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Being free on the service doesn't mean the artist can't be paid does it? If Youtube can I'm sure Apple could come up with a little something during the "free" three months.
No sir, from appearances they're paid by Youtube whenever their music is played. They even have their own channel.
I didn't say anything about seeing Apple Watches in McDonalds. In fact I've yet to see one in the wild tho no doubt there are millions of them out there.
It's only flaw? Sometimes things are really "only about Apple". If it makes you feel better to drag Android in to over other issues that's OK too. All OS'es have issues including security related ones. There's no perfect ones If there were you wouldn't need updates.
Android isn't exposed in the same way because of different sandboxing methods than Apple uses. In Android each app has a unique ID helping to keep them isolated from each other. Apple uses a bundled ID derived from your AppleID along with shared credentials. Android doesn't use shared credentials. That sharing is what led to this particular problem. Because it's a basic design feature of Apple's OS I can understand why it may be difficult to fix.And yes Android has it's...
Where did you read all that Matrix? As soon as Google bought Youtube they began programs to see that IP rights were honored, something the previous ownership did not do. Read up on ContentID, begun in 2007, and have a look at YouTube's policies on copyrighted properties. Perfect? Far from it but it doesn't mean they turn a blind eye to copyrighted works and assume anyone "has the right for a film or song". If anything Youtube is accused of running a "guilty until proven...
I don't really understand why Apple feels they can't pay the rights holders for those three months tho. It's Apple's promotion and not the labels/artists. There's other streaming services that offer extended "free" rope-em-in trial periods that still pay the right's holder AFAIK. Never mentioned in regard to any other streaming service that I read.
Torrent? That was meant as a joke, right? Cute.
If the service is successful it will be for many of them. That's assuming they're all still performing/recording a year from now. Some number of them won't be, missing out on the opportunity to "strike while the iron is hot" so to speak because they made zilch from the biggest streaming service of all for three months. Apple will be here long after they're gone and still making millions on subscriptions every month.By the way most streaming services are paying more in...
Why does Apple quibble about three months of royalties? It's for Apple's benefit isn't it, so as not to have much in the way of out-of-pocket expenses while they work out the kinks and see how initially successful it is before committing to more promotion.
New Posts  All Forums: