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I would ask you to explain in little more detail but of course you wouldn't. You never do.
LOL. Explain to Mr Almunia how the EU has no power over anti-competitive agreements forged between corporations and member states. That way he won't waste his time once you've made things clear for him.
See the post before yours.
No, LG
The display is coming from LG according to a press release from them so it could be their Flex Display.http://news.oled-display.net/lg-display-plastic-amoled-apple-watch/
Are you actually reading anything I write before responding?
...As long as they don't show the home screen in promo shots. I'll be very surprised if most AI members don't find it unattractive and a distraction from the otherwise fashionable watch design itself. Fortunately that part is software which can always be changed.
Apple wouldn't be fined either. But they could be liable for back taxes if the Irish agreements were illegal.
Where did the EU say they wanted to punish Apple specifically?
They won't pay a penalty. They won't be fined. They MAY have to pay some taxes on previous years income if the agreements are found to be illegal. What convinced you they could not be required to?
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