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List of currently available apps for Chrome is here:https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/appsIf someone is already intimately familiar with a particular app on their Android phone why not make it available to them in Chrome too if it works well there? That's up to individual developers to pursue or not. I think in your haste to dismiss web apps out-of-hand your're not looking at the bigger picture.
Like you I doubt the majority of what's available belong on the desktop but some certainly are useful there. Look at the Android apps already running on Chrome. There's probably also a place for some games. I can't imagine something as simple as Angry Birds and the like would be any problem running in a browser.
This is actually pretty old news if anyone paid attention to some of the lesser read industry blogs. I mentioned this months ago and repeated it as recently as November last. http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/183466/rumor-apple-taps-rival-samsung-to-build-majority-of-a-series-chips-starting-next-year#post_2640695 The first news of this that I'm aware of came out in June of 2013. These contracts are worked out years in advance and not a few weeks before the next gen iPhone...
It runs under Chrome, a Google product. Anyone using Chrome in the first place isn't buying in to the "oohh, Google scary" FUD anyway. Do you even know how to access ArcWelder features, or how to preview an app running under it? The stuff doesn't load itself by magic. Folks have to WANT to use it and go out of their way to find it. It's intended to serve developers and hardly presents any danger. It simply makes their job easier to test their Android app before adding it...
What's wrong with ArcWelder? I thought it was an extension unique to Google Chrome. Doesn't run on Safari does it?
Because they don't display only a round clock face most of the time? I thought that would be common sense.
Aren't both Google and Amazon's services paid like Apple's Beat redux is rumored to be? The EU's concern is Apple pressure on the content providers to discontinue licensing for the "free" services like the basic level Pandora and Spotify streamers. FWIW I doubt Google would discourage it as it would benefit them just like it would Apple.
Apple didn't appeal anything with the EU. They simply buckled for the most part, agreeing to the changes EU authorities were demanding to avoid antitrust charges. Fortunately by not letting it go any further the agreement terms were time-limited which may allow Apple to redo a few of the contracts sometime soon.http://www.engadget.com/2012/12/13/apple-settles-with-eu-over-ebook-pricing-hands-amazon-a-victory/This may be the third on-going EU-wide investigation of Apple...
With all the initial PR on it I've no doubt a lot of Apple fans are holding their stock.
Please, not LiquidMetal again.
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