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Unless you own the Super Mario World cartridge isn't using an emulator to install and play it on your Apple TV technically IP theft? I seem to remember you making the point you thought accessing content using a VPN (ie paid NBA League Pass subscription) wasn't proper just a couple weeks back. Your use of an emulator seems more questionable than using a VPN. You're not paying Nintendo anything for their game are you?
LOL! I'm not sure what YOU'RE talking about.
The answer from a number of sites has been simply to deny access to users with an ad-blocker enabled. Certainly fair enough IMO. Suing the makers of apps that enable ad blocking is going too far. EDIT: AI's source, TechCrunch, includes this in the last paragraph: "Axel Springer is not the only publisher that’s taking a confrontational approach to dealing with ad blockers, The FT recently reported. U.K. newspaper City AM banned ad blockers from its website; U.K....
What "looks stupid" about it? It's very compact, simple, and unobtrusive, which I think a kiosk or open-market vendor would consider a plus.
The German conglomerate threatened Google with a lawsuit a couple years ago for not paying them everytime they showed up in a search result. Now this. At least they have a plan for replacing the lost revenue from print subscriptions.
Thanks for mentioning that. I wasn't aware.
I was paying a similar (but not quite that low!) discount rate. But now add in per transaction fees, annual PCI compliance fees, monthly terminal fees, monthly support fees, monthly "secure line" fees, IRS reporting fees. . . . Now take into consideration the number of days between the transaction and when it actually is deposited in your bank account.That 2.65% for Square with next day availability of the funds looks comparatively attractive for many smaller companies....
Some Christian(s) somewhere probably said that sometime tho I've never heard it said myself and suspect you never have either. I doubt you'd have trouble finding someone who doesn't' believe in a God in the first place having qualms about "those who should be let in the country" and under what conditions.Again you seem to have a fixation on organized religion, ignoring that the same actions may apply to those with absolutely zero connection to a religious belief.
What about my political beliefs, or my environmental views, or my health concerns? Can I support efforts to have those written into law whether you agree with my beliefs or not, just as long as I'm not "religious"?As proof of how ridiculously broad your brush is I might mention that I walked away from organized religion decades ago, and would more accurately describe myself at this stage in life as agnostic if I was forced to compartmentalize my belief. You tho assume I...
Ah, so it's not really religion that you have issues with, it's specific beliefs by some folks that also happen to have religious beliefs. As long as they're the "right" beliefs you don't have an issue with them.Gotcha. So why keep harping on religion when you have finally come around to explain it's only SOME religious folks so not really religion as a whole in the first place. Sounds like there might be some segment of atheists and agnostics who probably believe things...
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