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At it's essence wouldn't the Apple Watch itself be an expensive iBeacon? Not what I was originally referring to of course..
Very nice write-up Soli. The first time I've seen it explained so clearly.EDIT: That brings up one question, and you probably know the answer. I remember some mention during an Apple interview of iBeacons, Bluetooth/NFC and the Apple Watch but can't remember the exact context. Would using an Apple Watch (or iPhone with Apple Pay), then make you potentially "indentifiable" to a retailers beacons? If so could that be the sugar to make it palatable to some of the big...
Will iBeacon have any uses with Apple Pay?
Yeah pretty sure they did file for a patent on a method of laminating sapphire to a glass substrate. I don't believe they have actually been issued one tho. Could be wrong. There's other Apple patent applications involving sapphire.EDIT: Here ya go.http://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/displays-sapphire/Pretty much covers it all. Note that Hon-Hai was reported to have done a test assembly of a few dozen sapphire-screen Phones at Apple's request. The report went on...
Bose has asked that it's patent lawsuits against Beats be dismissed at both the District Court and ITC. That would presume some monetary settlement has been arrived at, perhaps on a royalty basis, but AFAIK the parties have not (and may not ever) offer more details.
The comments were intended for the bankruptcy judge and were offered to support GTAT's agenda so of course they would paint Apple's contract terms in a less than favorable light. It does not mean GT didn't go into this with eyes wide open. This is just legal maneuvering as would be expected, an attempt to come out with as many assets and and the wiggle space to make use of them as possible. The comments weren't for a public audience.
IMO with Apple now committed to mobile payments, and with a secure framework that the processors and banks are comfortable with, other mobile platforms will soon become part of the same payment canvas too. There was never going to be a general consensus until Apple was on board with their millions of dedicated users. Now the others like Android and WinMo, Verizon and PayPal, will be forced into playing by the same rules and using the same secure token methods. They really...
While some might think this Burger King promotion was a series of simple mistakes it still seems terribly apropo considering Samsung copyist claims. LOL!http://tinyurl.com/n6bl57h
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