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No it does not. There's a page with an FAQ that answers that particular question among others.
Ah, gotcha. Fair enough and I agree.
According to Apple's timeline submitted to the court in the Samsung trial they did not have iPhone prototypes until early in 2006. I think AI had a story on it awhile back. Steve Jobs didn't even greenlight the project until late in 2005.
I do get it Soli. You and Plovell may well be correct and me wrong. I still do think it's possible the transaction flows thru Apple, even if no data is collected from it. What would Apple have that would lead them to believe a banks' fee accounting might be wrong if they didn't have some idea of what transactions flowed from Apple devices to that bank? What I can find so far is definitely on your side tho.
You and Plovall may be spot on, but I'm reading things differently than you. I don't see anywhere that Apple claims no data goes thru their servers, tho thy make a point of saying they don't keep any transaction information..Bt the way, I did find the reference I was remembering from a while back, and while Apple's contract with banks requires Apple have access to a whole lot of transaction information it doesn't say anything about the initial transaction going thru Apple....
Why would Apple have lied if the transaction routes via Apple? All they say is they don't KEEP the personal transaction data, not that it never went thru their system unless you saw something I didn't.Now they do specifically say your CC# is not stored on Apple servers, but that's not the same thing as not seeing a transaction occurred. In fact I seem to recall Apple saying banks had to agree to Apple collecting some transaction info to accurately audit the fees they owed...
Soli, are you familiar with what an interchange fee is?
Yet Android engineers were taken by surprise by how the iPhone worked, needing to go back and rethink the interface for an upcoming "Google phone". So which is it, Schmidt wasn't taking a thing he learned from Apple back to Google to begin with or was the entire story about needing to go back to the drawing board after the iPhone reveal a fake and Google knew all along because Schmidt stole it?A little common sense can go a long way.
http://www.apple.com/apple-pay/Based on Apple's description I think it's evident the transaction does route via Apple (if not why do they get a cut of the processing) but no personal transaction information is retained by Apple. Certainly possible there's a disclaimer in there somewhere tho making an exception for opt-in loyalty or reward cards. I didn't look for one.
She look to be very qualified for the position IMO. There's a lot of folks at Apple, Google, Microsoft or in government who "used to work for" a company or agency someone doesn't like.http://www.allgov.com/news/appointments-and-resignations/director-of-the-us-patent-and-trademark-office-who-is-michelle-k-lee-141122?news=854893
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