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Still with the NPE=Patent troll meme, one I don't ascribe to but you apparently do. Never mind then, the discussion is going in circles. Anyway, any comment on post 67?
It may be shitty as far as focusing the discussion but you still refuse to say whether RC or MOSAID is an NPE. No biggie as I'm nearly certain what your answer would be if you gave a straight one.
MOSAID's owners are practicing too.Anyway, which one of the Consortium's owners is building out a cable system?http://www.google.com/patents/US5471474And which one is setting up analog telephones for customers on their cable systems?http://www.google.com/patents/US6130893
\OK so you don't want to discuss NPE's and whether RC is one.
Oh, okay the maybe and might's argument.You confused Nortel with Novell. Search for yourself. You'll be more secure with the answer.
"In order to allow AdRoll and our Advertisers to reach the best inventory online, we work with third party advertising companies (our “Advertising Partners”) to help us recognize you and serve relevant advertisements to you when you visit a website or online service in their network. We also work with Advertising Partners who help us recognize you across different devices in order to show you relevant advertisements. Our Advertising Partners may collect information about...
Extortion. . . LOL. I'd ask for an example of their IP extortion but you don't have one.
But you didn't say either way if you believe RC is a Non-Practicing Entity. My guess is you do, not all that unlike MOSAID for instance.As for Google I'd call them many things if they knowingly joined in such an endeavor as Rockstar Consortium. Rockstar Bidco may have been OK as long as the ground rules on how the IP would be used were established in advanced.I don't see any circumstance where I'd support Google doing anything like RC.
So are all the patents used in lawsuits against Cisco, Google, and Time-Warner being practiced by the investors? If I'm reading you correctly and it turns out some of them are not then you would consider RC to be a troll?Curious too why when Bradipao or I say NPE you come back with patent "troll". It tends to direct the discussion in a highly negative direction when loaded terms like that are used.A really simple question then: Is RC a non-practicing entity, forget whether...
No idea if they use them. No doubt some of them do just as other companies no part of the group at all have licenses to use them. But the original bidders no longer control the ones being litigated. They belong to Rockstar Consortium and no single investor. RC is very plainly and by definition a Non-Practicing Entity, sometimes called a Patent Assertion Entity, or even a Patent Privateer. They are all at their core the same type of patent monetization company. one that's...
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