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Why would it be dumb for a family? Apple offers it as a feature for your personal MacBook Air? I understand why it might look dumb from Apple's business perspective, or your investor view.
5.1.1, which is the version he referenced on his Nexus 4, a year old?? Hardly. It wasn't even announced until April this year AFAIK. The Nexus 4 running it was intro'd almost 3 years ago now, Oct/12. Even the previous version 5.1 wasn't announced until March this year. I swear sometimes you appear to be making stuff up assuming no one will notice.http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/03/google-officially-announces-android-5-1/
Proclaiming the iPad to be the post-pc world event was a bit premature wasn't it? IMO tablets in general are not quite as "needed" as some of us thought, including myself.
See post 128. Most Android devices would not permit "full-control" according to the security researcher reporting on on it. Details aren't really known other than between Google, the OEM's and the researcher. Those details will probably hit the news after the 5th of August.
I don't think Google ever said Nexus devices older than 2 years would not get any updates. You may be misreading it. I thought there was a mention once that they were only guaranteed updates for 18 months tho even that might not be accurate.Just as a note according to the researcher, on the devices that are exposed to the exploit:"In general the attackers will get access to the microphone, camera and the external storage partition, but won't be able to install applications...
Not mentioned is GoPro recently announced a system of their own, already available for shipping to developers. AR is going to be the "next big thing".
To be more accurate If the security researcher who discovered this is correct only 11% of Google Android handsets have a significant exposure. There's not much it can do in handsets with Jellybean or better. But of course those old handsets are the ones least likely to be updated so it's still a potentially very troubling problem. After the upcoming Blackhat conference there will no doubt be more details appearing on the blog sites.
If all new Apple features can't be installed on ALL iPhones with an OS update it doesn't mean that iOS didn't have new features. Same with Play Services, bypassing carriers and OEM's. Despite your inferences or claims to the contrary it can take care of many security issues/enhancements and feature updates for nearly every Google Android handset in use. Just not ALL security issues/enhancements and feature updates....Just "like I've been saying for years now".
Extremely doubtful it would have avoided the news if it happened as I'm sure you agree but won't acknowledge. It would be the perfect clickbait.IMHO this may be similar in danger to the supposed iOS keychain exploit that reportedly would expose nearly every iPhone to bad guys. Strangely reports of actual iPhones being taken over are non-existent. Malware stories make great page-view attractants tho.http://www.cultofmac.com/326567/mac-ios-malware-vulnerability/
Due to "Stagefright"? Apparently no one (yet?). FWIW the webview exploit AI reported months ago that supposedly exposed 900M Google Android smartphones to attack hasn't actually resulted in any attacks either. If it had compromised even a few handsets it would be all over the news.
New Posts  All Forums: