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LOL! Excellent use of dodge and weave sir.How about disposing of the silly, unhelpful and dishonest character attacks from now on and conducting an intelligent discussion when something is worth commenting on. Any kid can sling epitaphs. I think we're all adults here, at least as far as I know.
Certainly fair enough. You're not alone in your sentiments.
Ah, the "lie" word again. How many times have you dragged it out today yet never details when you're put on the spot? Give me an example post where I stated Google updates the Android version via Play Services. According to you there's several to choose from. Let's see who tells the truth. As far as security enhancements delivered via Google Play Services I can think of three right off tho there may be more. First remote wipe, delivered via Play Services several months...
Dude it's your claim they don't have one, despite indications to the contrary. So it's yours to prove. You could have said it's not certain whether they do or not and I might have agreed with you.. Not your style perhaps. Instead you've emphatically stated they do not on several occasions, no ifs ands or buts. . Can you back it up?
At the same time the security updates and API additions are coming much faster than they ever have, approximately every 6 weeks. So rather than wait until a completely new OS ships Google is updating their vision of Android several times a year. Somewhat surprisingly that puts 93% of all active Google Android devices on the latest Play Services version and implementing the latest Google enhancements. In addition google has unbundled the major services (and de-coupled the...
Please explain. Accusations of lying are pretty serious.
Your impression was correct. That Google I/O pic was photoshopped.
Oh. . .Nevermind then. In that case iOS8 could be considered by some as much a reaction to Android KitKat which could be considered a reaction to iOS7 which could be considered a reaction to Jellybean. . . They've all got their reactionary features.
A few of the companies are aftermarket such as Pioneer and Alpine who announced they were also doing Carplay units. Most partners are manufacturers, nearly 30 of 'em.http://www.openautoalliance.net/#members
I doubt "L" development started after Apple's reveal of iOS8. Google may have some darn good engineers but they're not magicians. FWIW I personally think Android L is even less similar to iOS than their previous version was. Feature-wise the two are mimicking each other more and more as would be expected. Implementations are not.
New Posts  All Forums: