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What competitors?
Of course. Here's one tho there's another link that offers more details. Just couldn't find it right off.http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2014/09/30/how-apples-tax-structure-works/Edit: This one has much more information. For instance:"Apple's retail units in France, Germany and Britain purchase goods from the Irish units. The prices are set at levels that ensure these units in bigger states do not report much profit. This means the company avoids tax on sales in its bigger...
Not at all finding fault with that either. If you'll read back you'll see what prompted my original comment.
Their German operations claimed to have a loss, thus avoiding German taxes.
Here’s how it works according to testimony and documents submitted by Apple and other sources during Senate hearings, and as reported by the Washington Post::"Apple Operations International is registered in Cork, Ireland, but has “no physical presence at that or any other address,” according to the report. Indeed, the corporate entity has existed for 30 years and apparently never had a single employee. Of the three people on its board, all Apple employees, two live in...
Germany would be a poor example. By creative use of tax laws and special agreements with the Irish government Apple's German operations were able to show a loss, thus paying little to nothing in taxes for income derived from German citizens.
The author either didn't know or forgot to mention that Android has offered encryption for several years, and like Apple will make in automatic rather than opt-in with Android L.
That ended up as one strange story, with Sammy actually being the one to sue Dyson.http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/17/5418616/samsung-sues-dyson-following-intolerable-copycat-claims
It won't require the use of Apple patents. Of course Apple will try to claim as much of their implementation as they're allowed to, which only makes sense of course.What Apple has done is created a really nice mobile payment solution using standards and soon-to-be-standards dictated by the big banks and payment processors. Those folks have been pushing for and testing tokenization of payments for quite some time. What Apple has wisely added to the mix is TouchID, which...
http://www.computerworld.com/article/2487635/data-security/banks-push-for-tokenization-standard-to-secure-credit-card-payments.htmlI think Square may have started implementing tokens last year (Square Wallet), using tech from Braintree, but probably not the first to do so. In fact Braintree looks to be inserting themselves into the Apple Pay...
New Posts  All Forums: