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The early reports indicate the problem isn't Irish tax laws but instead special agreements that avoided standard tax. Since the EU hasn't yet released it's findings, including documents and details outlining Apple's tax negotiations in Ireland, it's a bit early to say no one did anything they perhaps should not have. Give it another couple of days for the details to be published.FWIW Apple's special Singapore tax arrangements may be the more important ones with Chinese...
Well thanks! I'll post that on my fridge along with my new "Apple fanboy" tag from Junkyard Dawg. They both have the same importance to them AFAIC
If you read my answer to Anand my answer to you is right there too. How would anyone know? Neither party would permit any discussion about it IF it took place. But one answer to Anand's original query is obvious IMO.Now if the question is what possible concessions would China want I can think of a few. I'm sure you can too.
You asked what benefit China might have in delaying the approval. The obvious answer is to extract concessions. Whether they factually did or not and how anyone outside of Apple and China would know doesn't affect the validity of the answer.
Well Apple does try to creatively hide the camera bump in many of it's promotional shots, even photo-shopping it out in some. You could just do the same as Apple and pretend it isn't there when it bothers you.http://www.cultofmac.com/295927/apple-ashamed-iphone-6s-protruding-camera-lens/I'm kinda with Gruber tho: Just own it, and proudly. It's there for a good reason.
You know what TS? I've had that same feeling about one particular poster. Mentioned it to Marvin as a matter of fact.
Hmmm. . . I actually hadn't thought along those lines but if you are correct then sitting your 180 lb body down on an unforgiving chair with your iPhone in your back pocket would seem to be very capable of causing a permanent bend. Did I miss something?My son-in-law typically carries his LG something in his back pocket when he does flooring so pretty sure it gets sat on regularly too.
New Posts  All Forums: