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First sentence: "American sales of conventional watches fell by the steepest amount in seven years during the month of June, a decline linked in part to the debut of the Apple Watch..."If you want to burst on the scene with guns blazing and fire in your eyes then fine, but at least argue real issues.
And yet more imagination about what I wrote compared to what you would like to think was written, and again just to have something to argue with IMO.
Do you actually read what I post or just imagine it says something else so as to have something to argue with?
Mu guess, and it's just that, is it's a trade-off for a lot better battery life. Hopefully within another generation or two of wearables that becomes a negligible concern and I think it will.
On the other hand some might see this iOS/Android one as just too simple. But that's why consumers will appreciate some choice in design and use-cases.http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/133595-vector-luna-smartwatch-simple-subtle-and-sexyOf course Apple will take the lions-share of profits in this space. It's hard to compete with a captive and dedicated user-base of millions. Not impossible, but darn hard to do.
.. yup, different strokes. FWIW I don't care for plaid either but dang if there aren't golfers that do.
One look does not fit all does it. Different strokes. . .
The OP was suggesting that smartwatches would have to come with Android or something similar. I was noting something from the "other" category. Whether that makes it a smartwatch has more to do with the needs of the user IMO, tho you might insist if it's not an Apple Watch, well it's not an Apple Watch.
You didn't bother to look at them the last time we discussed this? Just do a web search, you'll trust your own results more than mine. You know the old lead a horse to water stuff.
No, lots of tricks, but according to Apple the majority of their new-found wealth comes from the iPhone which makes many of the new tricks and tricks-in-progress possible. You didn't know that? Of course you did, and which you no doubt agree with IMHO.
New Posts  All Forums: