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Example? Not claiming they don't but I'm interested in what you're basing that on.
The market is down overall today. . .Even Sog wouldn't have any other explanation for this one.This is why I find investing in a business which I understand to be a better and more reliable use of my money than investing in the stock market which no one seems to understand.
That's a simple difference of opinion rather than a lie. I also don't know where the "lie all the time" comes from. A better example would have been when Google said they didn't know the effect their cookie change had with Safari. IMHO, THAT"S a lie.
Since they started out so far behind why would that be surprising. Hell there's probably a number of companies growing revenue at an "exponentially higher rate" than Apple but it doesn't mean Apple is at any risk. With that said Google is going to have to work hard to maintain their market lead in mobileI wouldn't consider 3% a "bunch of marketshare", but yes good to see Yahoo doing better. Guess she learned a thing or two while at Google.Yup, Google has good challengers...
Anyone can already license PageRank. It's not Google's property nor do they have an exclusive license. In addition Pagerank 2 and Pagerank 3 patents have been issued in Stanford's name and licensed by Google and it will be years before those become public domain. Further according to reports , Google has moved beyond PageRank anyway. If you've been here long I'm surprised you weren't already aware of most of this.
I would never accuse you of makeing things up Mel. Like the rest of us tho your memory has sometimes failed you. If never hurts anything to verify, right?
I'm using Eyefi Pro cards at the moment and fairly happy with them.
I suspect the "post-PC world" meme may have been a bit premature, at least as regards tablets being the device that replaces them. I see far fewer tablets out and about than I used to, so I personally don't think it's just that the older ones are lasting so long. I don't believe they're used as much as they were.
So in your opinion Apple should not be soliciting for them nor even cooperating with their fundraising in the first place? If not is there a better way for readers here to help out if they desire to?TBH this thread isn't really one that should be about Apple anyway, so yeah smug comments about them aren't really appropriate IMHO tho I don't think GTR really meant anything by it. It's just his style. IMO the goal should be help for those in Nepal so whatever gets us there.
If it's the same one I saw I think the offer was "nothing down" and get another new one every year afterwards. I think they might be trying to match some offer from ATT or Verizon where you pay by the month to do early upgrades or some such?
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