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Last year I was told by one of the phone salespeople more women than men bought the 6.3" Galaxy Mega. The assumption that the 5.5" 6+ (that's a misnomer if I ever saw one) will only appeal to big men may be inaccurate.
According to the videos demonstrating how the Samsung feature works you can dock the smaller screen wherever you want on the display.
Slurpy I've said as much at least two rimes in this thread already. I swear some folks see only what they want to.
Why can't you use your thumb? Apparently all it needs is a quick swipe from the bezel part way across and a quick swipe back and off the bezel again. I'd imagine a thumb can do that easily enough.In any event it doesn't matter really. No regular member here is going to buy a Samsung phablet anyway. The original mention was only prompted by a comment GTR made. It's clear that Apple's way of handling the problem is very much different but others have already tried to...
I'd go so far as to say there's a significant part of the potential market that does not know iDevices were exclusively from Apple. For instance I've heard way too many people refer to other smartphones as "iPhones" and even a couple in a store commenting on a generic tablet as an iPad. I think it's a wise move for Apple to start branding their services as, well, Apple rather than iStuff.
No doubt that Apple's solution will be the better one. Just as it should be really, with the benefit of studying others missteps or incomplete solutions. Nothing wrong at all with observing and learning from others. Others will learn from Apple's approach to phablets too....and the beat goes on.EDIT: Soli, do you know if the 6+ keyboard also shifts right (or left) to improve reachability for text entry? I' haven' seen mention of it either way.FWIW LG G3 (and I think...
Don't have any idea. You could do a search for Nexus devices and see what comes up. There's only a three models numbers available and only one of them is a smartphone. FWIW I don't see it mentioned.
I don't think there's any Nexus phablets.
TUAW has posted a run-down of the rumors leading up to this years iPhone announcements, as well as whether they were correct or not. Of special interest was the "well-connected" Ming-Chi Kuo's accuracy as he tabulated it. Better than other analysts but still only about 50-50. Not certain that he included all of Kuo's predictions and their updates as the launch got closer as I thought I remembered others such as the first prediction of an Apple "phablet" this year. But no...
New Posts  All Forums: