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No sir I did not. I already found it for myself. I offered you a suggestion on how to do the same. That you are not interested in discovery is a bit disappointing and I would hope that's not evidence of a closed mind.
The blackouts are due to contracts with regional FoxSports providers, TBS, ABC, or ESPN. I'm not aware of any local OTA TV broadcasters with NBA contracts but maybe there are some.EDIT: From NBA League Pass FAQ"You should be able to view games that are blacked out on NBA LEAGUE PASS on a regional sports network in your area or on a national TV network such as NBA TV, TNT, ESPN or ABC. These content providers may also have official streaming apps through which you can view...
I believe the word you used was "most".
Of course there's no burden of proof on you. I would assume that if you think it important to comment vociferously on an issue you'd minimally take a few moments to look into it when contradictory evidence is offered. Perfectly acceptable of course that understanding this particular issue isn't of any great importance to you as I erroneously believed it was. It really isn't for me either as I'm not immediately affected by it. At least not yet and hopefully never.
The bills currently being considered are generally not restricted to background check issues. Do a search for yourself. If you'd like a key word suggestion try "gun control bills" or if you want current specifics try "gun control bills in congress 2015".
As I read it Google doesn't scan (index) student, government or corporate GMail accounts for ad purposes.
I think it's more the old slippery-slope argument. ANY limiting of gun rights is seen by a very vocal segment as the first wave of encroachments on the right to possess firearms. TBH its does look like the Dem are introducing a number of related bills at the moment. Gun-owner organizations are predictably intolerant (there's that word again) of efforts by some groups to push controls of any type on freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Valid concerns? I personally don't...
I didn't think you were. I just had no idea what I had said about "WaPo". Now I know.FWIW other articles are saying the blocking is intermittent for now.http://www.geekwire.com/2015/use-an-ad-blocker-the-washington-post-is-now-probably-blocking-you/
With perhaps 32 Billion GMail messages flowing between Google servers every day (16% of the estimated total 205B daily emails across all services) "read" would be highly unlikely. Machine scan and keyword index would be more accurate. FWIW nearly all email providers, including big ones like Apple and Microsoft, will read machine scan content to track spam, malware and in some cases illegal content, but I've no idea how many also do so to assist with advertising. Google of...
Gotcha.FWIW I hadn't seen a great number of "complaints" about repairability. What little I've seen has to more with recycling and the difficulty of doing so with some mobile devices. Actual repairability not so much.
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