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Correct. That's stated in the source article.
Nope. Unless it's changed this is going to be the next goldmine for NPE's. Lawsuits are already in the works. Based on the law as it's been interpreted if a single icon out of hundreds on Apple's MacBook Air were found to be infringing on someone's lawfully awarded design patent the owner would be entitled to Apple's entire profit on MacBook Airs. Not simply a portion attributable to the interface. All of it. According to the Appeals Court ruling there would be no choice...
Go here and sign out of Google ads then. It's not hard.https://www.google.com/settings/u/0/ads/authenticatedYou may still see some but at least the targeted ones won't be from Google. You can also sign out of their cookie tracking altogether if you like.https://www.google.com/settings/u/0/ads/plugin?hl=enYou act like you have no choice in the matter. You'd think with all the smart folks here someone could have told you how to do it if you couldn't find it for yourself....
The OP was talking about Apple FUD. That's taken care of here as soon as it starts. Google FUD on the other hand. . .Mention Google here and you and others are there like a ferret up a trouser leg. (Oh sorry, new cliche needed) like rats up a sewer pipe.(edit: don't like that one either) faster than a rabbit.(nah) like ticks on a dog.
You think there's some lack of assistance here? As for myself I think I do remember stepping in a couple of times when inexplicably IMO no one else chimed in right away. I've not seen any Apple FUD that hangs around here long so I think we all have it covered.
Hey I get where you're coming from and completely understand. Don't give up a good piece of FUD without a fight eh? Stay strong my friend.
'll guess you were jesting but for the benefit of casual readers:Google doesn't allow health data to be used nor even collected for advertising purposes. It's just one of several things Google says can't be used, regarded as off-limits sensitive personal information. Other verboten categories include:-interest or participation in adult activities (including alcohol, gambling, adult dating, pornography, etc.)-sexual behavior or orientation, such as sexual orientation...
Never saw that detailed before. Not even sure Apple breaks things down that much. Where did you find the profit data by segment from Google?
I don't know they make any income from data-mining. They don't sell data AFAIK. That's would be more in line with businesses like Claritas or Acxiom. The second one has been mentioned here before but you probably never heard of health data aggregators such as Claritas or companies like them. You probably should if health privacy is a concern of yours, which it may not be.Agreed that all but about $1.7B in this last quarter came from advertising services so Anant is pretty...
Is it plausible that some folks don't need any evidence before tossing vague denigrations around as tho they're fact?
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