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Some folks would carry a tablet with them all the time if they had their 'druthrers, Obviously an iPad isn't the most convenient thing to carry around so many folk go for the largest screen smartphone they carry conveniently carry. 5.5" display phones do fit a whole lotta pockets where no tablet can, and a bunch'a purses where a tablet would leave that "unsightly bulge".
Sol, doesn't Google call the non-Google Android version AOSP? Some reporters, bloggers and forum commenters are the ones lazily referring to every flavor and fork as "Android". You know as well as I do that when Google reports numbers it's Google-Android numbers. They don't lump in Amazon Kindles and Nokia X's.Still no idea what you mean about multiple common names for the same version number either. I don't know of any other name for Android 2.3 than Gingerbread, or any...
Sorry Soli. Just saw this post so I wasn't ignoring you.I'm not really clear on what point you're trying to make. Google obviously has no control over what Amazon chooses to do with their own Android-based OS build. GOOG committed to AOSP long ago and to their credit still contribute to and maintain it even tho Amazon, Nokia and others who use it for commercial benefit aren't contributing back to it. Are you perhaps saying Google should never have open-sourced any part of...
...and some white hats too thank goodness.
A Google Play Services-like feature might have helped get some of these fixes out faster. I've no idea how difficult it would be for Apple to separate core apps from the OS itself so perhaps it's a moot question.http://macmint.com/apple-releases-ios-7-0-6-fix-ssl-bug/
There's a lot of bad guys out there trying their best to find their way in to our mobile devices. So far mobile OS's have been relatively secure.
Sounds eerily similar to a piece of iOS ransomware that was reported to target Australian iOS users and another one that used the same "FBI Porn" warning to go after Mac owners too. I'm guessing it's probably a related group responsible for this supposed Android version and like with iOS and OSX requires the user to actively install...
Less secure than un-jailbroken iOS? I fully agree. That does not mean Google Android is therefore dangerously insecure.
Both solutions have their strengths. Apple could see benefits from a "Google Play Services" approach to speed updates to core services rather than waiting until an OS update is finalized.
New Posts  All Forums: