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You could buy an iPad first gen and unlock it over here or she could buy the Chinese model over there when it comes out and use the service...
Well what I find funny is they keep basing how big the company is on Market Cap which is just Price per share x outstanding shares... So in my mind the are the second biggest company because the Stock market likes them x They have a Ton of outstanding shares, if any of that changes they aren't big any more. Now if you look at the list of companies by Revenues Apple is #197 for 2010http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortu...t/101_200.html
Amen, no one knows what the future holds... Just ask Japan
The problem is it was Steve who did it and arguably continues to do it, so the question is, with out him can Apple continue as it does today....
Not really Eric Schmidt came on because he was a successful CEO and he got Google going down the right path and now the boys are taking back control. He did what they hired him to do.... Now stop posting news....
Speaking as an ex Apple employee, I would let you install compressor, but i believe it was already installed. All product has a default image so when you reboot it would just revert to the image so i don't see why you couldn't install it if you wanted to :P As for cache and speed not to much the L2, L3 just denotes the proximity to the actual core. Obviously more is better but 8MB vs 6MB probably isn't going to make a noticeable difference when it comes to rendering.
Its not to bad replacing the battery, more a pain in the ares than anything else. The screen comes off pretty easily and if you're careful the adhesive is fine and you can re-laminate the screen back on when you're done. Just have to know what you're doing But agreed there will be a day when it's just a sheet of flexible glass, and I cant wait!! I mean come on if you could roll up your iPad 5 and put it in your pocket!
Make sure your iPad2 is updated but it will only support 1080p for video playback, games are 720p so try setting your TV to 720p, or get a cruddier TV http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/ And yes those are the iPad 2 specs not iPad 1
Its possible:http://discussions.apple.com/message...ageID=12987898 That also talks about it, hopefully 10.6.7 fixed it. If not take it to an Apple store and make it their problem after all that would be a MFG defect.
Probably because there are only a few manufactures of hard drive out there, those two being the main ones. That being said Apple does, from my experience, tend to use some cheap hard drives....
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