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Soli, Google Android updates are ready to deliver to stock devices (ie Nexus) within days of their official release, really no different than iOS updates. Even Apple can't release OS updates until the carriers are done testing and sign off on 'em. The difference comes into play with the various manufacturers who don't feel the same urgency. Moto would be one exception, readying some updates within a week or so of Nexus updates.If Apple licensed iOS they might see some of...
Here is as thorough a report as any I'm aware of on how Apple and Peason got together and how the bidding process was done. It's does sound as tho Apple and Pearson may already have been selected to provide the services and hardware before the bids were even requested. http://www.scpr.org/blogs/education/2014/08/25/17192/how-did-la-schools-decide-on-ipad-software-it-star/ A pretty revealing read.
I actually quoted the first paragraph for you. You didn't notice several different devices got a mention, and that the article would concern the high costs of LA's program compared to some other districts?
Check with Benjamin Frost. He might be up for it.
The linked article wasn't about Chromebooks, they simply got a brief mention. It's safe to read it.http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-ipads-schools-20140101-story.html#page=1
I know Amazon has outbound streaming but do they have uploading too?
http://www.latimes.com/local/education/la-me-lausd-ipads-20140822-story.html#page=1The DA hasn't seen anything that needs pursuing.
http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-ipads-schools-20140101-story.html#page=1The Perris Union High School District is paying $344 apiece for a Chromebook for every student. Nearby, Riverside Unified purchased a variety of devices, including the Kindle Fire and iPad Mini, for as low as $150 each. In San Diego Unified, some students are using a $200 tablet.The Los Angeles Unified School District, however, is paying $768 per device for its students, teachers and administrators,...
Feel free to post the iPhone timeline TS. Hint: Look around mid to late 2005 for the start. Several sources point to September as the month Jobs gave the iPhone the green-light, with a company wide commitment by November or so. Credit Apple's Project Purple tablet effort for some of the groundwork, making the iPhone fast-tracking possible. By the way saying it wasn't even a glimmer in his eye was over-reaching I'll admit. Jobs had considered it at different times, even...
Have you ever read the history of Android, and why Google bought and developed it into a full-fledged mobile OS (Rubin once thought cameras were the best use)? It was not about Apple or iPhones. Heck, the iPhone wasn't even a glimmer in Steve Jobs eye when Google started working on the Android Project. The danger to Google came from Microsoft and their vision of mobile, which did not include a promotion of Google services. The idea was to develop a Microsoft-competing...
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