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The initial build of most products could benefit from improvements, and they generally do if there's a v.2. From the Moto forums it seems there's a new version of the Moto 360 in final testing now with the retail release just around the corner. It's said to be much thinner among some other improvements.
Google Play has the same thing showing. I'm guessing that's the standard bundle price.
Well, you can get Popcorn Time on iOS now, and no jailbreak required. That'll be cheap enough. Does Apple approve? Probably not.
From the first paragraph:"... ultimately scrapped those plans due to technological and regulatory hurdles"And just to be clear it doesn't mean Apple stripped out any health sensors since making the watch public knowledge last year. Those health related features that ultimately missed out were earlier decisions. With the FDA's recent clarification some may make the cut for the next iteration.
You could absolutely be correct and my opinion turn out wrong. We'll know more as the year goes by.
Yet another reason why the next version may be quite different from this initial one, and IMO it won't be all that long before we see it.
Since Apple reportedly had to change direction in the middle of the river to get the initial version out (their medical focus on health-monitoring sensors got shot down by the FDA) I personally would expect the next gen Apple Watch to be a differently focused product which would probably include significant hardware changes.It doesn't seem unreasonable to think that 2nd gen would be ready by this coming Spring if not earlier...
Considering no one here has actually used one unlike the folks at The Verge it's a little early to say it was unfair isn't it?
It's pretty certain Apple sent them an Apple Watch to review prior to it's release with the requirement they publish a review... BEFORE the official retail release. I think I also recall reading that when Apple does so one of the stipulations is that the review be run by them first before the article is published.Apple's marketing arm doesn't typically do dumb stuff. If they didn't trust the Verge to do a fair review they wouldn't have sent them one to review. Pretty simple.
This article says Apple acknowledged some problems which were in the process of being addressed in upcoming software updates. If The Verge made it up why would Apple say they had updates coming that fixed some of it?
New Posts  All Forums: