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For those that missed it AI has now undated the article to say: " AppleInsider has learned that Google is in fact readying an iOS version of YouTube Kids, though it will not be released until a later date. The eventual launch timing, as well as the cause for the delay, remains unknown." Everyone as you were....
You got it. Leave that crap to the TV, Radio, magazines, billboards, stores and such.With that out of the way tho I'm surprised to see it will offer original programming as well as brand new episodes of some older shows like Thomas the Tank. That might make it a pretty popular service for parents with young children.http://adage.com/article/digital/youtube-s-app-kids-ads-launch-february-23/297245/
Apple has generally looked at partnering with an existing manufacturer as the better solution over doing it themselves and that's worked pretty good for them hasn't it?As for "who reported that (Google) is looking to partner"...http://www.wsj.com/articles/google-seeks-partners-for-self-driving-car-1419026779
I don't see it as massive, and AFAIK they're reported looking to partner with a manufacturer, not buy them. That's the smarter way to go don't you think? Now Google partnering with Tesla doesn't sound so outrageous. They've already got a good relationship with Musk, partnering with him on another project.
Probably.As far as Kid-safe YouTube I'd bet the iOS version is on the way pretty soon. Google usually makes it's apps available to multiple platforms. It only makes sense to do so.
Apple doesn't hold much of it's "cash" on hand either. Like Google they hold the bulk of it overseas away from US tax authorities and much of it in long-term securities anyway not quickly convertible to cash.Even Apple would have to borrow to buy Tesla.To be specific Apple states that as of June 28, 2014 the company had roughly $13 billion in cash and equivalents and $25 billion in short-term investments. The rest is not readily available as cash. I suspect you were not...
Google is lacking in cash? First mention of that I've seen.I suppose some people might think having only $60B in cash would be teetering on the edge. Google is obviously doomed...Like Apple much of Google's cash is technically (but not really) held overseas and thus subject to US taxes if repatriated for something like a $70B purchase of Tesla so what could Google do? Simply do the same as Apple would have to do and borrow the funds via a bond at some ridiculously low...
For what its worth a former Apple Senior Marketing Manager confirms that Apple really does do "unofficial controlled leaks" on occasion.http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/how_apple_does_controlled_leaksI think that article qualifies as walking the walk doesn't it?
https://corelblogs.wordpress.com/2013/05/13/you-can-run-coreldraw-on-a-mac/Yes completely CMYK compatible and offers PDF export for press-ready files. This video is for an older version, perhaps Corel10. It's much improved in the past couple of years.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1uvTlRTg6wCorelDraw, particularly the more recent versions (X6 and X7) on on par with the latest Illustrator IMHO but with better yet text handing and gradients and PhotoPaint serves well at a...
Agreed. CorelDraw's included Photopaint on the other hand is pretty good and easy to navigate. A hidden gem IMO considering the cost of similar Adobe products. Worth considering for those with limited budgets.
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