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AnTutu benchmark (v.5) on a Moto X after ART: 43732
Yet another example today of Samsung's attention to detail when designing their own competing features to replace Google Android's. In this case Sammy's version of "Find my Phone". Well done Samsung, well done. http://tinyurl.com/orm6o5e
There must be a points bonus for being the first to mention Google in an Apple-specific thread. No better way to throw the discussion off in another direction I suppose
Soli, I'm not at all saying there's anything sinister about it. IMO it's not an oversight either. Apple has business reasons for wanting bluetooth enabled, not the least of which would be iBeacons and retailer apps. Nothing wrong with it, tho it's better that users were aware of it.
That you didn't notice doesn't mean it doesn't happen. But I encourage you to confirm it for yourself. Start with a search using your favorite browser:iOS update turns bluetooth on
Have you noticed that Apple helpfully turns bluetooth back on with iOS updates, over-riding your settings if you've "inadvertently" turned it off? It's fairly clear that Apple wants bluetooth on, noting of course that most users don't change settings leaving them at whatever default Apple set to begin with.
For some explanations see here:First Apple does this, a huge assist for retailers (and some data aggregators with retailer sharing agreements):http://beekn.net/2014/03/apple-ios-7-1-launches-major-ibeacon-improvement/And then follows up with this:http://bankinnovation.net/2014/10/apple-pay-loyalty-due-to-start-within-the-year/
The discussion was about retailers profiling, collecting either anonymized or in some cases highly specific personal information collected during store visits. That seemed to be the objection you yourself had to CVS and Rite-aides competing payments plan. ApplePay does not prevent retailers like Walgreen's from mining "you". In fact those that buy-in to the whole Apple package may get much better insights into your personal shopping behavior than is currently possible...
Not sharing your credit card number in no way prevents the retailer tracking you as a customer. You're confusing the two and assuming that one prevents the other.Example: If you have a Walgreen's iOS app on your phone, or I believe any other iBeacon-compatible app that might use the same backend provider, then Walgreens has the capability of personalizing an offer or ad just for you as soon as you enter the store, follow you thru the aisles while noting wherever you stop...
So am I, for over 20 years now. No longer maintain my own tanks tho for a couple of reasons, nor have I done any diving in the past 3 years.
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