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No, Google was not invited to join the Rockstar group.
To keep them away from NPE's and to back their OS'es and products? IIRC Moto was rattling their IP sabers, with veiled threats to even sue other Android licensees for potentially infringing activity. At the end of the day Google got all of Moto's IP for roughly the same price as Apple, Microsoft, Sony, etc paid for the Nortel patents, most now owned by Rockstar. Perhaps Google should assign those 20k+ patents to an NPE for monetizing too? Bet they could make more than a...
Nope, they do not Soli. They exist simply to monetize RC's patent holdings. That's clear from every statement they've made. Remember the claims Veschi makes that neither Apple, nor MS nor Sony have any influence on their enforcement activities?And what business of the partners was being protected by suing Cisco anyway? What business of the partners is Rockstar protecting by suing Time-Warner Cable? Further Apple doesn't own a single one of Rockstar's asserted patents, nor...
Every "patent troll" has investors behind it. It doesn't make them practicing entities.
Both Google and Cisco may be paying the same $188M to settle according to one commenter, tho it's not been said either way if Android licensees are also covered.
It was widely reported yesterday. You should give Yahoo a spin then. Perhaps their search engine will perform a bit better for you.
Apple stopped using Samsung displays in iPhones several generations ago AFAIK. I think the 4 was perhaps the last one that used 'em.
Perhaps that's why you can't find this stuff for yourself, You try to rely on DuckDuckGo.I've found DDG is okay for general searches but it's not nearly as comprehensive, granular or detailed as Google Search in my experience. I'm often questioned by you and others as to how I always seem to find the answers I do, and so quickly. Without Google Search I don't think I could.
There surely is.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/183495/google-launches-first-64-bit-chrome-web-browser-for-os-x/40#post_2642068http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/183495/google-launches-first-64-bit-chrome-web-browser-for-os-x/40#post_2642095If you'd try a better search engine like Google Search you could probably find this stuff without my help.
New Posts  All Forums: