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Its posts like yours that renew my faith in humanity, well done!
Hell go to Apple.com you can get an Apple Certified Refurbished iPad 16GB for $299 when they have them
Hell Apple should probably just buy them, kill two birds with one stone. All this lawsuit stuff goes away and you get all of there intellectual property to boot. I doubt they have much to offer as a company at this point so you could probably get them for a dime.
It sounds to me that an iPad 3 would work for you if you are just using it for photos. I'm also thinking the iPad 3 might be 128GB since the 4S is up to 64GB, but they are pushing iCloud pretty hard. On a side note from a fellow iPad 2 32GB Verizon owner, I found that when I first got it I couldn't put it down but now I hardly use the thing except to check my email and Pulse. I have migrated back to my computer for most tasks. On a side note you might consider a Mac...
Ya that's what I was thinking to but the 5th and 6th characters are either 0G (which doesn't exist) or DG which would intricate a 128GB Flash chip per their PDF. Of course that's IF the photo is real....
I know this use to work but I don't use safari on my iPhone anymore, you have to clear it from google.com Step 1: Navigate to google.com under the “Safari” icon. Sometimes the Google search bar on the iPod will keep a search history of its own. If you do not want your previous search tags popping up as you type, you can remove all of them at once by clearing it manually. To do this, start typing any letters in the Google search bar. Step 2: A list of your previous...
I've looked and I don't see anything about this, the photo at; http://www.slashgear.com/ipad-3-fasc...eaks-22214747/ The Logic board photo at the bottom shows the Hynix flash chips and I was trying to decode them. The 5th and 6th character in the photo denotes size and looks like DG which would mean the chip size as 128GB so does that mean the iPad 3 might be 256GB? Can someone double check? The link to the Hynix PDF is...
Better put some nets up before you cut the trees down.
There isn't much in this world that doesn't have Samsung's fingerprints on it, good luck to him!
Oddly enough I just came across this article which fits perfectly here... http://theunderstatement.com/post/11...ory-of-support
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