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Android is DOOMED
According to yet another rumor. Lacking anything official from a verified supplier or Apple themselves that's all any of it has amounted to. In any event it doesn't matter. The watches will be available for sale when they're ready, just as it's always been.
No that would be Jeb IMHO
The big labels may be pushing it but at least some of the little guys see it as a huge mistake to remove the ad-supported option. “Treating consumers like children and telling them that everything they’ve enjoyed about these streaming services is going to be taken away because the biggest record companies don’t like it, that’s another Napster moment,” quipped Charles Caldas, the CEO of Merlin Network."
According to Quanta, the Apple Watch manufacturer, they're now up to speed and running at full production on the "un-named" smart-watch. Little doubt they're speaking of Apple's product. http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20150515PD210.html
Counter to what some of us think it may not be the "little guys", independent musicians and songwriters, that have an issue with a streamer like Spotify. Could just be the big labels wanting to grab a bigger chunk for themselves.http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/permalink/2015/03/24/indie-label-head-major-labels-screwed-napster-theyre-screw-spotify
The more I think about it I believe this is a bogus rumor to begin with. Having bought DeCarta just a couple of months ago why would they now want Here too, and for $3B? No, IMHO this is simply a ruse put out by someone, probably Nokia, in an attempt to oil the bids.
This would be an interesting use of TouchID and perhaps be one of these incremental improvements that nonetheless attract buyers.http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/14/apple-explores-how-touch-id-input-could-be-used-for-ui-navigation/
I'd imagine most of us pay for music, movies, games, etc. I doubt there's a lot of thieves here. I still don't like to pay for blog content. I assume you have a subscription to AI then rather than taking advantage of the free ad-supported version?http://appleinsider.com/apps/ios/With Contributor you can do the same with a lot of popular sites.
Me a victim? Hardly. Never claimed to be either.
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