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You must be thinking of others obviously like HG. Unlike what a few posters here seem to avoid doing I don't mind being corrected, nor acknowledging I'm mistaken when I am.
Hmmm. . . You look to be correct. I had to sign our of Google Play Music to see that it wasn't available to stream, or at least not end-to-end. My son apparently has it purchased thru my account which allows it to be streamed. As for the other services I was going by her interview and not looking on the service itself. You are correct about those too. That raises a bit of a issue about her honesty tho. The other services are paid just as Apple Music will be. I came across...
Then what's this? https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Taylor_Swift_1989?id=Bm6l5gvjd6hponuuvzdzk2jwqsm&hl=en ...and what is Ms. Swift talking about here? http://www.ibtimes.com.au/taylor-swift-says-beats-music-rhapsody-better-spotify-her-1989-album-1388876
Beats Music, Google Play Music, Rhapsody...
She's right then, it's not exclusive. There's several other streaming music services where "1989" is available.
Or way over. I don't think most people have any interest in streaming music from their smart phone. . If I were to guess maybe 20% or less and certainly not for hours a day.
The free ad-supported tier of Google Music works only as a radio station. There's no on-demand option to hear a specific track or album or artist unless you pay-to-play, just like iTunes Radio or Pandora. You'r saying you're OK with the idea of one acting like a radio station, right? That's what this Google Music add-on is.
Using that as the measuring stick your iPhone with Siri and Android handsets with Google Now are listening to everything you say. More accurately the hardware device must be listening for a keyword to activate an "action" but nothing you say goes back to the Apple/Amazon/Google hive until that keyword is used. So they aren't listening to everything you say even tho the device may be. You OK with that phrasing?
Well, it's been 12 days so it's beginning to appear they've "declined to comment".
To match up better with Apple's ad-supported music tier I would imagine. If it's dumb for Google it's dumb for Apple too isn't it? I guess those two don't think so.
New Posts  All Forums: