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I've been wondering that for years, and you don't have to take 100% of the lead you could incrementally increase as more fab plants come online. One thing I think most people don't realize is there are only a few MFGs in the WORLD that have the production capacity you even think about making the number of chips that Apple demands. 
Well they dont have enough money. Its probably a contract issue.
I smell a major refresh, as much as I dislike Apple I have to give them props for hype and rumors.
A quick Google search gave me an eHow.com website.. I cant test this as I dont have my mac with me but here you go.   http://www.ehow.com/how_8331885_determine-lcd-panel-macbook.html
I just tried it myself, yes it is interesting. I bet they will link it to a Google like page when they make it. 
Have a look here, its the refurbished Apple line, its a bit cheaper and you have more options.   http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/specialdeals/mac
This might help...   http://www.zdnet.com/apple-the-most-valuable-company-ever-if-you-forget-inflation-7000002894/
Like the first post, I think its going to be laminated (if it isnt already) 
Ya that seems kinda weird to me, and she ONLY got the phone replaced. Come on anyone else would have been ecstatic to have a new phone and a cool story to tell.
Seems like the only real way to solve the Data issue might be to roll out City wide WiFi or something like ultra long range WiFi to cover large areas. If Apple keeps rolling these devices out were going to run out of bandwidth on the Cell Towers...
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