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Yes, I think everyone knows you can find places to steal content. As a creator of original work myself, a businessman for a few decades and a father supporting my family solely thru my talents, I have no tolerance for companies or individuals who steal my work for their own ends. I would not be so disingenuous as to steal original works from someone else. You apparently have few qualms about it. Good for you. I'm sure you have other redeeming qualities to contribute back...
Adele just got my wife's money, so that's one. She preordered "25" just now and is anxious to get it tomorrow.
I was just about to go back and edit my post about it. I was hasty and wrong as a result. That .02 cents ($.002) is not accurate for paid subscribers. That was the rate they were paying during the free period, far far less than a penny per stream. And they're still paying less than a penny per stream. Apple said they'll be paying 71.5% of whatever the subscriber revenue is, slightly higher than the traditional 70% paid by Google Music, Spotify, and others. So there's no...
Apple is reported to be paying the labels .02 per stream.The artist would be getting a much smaller cut of that and the songwriter also gets a tiny peice. An artist that is also the label and songwriter (ex. Taylor Swift) might do fairly well if the song is hugely popular and streamed a whole lot. Otherwise most performers/writers really won't make much at all, maybe a few dollars a month.
Apple. Users. Don't. Steal.That's for poor Android folks who don't want to pay for anything, remember?
What do you think would happen? IMO you'd see a considerate discussion of the merits. Heck I've seen Android fansites where an iPad gets the recommendation over Android tablets. I've seen Android fan sites where the iPhone gets the nod from members over a competing Android one.So I don't remember any of the Android forum sites I've visited being particularly "anti-Apple". In fact the one I visit most frequently rarely has "trollish" comments when Apple is discussed. Here's...
Sorry I was being confusing. My fault. The second link was to the State of Mobile Security Report. The first one you were having Safari problems with was the better summation (IMO) of the article AI was discussing.
Use this one as it's a direct link to the source study:https://www.checkmarx.com/white_papers/the-state-of-mobile-application-security-2014-2015/
In a quick search for the other half dozen DARPA-funded studies on mobile OS's this article pops up, and it does have to do with iOS. I don't know for a fact it's reporting on one of the DARPA ones but I'll have a gander at the source reports in awhile.http://www.csoonline.com/article/3003454/vulnerabilities/ios-apps-more-vulnerable-than-android.html#tk.rss_newsEDIT: I'm guessing that DARPA was involved in this one too as the US Army is listed as a client.Here's the link...
Here's a more comprehensive summation of the study, and as a bonus it's in plain English. That's a nice breath of fresh air from a technical blog.http://phys.org/news/2015-11-mysterious-android-apps-effect-user.htmlTowards the end of the article they explain why DARPA is interested.
New Posts  All Forums: