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Wall Street wouldn't turn down money from a stoning if they could figure out a good angle.
I pointed to the answer a few posts back but to be specific Apple is apparently using at least three disparate sources: Acxiom, Localeze, and Yelp reviews. I imagine trying to combine the three into one when they sometimes differ on POI locations has been a headache.
You've misread the article. The delay he says may happen regards the rumored 5.5" iPhone "phablet" and not the 4.7" that's widely expected this fall.Quote: "Apple's rumored 5.5-inch "phablet" iPhone model is said to be facing issues with its new in-cell touchscreen panel, as well as color unevenness on the new "iPhone 6" metal casing, which could see the device's launch pushed back to next year, leaving the smaller 4.7-inch model to debut alone this year,"
I loved seeing your post. An opportunity to post a little humor on a slow Sunday evening is always appreciated.
Almost a year ago (Sept/13) he also said Apple would offer a larger iPhone for fall 2014, between 4.5" and 5". I think that will be accurate too.
ROFTL! How's this one: Schmidt knew all about the iPhone and its interface. He was smart enough to know not to move too fast tho (just as you said) so he actually sent everything he knew about it over to Palm so that they could get to work on their version of multi-touch for the Pre. That paved the way for a Google excuse to offer it themselves some months later when Apple didn't go after Palm. Very sneaky and well-planned. That Schmidt is a pretty smart guy. ooohh. . ....
My guess is that this will be an area where Apple and Google can happily co-exist. While Apple is likely looking more to consumer uses Google apparently sees their 3D Project Tango development used for industrial, manufacturing, robotics and the requisite work-space mapping.So it's actually quite possible that Google's robotics with 3D technology created from Project Tango builds Apple's consumer devices that use Apple's 3D tech at some future point. It's already likely...
The membership is simply being consistent.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/179932/google-reportedly-developing-project-tango-tablet-with-3d-mapping-capabilities
EDIT LOL! Pip'd by Singularity
What are you on about now? You've lost your way. Do you even remember the question you attempted to answer that started this discussion? Here's the reminderhttp://forums.appleinsider.com/t/181336/apples-maps-team-calling-businesses-to-resolve-user-reported-address-issues/40#post_2563356Micheal Scrip asked and you offered an answer, albeit incomplete. I filled in the blanks for someone who had a stated interest. It's pretty silly that doing so bothers you so much.
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