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...or if you're in the other camp they may be saying "suck on this".
Since when did surprised=excited? And you truly think it's a "moderate software update" for Android devices. If you considered iOS7 & 8 moderate too I suppose.Moving from a 32 bit to a 64-bit OS now unified across smartphones, tablets, TV and auto, and delivering more useful notifications, added lock-screen security options, automatic encryption of user data, much-improved power management, multiple user profiles on the same smartphone (those with young children will like...
I don't think Nexus device owners wait for carriers to roll out OS updates. Those are the only ones I was referring to.
A bit surprised that Android5.x Lollipop will be coming to the old Nexus 4's and original Nexus 7 (2012). I thought Google had considered 18 months as the update limit ( I read that here IIRC), but apparently that's not accurate. That old Nexus 7 is more than two years old now, dating back to June of 2012. I still have that one, dragging it out once in awhile for reading magazines. Still not sold on the need for tablets, personally preferring devices with attached...
Qualcomm has been shipping 64-bit chipsets that have already appeared in Android handsets. Oddly they chose to start with low and mid-grade chips like the 410 and 610. Perhaps Qualcomm had little faith in their early designs?http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/35902-snapdragon-615-610-and-410-can-run-android-l-64-bit
Both stock Android and iOS take roughly the same space.
Could be which is why I asked. Since you din't dispute the Nexus 9 is using a 64bit chipset with 64-bit Android L I suppose you have no dispute with that one.
No they're not secret accounts at all, Apple has mentioned them before. They're technically owned by the stateless AOI (ASI), with the money controlled by Braeburn, Apple's Nevada-based investment arm. It's not at all uncommon for foreign countries and corporations to keep their money in the relative safety of US-based accounts. All perfectly legal.According to testimony in last years congressional look at Apple's tax strategies:"AOI has no owner but Apple. AOI has no...
For the time-being perhaps. That Dallas factory is closing the end of this year.
Nexus devices are never meant to compete with OEM's. You also mentioned Motorola which Lenovo has already committed to purchase.
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