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I wouldn't be so quick to throw Koh under the bus as she's not "anti-patent". For example she's the only judge in the world to find that Apple's swipe-to-unlock patent is valid. Also you may not remember she's the judge that granted two Apple requests for preliminary injunctions against Samsung.
Apple doesn't typically reduce pricing simply because they sell another several million of whatever over what they did last year. If the media companies follow Apple's lead, which would be smart IMO, they won't either. Why should they? Right now they have the upper hand.
I agree about this particular watch, which IMO is pretty fugly. But beauty and beholder and all that.
Android Wear itself is supposedly being made iOS compatible. In fact I'm pretty sure I mentioned it here a few months ago. It's not a secret. If accurate Huawei won't be the only option. IMO 3 years from now decent smartwatches will be commonly available under $150. The components just won't be that expensive at scale.
Or someone who just doesn't like a square smartwatch. Or someone that is more attracted to aviator styles. Or an Apple owner who just doesn't want to spend several hundred on a smartwatch. . . Or as Soli said perhaps they need a smart wearable for a specific use. Or?There's many reasons someone who owns an iPhone might opt for a non-Apple smartwatch.
Like this one....http://bgr.com/2015/05/20/lg-hdtv-oled-display-wallpaper/
It seems like they're all pushing sound to a separate unit, soundbars and the like. Makes sense if the goal is "thin", flat to the wall as possible.
Talking TV's for a moment have you looked at the new LG OLED HDTV's? The latest is advertised as thinner than a smartphone at under 5mm. http://www.christiantoday.com/article/lg.unveils.4.8.mm.thick.tvs.thats.thinner.than.a.smartphone/61049.htmSony has an LED one coming in at .2 inches.http://theslanted.com/2015/06/19437/sonys-new-4k-hdtv-models-are-almost-impossibly-thin/
How about going a step further and signing on with Google Contributor? Help prove it's a viable means of supporting content creators and providers, reducing the importance of ad revenue for those folks.https://www.google.com/contributor/welcome/
Someone created it and was presumably paid for their expertise /talent, someone paid for the infrasrtucture needed to deliver it to your home, and whoever is viewing it there thinks it's worthwhile to spend time with.... But not worthwhile enough to pay much of anything for? I guarantee Apple will make money on it. and they're simply the end-provider rather than the creative. Surely most here don't think Apple should act like the record labels do: We'll make ours, you're...
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