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There's an article published today at one of the big news sites indicating that studies predict self-driving cars to have 90% fewer accidents than those fully under a human's control.People are easily distracted and too often use poor judgement or react emotionally to other drivers. When self-driving cars finally arrive in force a lot of folks here pooh-poohing them may well change their tune.EDIT: Found the...
I noticed a video the other day on one of the other Apple fan sites showing an AndroidWear smartwatch taking a call from an iPhone. I think eventually, and perhaps sooner than later, AndroidWear may be generally compatible with iPhones.By the way I ran across this article pointing out the some of the things an Apple Watch can do that an Android one can't. Good...
http://www.phonearena.com/news/Digital-Crown-Meet-the-Digital-Bezel-in-Samsungs-rounded-smartwarch_id67258Of course it's Samsung.
Weren't you the one claiming Google was going to have a say in what the watch looks like? I'm simply saying I'll be surprised if they do. Google has some of the world's best software engineers but not their own Jonathan Ive.
Of course it does and of course we have clues to what the partnership means. Google supplies the OS and the partner supplies the hardware and makes the design choices as a rule. My comments about Google vetting the hardware design is based on what the other AndroidWear partners have done. They've not ever dictated an independent partners hardware before now AFAIK. Tag Heuer is likely just another partner getting the OS and interface assistance from Google.So yeah I'll be...
I'll be surprised if Google has any say whatsoever in the styling. I don't think they are involved with vetting anyone else's Android Wear hardware design philosophies.
Other than both are watches they aren't really comparable in my opinion. The Apple Watch may not appeal at all to those who find the beefiness (manliness?) of the Tag Heuer attractive. Two very distinct looks.
I think I recall reading the same thing.
Agreed. They shouldn't use stickers.
YouTube has paid out in excess of $1Billion in song royalties to the rights holders.http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/digital-and-mobile/5893900/youtube-has-paid-out-1-billion-to-music-industry-inAnd yes Google enforces legitimate copyright notifications. Ever heard of Content ID? Probably not unless you upload videos with music to...
New Posts  All Forums: