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Centimeter accuracy may be right around the corner tho, using the same GPS chips we do now. :Look into GRID.
Traffic: If you're physically moving (for example, traveling in a car), your iOS device will periodically send GPS locations and travel speed information in an anonymous and encrypted form to Apple, to be used for augmenting a crowd-sourced road traffic database.Popular Near Me: Your iOS device will periodically send locations of where you have purchased or used apps in an anonymous and encrypted form to Apple to improve a crowd-sourced database. This database may be used...
As you suggested your "frequent locations" stays on your device instead of being sent to Apple. That does not mean when traveling to the "frequent location" that your your travel data is not being sent to Apple in an "anonymized" form tho. Two different things, and FWIW it's been shown repeatedly that anonymized data does not necessarily remain anonymous. When combined with 3rd party info it's not hard to figure out exactly who you are. Note tho that when they're...
News out this morning of a potential issue that could affect nearly all Android handsets in use. It takes advantage of a media feature in the OS itself. Apparently Google sent out updates in April to the OEM's but it's not clear which if any have actually pushed out the patches. That might explain a recent and unexpected Moto update couple weeks back and why an ATT one is delayed due to a last minute change. Others may be doing the same. While Google can do a fix for...
There have supposedly been other Chinese knockoffs that ran iOS, iOS7 on at least one according to news reports last year assuming it was accurate. This particular phone even had a "Touch ID" button, It did unlock the phone when touched, just not using a fingerprint to do it.
They do have verified purchase reviews. Read a couple of them. Looks like software is the major issue. Like Mel I'm impressed they can do the hardware for a price that low. Have the chipsets/innards really dropped in price that much? Shocked to be honest.
Valued at $460 US each? Gosh, they may have made more profit from "stealing iPhone designs" than some Android licensees.
Republic Wireless was offering such a plan too at one point. I didn't search to see if they still do.
You are quite welcome. Even students can be teachers.
New Posts  All Forums: