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RC has been trying to off-load some significant number of patents, selling those they think have limited value for licensing. Last I read they haven't been very successful doing so. Thye did dump 100 or so with another. . . ahem. . . NPE, Spherix. Look for a few fresh patent suits from them as soon as their plans are worked out.http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/spherix-acquires-over-100-patents-and-patent-applications-portfolio-from-rockstar-consortium-238839271.html
Maybe's and might's, unicorns and dragons.In any event they weren't invited, and it's highly doubtful Google would have gone along in the Rockstar patent monetizing. They bailed on Intellectual Ventures years ago as soon as IV's management changed tactics and decided the best way forward was aggressive enforcement and demands against potential infringers. Apple too finally saw the light this year (or perhaps thinks Rockstar good enough), declining to invest in...
I think perhaps he meant the specific claim from the '647 patent asserted as infringed by Samsung isn't practiced by Apple themselves. I'd have to go back and look but Ii think that was determined to be the case.
Thanks. Anyone else willing to comment?
So is the company behind the scan-to-email payment demand letters, $1000 per worker, an NPE/"patent troll"?
Would you pay to use a website or discussion forum to avoid ad-targeting or user tracking? Honest question and I encourage anyone's comments.
Then how does a "patent troll" make money? I think perhaps you mis-wrote what you had meant to say.
Native to the America's?
I never said it wasn't fair. Actually I think it's completely fair according to the legal rules in place. Rockstar is still by definition an NPE, which many here less politely call a patent troll when it's Apple being sued by one.And you're correct that the licensing fee is almost certainly a relative pittance if both Cisco and especially Google were willing to pay rather than fight (thus the $188M guesstimate) Historically Google has been excellent at challenging patent...
Apple has another Flash Player update available. Support doc is here: http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202681
New Posts  All Forums: