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The Nexus 6 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, which is 64-bit isn't it? I know the Nexus 9 tablet also announced today is definitely 64-bit since it's running Nvidea's Tegra K1
BTW, while not yet "official" a leaked page from ATT shows the Nexus 6 32GB version available on-contract for just $49. http://www.phonearena.com/news/Motorola-Nexus-6-posted-early-on-AT-T-for-just-49-on-contract_id61722
Apple didn't need to add the Cayman's to their tax avoidance strategies. They've been able to avoid/indefinitely delay taxes on 10's of billions in earnings without using them (yet). The money still made it into Apple controlled accounts in US banks.
I've never written that Apple products were over-priced. With that said OEM's would be foolish IMHO if they didn't get as close to Apple pricing as the market will allow. Why leave money on the table if there's willing buyers, sometimes mentioned in Apple pricing discussions here.
I think with Android Lollipop it's 64bit, but could be mistaken.That would be one of those features the OEM's will offer (ie Moto X Play / Droid Turbo) when their own versions of the Nexus 6 hardware platform ships. Very soon too.
$649 for an unlocked contract-free 5.5-6" smartphone w/32GB doesn't sound unreasonable, nor does another $100 to double the storage to 64GB. Keep in mind that Nexus phones are reference models anyway and not meant to be big commercial successes. Most folks buying a high-end Android phone will opt for similar ones with better (?) features from the OEM's coming soon.
The Nexus Player is a bit of a surprise. I don't recall any rumor of it prior to the official reveal.
Which is why Apple may not find a better tax situation elsewhere. What other country would benefit economically from ASI and their three directors and zero employees? Even the money doesn't get deposited in Irish banks, instead sitting safely in the US. Why would any other country "fall all over themselves" to provide a tax shelter and to what benefit?Further Irish IP law extends significant advantages to Apple above and beyond even the Caymans and their special economic...
Good questions. Anyone here know the answers (or where to find them) rather than guessing?
Is that what they do, identical costs whether it's an Apple store or a reseller? I don't really know.
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