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Her music is available from some streaming services. I know it's there on Google Play Music for instance. She just doesn't cooperate with those paying little to nothing in royalties.
If you look at their YouTube page it would appear that they are licensing their music and in all likelihood receiving pay for play from YouTube/Google. It may be free to you but not to YouTube.https://www.youtube.com/user/bjmworldEDIT: A number of folks here are probably confused by Youtube and/or Vimeo and assume that because they listened to a song for free it must be stolen from the rights holder. That's not accurate. YouTube has had a copyright protection mechanism in...
@SpamSandwich , it's been about a week since the email was sent to Mr. Cook. No reply yet. As you requested I'll keep you advised if I hear anything.
Up until yesterday Taylor Swift's music was a talking point for some members here when discussing why Apple Music was better than Spotify. Then it isn't one anymore. Taylor Swift is to now to be dissed I guess? There should at least be some consistency.
Spotify still pays a little something to the rights holder even tho if was "free" for the listener.
I've noticed folks who drive Audi's tend to spend more than those buying Subaru's.
Third rate copyist?? You aren't giving Sammy near enough credit.They're closer to first-rate than third.
Again, because that's not what the report was looking at. It was more or less a transparency report, not a privacy report.
It's not that type of privacy report. It has to do with how the companies state they handle the five different standards the EFF is using with regard to government requests."The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Fifth Annual Reporton Online Service Providers’Privacy and Transparency Practices RegardingGovernment Access to User Data"
The law that Apple violated is Article 18 of Taiwan's Fair Trade Act. Third party buyers, ie the telecoms in this case, have the right to determine their own selling prices for products purchased from the manufacturer or supplier.Other companies like Sammy and HTC were also investigated for the same illegal condition of sale and weren't found to be attempting to control prices. Apple can appeal of course and may.
New Posts  All Forums: