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The market as a whole is on a downward slide today.
As of at least 11:36 EST, about 10 minutes ago, it was fixed.
As I suspected would happen if FRAND licensing became a revenue issue for the patent holders some are now declining to play. Recently the IEEE, the standards-bearer for wi-fi standards and licensing policy, indicated they would be changing their rules to the benefit of licensees. That prompted Qualcomm to announce they would no longer issue licenses under the IEEE's new rules, instead going to a case-by-case negotiation with individual...
Samsung might be paying them to go after Google too then? That investigation was publicly announced last month, with Italian authorities and Google in negotiations for a settlement. Surely Apple would be doing the same.http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/25/us-italy-google-tax-idUSKBN0LT1NP20150225In fact it looks like the Italians may have gone after Google first over the Irish scheme, in 2012, before adding Apple to the mix.
I read most all of part one.You should take a look at Spam's first link, iCreach, since it talks about just what you brought up in your post tho sans Google.Edit: I've now read part two as well. Damning Google disclosures in part two will disappoint as they're barely mentioned in passing. Instead it veers off into claims concerning Facebook, Cisco, eBay and Enron. Even Disney got a mention as attending semi-secret Highlands Forum meetings and taking part in small private...
So less than a week after the FAA (finally) approved limted drone testing by Amazon the company comes out blasting the agency for being so slow to act. Courtesy of re/code: "E-commerce power Amazon blasted federal regulators on Tuesday for being slow to approve commercial drone testing, saying the United States is falling behind other countries in the potentially lucrative area of unmanned aviation technology. Less than a week after the Federal Aviation Administration...
Good links. So if Google was already controlled by the intelligence community there would be no need for the NSA to try to find a way in to Google servers, making them a target. As I figured, Snowden already commented on it. Thanks!
Snowden has already released details of things that weren't "day to day" like CIA plans to hack Apple, information concerning collection of data flowing thru carriers and servers handling web traffic and stuff like that. . Doesn't seem reasonable he wouldn't also have documentation of Google (or MS or Yahoo or Apple or whoever) actually being a CIA controlled company if it were factual. If there's truth to it it should have come out by now, particularly with others surely...
If there's any truth in there I would think either Mr Snowden or WikiLeaks would confirm it. Particularly Mr Snowden as he has the facts
Taxes paid in other countries are deducted or taken as a credit against the US corporate tax owed.http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/International-Taxpayers/Foreign-Tax-Credit---Choosing-To-Take-Credit-or-Deduction
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