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Personally I do not.
I'm not a fan of any virtual keyboard device whether tablet or smartphone except for media consumption and even then I prefer casting to the big screen. I'm not a game player. I don't even like texting except via voice input so call me old school.I've no idea of the actual downsides to a Chromebook in education. I'd be going by educator comments just as you probably would. Those discussions are fairly easy to find tho if you're truly interested.
At home I use a Chromebook for the most part and have for maybe 6 months or more.So yeah I've tried a Chromebook. What do you usually use at home? Something with a real keyboard or virtual?
Fair enough. Google doesn't build Chromebooks tho. That's left up to companies like Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung and others.
You haven't actually read thru any one of the three links I gave you? I'm pretty sure you never actually tried a Chromebook for even a few minutes either. What are you basing your opinion on?
For classes that benefit from an Adobe design product then something other than a Chromebook would be the better choice. I don't think anyone believes there's any single product that's the best choice for each and every education need.
Are you in Elementary, Middle or High School?Clairification: Because that's who those apps are for.
What's missing?
What do you want to do?https://www.google.com/chrome/education/webstore/app-packs.htmlhttp://www.cnet.com/news/living-with-chromebook-can-you-use-it-to-actually-get-work-done/http://www.maximumpc.com/can_you_survive_chromebook_alone_2014
Won't happen. Chromebooks are as impervious to viruses and malware as a Mac. Perhaps more so.
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