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Ummm. . . OK. So then Sammy hasn't been highly profitable using Android then? I imagine if they thought they make more money with their own OS they would have done so, don't you? Same with dumping Windows for their own OS if they thought the money would be better BTW, you still neglected to mention which Motorola phone (and which version of Android) you're testing.
...and iOS is full of Apple services. Big surprise.Curious which Motorola phone you are testing tho.
I'd tend to question what Apple's numbers really say. The percentage of iOS6 users actually went up from 5% to 6% in the past couple of weeks?? No, I suspect the way Apple tabulates their numbers isn't telling the actual OS version adoption story.
"But...but...but Android" never really gets old does it? .
Did DED take the last drone shots himself? Maybe he did. If you want the latest drone view you can find it here:and the official Cupertino blog here:http://www.cupertino.org/index.aspx?page=1223
Is there some claim of fraud being made by Apple or the SEC that I've missed? So far there's not been much said by any of the involved parties AFAIK.
Thanks Anant.
Out of curiosity shouldn't this have been a material disclosure from Apple to the SEC if they were aware of the financial issue? You know much more about that subject than I would. If Apple did NOT know until the news officially broke then it would seem someone at Apple was derelict in their fiduciary duties? Just curious how that works.
Does Apple own that plant or did they contribute half a billion to a joint venture? As I understood it Apple pre-paid to get the plant built but would not own it so I thought it was the latter. Certainly possible that Apple owns the property the factory sits on.EDIT: According to this article Apple owns the property but GT owns the plant.http://www.thestreet.com/story/12838197/1/gt-advanced-earnings-call-signals-sapphire-ahead-for-apple.htmlEDIT 2:But according to local...
A bit surprised if Apple would not have been aware of their precarious financial situation when they agreed to an upfront payment. Perhaps the great deal was worth the risk, but this might explain in part the delay in releasing the Apple Watch as well as some of Kuo's comments a few months back about possible Apple product changes/delays due to limited sapphire supply.
New Posts  All Forums: