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...and the hands go 'round and 'round. There's a reason rectangular-shaped watches aren't as popular as round ones. Watch hands don't travel in a rectangle.
There is no "Android watch". Google has an OS for wearables, but doesn't spec a watch design. BTW, LG announced a good-looking smart watch the other day.
According to Pebble the new Kickstarter funding program was more of a stunt to get attention as well as continue supporting their Kickstarter. They apparently didn't need to go this route.http://techcrunch.com/2015/02/24/pebble-hits-its-500k-kickstarter-target-for-pebble-tim-in-just-17-minutes/#wur2RQ:Yuphttp://techcrunch.com/2015/02/24/pebble-time/#wur2RQ:4Rs
$200 would hardly qualify for high end would it?
Ummm... Pebble started shipping smart-watches in 2013. That IS their core business isn't it?
The primary business is a search engine supported by advertising. Should be easy to understand. If Google didn't consider their users to be customers as well and treat them as such their search engine would not be nearly as successful. Same goes for GMail and Google Docs. The features are designed with users in mind, thus the popularity. Both Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo Mail are free too but I think GMail has a larger market share, that despite Outlook being pre-installed...
That doen't mean your purchase history is not being data mined and/or monetized. You may be expecting more privacy from using ApplePay or any other electronic payment method than it actually provides. Do you completely trust the banks and CC companies to not share what they know about you?http://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/credit-card-purchase-privacy-1282.php
Soli, I don't know how much Apple had to do with on-device tokanization and banks changing their back-end systems. I had read that was actually a standard proposed by the processors/banks/CC companies going back a few years. Apple is integrating that standard AFAIK.EDIT: Here are a couple of pertinent links from several years...
Related to that did you catch the news that SRI, the company Apple got SIRI from, has another AI development called Kasisto. This time it's available to any company wishing to integrate it.
The old rumor from a month ago had them sharing a bit of their ad revenue with the carriers. No mention so far on the actual finished deal AFAIK.Apparently Google isn't actually buying Softcard either. Instead they've acquired some IP/tech from them. Softcard itself will likely just fold up it's tent and go away.
New Posts  All Forums: