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I can't remember the details of what that conversation supposedly was. What were they talking about?
Huh?? After the iPhone was released everyone knew about it. If Schmidt kept whatever he knew to himself and didn't share it with the Android guys, at least until it was public knowledge. . . well just sayin.
According to Apple's patent "WiFi and WiMax networks are used as examples. Other wireless technology (e.g., cellular network) can also be employed. Accordingly, other implementations are within the scope of the following claims". Furthermore "These instructions need not be implemented as separate software programs, procedures, or modules.... can include additional instructions or fewer instructions.... various functions of the mobile device can be implemented in hardware...
A specific version of Android, 4.1.1, may also be vulnerable to Heartbleed. http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/04/vicious-heartbleed-bug-bites-millions-of-android-phones-other-devices/
Agree with both you and DED. It's a totally silly accusation doesn't deserve repeating over and over.
Thanks for the link. Microsoft has done a pretty credible job with Cortana, especially as both Apple and Google had a significant head start. I'm surprised actually.
A few more Google folk called to testify today. Bringert,who worked on search at Google says they worked with Samsung to make sure they weren't infringing on Apple patent claims. Went into some detail too on how Google developed text prompt recognition several years ago without any Apple assistance. On cross Apple didn't challenge the claims, but did note that Google is not the one being accused in this trial. Dianne Hackborn was next up discussing Android development...
Thanks for inviting me to comment.When was the first comment dismissive of Apple made by Schmidt, or came from any other Google executive if you can't find one from him, and what was said? I'm not aware of even one prior to Schmidt's departure from Apple's board. You generally get your facts straight tho so perhaps arrogant comments from him or denigrating comments made by other Google execs did contribute to Schmidt's departure. I think a lot of folks missed them besides...
I got the impression he didn't want to spend as much as $400 if he didn't need to. A refurbished mini might have been OK to get the price down into the same range as a Chromebook but certainly not as easy to type on as a dedicated keyboard.
That Apple would consider him an admirable, knowledgeable and ethical person worthy of helping direct the company should be proof enough for you. Unless of course you think a record of ethical business dealings isn't highly important to Apple and something they would expect and look into before bringing him on board.
New Posts  All Forums: