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It's not that type of privacy report. It has to do with how the companies state they handle the five different standards the EFF is using with regard to government requests."The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Fifth Annual Reporton Online Service Providers’Privacy and Transparency Practices RegardingGovernment Access to User Data"
The law that Apple violated is Article 18 of Taiwan's Fair Trade Act. Third party buyers, ie the telecoms in this case, have the right to determine their own selling prices for products purchased from the manufacturer or supplier.Other companies like Sammy and HTC were also investigated for the same illegal condition of sale and weren't found to be attempting to control prices. Apple can appeal of course and may.
Do you think the carriers got them for free? Not likely. I'm pretty sure (near certain) Apple sells the iPhones to the carriers who pay for and now own them. They're resellers of products they purchased from Apple and not working on consignment.
Well I learned me sumpin' today. I had no idea Samsung could do direct security updates to their phones, bypassing the carriers. I suppose it's along the lines of what Google is doing with some Android security features and direct updates?"The update will come by way of the security policy update mechanism in Samsung Knox and not with a full system update, samsung said in its statement. (And that begs the question why that wasn't done in the first place, if indeed we'd...
Nothing that Samung offers or exposes could have anywhere near the impact of Apple. Thus Apple gets more attention. When it's good news its more widely reported and more quickly announced all over tech blogs than any other company's news. Of course when it's not so0 good it gets reportedly fast too. Comes with being the big dog with the greatest influence.With that out of the way the Samsung story was pretty widely reported yesterday, making it to several Android blogs,...
Apple was advised about it in October. Apple asked that the team wait six months before publicising it. Then they talked again in November to share more information with Apple. Then again in February where they gave Apple an advance copy of the finished report. The six months was up in April.That the researchers seem to have waited yet another 2 months before publishing is commendable really, at least IMO
It's been 8 months since Apple was notified of the flaw, with the researchers giving Apple another two months on top of the original six agreed on before the flaw was published. In February, Apple requested an advance copy of the research paper, which presumably would indicate they were working on a fix. For whatever reason it's taking a bit longer than Apple typically takes to fix these things isn't it? By the way, for those that missed the link to the...
New "hidden" keyboard in iOS9 is presumably for the iPad Pro. http://www.informationweek.com/mobile/mobile-devices/ios-9-reveals-hidden-keyboard-for-ipad-pro/a/d-id/1320863
Again, Google Play Music has no ads, nor any ad-supported level. According to the charts at the beginning of the comments section it pays a considerable amount in royalties compared to nearly every other streaming service out there. In fact Apple Music and Google Play Music are nearly identical in features and catalog. Apple will be the winner here for the reason I offered and Sog shares in a previous post. No other provider will be as successful.
That's exactly what Apple is hoping. I'll guess they'll be right.
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