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You were doing kinda OK until you got to the "divide by 26" part. Why are you assume all 26 apps downloaded by 15K users were harmful so that no one else was affected? I ignored that you included all 1.5 billion phones in use as Android. But for the most part I'd agree that relatively few smartphone users have encountered malware.I suspect you are another who didn't bother with reading the article I linked which explains how the claims were arrived at.EDIT: This is where...
In 2012, one of the years in contention, Samsung's brand value rose 40% according to Interbrand. http://www.interbrand.com/it/best-global-brands/previous-years/2012/Samsung I don't particularly care for Samsung as a company but I don't think their argument that brand recognition drove much of their sales increase is without merit.
I'm sorry but I've no idea what you're saying so I don't really have a response other than a suggestion for you to read the article I previously linked. Perhaps that might help answer your questions. From your tone I don't think you've actually read it yet.http://qz.com/131436/contrary-to-what-youve-heard-android-is-almost-impenetrable-to-malware/
It's not .001 percent of apps may cause harm, it's .001 percent of app installations. 1 in every 100,000 downloads is unlikely to see the average user ever affected and certainly not 100% of them. If you're curious and want to know how apps originating outside of Google Play affect the rate of harm it does rise. . . to .12%. Double the figures if you think Google is lying and it's still a tiny...
Probably why they have 1.3M people applying for just 4000 openings.
They may real soon, tho it is coming from Samsung which puts the "smart" part in question.http://www.tomshardware.com/news/samsung-galaxy-gear-solo-smartwatch,26494.html
Fixed it for you.
Note that F-Secure does not claim numbers of harmed users or even that any of the supposed malware apps they "discovered" on Google Play actually caused any harm to users at all. Some may have. Or maybe they didn't. Again targeting is not the same as hitting the bullseye. You've made the additional and almost certainly erroneous assumption that the number of downloads for a highly-regarded, popular and established app and a sketchy new unrated one would be roughly...
You can't reject cookies in the settings? Maybe not but I thought that was the big issue with Google a few months ago and why they stopped bypassing user settings.
New Posts  All Forums: