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And I thouth that I was seeing a speaker on the bottom left side of the picture a dock connector bottom center and a audio jack hole on the right bottom of the picture... As if the front of the unit is facing us. I think I recognise , three contacts for the jack connector on the bottom right hand side. Can't say if this is a 1/8" jack, I remember hearing that Apple wanted to go smaller on their connectors to make the units even smaller then the present iPhones.
And you actually think that Kelly Clarkson is worth all of this? Today's present is a Kelly Clarkson single, C'mon guys you can do better then THAT... What do you expect for free???
Since upgrading my iPod touch 4g to the new OS 4.3, I have seen some odd pixelation on the top left hand of the screen when first turning it on, anybody else? I've had this iPod since last oct and this has been happening ONLY since upgrading. I noticed that 4.3.1 will come out in a couple of weeks to address other issues, so what is the best way to have this checked out? Go to the Apple store or phone tech support?
You mean like in the top left of the screen, YES, I have had the same thing happen to me,four times since upgrading to 4.3, guess we will have to find the PROPER thread for this...
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