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JayZ is Beyonce's manager as Spam suggested. Blue was the game-changer.
I didn't realize Apple published those detailed breakdowns. Where can we go to have a look at them?
I don't think you understand the HIPAA obligations. For those that fall under the requirements the choice of storage and whether a chosen cloud service can offer a BAA showing their compliance is only part of it.If you use a 3rd party app on your iDevice that collects and retains personally identifiable health information that app developer has the obligation to secure your data which has nothing to do with whether you personally decide to publish the results yourself. YOU...
The other cloud providers don't gather it either. They're storage services. Where it could possibly matter whether the cloud service is compliant is if some of the parties use Apple's iCloud to store identifiable health data.EDIT: Forgot to mention that the onus would be on the provider storing health data there and not Apple themselves. That's perhaps the reason Apple refuses to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) which would then make them potentially liable too.
Actually it's the Office of Civil Rights AFAIK
The only place I could see it having any possible significance is if Apple's iCloud services store health data gathered by it. Apple's service is not HIPAA-compliant. Of the larger cloud services only Apple and Dropbox are non-compliant so I'd imagine at some point in the near future they'll fall in line.
As another update on Amazons' drone testing it's being reported today that they took it a little to the north. Due to the long delays in getting the FAA's OK they've moved it to British Columbia where they're field testing 55 lb drones carrying packages up to 5 lbs. According to the Guardian they are flying at speeds up to 50mph and at 200-500 ft. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/mar/30/amazon-tests-drones-secret-site-canada-us-faa?CMP=share_btn_tw
Ignoring user settings isn't illegal. No doubt you wish it were but no.
Apple Watch? That was officially announced by Apple more than 6 months ago, well before a product was ready for market. Some information about it began leaking long before that. I remember some from last April with screenshots, hardly something Apple would not have had to sanction IMO.There's PR pieces from companies every day about upcoming products that are sometimes as much as a year away or more. Most big companies play that game when it's beneficial. Nothing wrong...
I think in the future you'll hear much less about Google devices/products until they're ready for market. They won't make as many big bone-headed PR mistakes like the way Google Glass was handled if Fadell is handling it, which according to articles he will in many cases.Even this robotics partnership wasn't outed by Google but instead mentioned in a Johnson & Johnson press release. picked up by the WSJ. I don't see where Google mentions it on any of their official blogs....
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