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Microsoft has had big plans for mobile for a looong time. Billions of dollars and 10 years later they still have big plans. I doubt Google has ever taken their eyes off them.
Does it have GPS? Here's their website where you can read about the watch.http://www.tagheuerconnected.com/productEDIT: Pip'd by MStoneEDIT2; In any event Tag obviously doesn't intend to sell a whole lotta these. They are positioning it as "exclusive". Good idea, as that way they may not be disappointed.
Close but as they have explained it your watch's internal electronics can be upgraded (for $1500?). I don't think I read it wrong but perhaps.
The AI author neglected to say this watch will be upgradable for the foreseeable future.For that $1500 you can either upgrade your smartwatch hardware to a more advanced version in two years or swap to a mechanical one if a Carrera smartwatch just isn't for you. . That's really not a bad offer for those with plenty of disposable cash laying around and liking the look of Tag. It certainly reduces the financial risk of buying one.
"All day" the assumption is 25 hours of so with the 410mAh battery. Who knows until a few people buy one and report, which may take awhile. I think there's only 1000 being made available for sale here in the US.
i don't know that Android users are necessarily the only target market. Note the absence of health tracking sensors, which don't work with Android Wear and iOS.
You've apparently forgotten that Microsoft was the reason Google was so interested in Android and mobile in the first place, over 10 years ago now. It wasn't Apple they were worried about back then.
Google is doomed
I hope they do to at least some extent. The answer why Google would like it might not be so obvious tho. Anyway, I guess you've rethought the connection between Google's ability to sell more hardware products themselves and the high percentage of search requests they already handle? Personally I think of them as two separate elements of their business.
Well of course it would be the employees fault. Thank goodness for employees they aren't checking pockets too which would generally impact all of them, altho some companies no doubt do. At least those others are now on notice they don't need to be paying their employees waiting for them to be conducted, and can stop doing paying them if they already were. A nice little piece of savings at least for the retailers doing checks.
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