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http://mostly-tech.com/tag/google-wallet/Helps explain what's true and what's FUD.I agree with you that Google will have a tougher time with Android Pay (not anything like Google Wallet BTW according to reports) since they don't control the entire thing from top to bottom. They've gotta be extra careful. Can they be?
Why did Apple decide to use CarPlay, similar to GooglePlay? Who knows why names are chosen. Committee?
The only phones Google sells, the Nexus line, are far from cheap. Otherwise they're simply a software, services and advertising company. . No threat to Apple unless you think so little of Cook and Company as to believe any old OS provider can put 'em under.
Nor was anyone else here in the room, yet no one seems to let that discourage them from offering their opinion.I wasn't the one to initially invoke DED as support for an argument. Seeing as someone else already had and Dilger is generally considered to be a rabid and unapologetic Apple fan with pretty good industry connections, if he came to those conclusions I think that speaks volumes in support of the claim Google did not set out to hurt Apple.Mr Jobs was set off when...
I disagree, and the financials back me up. I don't believe Apple has lost out on any revenue due to Google. On the contrary I believe Apple was the net beneficiary of having Google services on the iPhone. If Apple didn't believe that too they never would'a partnered with them. Google is not out to cause them any harm to them, nor have they IMO. It's a contrived argument used by fans of each platform. Makes good headlines tho.
You've mentioned that old search for a manual several times recently (what manual was it BTW? Just curious). Do you have any other example of something DDG found but Google could not?In my case I have much more success with Google Search finding the answers and links I'm looking for, as you probably have noticed. it's a lot faster to research with them too in my experience. I've tried DDG maybe a dozen times and for basic searches it's fine. For detailed stuff it's not as...
You're spot on. Apple is already crafting their copy of Google Now, and Siri combined with Spotlight will be a huge part of it. The old desktop search stuff isn't going to transition to mobile. The needs are different.
I didn't say the harm wasn't a problem. I said there was no harm in the first place, nor is it Google's intention to cause any. Feel free to disagree with actual pertinent examples of that harm that you believe Google is causing Apple so that we can discuss it. I didn't see any in that post.Teenager?? LOL! While Google may think I'm more than 10 years younger than I really am I don't think I've been carding age for quite some time.
Personally I wouldn't be surprised if Google encouraged it. They've got the EU breathing down their back on just that issue of app bundling in Android. By making sure some competitive services are pre-installed on handsets and not just Google stuff they may be able to diffuse it without the EU getting too involved. Seems it's never good for an American tech when they take an interest in what you're doing. The tech company is going to come out on the short end.
I wonder how many hundreds of billions more Apple could stash away in a bank unused if Android didn't exist. Gosh, they really are being hurt by Google. Hardly fair really to try and compete with a search and services company that doesn't sell hardware like you do.Now that you've brought to my attention and I've had time to think about it I bet if not for all the for all the competition from them in search, services and ads, Apple could have been the world's richest...
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