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Sure they would. Consider who Facebook's biggest audience is. Few at 16 are financially independent. Not many of 'em get new S5's, Note 4's or iPhone 6's in the first place. Nope as destructive and irresponsible as most of them seem to be they get the hand-me-downs. In fact many are already on their 3rd or 4th phone or worse during their teenage years. When one gets left out in the rain, dropped over the balcony, stepped on or left somewhere they can't remember Daddy...
Considering it's based on phones accessing Facebook it's unsurprising that a majority would be old hand-me-downs. I'd guess 80% or more of daily traffic comes from those 20 years old or under, most of whom don't have regular jobs or significant financial resources. They ain't gettin' new phones as a rule of thumb when Daddy is paying the bill. Heck, if a new one lasts three months with some of the teenagers it's a miracle.So I'm sure you've seen some of the cracked screen,...
I expected AI to have linked the docs, but if they did I'm missing it. For those interested in the unedited affidavit you can find it here: https://www.kccllc.net/gtat/document/1411916141107000000000003 EDIT: From page 10, Apple to GT, "Put on your big boy pants and sign the contract" Page 8 begins the summary of contract issues GT wants to complain about in hindsight.
Much of Android's supposed malware problem reporting flows from the same "tech pundit rage and hand-wringing" you think is unfairly aimed at Apple. You didn't know that and thought only Apple attracted FUD and overstated headlines?
No choice "C", none of the above ?
Well of course it is The need to stretch your thumb further or adjust the way you hold the 6 compared to the original is just a figment of your imagination.Speak to the hand.
That's where we'd differ a bit. I don't think Mr Jobs really believed no one would want a larger smartphone. He was simply shilling for the products that Apple actually produced by dismissing those from other manufacturers as ridiculously large. Of course Apple's choices were the only correct ones. At the time those big phones were obviously getting the publics attention which is why Mr. Jobs felt he needed to address it in his own unique somewhat mocking way. Always...
I already knew I was correct. I was attempting to explain what his point probably was in a more concise way.
The Google Maps app for mobile devices rolled out vector-based maps beginning in 2010. There's never been a Google Maps app for iOS that wasn't vector AFAIK. I believe that's the point he was attempting to make.
New Posts  All Forums: