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Do you think consumers who don't typically wear expensive watches daily if at all will suddenly decide to do so because they want a computer on their wrist that will tell time? The watchmakers looking to integrate smart functions with fine timepieces depend on the well-heeled for their revenue, not Joe-consumer. They'll concede the low-end to techs as long as they can continue to appeal to the high-end. I think staying true to what brung'em to the party while integrating...
Again odd.Matching a watch with connected features is hardly the same as combining a tablet and a toaster. Both Apple and the Swiss are marrying tech and wearables but with different ideas on it.Apple/Moto/LG's idea is a computer on the wrist with watch functions. The Swiss instead are developing wristwatches with limited computer functions. Why won't the Swiss idea appeal to some fashion-first buyers? IMO the tech watches we've seen so far are hardly so fashionable that...
And what would that matter to the post I made? I noted some of the traditional Swiss watchmakers are taking a different tack with connected features and styling than the techs are, IMHO something that may make a lot of sense to buyers. You came back with a response that took issue with that but talking about what the sales numbers are as tho it shouldn't even be considered until sales numbers are known HUH? If you wanted to discuss what I wrote I would have expected...
What a strange response. Breitling, Tag Heuer, Guess and Bulgari are some of the traditional watchmakers melding traditional (or unique) designs with smartwatch functions and connectivity. I think you might be a Breitling kind of guy but I could of course have the wrong impression of you. Based on your recent replies to my posts that's certainly a possibility.
Note that traditional watchmakers are also developing connected smartwatches. They actually might be on to something IMO as they are generally eschewing apps on the watch itself to concentrate on notifications, fitness/health tracking and battery life. http://syndicate.details.com/post/intuitive-analog-inspired-smartwatches-by-vector-watch
All good points but it ain't gonna happen. EVERY tech with ad programs, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo etc, uses opt-in ad targeting as the default instead of opt-out. Why? Because they're in business to make money. Most users will never change settings so the default is darn important.
Perhaps smarter would be to put one on each side. It's irritating to wrap a charging cord around the opposite side and keep it out of the way. One on each side is the way to go.
Mozilla ain't happy about the default Win10 settings either. "Mozilla CEO Chris Beard has blasted Microsoft in a pair of posts to the organization's blog, arguing that Windows 10's default browser settings are a "dramatic step backwards" for respecting user choice. When people update their devices to Microsoft's new operating system, their default browsers are automatically changed to Microsoft Edge, the successor to Internet Explorer that's included with Windows 10....
I know the announcements were close together but I think the Pixel began shipping before the MacBook, "first to market". And you're correct, as often is the case the Apple product will be remembered as being first due to their very high profile. They have the power and influence to push the industry in any direction they wish for the most part, Thunderbolt perhaps being an exception.
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