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...and spoken like a man who hasn't turned 50 yet.
You must be younger than 50. You'll change your definition of old.
Excellent all-around posts Marvin and to be honest I do share some of your privacy concerns. Thus my use of Ghostery, specific Facebook blockers and "guest browsing" on my Chromebook for sensitive searches. Curious to get your input on a couple of specifics.Facebook seems much more aggressive than Google in facial recognition and friendships to associate "you" with places and events where you would not have expected to be followed. What leads you to believe Google would...
Blah, just wanted to put a perspective on your posts. You nearly always mention Google as a privacy offender tho rarely mention others by name. Kudos to you for mentioning Acxiom prominently this time. Now for the perspective.What is Google's business model and what do they use profiles of you and me for? As far as I know the business model depends on ad revenue to support it's widely-used and extensive search products, and your anonymized "profile" serves to make Google...
They don't even have the option any longer.. Marvin's article pre-dates changes put in place by Google back in April
Seems a good deal for Spotify, Apple-owned Beats and Rhapsody. I'd imagine Google can deliver quite a few potential music buyers their way. Grouping them gives the whole segment a higher profile.
Nothing is wrong with it. The big guys know how the game is played and the little guys eventually catch on or give up.
Marvin, if you had checked into it a little more you probably woudl have noticed that both GMial scanning and ads had been completely removed as options in Google Apps for Education back in April. Of course it could have been due to pressure from education groups so good on them if that's what lead to the change, and good on Google if they arrived at the change of policy on their own. My guess is it took a little...
First they're not Google's Chromebooks. Second what source did you come actoss that gives you the confidence to state as FACT that the companies that do sell them are doing so for less than cost? Mind sharing it?As for ads I've no doubt that Google plans to serve ads to students when they become old enough. How do you suppose the costs or all the searches you've done in the past 24 hours are paid for? How do you suppose AI gives you a forum to release your pent-up anger...
You got it. Gaming the system.
New Posts  All Forums: