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FWIW using the same request for a "kitty" on Google Now does offer a kitten video as the first result
It's not a patent. It's an APPLICATION for a patent. The USPTO is attempting to better vet methods patents so this one may never be issued, or require significant claims changes before issuance.Based simply on the assumed accurate comments from @thekryt that they described just such a system in an EU article some time back this one sounds as tho it might never issue, but of course that's a USPTO decision.BTW, anyone curious about why some patents are applied for several...
According to Bank of America "The chip encrypts information to increase data security when making transactions at a chip-enabled terminal." Are you saying it's really NOT an encrypted transaction? I would have assumed that the new NFC readers mandated here in the US would incorporate P2PE. Perhaps they don't?
The sample hardware builds are followed fairly closely AFAIK, especially early in the cycle. New OS features need compatible supporting hardware in many cases. This year it looks like new low-power sensors and fingerprint readers are being pushed with the OS.Even if not a single OEM followed the general Nexus hardware configurations Google would still need a handset built to their specifications with hardware that showed the latest Android version in it's best light. It's...
Perhaps if timely (short term) return on investment is your goal there's better current choices than Apple stock and you should look elsewhere. If taking on that additional risk for higher rewards isn't a wise choice for your retirement strategy then Apple is a really good option to look at. Is that fairly accurate?
Depending on what digit is used to authenticate it may not be as convenient for payment situations as a reader on the back. There's all kinds of usage scenarios where one placement may work better for particular users than another. In any event it's a moot point if you're an iPhone user. The ideal spot is obviously one bundled with the home button for now. That's not an option.
Nor was any iPhone user (AFAICT) in the thread curious and patient enough to try Android Pay on the new Nexus models before commenting how terrible the FPR placement is. You seem to have no problem with those suppositions but take issue with someone advocating a wait-and-see before passing final judgment? Nope, your complaint sounds more like something personal instead of rational. That's not generally something you do is it?
The update is only 1.3GB. I'd imagine the actual OS takes up just a tad more space than that in total.
Well that came out of nowhere. Isn't this a perfectly proper thread to discuss Google devices? Gosh by golly, yes it is. It was originally only about Google devices for that matter. No idea who dragged the iPhone into it.Perhaps the wrong side of the bed for you this morning?EDIT: Something else I would like to mention as to FP placement. The side of the device might actually be ideal for a lot of folks. Who doesn't hold their phone by it's sides and they're always...
In the works but it still some time away. I would not be surprised to read Apple is doing something along the same lines.https://www.rt.com/usa/200251-googlex-nanoparticle-pills-diagnose-diseases/
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