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Nope. You meed to go back and read the post I was replying to.
Yup nearly half the weight of a Pro3.EDIT: Ooops... misread as an Air instead of Macbook Air. . The Pro3 actually weighs less than that Macbook I think.EDIT2: the Macbook Air is heavier by about half a pound.Surface Pro 3: 2.42 pounds (with keyboard)MacBook Air: 2.96 pounds
Interesting too that they appear to have moved into a "Cra**led" campaign and dropped their "Scr**gled" disinformation efforts. I guess Nadella replaced the picture on Ballmer's old dartboard.
While dislike of Google is absolutely OK, and they've invited much of the criticism, how does Google's stock price cause our children to suffer and why does something need to be done about it? If instead you really meant something should be done about on-line data-mining I'll absolutely agree with you. Don't stop with Google either (because you couldn't legally anyway) but make sure it applies to everyone whether Apple, or Facebook or ATT. Not just US either, make it...
They've already encountered some USPTO inter-partes re-examinations and passed with flying colors, all claims intact. That's fairly unusual and probably speaks to how solid the claims are. Not sure why Apple is resisting a license so vehemently, tho perhaps $1 a device is too rich for their tastes and they'd prefer a one-time fee?
Isn't the infringing tech Skype and Facetime? Same with the Siemans and Mitel lawsuits, video conferencing/calling. Does Google have an equivalent product? Not sure if the Google-supported WebRTC feature operates the same of not. You can be pretty darn certain that if they do they'll hear from VirnetX too if they haven't already. That they weren't included in the most recent set of lawsuits (7 different defendents) might indicate that either (A) they are not infringing...
I'm very interested in the subject of privacy and not just on-line either. A recent event helped frame the importance of it as a matter of fact.I completely agree with Angwin's conclusion. Burner phones, fake credit cards, anonymous e-mail and the like can't hide you. The only way to wrest back some semblance of control over our private lives is serious political action. It wouldn't even harm a company like Google if personal data-gathering were limited by strict law. ...
...and spoken like a man who hasn't turned 50 yet.
You must be younger than 50. You'll change your definition of old.
Excellent all-around posts Marvin and to be honest I do share some of your privacy concerns. Thus my use of Ghostery, specific Facebook blockers and "guest browsing" on my Chromebook for sensitive searches. Curious to get your input on a couple of specifics.Facebook seems much more aggressive than Google in facial recognition and friendships to associate "you" with places and events where you would not have expected to be followed. What leads you to believe Google would...
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