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FWIW there are several smartphones that offer 4K video recording. http://www.phonearena.com/news/Smartphones-with-4K-video-recording---just-how-many-of-them-are-there_id61911 Several 4K display smartphones will be appearing next year according to both Qualcomm and Display Search. Do we need 'em? Probably not.
No it did not. But you are the only one in this thread saying anything about Apple being or not being a patent troll (except for Eric), The OP commented on NPE's in post 17 and you disagreed with him by interchanging NPE with patent troll as tho they were one and the same, something no one had even mentioned. Some tilting at windmills perhaps?You've still yet to admit RC is in fact a non-practicing entity and put an end to this silly word play. Here's your chance.
The whole sentence where you claim I'm calling them a patent troll? That one supposedly defending them from my comments? ? cough:bull:coughSo then we can agree that RC is an NPE but not a patent troll. Dang, that was worse than pulling teeth and I can vouch for that from recent experience.
Sucks when facts get in the way of another personal "I've never seen whatever" story, eh?
Perhaps sometimes it's not just about the money. Personally I hope that folks make it successful and the ads and requisite user data mining is reduced at least. In reality I think too many folks talk the talk but the walk isn't for them. I'm afraid most still want free and won't pay to play, leaving no real option for site owners and providers other than even more intrusive and effective data mining to pay for it.
The agency model wasn't the problem. It was when it was combined with a "most favored nation" agreement with Apple and evidence of a conspiracy with nearly every major publisher to set the same prices and all at about the same time. In and of itself the agency model is perfectly acceptable and wouldn't get the attention of any regulatory agency.This should actually be good news for Apple fans. It was Apple who made a proposal on how they would like to settle and the judge...
Search up "Contributor by Google",
the exception? Square Register has between 1M and 5M downloads on Google Play.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.squareup&hl=enIf you go by the number of ratings alone it would indicate the Android version (46,941 ratings) is used a heck of a lot more than the iPhone one (14,111 ratings) .
You've equated troll and NPE in every post I read as far as I can tell. Your exact words:"by calling them an NPE and therefore a patent troll." Sure looks lie NPE=troll according to you, and clearly NOT stated that there is a difference.I've never called Rockstar Consortium a patent troll yet in most of your replies to use the term when replying to me. I get it. Let's both go read and/or discuss something else.
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