core Google business is apart from all the money-losing startups....Alphabet looks like an attempt to answer the critics by revealing more information about the performance of the parts of Google that Wall Street and investors actually care about."That pretty much sums up the investor advantages of it. Better performance from the individual companies or...
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