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Baiting now? LOLYou should save that for a slower news day.
Gosh, that was a particularly fast response to a rumor.
No they aren't. Only the original PageRank patent is expiring anytime soon and anyone can license that one anyway. There's also a Pagerank V2 and Pagerank V3 somewhat recently assigned to Stanford by Mr. Page. Those won't expire for a long time.http://www.seobythesea.com/2012/03/new-pagerank-same-as-old-pagerank/Thee's also indications that Google has moved beyond Pagerank anyway.http://www.seobythesea.com/2014/12/replacement-pagerank/
I get the same numbers as you, around $15B. It's Eric who seems to believe it was $34B. He's got things backwards in doing his Google figures which is why I told him to apply the same reasoning to Apple's. Eventually he'll catch on where he went wrong. It's an obvious mistake.
You may be but I'm not deflecting at all. How do you reconcile Apple's announced numbers? Extrapolating from their official statements they only saw around $15B in total AppStore revenue for last year but claim to have paid developers 60% of that or $10B? Whatever explanation you can come up with for that apply to Google as well and see if it makes more sense to you. It will.
How the heck did you get your head in there??
If you are mistaken about something and someone else hasn't already made you aware of it I'll normally do so if I know differently (or think I do). Doesn't matter if it's related to Apple or Google, or both or neither. Obviously those with incorrect facts about Apple are quickly corrected by many others here and there's little need to do so myself. When it's Apple or Google related, as it very often is, those who know better and take the time to mention it (or research it)...
Ditto. Thanks for being the other hand.
If you use the same reasoning with Apple's numbers then it would mean the App Store had around $34B in revenues for 2014. Apple's press release said that 2014 app revenues had increased 50%. Apple didn't give a specific revenue number for 2014 but if you look at their financials I don't see where that $34B would be buried. But we do know that for 2013 Apple said their total App Store revenue was approx. $10B. A 50% increase for last year would then be $15B or thereabouts...
Um, wasn't that your question?
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