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Cue the "head-em off at the pass" posts from the usual suspects. . .Just kidding you Newton.
We're both in agreement AFAICT
So... Are you saying iPhones are the root cause of the flat luxury watch market? Or are you somehow making another connection between luxury goods and iPhones in general? The point you think you're making isn't entirely clear.
IF there was ever such an article claiming Google was trying to destroy the iPhone with Moto patents, which I personally doubt, it would have been a dumb one. My guess is your memory is faulty. Google has never said, much less ever attempted to do anything to harm Apple's iPhone. On the contrary they go to great lengths to extend their services (and revenue sources) to MULTIPLE platforms, especially Apple's. It would make no business sense to do otherwise. So why buy Moto...
I guess the many of the earlier leaks showing what the back of the new 6P look like weren't very accurate. The bump-out isn't as pronounced as it's been assumed. This video shows it much better ...and a 5X hands-on.
Interesting story out today that puts the whole "Google is out to beat Apple" meme in perspective. Following on the heels of Spotify announcing an app for Google's Chromecast comes word of Apple being invited by Google to do the same and bring Apple Music to the little streamer. http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/google-asked-apple-music-to-support-chromecast-audio
...and Tag does appreciate Apple proving the market will support premium smart-watches.“We were a little bit concerned about the price, because we’re going to sell it at $1,800 … and now we are quite reassured because Apple is telling us we can sell at $1,500 or even more,” (CEO, Jean-Claude Biver) said. “I’m very, very pleased.”
Is Tags' sales slump being attributed to the Apple Watch? Not according to Tag. They say China's economic issues are the problem, which would make sense. China is reportedly the world's largest market for luxury watches, even bigger than the US. That's not to say the Apple Watch didn't have some impact too, it might, but China's problems are likely the big issue.
If a lockscreen hasn't been set yes they could. Believe it or not a lot of folks don't bother with passcodes and other unlocking methods. I only recently set up unlocking myself and only because my phone is occasionally used for tap-n-pay. Otherwise I'm not concerned about keeping it locked.
In practice I personally doubt that will be a problem. The dimple on the back may be placed where your fingers would normally land, making it a non-issue. If it's not where it belongs and convenient to the user you'll see the complaints about it soon enough.
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