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A demo of the Moto360 smartwatch is up now. IMO it's more suited for a male than female arm. At least Moto isn't trying to disguise it. They used a smallish woman for the demo.
Now his recess appointments to the NLRB have been ruled unconstitutional by SCOTUS. The administration has no appeal recourse left. What does that mean for policies that board has put in place since 2011?
Google Android isn't open.
Apple selectively indemnifies what it offers (an example is linked), but they definitely are worthy of using for services aren't they? You might even have used this Apple software package.https://developer.apple.com/softwarelicensing/agreements/pdf/bonjour4win.pdfI don't think your point is valid.
Where did you get the proof that Google doesn't indemnify their version of Android and the Google Services that are part of the package? I recall at least three contracts have become public that proved they do (HTC, Samsung, Motorola), but not one document yet indicating they do not. As there's evidence of indemnification yet you claim they do not the onus to prove your claim is on you sir.As far as your statement it's "filled with stolen IP" it's odd that in 8 years...
A lot of new automotive and audio partners announced today:AlpineBentleyClarionCloudCarDelphiFIAT ChryslerFreescaleFUJITSU TENHARMANInfinitiJVCKENWOODLGMaseratiMazdaMitsubishiNissanPanasonicParrotPioneerRenaultRenesasSEATÅ kodaSubaruSuzukiSymphony TelecaVolkswagenVolvo
Did they really say that? I hadn't seen it mentioned so I suppose they don't consider it terribly important right now? Odd that bit of news wasn't picked up by Ars or TechCrunch.
Of course it helps fix it. Google will be handling the software updates directly, bypassing manufacturers and carriers as it does with its Nexus program. That's one of the perks. I'm guessing you didn't read about it before commenting?
Thanks for pointing it out. I should be much more careful with punctuation.
New Posts  All Forums: