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I've no doubt at all that for some potential buyers a round smartwatch they think looks good on them (or for some specific occasion) will be better than a square one they don't like the looks of and thus won't use.With that said which poster was claiming a round version was better overall than a square one? I think you may have invented an argument that wasn't made unless I missed someone's post which is certainly possible.
I know you think it should. It won't IMO because there's no big reason it should matter. Routing it thru Google matters not a whit to Joe Average. They have no idea how it gets from point A to B in the first place and really couldn't care less IMO as long as it works and is convenient. Whether payments get routed thru Apple, Google, the Federal Reserve or someone they've never heard of, or why it might matter anyway doesn't occur to them.IMO Android Wallet didn't fail to...
Soli, you keep trying to toss in a qualifier, a particular bank partner, as tho that changes something. What do YOU believe it changes as regards a "representational card" that you mentioned earlier as far as a consumer is concerned? Perhaps that's why you think we're not communicating on the same wavelength.EDIT: There's several banking industry articles that discuss Android Pay Soli. Have you read any of them? Just curious.
It's exactly as I said unless you have something that shows otherwise and disagrees. Those using Google Wallet never shared their actual card with retailers. It's always used a representational number. Generally I think it's called tokenization isn't it, a unique card number standing in for the real one for each transaction?
I think they've always used a "representational card" Soli. Your actual credit card number was never shared with the retailer AFAIK. The current requirements BTW are largely dictated by Mastercard along with other somewhat less influential members of PCI as I understand it. Android Pay and Apple Pay will be nearly identical in the way they work from a consumer perspective.
I have my doubts that the general public will be all that committed to Apple Pay or Android Pay or Whatever Pay. A recent article on an Android blog site noting the Android Pay imminent rollout had this to say, and I generally agree with the sentiments. I won't be leaving my wallet at home anytime soon: "Android Pay pretty much really is just about paying for stuff. Loyalty cards and similar things may be integrated, but Pay is largely a rebrand of Wallet's NFC-based...
Engadget tore one aparthttp://www.engadget.com/2015/09/04/star-wars-bb-8-teardown/
OK. Didn't know you were only interested in music royalties so fair enough. Even there some creative music artists are making money from Youtube.http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/seven-ways-musicians-make-money-off-youtube-20130919If YouTube wasn't free to use it could be more. AFAIK they're still planning a paid service rather than just ad-supported sometime pretty soon so hopefully some of the content owners can make a bit more than they do now. IMHO they deserve...
Ah gotcha.There's some folks making decent livings from YouTube tho.http://www.therichest.com/rich-list/most-influential/10-ordinary-people-who-earned-their-millions-from-youtube/Even those little "indies" can make money at YouTube if they'll take the time to understand the process.http://technical.ly/dc/2014/10/29/cd-baby-ceo-tracy-maddux-future-of-music-policy-summit/
Well that certainly is one proving they didn't steal the content.
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