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Fixed it for 'ya
Shoot the messenger time again I see.I can't even find that specific quote Eric. I don't think I ever used those words. The closest I saw is this:"Every Google Android device with 2.3 and above (that's pretty much all of them) have received security updates even if the OS itself is still an older version. Security and feature updates can come directly from Google via Play Services and have." I didn't see the wording you supposedly quoted right off so please link it.In no...
Nope. I'm suggesting that users of the iPhone 6s, Samsung S6, LG G4 and other larger screen smartphones are finding they cover the use profile for a tablet too in a lot of cases. Buying a tablet becomes redundant and unnecessary IMHO. It wasn't so much we all needed a tablet. We just "needed" something with a screen larger than 4".
My Moto X is running the most recent Google Android version, 5.1.1, updated directly by Motorola and bypassing my carrier. I'd also guess that saying Nexus models make up 1% of active devices is way overstating it. They aren't intended to be big sellers, instead used to intro new Android hardware and OS builds for premiering features
Forgetful? Hardly. You're just making it up. I've NEVER claimed all security issues can be handled via Play Services. Pretty sure I challenged you the last time you said this to prove you weren't making it up by linking to a specific post, any post. Of course you couldn't then and you can't now. Not nice to be dishonest Eric.
I already told you how I understood it. You're the one harping on claiming Google said no updates after 2 years, then changing the claim to three years. I'm just trying to find out where your got that from.If you're guessing or just made it up then say so. If that came from Google then post the link. Maybe you're right, but repeating it over and over if you're not isn't being helpful or honest.
Take a look at this iOS app. I think you'll find it fun, or at least interesting as a proof-of-concept. Nothing special required other than your iPhone.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/google-spotlight-stories/id974739483?mt=8
Wait... so is it the two years you claimed it was or three years that you've now changed it to? Or is NOT a bright line in the first place where Google says you won't get another update? Where is this Google announcement that three year old devices will never get another update?
Oh, I agree with that. IMO it's not due to the iPad, which is what the original Jobs comment is attributed to isn't it whether that was his intent (which I don't think it was)?
We may not have seen the last of it. Still premature IMO.
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