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Do you get bonus points for every insult you deliver? If so you're making a killing. If you had bothered to read my post at all before spouting off you would have seen these as the first 5 words:"If it's not Airplay compatible".You get your dander up much too easily.
Then you obviously won't need to use a Chromecast. Unlike you the article's author was not sure if it will be compatible with iOS and Airplay or not, thus the OP's question. Fortunately we have you to clear it all up.
Under requirements: "Download and install FlashPlayer10"
http://www.authorsguild.org/e-books/publishers-own-analysis-shows-ebook-royalties-unfair-to-authors/http://www.salon.com/2014/03/27/you_cant_buy_that_the_great_e_book_royalty_war/The picture of the poor aggrieved publisher is not as black and white as some posters here apparently think.
If it's not Airplay compatible you might still be able to do so via a cheap Chromecast. I found a few threads that indicate it can work, even streaming from a Mac.
Do you think the authors make more on books sold thru Apple than Amazon? I don't know. I do know I don't hear much about fair play for the authors. It's nearly always the "poor publishers".Edit: Here's a report on author earnings I just stumbled on. In a quick read it would appear authors are better off NOT dealing with the Big 5 publishers if they have an option.http://authorearnings.com/the-report/
IMHO they may pull a Nokia using IP aggressively in an effort to slow the decline of their market position. Not that it worked very well for Nokia of course. The early signs are already obvious. Rather than use innovation and creativity to answer Google's advances MS turned to threats, intimidation and half-truth ad campaigns. Pushed hard enough they could become less friendly to Apple at some point too. I doubt all their licensing agreements with Apple are perpetual.
Something to keep in mind: A weakened Microsoft might become a dangerous and desperate Microsoft. They can cause a lot of harm to other techs while on the way down.
Latest copycat news from Samsung: #1 Today they announced they're bringing their premium "Level" headphone/speaker line to the US,. Prices will range from $149-$349. Can't put my finger on what it reminds me of. http://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-level-405586/ #2 Samsung is in negotiations to buy a home automation company called SmartThings. Again it reminds me of something others have announced but can't put my finger on it....
Updating the thread the USPTO examiner again rejected Apple's arguments in support of the '915 "pinch-to-zoom" and still ruled the the patent claims asserted against Samsung invalid. Samusng of course has notified the court of Tuesday's development. http://www.scribd.com/doc/234064676/14-07-15-Samsung-Notice-Re-Developments-in-Apple-s-915-PTAB-Appeal No telling how Judge Koh may proceed at this point. She was very unhappy with the first news of the rejection as she had...
New Posts  All Forums: