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Reportedly a "montage of Big Events in Apple's history" isn't the plan. It sounds like they're going to do a film focusing on his personal life rather than professional:"During an interview that aired earlier this month, Sorkin said the film would not be a sweeping biopic, but will instead focus on a segment of Jobs' life told through his relationships with coworkers and loved ones. It was later revealed that Jobs' daughter Lisa will play a crucial role in the film.
You should know better. Of course I do.http://thenextweb.com/apps/2014/10/15/google-play-downloads-now-exceed-apples-app-store-60-percent-ios-apps-still-make-money/In fact Google Play downloads have been outpacing the App Store since last year.http://blog.appannie.com/app-annie-index-market-q3-2013/Note that one year ago App Store revenue was exceeding Google Play by over 200%. It's now at 60%.
Since you brought it up the surge in App Store downloads is probably still not enough to outnumber app downloads from Google Play. Revenue-wise the App Store has a good lead, approx 60% higher as of last month, tho it was 90% higher just 6 months earlier. At the end of the day revenue matters more than the sheer quantity of downloads and the App Store holds the #1 position.
It's pretty silly usage too IMO as most readers here aren't members nor probably even regulars and would not know what that means. Notice how often even regular members miss it? I agree it's cute and all but hardly helpful to casual readers.*Not directed at you Soli, just the usage in general.
I suppose eventually Google had to come up in another Apple specific thread. Since you're curious:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.onetodayAnd guess what? Google even made that one available for you on the App Store. As Apple users are much wealthier than their Android counterparts there's really no excuse for you and others not to give up a measly $1 a day to help those less...
'k. Thanks
As I understand it Apple is creating an ad exchange service. You as an Apple user are put into various pots that include include other Apple users with similar profiles. In one instance you might be grouped with others making $100K-$140K per year, working in lending, renting their home, single, no children, living in the Southwest, traveling several times a year and interested in photography. When you enter Apple's ecosystem (open your browser, start an appropriate app)...
Why does Apple need to start "selling you" as it's often put here, and literally to the highest bidder. If it's all about you as a customer what does this do for you? What does it add to the iOS experience?It's understood that folks get a whole lot of free services from Google (gmail, search, office apps, Youtube, maps, news, Google Drive, calendar) paid for by advertisers anxious to sell their products to you. What is Apple giving you in return? Nothing I can see.So again...
LOL! You substituted patent troll yet again for NPE. At least you are consistent Soli.Attorney: So you did in fact hit the blue truck at the intersection.You: NO, I did not hit the red truck
Ah, the Bactrian Camel.http://emojipedia.org/bactrian-camel/Excellent fit. OOPS, Dromedary.http://www.emojibase.com/emojilist/camelWhen I was a kid I used ti get my Camels and Lucky Strikes mixed up too,
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