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Suing ?? Don't think that was part of the discussion was it? As for Apple having any history of suing over patent claims they themselves don't practice yes they have. But that doesn't matter in the context of my comments.
Ah, you think Google was working on a device like Apple describes in their patent app.
Well show which patent Google seized from Apple and I'll offer my opinion of it.
I didn't miss the comma but connected that part with the first statement. In re-reading it I think I'd agree with you that SN did not intend to associate stock Android with AOSP. tho it's not entirely clear.
I remembered reading yesterday about Nokia selling branding. A modern day Polaroid is the way I saw it compared. If Foxconn already licensed the Nokia name for this product then the report was pretty late in coming. Assuming Foxconn is actually the producer and seller it begs a few questions.We know Foxconn builds for Apple, but Foxconn also does design in addition to builds. Do they do any part of Apple's casings design and if so do they retain any rights to any of it?...
I'd guess it's Nokia custom Android-based OS they had developed just before the MS buyout became final. I think they'd also released a phone with that OS.They were calling it Nokia X when they first revealed it.http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/24/nokia-x2/...and no, AOSP is not called stock Android anywhere that I've seen. Stock android would refer to the pure unadulterated Google Android build, Google services included, before the licensees add their own flavored features...
Hit who where it hurts? Any consumer who might find a use for something Apple had no intention of actually producing but patented to make it difficult for anyone else to either?
Tim's visit paid off whom? :drumroll: bah, dah dum (Sorry, it was just laying there waiting for the punchline)
An Android app, iBeacon Detector, was used to find those hidden beacons.
Titan, one of the LinkNYC partners, was already leasing thousands of these from the city. They were also sneakily installing tracking beacons unknown to the public but with nodding approval from the city to follow pedestrians as they strolled along or stopped at retailers/restaurants. They got caught last month.
New Posts  All Forums: