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They actually consider Google in the same small and elite group as Apple and Facebook, saying Google is matching Apple in the deployment of renewable energy. The report is a bit confusing to me at least.
According to financial data I've read Elon Musk owns 35,001,294 shares of the total 125.76M outstanding as of Jan. 1st.
If the reasoning is unclear Marvin has made several excellent posts on the subject. Here's a couple of the better ones if you missed it.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/186123/eu-delays-judgement-on-apples-irish-tax-deal-as-discovery-proves-time-consuming/80#post_2720631http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/186171/worst-case-scenario-from-irish-tax-changes-could-reduce-apples-annual-earnings-by-10#post_2721219Irish incorporated companies should pay Irish corporate taxes, and...
Update via TechCrunch: Due to an increase of stupidity and childishness Google has taken the extreme step of shutting down Map Maker for now. No big surprise probably that just a few folks are able to ruin a otherwise valuable service, particularly in 3rd world countries where accurate and needed maps had been unavailable. http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/11/google-shuts-down-map-maker-following-hacks/#.zcup57:9C1L
Just based on what I've read here and there if Musk was to sell Tesla I don't think his preference would be to Apple.
You're right. A loophole would be more along the lines of discovering a way to avoid taxes altogether by creating a series of companies and property transfers that results in not being tax resident anywhere in the world. That wouldn't be adhering to the "spirit of the tax laws" if it were to happen, right?
Ireland once had a significant share of the world-wide computer manufacturing/assembly market. In the latter 90's even Apple decided to outsource the production that had been done in their Cork factory, first to LG in Wales and then to Foxconn in China. I don't know what's changed economically for it to now make sense to move production back to Ireland. Perhaps by producing the actual product there and not just transferring IP there will be a tax advantage? It looks like...
Do you have a suggested solution?
Mueller offered his view on Ericsson's EU filings today. In essence says it's not time for Apple to be overly concerned about it. http://www.fosspatents.com/2015/05/how-much-leverage-will-ericsson-gain.html
Thanks. I missed that.
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