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You don't seem nearly as bothered by Facebook doing just what you erroneously thought Google was doing. You "guess they could update their docs"? That's it? Then why sound so up in arms over Google then?
Since you mention them it does look like Facebook, at least based on their Advertising Policies page updated in April, does allow much of what Google doesn't in the way of sensitive data use and collection.
is that true that Apple did nothing? Source?
If you deduct 20% of 37M what are you left with? Whose math were you using? Don't tell me "Apple math" is any different.
So your belief they do is more of a gut feeling than anything? Fair enough. Impossible to prove otherwise I suppose.
You meant in Apple Music. There's reportedly about 20% of the 37M iTunes library that (at least initially) won't be available for streaming
Google says they don't allow "sensitive" data to even be collected, much less used for ad targeting. What made you believe they did?
Note that Google does not allow advertising directed to "sensitive categories" of internet viewers, nor do they allow collecting data about them either. What does Google consider "sensitive" information? The following are examples specifically mentioned by Google:-interest or participation in adult activities (including alcohol, gambling, adult dating, pornography, etc.)-sexual behavior or orientation, such as sexual orientation inferred from a user's visit to a particular...
...but using it as anonymized data."You" are lumped in with a group of other internet users with similar interests and demographics. You aren't being singled out by name as far as I can tell from reading about it. The one exception might be retargeting, something Apple also now does. In both cases it's still using an anonymized you as the target AFAIK.
Two years ago Spotify said they had about 20M songs in it's library. I'd imagine it might be a bit higher now, but dunno. Interesting tidbit in that same report: 4 million of those had never been streamed!
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