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In what way Mel? Apple stores CC numbers for iTunes yet I've never seen you post any worries about them being hacked. I assume you happily have one of your own credit cards on file with them. Google's servers are no less secure than Apple's AFAIK.
Swiping a credit card is one of the least likely ways to have your CC info stolen. If the banks, the issuers of your CC, weren't themselves being hacked . . .http://www.wired.com/2011/06/citibank-hacked/http://www.pcworld.com/article/2691912/jpmorgan-chase-attackers-hacked-other-banks-report-says.htmlhttps://www.yahoo.com/tech/4-things-chase-customers-should-do-in-wake-of-recent-99078736464.htmlFrom an article in today's news."Nearly 439 million records were stolen in the...
Really? If that's correct it's easier than I had read it was. Not requiring a PIN doesn't sound proper tho.
I believe you're a bit off base on how Google Wallet works.Instead I think it's:- Open Google Wallet- Enter PIN- Tap and pay using already set-up CC like AMEX or whatever.But yeah Apple has a more closed system so definitely better security for the processors and CC card companies. Touch ID is the difference maker.
Perhaps some car manufacturers were encouraged by the old TV show to dabble a little in K.I.T.T tech back in the day. Few people are aware that Mercedes did some development work on a smart key some twenty years ago. It included two-way voice functions for vehicle locking/unlocking, diagnostics, theft deterrence, various vehicle functions, etc. Don't know how far they got with it or whether they bothered patenting anything but in any event they seem to have been way ahead...
Thee's been smartphone apps available for a few years now that offer some of the same features. Yes, it might become something new for Apple themselves but the concept isn't new as the article mentions.
You mean like ApplePay is a POS system?
While here in the US most would consider them terrorists they may not be looked at that way everywhere.EDIT: There's no doubt in my mind that they should be classified as terrorists. Thanks TS.
Unsurprisingly Chinese Apple users, in concert with the recent roll-out of the new iPhone models there, are reportedly being targeted by the Chinese government in a classic man-in-the-middle ploy to access sign-in credentials. https://en.greatfire.org/blog/2014/oct/china-collecting-apple-icloud-data-attack-coincides-launch-new-iphone#9to5mac
No it was the association some people made with the "terrorist" group ISIS.
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