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Personally I think the new commenting guidelines are well-considered and long due. There's quite a number of well-connected and/or educated members here who make excellent contributions. Those good comments have often been lost amid tirades, insults and intimidation. It's great you recognize the value of the forum as I've always suspected you have and committed to making it a friendlier, more informative, and inviting site by cleaning up the flotsam and jetsam. Thank you.
Doesn't matter. The royalties aren't tied to retail pricing anyway.OH, and BTW Ericsson has now counter-sued (in Texas of course) saying they've tried for two years to reach agreement with Apple.
According to various documents Ericssons' royalty is tied to the wholesale price of the handset, i.e. the price paid by carriers/resellers, rather than the retail/consumer price. That effective rate is 1.5%, or about $6 on a $400 (wholesale) device. For comparison purposes Qualcomm's standard rate is 3.25% of the device cost, or about $13 on that same handset.By my calculations when all LTE SEP contributors are included it looks like as much as 16% or more, or around $55...
For anyone interested here's a PR piece from Ericsson on SEP's and licensing, and released sometime this month. http://www.ericsson.com/res/thecompany/docs/press/backgrounders/ipr_licensing_press_backgrounder.pdf An interesting tidbit for those that may have forgotten: Ericsson is an original member of the Rockstar Consortium, partnering alongside Apple. Another tidbit: Earlier this year Ericsson reached a licensiong agreement with Samsung on the same SEP package that...
An interesting announcement from Google today of a new Classroom app for iOS http://googleforeducation.blogspot.ca/2015/01/A-Classroom-mobile-app-and-new-teacher-goodies.html Teachers can now use their iPhone or iPad to set-up/modify assignments or to even archive classes for use next semester. Students can create content in one app, say a drawing or photo, and attach it to an assignment for school using the Classroom app. Having a cross-platform solution does seem...
Ah, thanks
...and has been standard practice in the industry for years, and long before the iPhone existed. Ericsson isn't an outlier.
Why is much of the article now crossed out?
Perhaps not so fast. Article out today claims two-factor authentication is still not being used with some Apple services.https://medium.com/@da/login-to-2fa-protected-apple-accounts-without-doing-2fa-7f62813c5fe1
They do? Where did you find that? I've not ever come across it.
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