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Can't say I'd disagree. Isn't there some bill floating around to repeal it? Dunno. In any event I was trying to find out why the OP, WhiteFalcon, was using it to connect the dots showing the Student Privacy Initiative pledges from Apple, Google and the like were meaningless
So is Apple so I'm not sure what point you're making.http://www.infowars.com/apple-showcases-education-apps-aligned-to-common-core-standards/
I don't think there is any accountability connected to the pledge, at least from what I've read thru. Of course making a public commitment and then reneging on it would probably attract a pretty severe backlash from the press and public, if not from some government agency as well.FWIW Apple declined to pledge (or simply ignored it as unimportant perhaps) when the initiative was first announced back in October, although Microsoft was in on it from the beginning. It looks...
It's a done deal.http://www.spacex.com/news/2015/01/20/financing-round
Have never once seen that or known anyone else complaining about it. Ever. You obviously have a defective device to work with....and on that latest greatest Amazon phone you mentioned try hitting the physical home button. Yes the Fire phone has an actual home button just like Apple does.EDITDoing a search for the issue only returns a very few isolated reports. Looks to be a pretty rare occurrence. Your experience seems to be unique.
I'll repost this, something I wrote a few days ago for those that missed it:"According to various documents Ericssons' royalty is tied to the wholesale price of the handset, i.e. the price paid by carriers/resellers, rather than the retail/consumer price. That effective rate is 1.5%, or about $6 on a $400 (wholesale) device. For comparison purposes Qualcomm's standard rate is 3.25% of the device cost, or about $13 on that same handset.By my calculations when all LTE SEP...
I've no issue with humor. Heck I've tossed a few one-liners at Soli, Island Hermit and probably even you at some point. Even TS. GTR and I use it in criss-crossing posts between us all the time. Because it keeps things from taking too much of a serious tone humor can be a great tool.The problem occurs when a comment that might otherwise be written in jest is directed at another member you constantly butt heads with, someone you have a history of trading insults with. Then...
is this any better?https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/contacts-sync-for-google-gmail/id454390333?mt=8
This would be an example of a post we all should avoid making. There's seldom a reason to belittle other members. Comments of a personal nature don't add anything.
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