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And you would be incorrect.http://android-developers.blogspot.in/2015/02/a-new-way-to-promote-your-app-on-google.html
For a bunch of smart people here, and there really are a lot, many seem clueless when it comes to "facts" that really aren't and that they choose to to repeat anyway without checking. I'm sure you don't want AI to be known for disinformation and outright FUD rather than reliable factual reporting. At least I would assume that would be your preference, that you can trust what you read.By the way do you really expect a five day old story to still be at the top of the tech...
It's at the top of the list in both search and sponsored results on Google too. Bing is a different story.
Then just point me to your post where you explained it already so you don't have to repeat yourself. Oh wait... you didn't explain it.
As a developer yourself I'll surprised you don't know who AppAnnie is, where their results come from, or why they can be considered a reliable source of app store data. You should check up on them.
Please explain it then. How do you find articles to read and what makes an article the days' top news?
The obvious answer? Google Play developers make significant money from shared ad revenue.
No you're not...See my previous post. I did it for you so you don't continue to have a problem finding them yourself.
Of course Apple's store is more profitable. Everyone knows that. Does that mean Google Play isn't as DED would havbe us believe?If you want to follow the revenue over the years it's easy to find. Just search it with your favorite browser. Here, I'll start it for you:2011: http://www.electronista.com/articles/12/11/30/google.play.revenue.up.sharply.apple.generates.4.times.as.much iOS 4 times as much2012:...
No idea what the heck you're talking about. How do you get a result if you don't search it? That's what DED did. If you simply are looking for the biggest news today an FTC leaked document even concerning Google would hardly be at the top of the list. Idiocy? Yeah but not from the direction you thought. Do a 180.
New Posts  All Forums: