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That was a remarkably poor comparison. There are enough core duo laptops out there that you can compare near exact specs without having so many inequities.
There needs to be a new phone manufacturer. SOMEONE needs to invent a phone operating system that is user intuitive. Each different OS from each different company has its flaws and its difficulties. It is either too difficult to reach different parts of the system, or the system is so segmented in its quest to be easy that the different ability are lost on different sub-menus. Also, there are an absurd amount of buttons on a phone that rarely do anything predictable...
It does mention an appeal claim.
Yes, Apple's Pro apps have serial codes and copy protection.
You guys need some tin foil hats. Apple really is out to get you. They fly by in black helicopters at night and the evil ninjas infect your machine. Either that or someone illegally leaked the correct version of the program, just like always.
It is entirely possible for them to code the support, but leave it out of the final product.
HDTV still does not have enough resolution, especially considering the distance from it you have to sit.
They would have released it if you had added another 'e' in the title. They are impressed by that sort of thing.
I'd make the green and red buttons (presumably answer and hang-up) considerably smaller. You would never be able to pull it out of your pocket without accidentally hanging up on someone. What if you made them smaller and set them both right above the scroll wheel curved so they follow the contours of the wheel. (kinda like eyebrows I guess).
New powermacs next tuesday! Failing that, it may be a week later. Or maybe the week after that. ad infinum.
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