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Would you ignore personal attacks on the character of other members? Some do so as a matter of habit. Even well-respected and long time members have had accusations tossed their way by those with less tolerance of someone who doesn't agree with them 100%. In my opinion the forums are much better off that they were a few months ago. Room for improvement is always there of course.
Yes I can certainly understand your opinion but if the basis percentage is openly published and available for review, and consistently applied across the board including how cross licensing credits are determined I personally think it will pass legal muster just fine. In the case of Qualcomm it is AFAIK.Even Samsung, Intel and Broadcomm are subject to paying Qualcomm royalties for the applicable IP that runs their chipset. Buying from one of them instead won't avoid...
Qualcomm would disagree and in their particular case their patents (or the IP they control) covers a whole lotta components, in essence the basic ability to act as both a phone and a computing device, and not just some specific chipset. Without a license to Qualcomm properties I doubt there's any smartphone that could legally be sold in the marketplace, so separating a piece of hardware from the device functionality is tough. In addition they've always tied licensing to...
There's only two here that I personally consider going out of his/her way to simply be disagreeable much of the time. One is absolutely blindly pro-Apple (even going so far as to accuse other long-time Apple fans here of being trolls) while I can't really tell with the other on which side of the fence they graze. Certainly not several different posters a day like it was a few months back.
I see very few actual haters here anymore. Some of the membership has certainly been flushed in the past few weeks.
I think the mods here are more interested in considerate and thoughtful adult discussion than letting the egregious trolls run rampant. Letting a very few irritants hang around is a small price to pay for a more welcoming forum than what it was a few months ago.For a time some threads looked more like juvenile exchanges between teenagers on Facebook instead of a tech site that encouraged debate on the merits of an issue instead of the person. If a few can't handle being...
The "F" in FRAND doesn't apply only to licensees, but to the licensors as well in the opinion of the patent holders.Actually I agree with the IEEE rules changes. Those who did the actual work and made the investment are the ones that may not agree and thus choose not to play in the first place. Qualcomm is one of those that even Apple would be hesitant to challenge IMHO.
LOL! Ask and ye will NOT receive.
That's not what I see:https://duckduckgo.com/?q=The+app+store&ia=apps
The market as a whole is on a downward slide today.
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