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I didn't lump "everyone" together. Good use of Ignoratio elenchi tho so your comment isn't totally wasted.
Another employee case involving Apple was certified as a class action lawsuit today. http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/22/apple-faces-class-action-suit-affecting-20000-employees-over-pay-violations/
Does this feed into the other reports of some saturation at the high-end?
If you visit the websites for Verizon, ATT, etc you'll find "mini" versions of many of the high-end 4.7"+smartphones. They're available, just not as much in demand as their larger screen brethren.
...or less.
The tablet category itself has been in recent decline according to stats. I have some ideas whyhttp://forums.appleinsider.com/t/181515/apple-falls-short-of-expectations-with-7-7b-in-profit-on-sales-of-35-2m-iphones-13-3m-ipads/40#post_2567715http://www.pcworld.com/article/2452189/tablet-sales-dip-as-market-matures.html
I've been thinking the same. Personally I don't think they're the PC replacements some were thinking. I see them as a supplemental device rather than something I'd be happy using all the time. Since the category is no longer new and therefor "cool", and they may no longer be widely perceived as preferable to a typical laptop I'm not particularly surprised that sales might be slowing.
Looking at Ballmer I doubt he's alive in 20 years.And I agree with you. The size of your bankroll has never been a good indication of your worth as a person. Sadly a lot of folks seem to think money does make them a smarter and more valuable human being than those less-well-off. I've seen a lot of posters even here denegrate others that have less in the way of financial resources than they do, believing themselves to be "more worthy". I'm sure you've seem those posts too.
I wish we could all have his nightmares then."According to U.S. Securities and Exchange (SEC) documents, Ballmer owns more than 333 million shares in Microsoft. At Monday's closing price of $44.83, those shares were valued at $14.9 billion. On the day before Ballmer stepped aside, Microsoft's share price was $36.48, putting his portfolio's worth at just over $12.1 billion. Because of the 23% increase in share value since Feb. 3, Ballmer's Microsoft holdings have...
New Posts  All Forums: