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Those are the same arguments made in support of Chromebooks. I'd venture to say most home users don't do any more with their computer than what Fred Maxwell mentions.For the vast majority ease of use, fast boot times, malware-proofing and long battery life are a whole lot more important than whether it can efficiently run Photoshop. The new MacBook is more than most would ever need IMHO and makes a great choice.
Same bezel size on both devices, same physical display height. What you've not been considering is the Apple Watch along with other non-round smart watches don't have square faces as a rule. They're taller than they are wide which is not what you've been discussing. It should be easy to see that with two devices of the same height, one round and one rectangular, the round one may be able to show easier to see notifications depending on what's being presented. Isn't that...
Zenwatch (the rectangular one) - 1.63” AMOLED Moto 360 - 1.5" IPS LCD Depending on the content the data presented is larger on the smaller Moto 360 tho, so perhaps easier/faster to see at a glance than on a rectangular display.
Isn't this more informative than some of the guesses of what someone thinks it MIGHT look like? They're not that hard to find and it doesn't take more than a few minutes to do. Heck those make-believe mockups took longer than finding the real stuff.
The pixels aren't "wasted" anyway. That's not how Android Wear displays info on a round display, assuming the developer followed guidelines.A round display would actually have more left to right space for notifications I believe. Presumably Mr Applebaum just hasn't taken the time to look at how it's being done on actual devices instead of someone's mockup.
Sorry, I missed your earlier request. It was very early this morning when I read it. . . I think. Right of I don't remember it it was here, at 9-5, or maybe TechCrunch or where but I'll see if I can look back in my history and find it. The gist of it was that because scheduling has to be done so far out, particularly with venues, that sometimes Mr Cook has to announce/present things dictated by the time set aside/reserved weeks or months in advance rather than when the...
Motorola must be listening to you, or at least others with a similar opinion of the band. Reportedly they've changed it for the new model. The bigger problem is that Android Wear is nowhere near as capable today as iOS on the Apple Watch. Of course there's an upcoming Google event so perhaps they have some well-needed additions to reveal. Don't know.
As a rule Beats don't get kudos for quality sound do they? There may be a few bloggers/buyers that claim they're among the best but audiophiles don't seem to think so for the most part, at least the ones I've read. By the way you should watch the video if you haven't. It's really pretty good.
I'e been a bit surprised the supposed build cost of Beats headphones has never been mentioned here AFAIK. According to industry sources it as little as $14.http://allhiphop.com/2014/05/13/dr-dres-beats-by-dre-cost-an-estimated-14-to-make/But of course there's other costs involved too, with marketing/advertising/endorsements being the biggie and packaging surely not cheap either. Brownlee (an absolute great reviewer IMHO) does a very nice job explaining it.
I think we just read in another article that if Mr Cook had his 'druthers he might have delayed the release for awhile longer.
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