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In effect removing Secret from user devices would be no different than Apple actively blocking access in China to the FreeWeibo app. Chinese users downloaded it and now their use of it has been taken away. The app itself was not deleted from the users phone (AFAIK) but it's completely useless with Apple specifically blocking that app from working while the user is in China. It has the exact same effect as removing the app itself from the iDevice doesn't...
Note that 50 Cent has already announced earbuds with a built-in heart sensor. LG is already selling some of their own.http://www.lg.com/us/fitness-activity-trackers/lg-FR74-heart-rate-monitorhttp://mobihealthnews.com/35834/intel-partners-with-headphones-maker-to-develop-health-sensing-earbuds/Valencell is the common denominatorhttp://www.valencell.com/
I didn't say Apple planted this particular one.
I'd wager that in general Apple considers all these rumor discussions to be beneficial, It keeps Apple in the news and the fan-base engaged and excited about what might be next. Frankly I'd be shocked if Cupertino doesn't plant some of these rumors and "leaks" themselves, tho quite anonymously.
In just the past three days we've seen these so no need to go back any further. Take a moment to read back thru them and point out which ones were not intended as insults. I suspect you aren't reading your posts before hitting "send" if you think they aren't being perceived as personal attacks by other forum...
Think that was TS and not C.Hannah making the statement. See post 28.You should also reach out to ATT and Verizon here in the States to advise them they are falsely advertising LTE compatibility with the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina.
And it can be done. There's already 4.7" smartphones out there barely larger overall than the current iPhone. Apple knows how to design for small form factors and they will.
Updating this old post Vringo's patent trolling was decimated by Google recently when a three judge appeals court agreed with them and tossed the two asserted patents for obviousness. So Microsoft who paid 'em $1M+ when they came a'knockin and threw in a couple more patents as a bonus in return for 5% of whatever Vringo got from Google gets...Nothing. Seems appropriate to...
There's good threads to comment on rather than trying to get a emotional reaction from others, the very definition of trolling. For instance what do you think of Apple's move of iCloud data to Chinese controlled servers. So far the only thing you've contributed to the thread is thinly-veiled insults to both MStone and Crowley.
If/when is not today. Maybe things will change in Hong Kong in the future and maybe they won't. What is 100% certain is that internet and cloud users today do not have the same expectation of privacy for data stored on Chinese mainland servers compared to Hong Kong based. Agreed?While others have chosen to avoid Chinese controls as much as possible while still doing business in the region Apple chose to deal directly with a Chinese government controlled telecom for storage...
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