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So posting just to get a reaction then? Not that I believe you but if you're telling the truth there is a word for that: Trolling. Fits right in with hook, line and sinker too.
Avoiding treble damages in infringement cases?
Google is pretty much banned. Good enough?
This was not announced as a licensing agreement so I seriously doubt any money is changing hands. It's simply a truce on new and existing litigation outside of the US. After the current appeals run their course here I expect a similar agreement for the US too.It's been a mishmash of wins and losses so far and seemingly without end. There's also been harm done to the favorable reputation of both companies IMHO, tho Samsung got the worst of it. It may be that neither company...
That's roughly correct according to what I've read. Somewhere between 80 and 90% of Google and Apple app stores revenues flow from in-app purchases and primarily in games. Do a search over at AppAnnie for more detailed info.
While waiting for official word from Apple on how sapphire might be used in upcoming Apple products here's a video that shows real life tests of what might be expected for durability if Apple chooses to use it on the iPhone. It's the first one I've personally come across that we know for certain really does test a sapphire smartphone display in an actual shipping phone (tho maybe Vertu has one somewhere). It does hold up pretty darn well.
That's an excellent point.
Google's cut of PlayStore sales last quarter was around $1.6B according to their latest financial results. That's about 10% of their reported total revenue. In addition AppAnnie was out with a report a couple weeks back indicating overall PlayStore revenue is up about 2.4x from this time last year. They're seeing some success. Perhaps not Apple-esque numbers but approaching a couple billion a quarter ain't bad. A whole lot more than most companies see in an entire year...
Further clarification: The accident actually took place two days ago, with Foxconn's similar metal polishing now halted by the government until their procedures can be examined and any required changes put in place. http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/874070.shtml
Thanks. I had already gone back to correct as well as braking to breaking.
New Posts  All Forums: