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You apparently don't pay any attention to anything I've previously posted before commenting.
Not mentioned is the possibility, and IMO likelihood, that Google technology will now be assisting in the building of iPhones. Foxconn has been working with them for over a year on this project. ... and without Apple's Foxconn business Google might not be ramping this project up yet. Yeah, they still need each other.
To update this nearly 3 year old story the case against Apple (some of the others have presumably taken a license?) is just now making it to trial. Judge Koh has decided that pejorative terms like patent troll, bandit, privateer and shakedown are banned from use by Apple counsel. She will allow the use of Non-Practicing Entity, Patent Assertion Entity and even "a company that doesn't make or sell anything".
Then it's a good thing that Google Android is neither of those.
No doubt a lot of phones won't get offered an update to it. iOS definitely holds the advantage here with Apple controlling it 100% from software to device. In this Apple has a much easier task than Google, dealing only with a very limited and know set of components. Oddly tho one of Google's new programs, Android One, might make that mostly a non-issue for some of the least expensive smartphones that were almost always ignored when OS updates rolled around.For a...
You are absolutely correct. That a particular phone has a longer battery life than another with a different OS does not prove the OS deserves all the credit for it.. Now with that out of the way Google has done a lot of testing and data collection to discover ways that battery life can be significantly extended. The upcoming Android "L" version will apparently be reaping some of the rewards of that work.Me a Samsung admirer? LOL! You must make it up as you go along.
Link? I don't recall what his suggestion was and I'm interested is reading it now that you (and perhaps others) are an advocate.
Original Disney and Pixar 3-film contract from 1991. Unsurprisingly it put Disney in the catbird seat (that's a phrase you don't get to hear much anymore ) , but it also brought focus, direction and urgency to Pixar. While Mr Jobs reportedly wanted Pixar for it's software and computer sales potential he was smart enough to recognize that Lassiter just might have a gem in his movie-making plans.http://www.pixartouchbook.com/storage/toy-story-contract-1991.pdfSo IMO...
New Posts  All Forums: