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Odd news on the iPad front in Russia. Their government is reportedly dumping Apple iPads over spying concerns. So what would they replace them with that's more secure in their opinion? Samsung tablets! http://www.businessinsider.com/russian-ipads-2014-3
You too? ROFTL. Mine was relatively tame this time."RogueDogRandy-don't talk your shit at me punk. I will slap your fucking ears so hard your head will ring for a week-i got your tough guy hanging, twerp-whatever, twerp. I am older and wiser than you.
In related news Synology's DiskStation just got an update that enables official streaming of all your personal and iTunes media to the Chromecast. http://bit.ly/1fjlBsp
Chaining them to their beds at night would help with that huh? During the day let them wander free on the grounds. Razor wire will keep 'em in.
I think your smartphone would be less conspicuous.
Yeah, we had a bunch of those when we were kids. At the time we thought those were pretty cool. At the timeEdit: You reminded me I have a couple of old stereopticons and a few hundred cards I hadn't looked at in a few years now. I might spend some time with those later. I don't ever recall my son seeing them before and he might think they're kind of neat for a few minutes.
So that must make two of us then. Guess I'll wait for the OP. He probably knows the answer.
For just a moment when I noticed you quoted me I thought you might know the answer.
https://twitter.com/notch/statuses/448586381565390848 "We were in talks about maybe bringing a version of Minecraft to Oculus. I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me out."
ROTFL!.You are absolutely correct. I had looked at a different video earlier and not the one AI used. Shouldn't have assumed anything so my bad. Sorry Soli....
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