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...or know the proper way to do a search which some days and some topics seems to be a rarity around here.
if you already knew why didn't you bother to tell anyone else here about that particular Google page? Many, in fact most here may have no idea that page exists.I also doubt that Google continued tracking you anyway, delivering targeted ads on behalf of advertisers, after you specifically opted out of their services. Your claim has a pretty rank FUDdy smell to it. That would raise the FTC's hackles faster than the Safari cookie caper did, and it darn sure wouldn't result in...
It's so very simple. Google gives you this page as a one-stop destination for your account history and settings. Included is an easy opt-out of all ad targeting and/or deletion of all information Google might connect with you. Google is pretty transparent with what they collect and what they think they know about you and give you a whole lotta tools to control it. It ain't all that hard.https://www.google.com/settings/accounthistoryDarn thing is I can't find the same...
Apple says, and I quote:"no viruses that can attack OS X have so far been detected 'in the wild', i.e. in anything other than laboratory conditions". So Apple is lying then. Gotcha Apple enthusiast..
Of course.https://www.nsslabs.com/sites/default/files/public-report/files/Browser%20Security%20Comparative%20Analysis%20-%20Socially%20Engineered%20Malware.pdfIt's pretty much in line with this one from the previous year.https://www.nsslabs.com/sites/default/files/public-report/files/CAR%20Browser%20Socially%20Engineered%20Malware.pdf
As soon as you claimed there are Mac viruses, whether from Chrome or not, I knew you were "embellishing" to put it kindly.
Uh, Okaaay then ... Mac viruses from Google Chrome. Gotcha. FWIW recent independent research shows Google Chrome successfully blocking 70% of socially-engineered malware, stuff that a computer user is tricked into downloading while browsing the Web or via a malicious email link or IM. How does Safari do with that same malware? It blocked less than 5%.
Sure it COULD be. What you describe isn't targeting tho, unless you consider auto part advertisements in Car and Driver as targeted ads.Don't fool yourself into thinking Apple is not tracking their users for the benefit of advertisers. Thay have you profiled for income, type of work you do, married or not. Whether you have children and the age ranges if you do. the types of app you like, the time you spend with each to extrapolate your interests. In fact Apple says they...
I thought Google was considered a 'scummy company" BECAUSE they delivered targeted ads for their customers the advertisers? You know, the ol "you're the product" meme?
Google's engineers did a nice job improving it? Eventually I'd think they'll roll this up into Google Translate, but just a guess that makes sense.
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