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I'd guess it's not the issue you think it will be, but once the few thousand they sell are out in the wild you'll know more about it. Personally I think it's a pretty good solution considering everyone here would be accusing them of copying Apple if they controlled it thru the crown as you typically would with watches. Of course many traditional watches offer some feature using a rotating bezel in addition to the crown so Sammy isn't unique in thinking of it.
No sure what you're getting at. I can spin it in a continuous circle never lifting my finger. If you're worrying about some display covering thing my fingers are hardly fat enough to block the whole view of my current watch. Maybe yours are?
I would not be surprised if the bezel can be turned with one finger rather than needing a grip on two sides. Heck I see folks driving a car with no more than that.
Well of course they are. Don't most companies do what they do for their own profit?
Google doesn't make any smartwatches and doesn't set prices for them.
Ah gotcha. . . So a watch casing of that size from another manufacturer would have more gold content that Apple's. but per gram the gold content is the same. Then my apologies sir. The 55 gram Apple Watch actually has gold value of about $1500 rather than $600 or less. I appreciate the correction. Sincerely. I was wrong on the 1/2 oz figure. EDIT: And you're absolutely correct again that there's no shame in being wrong when you learn from it. It 's not the first time...
I dunno, I have to pay real dollars every month for Google Music.
So the entire weight of the Apple Watch sans band is 75% gold? Battery, display, various and sundry pieces and parts have no weight? Carry on sir. Apple's 18K gold is harder and more scratch resistant by magic then, as if most of us didn't already know that. They aren't practicing their patent which requires less gold to achieve 18K, no sireee... All the professionals are wrong as is oft the case with your posts.
You apparently have no idea how 18K gold is measured? You really should read more. Apple mentions it in their patent, so take a few minutes with it. This is how it starts out:"ABSTRACTA metal matrix composite using as one of the components a precious metal is described. In one embodiment, the precious metal takes the form of gold and the metal matrix composite has a gold mass fraction in accordance with 18 k......
Don't be too lazy to read a link when it's helpfully offered. What is your explanation for Apple claiming their gold alloy is 50% harder and more scratch-resistant than standard 18K gold if they aren't practising their patented process (patent applied for anyway) that offers those benefits? They couldn't be using the standard mix you seem to think they are.http://goo.gl/QcJi8aFor those that don't read links which may include you Sog. Dunno. :"As an example, assume a...
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