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Citations always help when you claim another poster is wrong Mel.
No. Mel claimed Angry Birds was originally paid on Android but their users weren't buying it so they were forced to change to free. You are erroneously saying the same thing. I believe you and he are confusing it with some other game as that didn't happen unless you have some evidence to the contrary. Angry Birds never started out as a paid app on the Android Market, now Google Play.Since then Rovio has found the best balance for maximum revenue to be a mix of both paid...
...that no one disputes AFAIK. Have you ever seen a claim otherwise? I haven't. But just because most developers came make more money on iOS doesn't mean there's not good money to be made on GooglePlay too is it? With it being a whole lot easier to develop an app for both at the same time (ie Corona, Xamarin) than it used to be why not do both? I can't think of a serious downside to it.
Mel, you could be absolutely right but as I said before I don't recall that. No doubt I miss a lot, one reason AI is one of my favorite sites to find info. Would you mind giving me a link to it?
So like it is on Android with both free and "premium" versions then at the same $2.99 pricinghttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rovio.angrybirdsstarwarshd.premium.iaphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rovio.angrybirdsspaceHD
Yup, pretty common knowledge who he is. Just have to let the newer members know the connection once in awhile.
I don't believe it was ever anything BUT free for Android Mel, at least not according to the original press reports when it first became available.http://mashable.com/2010/10/15/angry-birds-android-2/Perhaps you've confused it with some other game.EDIT: iOS now has both free and paid versions of Angry Birds as does Android. Thanks MPantone
Which statement Soli?
Mel, IIRC the numbers submitted as evidence for the trial were US only, but AI and other blogs tried to use worldwide shipment numbers to prove Samsung lied about their shipments and/or companies like Gartner were way off the mark. Are you perhaps making the same mistake now or is there something else I missed?
There's lots of truth in that. Android has a long ways to go before they'll be seen as successful in the enterprise segment. That still won't keep MS from releasing Office Apps for Android tablets in the near future. Of course "near future" is pretty wide-open when it comes to Microsoft.
New Posts  All Forums: