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Not claiming it's FUD but where did they say that and what specifically did they say?With that out of the way of course a "fundamental patent" would by definition be one that is essential for anyone wishing to offer a similar product with the technology, correct? Just checking on how you're defining the terms.EDIT: Somewhat surprisingly IMHO the idea of "compulsory licensing" while already an element of IP law in some countries is now being mentioned here in US...
It made for a good sound bite. A lot of the statements lawyers make to the press are meant to serve that purpose. Accuracy is less important than seeing it repeated by the media.
IMO it could end up hurting tech overall if Apple is the only one left standing. They're doing quite fine without owning everything in sight, plus with competition it helps them avoid antitrust issues for the most part.
It does. None of the patents they asserted were about rounded rectangles either.Note that Apple does have one that is literally only a rounded rectangle of undetermined size, absolutely nothing else, but are wise enough not to try using it in a legal suit. It would never survive a challenge IMO and probably Apple's too.
Design patents apply to very specific elements. Trade dress is the overall design, "appearances", and not necessarily protected by any specific patents. FWIW about $384M of the total judgement will likely be vacated, but that still leaves Sammy owing a pretty good bundle o' cash.The news that Apple probably likes more than anything is the denial of a retrial.
One of my first jobs was as a DJ. At our station both Friday evenings and Saturday mornings (my shift) were essentially "on-demand" with caller requests being 100% of the playlist, interspersed with ads of course.
TBH I have no issues with Aldi (US) either. Everything my wife has purchased from there has been excellent quality and great pricing. She flipflops between there and Publix.
Android is DOOMED
According to yet another rumor. Lacking anything official from a verified supplier or Apple themselves that's all any of it has amounted to. In any event it doesn't matter. The watches will be available for sale when they're ready, just as it's always been.
No that would be Jeb IMHO
New Posts  All Forums: