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I think its all about marketing, I know that ATT's 3G is throttled and has the potential to run at around "4G" speeds. So I think most of it comes down to what the marketers want to brand it as and what they think customers will like and pay for. I'm sure we wont have to wait 10 years for "5G" or whatever it is, we just have to wait till they throttle up the bandwidth.
That is really interesting, I wonder if because you were using it and she was using the voice pattern got messed up, or it locked on to your voice first. I wonder if you let it sit for a few days and then turn it back on will it reset and then lock onto your wife's voice? Let us know if you try I would be fascinated to know if it works.
Are we sure it wont work with T-mobile 3G? I have to imagine that someone else in the world is using the same frequency for 3G. Maybe they built it in for future use *crosses fingers* Maybe unicorns are real?
Nah Apple is to lazy to program that, they will probably just leave everything as is. Thats probably why they aren't allowing the unlock of the CDMA, to much programing and not enough carriers.
Yeah I would say: A) Make sure you have at least 2 backups of your data, make sure they are verified. B) Repair your HDD. C) .... D) Profit! I mean buy a new SSD when you get the money.
Sounds like a standard problem, I've been seeing a few of these lately. 10.6.5 is suppose to correct the issues if it doesn't take it back and exchange it.
As you still have the current body style just go to your local Apple store, they should carry a few ATI cards in the back for upgrades and can just sell you the card, just ask them what they have. I would also contact nvidia and maybe ask a Genius as there may be a known issue with the card and they may swap it for you again or give you a credit twords an ATI card. Never hurts to ask...
Wes the BlackArmors look pretty sick, I use to use something call a Mira server but they have sense been discontinued. I bet if you really want to get geeky you could buy the 1TB and manually upgrade the HDD(s) yourself :P And king thanks for the correction 2TB for $499 though you don't get the RAID so if the HDD goes bad you're SOL. Saw that a few times working at Apple.
Hey sorry to hear about your issue, I know how awesome mobile be is and how much it sux when it doesn't work. Have you tried to login from another browser (Safari, IE if on a PC)? also have you attempted to setup you mail on your mac with your mobile me account? On a side note if you are still havering issue and looking to change from mobile me I have been using Gmail + Google sync. Its free and has the same features as mobile me, its a little harder to setup but works...
I think it also should be noted that while not the same as firewire, ie free licensing. It's going to be hard for manufactures other than Apple to justify using it while Apple only has around 8% market share. Also its extreme unlikely that Apple or other mfgs will create expansion cards for PCs. Thus the technology is going to be limited to Apple. Even though Intel is late to the party with its own technology, AMD creating chip sets already shows the potential...
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