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Apple Watch? That was officially announced by Apple more than 6 months ago, well before a product was ready for market. Some information about it began leaking long before that. I remember some from last April with screenshots, hardly something Apple would not have had to sanction IMO.There's PR pieces from companies every day about upcoming products that are sometimes as much as a year away or more. Most big companies play that game when it's beneficial. Nothing wrong...
I think in the future you'll hear much less about Google devices/products until they're ready for market. They won't make as many big bone-headed PR mistakes like the way Google Glass was handled if Fadell is handling it, which according to articles he will in many cases.Even this robotics partnership wasn't outed by Google but instead mentioned in a Johnson & Johnson press release. picked up by the WSJ. I don't see where Google mentions it on any of their official blogs....
Unfortunately it isn't illegal to bypass your security settings. That's why "Do Not Track" is an abysmal failure with the setting widely ignored across the web.
I do have one surgery coming up in the next few weeks. Doubt J&J will be ready by then tho.
Perhaps reading is not your thing today?http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/185445/google-loses-uk-appeal-in-safari-cookie-tracking-case-could-face-trial#post_2698964You'e welcome to dispute the facts about anything I wrote by the way. Should I watch for your counter-points?
Avoiding Google won't prevent your web travels from being logged, and does nothing to keep your personal information safe from 3rd parties. Google is just one of the largest but not the only one and many of them really do sell your information to the highest bidder. Worse you get nothing of value in return.Tho you probably aren't aware of it there are over 50 70! trackers on this page alone that have nothing to do with Google but still follow you around collecting whatever...
With Apple's carrier contracts being scrutinized for anti-competitive practices in both Europe and North America some of those terms may be changing relatively soon.
Nope. Leave your ad tracking and data collection settings as is if you prefer. I couldn't care less either way.
It doesn't mean it's illegal to serve up targeted ads, even enabled by user search and/or tracking data, in the UK (or anywhere else) as long as it's properly disclosed. In the case of this particular Safari exploit it was not. Those who followed Google's advice would still have been open to ad tracking.EDIT: I think this is the very first time I ever got a thumb's-up from Disturbia.
From the earlier link:"Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that it has begun mass producing the industry's first three-dimensional (3D) V-NAND flash memory using 32 vertically stacked cell layers, which is its second generation V-NAND offering."
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