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I was surprised to find the Prius is one of the least expensive hybrids when my wife and iI were looking at that category late last year. One of the very few that isn't premium-priced.
Can I use you as an endorsement?
For second I thought you simply said "certain people getting too close" http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/icelandic-antiincest-app-aims-to-stop-families-getting-too-close-8578404.html
They'll obviously be no changing minds on whether a patent is simply a limited term assignment of monopoly rights or a piece of property with all the rights typically extended to it. Tomato, toMAtoe. . .If you are a strong proponent of patents you should at least pray that the US government never consider patents as private property. Currently they do not to the benefit of the patent holder.
You're free to apply for a driver's license or not. Does that make it property too? Both have specific requirements and several conditions to meet before getting one and both are term-limited. Sure walks more like a license, talks more like a license. . .Of course a liquor license might be even more comparable. You can transfer those. Thank goodness you can't do that with a DL.
You never watched "The Internship"? http://www.google.com/contact/...or if you need hlp with GMail for instance:Tech Support - Call (US Toll Free) 1-800-875-1709.email: www.techsupport247.usor general tech helpCall USA 1-800-915-3608.email: techhelpcenter.us/googleor AdWords:http://searchengineland.com/google-customer-support-suprise-1000-reps-handling-10000-calls-a-week-from-60-countries-91616
Exactly per description. It's more a license not property. That's why it expires, unlike ownership of private property. If you insist on thinking of it as property then you should consider it a lease of property actually belonging to the public, the lease document being the patent.
And just like that we're back in agreement. That's exactly what I pointed out in posts 6 and 14. Apple at some point considered using at least some of the patents claims. Their intent was not to simply block competitors and the public by filing one.
Not entirely sure what you meant then, or whether we're in disagreement on any of the other posts I linked.FWIW I don't believe the intent of the Patent and Copyright Clause was to make the advances from invention and innovation unavailable to the public. IMO patenting an implementation of an idea simply to keep it from being utilized is a result of greed being judged more important than the progress of the art to improve the human condition. That's a view held even by...
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