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Yes, that was in the AI article. Sounds to me like the FAA would consider modifying that rule depending on how the tests they approved pan out. Otherwise why would Amazon bother?
Nope, unless he's referring to the original Moto Droid back in 2009. FYI, that's the smartphone that made Android a viable alternative to the iPhone for a lot of buyers. Prior to that I would imagine most buyers had never even heard of Android. If that's the phone he got a lot of things have changed in 5 years, just as the iPhone has.The 2013 Droid Maxx and Ultra got updated to KitKat 4.4.4 in 2014. They're also slated for the just now released 2015 Android 5.1 update...
Why would those things prevent Apple from rolling it out iRadio to more countries when other music services (Google Music, Spotify, etc) have done so?
What's going to change? I predict (along with many others) Android Wear compatibility with iPhones, meaning Tag Hueuer playing nice with iOS users.
So drones used by several Apple owners here (I think Digitalclips might be one) should not stray over your neighborhood then?
I made pretty much that same point myself earlier in the thread. Software? Probably. Hardware? Not so much.
It doesn't AFAIK.EDIT: This Verge article comes to the same conclusion as I did about Android Wear and iPhones.http://www.theverge.com/2015/3/19/8256937/android-wear-luxury-needs-iphone
There's an article published today at one of the big news sites indicating that studies predict self-driving cars to have 90% fewer accidents than those fully under a human's control.People are easily distracted and too often use poor judgement or react emotionally to other drivers. When self-driving cars finally arrive in force a lot of folks here pooh-poohing them may well change their tune.EDIT: Found the...
I noticed a video the other day on one of the other Apple fan sites showing an AndroidWear smartwatch taking a call from an iPhone. I think eventually, and perhaps sooner than later, AndroidWear may be generally compatible with iPhones.By the way I ran across this article pointing out the some of the things an Apple Watch can do that an Android one can't. Good...
http://www.phonearena.com/news/Digital-Crown-Meet-the-Digital-Bezel-in-Samsungs-rounded-smartwarch_id67258Of course it's Samsung.
New Posts  All Forums: