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It's rare I don't have access to Wi-fi on a typical day. Data use doesn't matter for the most part but consuming it on a larger screen sure does. If I'm out an about I'm not streaming a movie or video anyway and almost never have a need for a lot of data. I doubt I've gone over a GB/mo of 4G or LTE in a couple of years.
Don't you think it's smart to walk before you run, particularly with a service that's dependent on carriers playing along? A limited roll-out to determine any early issues is the only smart way to do so.
I pay TMo a little less than that (three lines) but I don't consider it unlimited LTE data.https://support.t-mobile.com/message/395236As far as Google's plan don't you think the roaming will be appealing to travelers?
Misinformation and FUD isn't restricted to Android sites is it?As far as pro-Google I've certainly complained about them when it's deserved so I'm not blind to their misbehavior, even going so far as referring to them as a liar in an AI post I made a few weeks ago. It's also very rare, almost unheard of, for me to be the one who first brings them up in an unrelated thread.The difference you might see between me and some others that post Google comments here is I don't...
Comical is how you never successfully dispute what I write either.
Wasn't that fixed last year? It didn't affect Apple users anyway did it as I read it was a Windows specific issue?http://www.omgchrome.com/chrome-beta-fix-windows-timer-issue/
That was lobbying.
Ah so that's how Apple's new plan for iAd works then too. Advertisers bid for access to "you". That makes sense. It's called an ad exchange isn't it?http://blog.adroll.com/adroll-selected-apple-iad-partner-helps-launch-new-programmatic-api
New Posts  All Forums: