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Despite the denial Bloomberg confidently reports that Carney has been contacted by Apple about the PR opening. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-07-19/former-obama-spokesman-said-discussing-pr-job-with-apple.html
You must have skipped right over post 7 preceding yours.I've never trusted Samsung, nor thought Apple fans were wrong to distrust them either.
The OS for Android wear and the one for smart[phones/tablets is somewhat different.
Anyone thinking that Samsung is not going to try and take advantage of any business partnership or informal arrangement is simply foolish. IMO. Doesn't matter if it's Apple or Google. That's just what Samsung does, it's in their DNA. Google isn't stupid and knows Android without Samsung is the end result. In the meantime as much as possible they have to keep Sammy from hurting everyone else. as they walk out the door.
AFAIK Dickson didn't claim the part was sapphire. That assumption came from someone else, I believe Mr Brownlee.EDIT: In fact Mr. Brownlee is cited as the source of the sapphire display claim right in this AI article.
On a probably not related note there's a very in-depth and multi-graph picture of Apple's business and financials here. http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-presentation-2014-7?op=1 It looks like the type of report Sog would be interested in.
This might be a "Windows thing" as Lenovo isn't cutting any of their small Android tablet offerings. From another Apple fan site: "...the company’s Android efforts will continue. The computer maker currently offers five Android-powered slates under 10 inches on its website and it’s possible that these numbers could go up once its deal with Google comes to a close. It’s too early to determine exactly how big of an impact Lenovo’s decision will have on the tablet market as...
http://goo.gl/04pW3Thttp://www.forbes.com/sites/jaymcgregor/2014/06/14/latest-iphone-6-pictures-reveal-4-7-inch-and-5-5-inch-models/Sonny Dickson seems to be considered fairly reliable
Only the top of it as the padded and textured bottom side has no resemblance whatsoever to any Beats headphone IMO. No fan of Samsung myself but I don't see the design as a rip-off of Beats. The market focus and model line-up? Yeah, maybe.
New Posts  All Forums: