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I made the assumption the OP was educated enough to know what one is and if not look up the definition. I know, that can sometimes be a reach.
No it's an editorial.
Not so much a lie as a difference of opinion and supported by whatever stats suit your fancy. Here are some on the other side supported by evidence that patent litigation, particularly but not exclusively by PAE's, can cause economic and social harm, demand resources better spent on building businesses, and potentially hinder the pace of innovation.What's important to note is that some with these opinions actually have the power to change at least a few of the...
Yup. Good to see you've decided to actually look for some background on the patent fight between Moto and Apple.So you've found there's still some old "before Google" cases filed a few years back and still dragging along. Some still haven't even been heard yet. And still no new infringement claims since Google bought 'em.Sure would be a nice gesture if both Moto (or Google) and Apple would just agree to drop it all, but probably won't happen. Perhaps Apple will be more...
Did your Apple stock get a nice bump from the last big win over Samsung?
Other than one off-the-cuff remark to Hauser I don't believe Samsungs argument goes so far as to say the patents have no value. They argue they're not as valuable as Apple would like to claim, they also aren't infringed, and in addition some may not even be valid. They're all over the page and trying to cover all the bases but saying the patents have no value at all isn't one of them. I personally disagree with some of the arguments from both sides but doesn't matter as...
Sure they did. Patents have little value. Oh wait. . .http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/152042/motorolas-seven-patent-itc-complaint-against-apple-detailed
They'd probably have the same outcome as Google too.
I'm with you. I don't believe Rockstars CEO either.
ummm... okay. That wasn't a new lawsuit, decided before Google purchased MM. Even the injunction was already in place before the MM deal closed. It would have been a nice gesture for Google to request the injunction be dismissed after they bought Moto, but of course they didn't. Not sure any company would have but perhaps Lenovo will drop all the litigation now, depending of course on whether Apple will let their lawsuits die too.
New Posts  All Forums: