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Am I reading the lawsuit correctly that it's more about the lack of disclosure that upgrading from iOS7 to 8 is going to reduce the available storage by a significant amount on users 16GB iPhones?EDIT: Yes, that appears to be the case. It's not that the plaintiffs were unaware that an OS eats up some of the stated storage capacity. It's that they did not expect iOS8 to take yet another 20% plus of their available storage when they upgraded from their original iOS7, nor did...
FWIW the DDG article find for "this year" was actually from the previous year, 2013.
Thanks. That why I use Google search. I find the information faster that way.
Because it's not true. They collect about $600M on 10M tickets.
Packaged as a concern over privacy?? That's not the way I read it. Instead it's just an indicator Apple may have access to more customer and/or transaction information than you, me and others had been lead to believe so far.
IMO it would seem to indicate to me there's some data sharing/collection on the part of Apple that may not have have been reported yet. The banks would obviously be aware of whatever data collection is going on so the fact there's a mention of it as a concern shows there's something going on in the background, with perhaps the banks themselves doing so as well.
Further, if you are uncomfortable with Flurry data gathering and targeted advertising you can opt out like you can with other providers like Google.http://www.flurry.com/legal-privacy/end-user-opt-out
It wasn't for the quarter. Flurry was reporting on Christmas week only.
Seems pretty clear that if someone was gifting a smartphone for Christmas that an iPhone was the likely choice over any competing device. I think that's the only thing Flurry was essentially saying. It wasn't referring to the quarter as a whole, only Christmas week.
No as I read it. I think the AI author may have missed an Apple disclaimer:Exception to the right of cancellation"You cannot cancel your order for the supply of digital content if the delivery has started upon your request and acknowledgement that you thereby lose your cancellation right."http://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/uk/rightofwithdrawal-uk.pdfIn other words you have the right to cancel up until you begin your movie download. After that point "you...
New Posts  All Forums: