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There's lots of good information out there about Stagefright. Your link is not one of those with numerous inaccuracies throughout. My guess it that was the author's intent, sacrifice accuracy for linkbait. Sad that it's so common and worse still that those flakey FUD-filled articles are promoted.
Absolutely. It's business and not a game show.
The guesses out there about what Google makes from Android are pretty old aren't they? I don't think Google themselves has ever commented on it. Personally I think the Google Play Store by itself has probably added a few $B, tho certainly not as much as Apple has profited from the App Store. But like you I'm guessing.
No, proactive. Taking steps to avoid an issue before it becomes a distraction.IMO my judgment error was replying in the first place. You're certainly not to be blamed. It's all good.
https://www.stock-analysis-on.net/NASDAQ/Company/Apple-Inc/DCF/CAPMEDIT: Noticed that NASDAQ has it's own risk assessment tool. Is it worthwhile Anant?http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/aapl/risk
I already knew you'd recognize the algorithms.I would not for a moment pretend to know as much about the subject as a published author would. Your original question had only to do with what risk analysis might be out there. I'm a bit wiser than you give me credit for and know full-well that you are the expert in this. I would only be the poor disadvantaged student so no reason to get into another silly back and forth. Your recent replies to me have been a bit pithy to say...
Oh, that was like a test then? You didn't really want an answer, you wanted to know if HE had an answer. Gotcha. No prob.
The biggest issue seems to be the multitude of models in the market, thousands of them, which ends up being defined by who can go the lowest on price. HTC was one of the worst, tho they've recently recognised their model overkill and pledged to focus on just a few handsets going forward. Others like Samsung should do the same IMO. Stop trying to underprice each other and instead concentrate on just a very few good models for specific price points or specific markets.
Heck. the advice is all over the spectrum. Some are rating it a strong buy, others a hold. IMHO go with your gut. I've not yet seen anyone that's always right. All I know is that Apple stock has been going up for years and if I wanted to play in the market (I don't) without much risk I'd probably make sure to include AAPL.Systematic Risk (β) EstimationVarianceAAPL 60.10VarianceS&P 500 19.51CovarianceAAPL, S&P 500 18.34Correlation CoefficientAAPL, S&P...
Never led you wrong yet Mel. Look it up for yourself if you wish to confirm it. Try "Google licenses Nuance" for a start. You won't find a thing.Google started with GOOG-411 (2007) to build their own library of phonemes (like Apple is now doing collecting your speech samples via Siri on their servers), and hiring Mike Cohen, formerly from Nuance, to lead the project. From there it was on. In-house engineering, strategic acquisitions, and Google-invented neural network...
New Posts  All Forums: