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How about going a step further and signing on with Google Contributor? Help prove it's a viable means of supporting content creators and providers, reducing the importance of ad revenue for those folks.https://www.google.com/contributor/welcome/
Someone created it and was presumably paid for their expertise /talent, someone paid for the infrasrtucture needed to deliver it to your home, and whoever is viewing it there thinks it's worthwhile to spend time with.... But not worthwhile enough to pay much of anything for? I guarantee Apple will make money on it. and they're simply the end-provider rather than the creative. Surely most here don't think Apple should act like the record labels do: We'll make ours, you're...
IMHO people aren't as willing to pay for what they want content-wise as you may think. I recently "cut the cord" for cable. In my research on how to go about it I came across numerous questions about how to get certain pay services for "free", essentially stealing the content. In fact a recent article I read claims cord-cutters on the whole are a cheap lot, looking for any way possible not to pay for play.IMO not only are folks becoming less willing to suffer ads in...
Oh that's much better. Yahoo doesn't rely on ad revenue or do targeted ads.
It's a workaround provided by Apple. A lot of conclusion jumping going on in the thread.
Per TBell "To help lazy developers sidestep security protocols" ?
Apple says "App Transport Security is a feature that improves the security of connections between an app and web services. The feature consists of default connection requirements that conform to best practices for secure connections. Apps can override this default behavior and turn off transport security." Then discusses it.
Really??"Ahrendts used her own personal experience with her children to introduce a new Apple Watch sales tactic. Ahrendts told employees that the Apple Watch is “the greatest back to school item this year” as it can be used in the classroom without a teacher seeing, unlike with a larger iPhone. “I don’t think the teachers have caught on to the Watch yet,” Ahrendts said, adding that retail staff should tell students to “jump on it before the teachers do.”
Great find sir and I agree with you, it still applies today.
IDC did report "bad news" for Android OEM's back in May when they predicted an overall slowing China market but a fast-growing one for Apple. Their market share report back in February was also very positive for Apple and not-so-much for Android OEM's.I think that blog sites sometimes make market reports sound more negative than they really are hoping to get page clicks.
New Posts  All Forums: