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http://www.swatchgroup.com/en/services/archive/2011/swatch_group_signs_exclusive_license_agreement_with_liquidmetal_technologiesI'd forget about seeing either Apple or Swatch's actual contract tho.
More on Apple Pay security as it concerns the Apple Watch. http://tinyurl.com/prhbjjk "Apparently, the Apple Watch is going to use a PIN code to authorize Apple Pay, after which the device will remain authorized as long as it remains on your wrist. It accomplishes this using one or more of the sensors on the back of the watch, which can intelligently determine if you’ve taken it off. After you’ve taken it off, the watch is locked out from being to work with Apple Pay...
I thought that's the way other "wallets" like Google Wallet and PayPal Mobile worked too."Your actual credit card number is not stored. Only the virtual prepaid card is stored and Android's native access policies prevent malicious applications from obtaining the data. In the unlikely event that the data is compromised, Wallet also uses dynamically rotating credentials that change with each transaction and are usable for a single payment only."
http://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/This-Battery-Could-Charge-Your-Smartphone-In-30-Seconds-180951116/?no-istFrom zero to fully-charged in 30 seconds.Even teens are getting in on the battery inventiveness.http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/20/tech/whiz-kid/or how about charging an electric-car in 12 minutes instead of 4+...
+1Yeah, looking back on the first gen wearables a few years from now most will probably find things about them that sucked. Battery life will probably be one of 'em. Big deal, it's gotta start someplace. Most devices that follow will build on the good stuff from the previous version and then bring new things to the table. First gen's often have issues, big surprise. Wait until follow-up versions before passing judgment.
That's fairly obvious. Half the mobile market in the US is Apple devices. Now with Apple on board other mobile payment options have a much better chance at wide acceptance, Google's included. As I said earlier, a rising tide. . .
In the US it will be some time before NFC is widely available at checkout. Don't cut your cards up quite yet.
...at both companies.
Yup, poor choice of hardware IMO tho the overall 360 appearance is very nice IMHO. As usual followup versions should be a big improvement over the original.
If Mr. Cook can call the Apple Watch the iWatch yesterday. . .LOL!
New Posts  All Forums: