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You got it. Gaming the system.
Excellent informational post as usual Relic.For Sog's benefit here is a sample Google Apps for Education agreement.https://www.csd509j.net/Portals/1/Student/GoogleStudentAgreementForm.pdf
My Prime experience is quite different from yours. It's rare not to get an order within 2 days and I've even recently had Amazon arrange for free Saturday delivery when their product didn't ship until Friday when it was supposed to go out Thursday. In fact isn't free 2 day shipping one of Primes' perks? I know I've saved hundreds on shipping so far.
I think it's that they game the system now to get them approved in the first place. Ever curious why a patent applied for in say 2009 or even earlier doesn't get approved until 2014?
OMG. . . YOU'RE RIGHT.... What's going to happen to them someday when they become a consumer and see an ad for something they might be interested in?? Might as well shoot 'em now and save them the horror.Anyway, apparently you chose to overlook the fact that 5 year olds don't have ads aimed at them by Google per both their Privacy Policy and The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) mentioned to you by MStone. So Google would not be putting together an...
There were three different patents cited as prior art and covering all but a couple of claims. The only claim at issue in Apple's '172 infringement assertions in the Apple Samsung case was Claim 18. It's been found to be anticipated by both U.S. Patent Number 6,801,190, referred to as "Robinson" in the filings and International Patent Number WO 2005/008899 which is referred to as "Ng".FWIW those are the same patents (plus one other) that Samsung brought up to Judge Koh...
While that would seem both fair and logical it's not how it works. Damages and/or royalties paid on a patent claim that's later found invalid won't get refunded.
Wow. So Apple is really screwing over the schools districts then since a student can get in on one for just $400? That down't sound like Apple.
I think you might be a few hundred off based on the deal offered to the LA school district."The iPad rollout in the L.A. Unified School District (LAUSD) just got a whole lot more expensive.According to a new report from the Los Angeles Times, the revised school budget for LAUSD shows that each iPad will cost about $100 more than the previously reported price of $678. The new price per iPad is now $770.."Chromebooks even including the $30/device administration fee can still...
New Posts  All Forums: