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Two years ago Spotify said they had about 20M songs in it's library. I'd imagine it might be a bit higher now, but dunno. Interesting tidbit in that same report: 4 million of those had never been streamed!
Eye of the beholder and all that.
30 million selections seems to be a typical number too for other paid streamers. BTW, Swift is included with Apple Music, tho a couple of others like the Beatles who may have a dim view of music streaming are not.
Motorola Migrate does the same thing. Been around for awhile too and updated last year to even include iCloud data.EDIT: Both people that used it said it worked great.
Sirius and XM merged a few years ago
Some highly educated people including university law professors considered experts in copyright and IP sided with Alsup and/or Google. I don't think the level of education is the determining factor in which side you support.There hasn't been a SCOTUS ruling yet on whether they'll accept Google's case. You may have confused things with the governments statement that they would not recommend they accept it. IMO it's unlikely the Supreme Court will hear it but they could.Not...
Except I don't think Apple necessarily needed Beats to do Apple Music. Iovine is certainly a big addition tho.
Correct. Lovine used the same line back in 2013 before Beats became a part of Apple. To be fair he didn't say Google or anyone else didn't use human curation. I'm sure he doesn't mind leaving the impression from his comment that no one else does tho.
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