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It's a workaround provided by Apple. A lot of conclusion jumping going on in the thread.
Per TBell "To help lazy developers sidestep security protocols" ?
Apple says "App Transport Security is a feature that improves the security of connections between an app and web services. The feature consists of default connection requirements that conform to best practices for secure connections. Apps can override this default behavior and turn off transport security." Then discusses it.
Really??"Ahrendts used her own personal experience with her children to introduce a new Apple Watch sales tactic. Ahrendts told employees that the Apple Watch is “the greatest back to school item this year” as it can be used in the classroom without a teacher seeing, unlike with a larger iPhone. “I don’t think the teachers have caught on to the Watch yet,” Ahrendts said, adding that retail staff should tell students to “jump on it before the teachers do.”
Great find sir and I agree with you, it still applies today.
IDC did report "bad news" for Android OEM's back in May when they predicted an overall slowing China market but a fast-growing one for Apple. Their market share report back in February was also very positive for Apple and not-so-much for Android OEM's.I think that blog sites sometimes make market reports sound more negative than they really are hoping to get page clicks.
Which companies specifically would those be?
There's not just one Google patent involving audio and bone conduction. There's dozens of 'em, most fairly recent but some going back aways. Seems to be an important research area for them.https://www.google.com/search?tbo=p&tbm=pts&hl=en&q=bone+conduction+audio+inassignee:Google&num=10&qscrl=1&gws_rd=sslApple's most recent filing is not their only one...
Well of course ideas are not patentable. Ideas have NEVER been patentable. The SCOTUS ruling didn't change it. What it did do was begin roping in the runaway patenting of methods and processes "on a computer" which IMO should not have been allowed to begin with. The USPTO is now changing its examination of those types of patents because of recent judicial actions.So absolutely yes, courts are increasingly leaning towards restricting the patentability of software just as I...
I'm afraid you are incorrect.http://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=56c7a189-e138-4016-85dd-16d3e90a7322It's not the first time the USPTO has been found to be "doing it wrong" and probably won't be the last.EDIT: Keep an eye on the Planet Blue case. Unlike simple business method patents this case involves very specific and "tangible" claims rather than anything abstract. Yet the District Court has already ruled the patent claims to be ineligible. It's now in appeal...
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