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This article is a simple plain English argument against software patents.http://cplus.about.com/od/thebusinessofsoftware/a/patents.htm...and a bit more detailed argument against them:http://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/com/hearings/software/sanjose/sj_stallman.html
Fun fact connected to that. Many here probably remember the Apple notification sound "Sosumi" from back in the day. Yup, Apple wasn't supposed to create music per the Apple Music settlement. The name is a play on that.... "So Sue Me".
I think there's some special restrictions on selling significant shares of a publicly-traded company you exert management control of. He couldn't have sold them yesterday if he wanted AFAIK, insider trading and all that.
I agree. I think Mr. Jobs knew some of it was a bluff, and a well-played one to be sure. Of course some of the patent claims found invalid when asserted might have been a surprise to him.
Here in the US a high percentage of these "method" patents will be found invalid if used in a lawsuit. It's only been a relatively few years that software patents as a class were even considered patent worthy in the first place. Innovation happened just fine without them, with businesses and individuals somehow founding a way to profit from their ideas.
It's also been found to be unworthy of patent protection in England, Wales and Holland lawsuits. In fact the only judge of the 16 who have heard arguments and ruled on slide-to-unlock so far to not to find it invalid is the one some here like to hate on: Judge Koh.
Might you be confusing paid, actual cash went to the US government, with an obligation to pay if/when profits are transferred to the account of Apple US? In addition you almost certainly are aware that two of the three Irish subsidiaries have no tax obligations to anyone since they have no tax residency in any country. Theres's $10's of billions in profit you don't seem to be accounting for. It's tax-free money thru a creative and unique method of tax avoidance. There's...
Where are you accounting for Apple's undistributed foreign earnings, on which they don't record any tax obligations AFAIK? Last year alone they amounted to over $50B didn't they?
Source? I've not seen one that claims Apple actually paid more than 2%. I think I recall that Apple does not report tax obligations on profits they have no intention of bringing home, an amount north of $100B. Is that accurate?
Why would they repatriate most of it? They don't pay any taxes whatsoever on a big chunk of it so why pay some now by bringing it home, even at 10%?EDIT: FWIW your estimate that Apple has already paid upwards of 20% of their overseas tax bill is far higher than that from other professionals. How did you compute your figures out of curiosity?"At the end of its most recent fiscal year, Apple held an astounding $157.8 billion in profits offshore -- beating out all Fortune 500...
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