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Be together. Not the same.
At the beginning of the year smartphones with displays 5.5 and larger were reported to be more than 10% of the market. Surely much higher than that now.http://www.canalys.com/newsroom/third-smart-phones-shipped-q1-had-5-plus-displays
Yeah, with Apple teetering on the edge and all that, and being the lowly underdog in tech it's time to circle the wagons, rally the troops. No time to waste.
From TechCrunch: Let's call the Echo what it is http://techcrunch.com/2014/11/06/lets-call-the-amazon-echo-what-it-is/ Actually I like it.
Written in Go?? A Google programming language? Weird stuff. . .
The clarification you supplied in the earlier thread was appreciated. Welcome to AI forums. I think you'll have a lot to add to the community.
They can't install anything they can't run. In fact they won't even see apps they can't run. * So you really are making it up as you go along. Well just continue on then. No reason to for me to continue trying to have an honest discussion with someone having an imaginary moment.*unless the user has rooted and spoofed their device to appear as another higher-end one (exceedingly rare IMO), something a buyer of $50 phones would have no reason to do.
You realize that if a phone can't use Google Play then it's not included in their numbers right?...and further a phone that can connect to Google Play for apps would then by definition be a, wait for it. . . Smartphone.
Do you just make it up as you go along or actually make sure your claims are grounded in fact with some at least semi-reliable citations?
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