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Not just the Asian market...http://www.canalys.com/chart/index.html#display-324And who are these phablet buyers and what do they do with them?http://www.flurry.com/blog/flurry-insights/tides-turn-phablet%E2%80%99s-popularity#.VBcMy4CSxuC
I recall where Jobs admitted Apple made a mistake (ie Mobile Me) but cannot think of an instance of Mr Jobs personally and publicly admitting to a mistake. He didn't really have that type of personality to publicly accept fault IMHO, tho I'd imagine he did so in private on a few occasions. We all do that (hopefully).
Apparently the management at Apple knows why.
What else would you expect them to say? Of course whatever they made was the perfect size and competitors got it wrong. Marketing 101. Apple is a marvelous marketing machine, oft cited and studied in business classes and dissertations.
Not true according to the published test results. Both the HTC M8 and iPhone 6 showed deformity at the same 70 lbs pressure. No idea where the author got 60 lb. I would have thought perhaps a typo but he then went on to comment about it.http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2014/09/consumer-reports-tests-iphone-6-bendgate/index.htmDespite the inaccuracy I doubt anyone needs to seriously worry about "bending their smartphone" if they use just the slightest amount of...
Often when DED does his weekend editorials.
Because the HTC is a larger phone than the iPhone 6, and the still larger 6+ survived even heavier pressures. I wouldn't have expected either the M8 or the iPhone 6 to come in at the bottom of the tests, and particularly the iPhone 6
One oddity stands out tho. CR found the iPhone 6 and HTC both permanently deformed at the same pressure, 70 lbs. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2014/09/consumer-reports-tests-iphone-6-bendgate/index.htm
With 1.3B people, nearly 20% of the entire world's population, even if only 10 percent can rationally afford an $800 smartphone it's still a massive market.By the way I've no idea where the AI author got his supposed average Chinese gray market prices from :"Currently, the iPhone 6 is selling for about $1,900, while the iPhone 6 Plus is said to be going for around $3,250 U.S." Other sources put the price for the 6 in the $1500 range and the 6+ at $2400, tho the premium...
New Posts  All Forums: