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Great find and an excellent read. Thanks!
He may have been thinking of this one, certainly not a design pushed by Apple AFAIK.http://www.idownloadblog.com/2014/02/23/madcatz-xbox-ios-7-controller/EDIT: I see the Dasanman clarification now. I guess the basic array might be similar to Apple's suggestions.
I understand the rationale behind design patents and why companies apply for them. What I was curious about is what do you think is "distinctive" about that particular now-supposedly-protected design? Do you believe a rounded-rectangle warrants design protection?Based on the examiner's notes it looks as tho what she thought she was approving and what Apple factually applied for and received are not one and the same. When examiners can't properly understand what the...
I suppose I don't watch a lot of TV as I didn't realize it either. Thanks to those who pointed it out.
Absolutely great post sir. Not a lot of folks put forth such an effort to explain a somewhat confusing topic. Thanks!As an aside since you may have missed it, Apple did eventually succeed in actually patenting the round-cornered rectangle shape. Really. US Patent D670,286I can't imagine they could protect it if they ever chose to assert it tho as there's nothing "novel" about it as far as I can tell. No idea how it could have passed muster with the USPTO unless you see...
Apple can most certainly make the same "lost profits" argument for damages they're making against Samsung if they were to sue Google directly. It doesn't matter one whit if Google ever made a single penny from Android, or even lost billions on it. If Apple wants to claim they've been monetarily harmed by Google's Android they only have to file a lawsuit and prove their claim to receive a probably huge multi-billion damage award. Inability to get money from Google is not...
I would assume it comes with testimony from deposed Google folks next week. I'm sure Apple counsel thought of that.
Wow, one of Apple's damages experts (Veltoro) has been paid $2.34 million so far! This stuff is expensive to litigate. Another Apple internal doc submitted to, this one showing carriers beginning to limit iPhone sales due to costs.
What are you going on about? The first part of the sentence speaks to why they will offer intellectual property protection, guaranteed by the Constitution:"To promote the progress of science and the useful arts"And to do that they will allow:"securing, for limited times, to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries. "That second half of the sentence has nothing to do with the rationale behind allowing patents. It depends on the...
If you assume the author is correct and Samsung will dump Android it won't really matter. The same author believes Google is dropping Android too.
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