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You know someone will miss the sarcasm tag.With regard to Thunderbolt tho I'm fairly surprised that adoption outside of Apple themselves has been so slow. What's it been three years or so? Do you think licensing costs are still getting in the way? Can't imagine they're all that high.
So then being tracked wasn't the reason to ditch Google since you're OK with Bing/MS collecting and monetizing highly identifiable data, connected to your real name.
Check this out: Credit cards with embedded fingerprint scanners, and shipping now. http://zwipe.com/news/mastercard-and-zwipe-announce-the-launch-of-the-worlds-first-biometric-contactless-payment-card-with-integrated-fingerprint-sensor/ "MasterCard and Zwipe has announced their partnership for the launch of the world’s first contactless payment card featuring an integrated fingerprint sensor. The launch of the card comes after a successful live pilot with Norway’s...
Gosh, didn't see this coming. . . Mastercard will roll-out credit cards with an embedded fingerprint scanner?? Yup, and supposedly no bigger than current cards http://techcrunch.com/2014/10/17/mastercard-will-borrow-a-touch-id-trick-for-fingerprint-scanning-credit-card/
AFAIK there is no TV shipping with a licensed Apple TV interface. What you may be thinking of is an erroneous news blurb, repeated here at AI I believe, of an Indian HDTV with Apple's interface pre-installed. In fact it was simply a regular TV bundled with an additional Apple TV unit. Two separate pieces of hardware being sold as a bundle.
He was probably kidding around. Anand now works directly for Apple (since at least August) and yes probably got his hands on it some time ago.
The initial Geekbench score is in for the Nexus 9 for anyone interested since apparently it now matters more than it once did. https://twitter.com/jfpoole/status/522761859532095488
That would coincide with a news article from today regarding iAds. Apparently with iOS8 Apple has added some additional user (viewer?) tracking capabilities."Say, for example, a visitor to a retailer’s iPhone app adds a pair of shoes to his cart but ultimately decide not to buy it. In this scenario, the retailer will now be able to retarget that user with an ad for that exact pair — even in another app on his iPad (also works cross-device). When tapped, the ad would direct...
With the HBO and CBS announcements (particularly CBS "all platforms supported" comment) it may be the reason for Google's Nexus Player announcement yesterday too. I'd imagine Apple has their own reveal today.
If you'd do as I do and try to avoid responding to trollish posts some of the ones that rely on it may find it's not as much fun and do so less often. AI would be better off for it.
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