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Most likely he's factually incorrect about his initial premise, that Google is trying to hide the FTC leak news. It's been at or near the top of the "In the News" search section for a couple of days. When a new article about it appears (like this AI one) it shoots back to the top. How is that hiding it? You probably noticed that of course.
Well I would hope I was the only result!
Hmmm.... If I search "FTC investigation Google" it doesn't look they're hiding results not favorable to Google.
I tend to believe that no matter how great the Apple Watch is you won't see an office full of women all anxious and willing to wear the same watch.For that matter not even most men would wear the same watch as most other men there in the same setting. Heck look at a sports bar on college game day. (or the parking lot to see what they drove there in). While they may all be fans of the same team they sure don't go for the same apparel. The Swiss watch makers aren't in...
That's not what happened here tho according to the jury findings. They determined Core Wireless' licence offer was in fact made in good faith and offered under FRAND terms.
Really has nothing to do with Android specifically. The question is whether Apple might consider multi-platform rollouts of some software. I personally believe they eventually will. .
The same choice that Apple has with both Beats and iTunes Radio I presume. So you would advocate both Apple and Google pay the rights holders what is legitimately and legally owed and in addition try to accurately determine the songwriters and performers and pay them an additional amount over and above what the rights holder agreed to share with them? You really do think the problem belongs to Apple and Google and not the ill-considered bad-faith contracts and/or poor...
?? Huh ??"Google Inc. disclosed on Sunday that its YouTube video platform has paid out more than $1 billion to music rights holders"As for the songwriters themselves getting screwed it's no different than writers being screwed by publishers and artists being screwed by galleries, or even employees being screwed by ownership/upper management. The ones with the money have the power. You really thing Google has a choice of who to pay anymore than Apple does? Whoever holds the...
Tim Cook says he doesn't have an issue with it, something Mr. Jobs perhaps would not have agree with. It's a new Apple with Cook at the helm.EDIT: A link to the interview:http://www.engadget.com/2013/05/28/tim-cook-apple-has-no-issue-porting-its-apps-to-android/
In general (not always ) they have more disposable income. Simple fact.
New Posts  All Forums: