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On a probably not related note there's a very in-depth and multi-graph picture of Apple's business and financials here. http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-presentation-2014-7?op=1 It looks like the type of report Sog would be interested in.
This might be a "Windows thing" as Lenovo isn't cutting any of their small Android tablet offerings. From another Apple fan site: "...the company’s Android efforts will continue. The computer maker currently offers five Android-powered slates under 10 inches on its website and it’s possible that these numbers could go up once its deal with Google comes to a close. It’s too early to determine exactly how big of an impact Lenovo’s decision will have on the tablet market as...
http://goo.gl/04pW3Thttp://www.forbes.com/sites/jaymcgregor/2014/06/14/latest-iphone-6-pictures-reveal-4-7-inch-and-5-5-inch-models/Sonny Dickson seems to be considered fairly reliable
Only the top of it as the padded and textured bottom side has no resemblance whatsoever to any Beats headphone IMO. No fan of Samsung myself but I don't see the design as a rip-off of Beats. The market focus and model line-up? Yeah, maybe.
Next up? As an answer to Apple/Nike they'll roll out Samsung/Under Armour
Fair enough as I probably wouldn't take the time to do so either unless I already had an idea where to look.Anyway, as far as yours or anyone else's claim that Eric Schmidt was taking Apple secrets back to share with Google it's simply an urban myth with no factual basis. No one with Apple ever hinted at it, no blogger with connections to Apple ever hinted at it, and there's no evidence whatsoever that you or anyone else has offered other than he was "in the right place at...
When I read about this earlier today I thought it was a new "copycat" product that Samsung brought out after the Apple/Beats deal. I was mistaken. The Level series was introduced back in April, prior to any Beats purchase rumor. The news today was simply that the product will now be available in the US too. My bad. From an April review: "The Level Over is clearly the flagship: big, cushiony over-the-ear cans with a padded headband. I found them very comfortable. The...
Could you link an example or two of what you consider "omitting information" or where you've felt I've promoted an agenda rather than looking for the truth? Perhaps you've misread or perhaps you've found a legitimate issue in some instances. I'd like to know what they are.
Thanks. Both a helpful and polite response.
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