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Source? I've not seen one that claims Apple actually paid more than 2%. I think I recall that Apple does not report tax obligations on profits they have no intention of bringing home, an amount north of $100B. Is that accurate?
Why would they repatriate most of it? They don't pay any taxes whatsoever on a big chunk of it so why pay some now by bringing it home, even at 10%?EDIT: FWIW your estimate that Apple has already paid upwards of 20% of their overseas tax bill is far higher than that from other professionals. How did you compute your figures out of curiosity?"At the end of its most recent fiscal year, Apple held an astounding $157.8 billion in profits offshore -- beating out all Fortune 500...
I thought Apple had given the SEC a schedule for when they were buying back. I could absolutely be mistakenEDIT: Just went searching for what I thought I had remembered reading and found squat. I'm probably mistaken.
IMHO this was just another effort to reassure investors like the Cramer call was.
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Updating this thread: Android Pay is reported to launch August 26th, and will be processed the same as Apple Pay using the same equipment.
Taking about Amazon's Echo they apparently are pairing up with Smart Things as shown in this video. Pretty cool and convenient if it works as demo'd. @SolipsismY may like it.EDIT: Scratch "apparently". They definitely have. Here's the press release.http://blog.smartthings.com/featured/alexa-turn-on-my-smartthings/
IIRC Google was roundly criticised here for even considering self-driving cars. Note that it's not being seen as silly for Apple to do so.
Here's their datasheet if you want to look into it in more detail. By the way it's 4.1x4.1mm, which seems plenty small enough for a band. I think you confused it with one of their other products.http://www.origingps.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Nano-Spider-ORG4400-Datasheet-1.1.pdfEDIT: Sorry, just noticed you were referring to the size of the antenna module
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