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Must be headed for a real Apple product since Sammy has filed a whole lotta patent applications for similar functionality in the past year. https://www.google.com/search?tbo=p&tbm=pts&hl=en&q=wearable+electronic+gesture&num=10&qscrl=1&gws_rd=ssl
I think Microsoft's Cortana also offers some offline processing too.EDIT:http://www.tomshardware.com/news/microsoft-cortana-unique-features,26506.html
Funny how you demand proof of harm now when you normally haven't when we've discussed it before No harm no foul right?
t's pretty common when discussing malware, security holes or other threats affecting any particular OS to talk about the theoretical possibility of user harm whether any actual harm has occurred or not. You know how it works.
You're off by a few as it's actually about 18% but still a valid point. Google does not have 100% control of the OS and all hardware running it, unlike Apple. In fact if Apple were to license iOS they'd likely suffer similar "fragmentation" . Apple is smart not to do so IMO.https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html
A few of the licensees are arriving at the conclusion that leaving Android relatively unaltered is the way to go, among them Sony, Motorola, and now ZTE. It looks like the trend is back to more a stock Android look. After going to extremes to look like something other than Android I guess gravitating to a more comfortable and logical middle-ground shouldn't be a...
LOL. You are absolutely one of the wittiest posters here., and can be one of the most enjoyable.
I view Apple a whole lot more favorably than Samsung, a company that's never had any qualms about shamelessly mimicking and even copying other techs successes. So viewing Apple favorably and disliking the way Samsung conducts business makes me your friend then. Cool.
Apparently you desperately want me to be a Samsung fan so as to have a windmill to flail at? Imagine what you wish sir, but the factual record from my posting history will plainly show I'm no Sammy fan. Feel free to continue with your own version tho as I can't do anything about someone else's vivid imagination.As you were. . .
New Posts  All Forums: