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I wonder how many hundreds of billions more Apple could stash away in a bank unused if Android didn't exist. Gosh, they really are being hurt by Google. Hardly fair really to try and compete with a search and services company that doesn't sell hardware like you do.Now that you've brought to my attention and I've had time to think about it I bet if not for all the for all the competition from them in search, services and ads, Apple could have been the world's richest...
Was that supposed to be examples of Google harming Apple? I seem to remember reading right here at AI that Google didn't mind offering TBT data to Apple for Apple's map app that used Google mapping. In return they wanted it branded as Google Maps somehow, and reportedly wanted to be able to log user travels (location data) as well. It wasn't that they refused to give Apple features they wanted if the reports are accurate. It was that they didn't want to do so for free....
How do they threaten Apple specifically?
Why is Google a threat to Apple? Honest question.What could Google possibly do to harm Apple and why would they want to?
There's also a "PageRank2" patent issued in 2006 and not expiring for several more years. Just sayin'...http://www.seobythesea.com/2006/06/pagerank-patent-updated/In addition Google is probably no longer relying on PageRank, having moved on since then.http://www.seobythesea.com/2014/12/replacement-pagerank/
Look at the privacy policy/disclosures to see how Facebook might be monetizing your members. I doubt it's out of the goodness of their hearts. Even here at AI Facebook follows you, and even if you aren't a Facebook member, tho you probably don't realize it. HINT: Search up the term "Facebook shadow profiles"
"Ever increasing competition".... What I don't get is why Google would want to harm Apple or their products in any way if they make so much money from services on their platform?? As it makes no sense why they would (unless someone here can explain it logically) it follows that they don't want to, nor have they IMHO.I doubt Apple has lost a single dime of revenue because of Google. Heck Apple sells every single smartphone, tablet and smartwatch they can possibly build and...
http://wwlp.com/2014/02/20/hidden-dangers-of-solar-panels/Probably more a case of education rather than a true danger in most cases.
Within days I'd assume the Hyundai Sonata will since Android Auto started shipping with it today and CarPlay was also promised. A Kia model or two should be close behind.
Cheaper even than the package they apparently got here in the US? Wow. The 2013 US loan agreement for stock buy-backs had incredibly low interest rates. EXECUTION COPY Apple Inc. $1,500,000,000 0.45% Notes due 2016 $1,000,000,000 Floating Rate Notes due 2016 $4,000,000,000 1.00% Notes due 2018 $2,000,000,000 Floating Rate Notes due 2018 $5,500,000,000 2.40% Notes due 2023 $3,000,000,000 3.85% Notes due 2043 Underwriting Agreement AprilĀ 30,...
New Posts  All Forums: