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In a surprise the first phone to get the Lollipop OS update isn't a Nexus. It's the Moto X "pure edition" owners, some of them beginning to get prompts for it today.
Do you think Apple was blindsided, having no idea what the financial condition of GT was? Reading over the affidavit it appears Apple was for all intents largely in control of and constantly monitoring GT's business. Would you agree?
More prone to "malware" than non-jailbroken iPhones? Yes they are. Are "malware" infections prevalent on Android devices? No they're not even including the problematic Russian and Chinese users frequenting questionable 3rd party app stores. If you haven't yet read the article you pointed me to you should. The discussion of what is considered malware should be helpful as should the notes of false flags in both Symantec and McAfee malware databases which the researchers used...
I have researched it. Really seriously. It will not shrink head and neck cancers, tho it will help in controlling pain. So yeah I know exactly what CDB's are. And yeah I'm keeping a little Valentine X around.
I wish. I REALLY wish.
Why are you still wasting your time? Chadbag obviously decided that something was true, period, and made a silly statement framed as fact. instead of opinion. Since then he has been moving around his puzzle pieces to create whatever fantasy picture he needs for whatever question gets posed to him. Just let it be. The justification for his position makes less and less sense the longer it goes on.
Lenovo is not a part of LG, nor vice-versa.
Where does Facebook say these are new phones?? You're claiming Facebook was only interested in NEW phones, so how new? 6 months new, 30 days new? That doesn't even make sense. You apparently don't know many teenage Facebook users. At least that what I'll blame that silly statement on.
I thought that was how it works? Decide on your conclusion and work backward from there. The ones that yell the loudest seem to be the ones most often wrong. Perhaps the yelling and name-calling is to cover for being wrong so often?
Umm, I don't think so.
New Posts  All Forums: