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Wonder why? The print option certainly is there on consumer Chromebooks.
As someone who did his post-treatment (3 month out) PET scan for cancer yesterday and got a....;CANCER-FREE RESULT!! I think I'm qualified to comment.In my case both of my oncologists will readily admit that my upbeat positive attitude led to a better outcome than most of my other "classmates". What did I do different? I ignored all mention of unpleasant or even debilitating side effects from radiation and chemotherapy. I was informed that radiation would cause bleeding...
A question for you you to ponder....I'm siting here visiting my favorite sites, signed in to my Chrome-browser on my Chromebook. Can't get any more Googley than that. My son asks to borrow the Chromebook for a few minutes and looks at who knows what. Noticed his girlfriend took it for a couple minutes to play a particular video she wanted him to see. Then my wife looks up a med issue one of her clients is experiencing so as to be more familiar with it. Now I get the...
They've done so in similar circumstances before with Toysmart and Borders bankruptcies coming to mind. There was also intervention when XY Magazine bellied up. This also came up a few days ago.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/186261/apple-intervenes-in-radio-shack-sale-in-effort-to-protect-customer-data#post_2723350
For the interested few Kara Swisher interviewed Obama on this topic a few weeks ago. In essence he says he's a strong proponent of privacy and encryption but at the same time notes there's instances where it's essential for law enforcement to access user data in cases of terrorism and/or national threats. More to read here: http://recode.net/2015/02/15/white-house-red-chair-obama-meets-swisher/
It's actually Mattel's new View-master using Google Cardboard tech. Makes sense, huh?
Too many episodes?
Auto-correct I assume?
His explanation of the patent issues to his fellow jurors might have been off-base but a retrial because of it sure wasn't in the cards.EDIT:A couple of the questions Mr. Hogan answered for the media concerning the case after the trial was concluded:Did you have the opportunity to ask "Is this something that should be patentable?" during the trial?Velvin Hogan answered:"No, however it was not the function of this jury to ask that. We were bound to use the law as it is...
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