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I'd put my hopes in Google getting this tossed on validity grounds, giving Apple an out too. They've been very successful in litigation dealings with PAE's with a high success rate in getting patent claim dismissed. So many of these "software patents" should never have been issued in the first place, simply invalid to begin with when the details are examined. Google seems to be pretty good at ferreting out the bad claims.
It's becoming clear to me that software patents will be heavily hobbled, if not completely done away with, by SCOTUS. Even some high profile IP attorneys are recognizing that as an increasingly likely outcome.http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2015/01/09/a-software-patent-setback-alice-v-cls-bank/id=53460/
I think most of the earlier Android-wear based watches were rectangular rather than round (Moto was the exception), including LG's previous modelshttp://www.lg.com/us/smart-watches/lg-W100-g-watchTurns out the Moto round face sold better than any of the rectangular models. Thus no big surprise that when LG decided to offer a premium smart watch it was designed with a round face.
There are smart watches with round faces and smart watches with rectangular ones. Google's OS supports both. It's up to licensees to make their own design decisions and whichever they choose Google has the OS covered.
Where did you see one? I wasn't aware it was available yet.
Yes sir it is. Everyday is better than the one before. Can't wait until I can ditch Boost altogether, but according to my oncologists I'm way ahead of the curve already so it won't be long. Thanks for asking!
...and the hands go 'round and 'round. There's a reason rectangular-shaped watches aren't as popular as round ones. Watch hands don't travel in a rectangle.
There is no "Android watch". Google has an OS for wearables, but doesn't spec a watch design. BTW, LG announced a good-looking smart watch the other day.
According to Pebble the new Kickstarter funding program was more of a stunt to get attention as well as continue supporting their Kickstarter. They apparently didn't need to go this route.http://techcrunch.com/2015/02/24/pebble-hits-its-500k-kickstarter-target-for-pebble-tim-in-just-17-minutes/#wur2RQ:Yuphttp://techcrunch.com/2015/02/24/pebble-time/#wur2RQ:4Rs
$200 would hardly qualify for high end would it?
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