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If a lockscreen hasn't been set yes they could. Believe it or not a lot of folks don't bother with passcodes and other unlocking methods. I only recently set up unlocking myself and only because my phone is occasionally used for tap-n-pay. Otherwise I'm not concerned about keeping it locked.
In practice I personally doubt that will be a problem. The dimple on the back may be placed where your fingers would normally land, making it a non-issue. If it's not where it belongs and convenient to the user you'll see the complaints about it soon enough.
Heck, the Moto X doesn't even need that. Wave your hand over it, no button press required.
A fingerprint scan won't be required for wake AFAIK. The traditional unlock methods (or no lock at all) still work. Android Pay may well require it tho.EDIT: Here's better info on your question about unlocking and notifications:"The natural starting point is the lock screen, which shows more information and now offers quicker access to the camera and voice search. Double-tapping the power button brings up the camera app. Swiping up and in from the lower-left of the screen...
Ars also has a related article discussing overseas US surveillance and the EU's response.http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/09/us-desperately-defends-safe-harbour-scheme-says-it-never-uses-indiscriminate-surveillance-on-eu/
Every report I've seen says Sammy and TSMC split A8 production for the 6 and 6+. Here's one from here at AI:http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/23/samsung-still-reportedly-supplying-40-of-apple-a8-chips-for-iphone-6-6-plus
Ran across a pretty interesting article on IBM's Watson and where it's headed. There's a lot of conveniences (but some reduced privacy) coming up that we'll probably just take for granted at some point as tho we've always had them. It's a brave new world. ....
Sometime this week Google is reportedly matching Apple's offer with a family plan for up to six at the same $15/mo. My guess is the labels are having to sign off on these plans? Not certain.
Great explanation.
From a little over a year ago...http://www.wsj.com/articles/foxconn-aims-to-fashion-its-own-brands-1403907564
New Posts  All Forums: