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LOL. There's probably a lower tolerance for FUD here than some other sites, making it a good place for a tech enthusiast to hang around. Welcome!
Well then make yourself a home here at AI. There's some smart guys (and gals) here, and a lot of open minds.
Actually it's a resurrection of an older bill introduced in 2012. This effort to push it thru again started back in January according to articles.
China will reportedly be making the same requirement, and may already have. I would consider it a safe bet that none of the techs, Apple included, will exit the Chinese market when it happens. Perhaps by banding together companies can speak with one voice and convince government agencies to throttle back a tad.
I dunno. . .He seems to be closer to right than wrong with most of what we read here. Perhaps all we read at AI are the "right" ones?
Google execs don't have the press hanging on every word like Apple's Cook does. That's why you wouldn't know what their view is without looking it up. Google is generally on the same page as Apple when it comes to government surveillance...
Towards the end of the Tag presentation then did say that in two years your Connected Carrera and $1500 will get you a mechanical Classic Carrera. Not too bad considering current Classics are $4800US aren't they?
That would be my guess.
Nor would I. Tag probably agrees there's a very limited market for it as well.
I don't. I generally hold it somewhat perpendicular to my eyes. You don't usually look at your smartphone time at 80 degree slant do you?
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