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Because iOS and Android don't use the same development languages or tools. The open-source AFNetworking library reportedly causing the iOS app issue is not used by Android developers. It's for OS X and iOS. A couple of posters had earlier alluded to that.EDIT: Seems the bigger Apple gets the more they attract hackers. Now there's "No iOS Zone" (or is there?). https://www.skycure.com/blog/ios-shield-allows-dos-attacks-on-ios-devices/
Keurig isn't getting any love from buyers for their attempt to DRM coffee pods. Consumers are backing away. That's a good reason not to do it, right?http://www.theverge.com/2015/2/5/7986327/keurigs-attempt-to-drm-its-coffee-cups-totally-backfired
It's always but...but...Google isn't it? In this particular case they don't have the same exposure to the vulnerability if it exists.
There ya go. With that said Beats Privacy Policy doesn't look all that bad, pretty run-of-the-mill.https://account.beatsmusic.com/legal/privacypolicy#how-we-share-information
Then it's a good thing there aren't any so you don't have a worry. Sorry. . .
That's a misconception (or misreporting). Apple was not ordered to pare down the list of patents they wanted to assert. The law does not allow a judge to make that order. She could only make the suggestion. It was Apple's choice to do so in order to get the case heard more quickly.Anyway, the thread is veering off-course so we should probably discuss this in a more appropriate thread if there's an interest in continuing.
That's correct. I don't think copying is the way to success myself altho many many companies would disagree with me and have money in the bank from doing so to prove it.Here's an article from about a year ago and things have not gotten any better in Apple patent claims since then.http://www.fosspatents.com/2014/04/in-49-months-of-holy-war-apple-has-not.html
Ummm, that particular rule only applied to unique German rules governing IP. In the US there's a 12 month grace period I believe, not that it matters. Even then that was an outlier as Apple applies for patents on nearly everything they come up with whether a product is planned or not don't they? Apple's biggest issue is that a very high percentage of the patent claims Apple has chosen to assert in lawsuits, nearly every one as a matter of fact, have been found invalid in...
You don't think they'd buy an Apple Watch anyway? Wouldn't a celebrity having enough faith in the product to buy it be better than a celeb wearing it because it was given to them? I would have thought so but perhaps not I guess as I'm absolutely certain Apple knows exactly what they're doing.
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