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Next up? As an answer to Apple/Nike they'll roll out Samsung/Under Armour
Fair enough as I probably wouldn't take the time to do so either unless I already had an idea where to look.Anyway, as far as yours or anyone else's claim that Eric Schmidt was taking Apple secrets back to share with Google it's simply an urban myth with no factual basis. No one with Apple ever hinted at it, no blogger with connections to Apple ever hinted at it, and there's no evidence whatsoever that you or anyone else has offered other than he was "in the right place at...
When I read about this earlier today I thought it was a new "copycat" product that Samsung brought out after the Apple/Beats deal. I was mistaken. The Level series was introduced back in April, prior to any Beats purchase rumor. The news today was simply that the product will now be available in the US too. My bad. From an April review: "The Level Over is clearly the flagship: big, cushiony over-the-ear cans with a padded headband. I found them very comfortable. The...
Could you link an example or two of what you consider "omitting information" or where you've felt I've promoted an agenda rather than looking for the truth? Perhaps you've misread or perhaps you've found a legitimate issue in some instances. I'd like to know what they are.
Thanks. Both a helpful and polite response.
Clicking on the 'supported devices" link gives this.iPadiPad (iOS v5.1.1 or higher)iPad 2 (iOS v6.1.3 or higher)iPad 2 3G (iOS v6.1.3 or higher)iPad 3 (iOS v6.1.3 or higher)iPad 3 3G (iOS v6.1.3 or higher)iPad 4 (iOS v7 or higher)iPad Mini (iOS v6.1.3 or higher)iPhone iPhone 3GS (iOS v5 and above)iPhone 4 (iOS v5.1and above)iPhone 4S (iOS v6.1.3 and above)iPhone 5 (iOS v6.0.2 and above)iPod (iOS v5.0.1 and above)KindleKindle Fire HD 7", 8.9" and 10"Kindle Fire HDXMicrosoft...
The articles author was unsure on that point."There is no word yet on whether subscribers will be able to use Apple's AirPlay technology to stream games on their television from an iOS device. Current versions of the Sunday Ticket app are not AirPlay-enabled, but it is possible that the new subscription packages will change that."
Do you get bonus points for every insult you deliver? If so you're making a killing. If you had bothered to read my post at all before spouting off you would have seen these as the first 5 words:"If it's not Airplay compatible".You get your dander up much too easily.
Then you obviously won't need to use a Chromecast. Unlike you the article's author was not sure if it will be compatible with iOS and Airplay or not, thus the OP's question. Fortunately we have you to clear it all up.
Under requirements: "Download and install FlashPlayer10"
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