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"Chirping" could be hard drive or anything else thats moving in your MBP, cd etc... if its less than a year take it to an Apple Store...
I use to work for Apple and Best Buy, Word of advice for the future. Yes you can return Apple care at ANY time regardless of the state of the computer and get a prorated credit. The next time you by an Apple product buy it from Best Buy they have an accidental plan that's about the same price as apple care BUT does cover water damage or whatever happens to your Apple, even falling out of a plane at 2000 feet (yes that did happen to a customer and yes he got a new...
I don't know if you can find out who makes them in china but you wouldn't be able to make them in the US as labor would be to expensive, and thus not cost effective. \
try using something other than safari :P
LOL! Just not buy a matte Macbook you will regret it, having worked for apple and seen many people buy matte and what has happened, get the glossy!\
Yeah I'm pretty sure if they moved the Mothership mac people would go postal. They probably just saw a good time to buy and will expand over there eventually.
Yeah and its really annoying....
Aw the place is so packed anyway, no one would have noticed the people anyway.
The only problem with that is that even though ATT OWNS T-Mobile and said Customer base T-Mobile is still a separate company from ATT so you couldn't just walk into an ATT store and get an iPhone for T-Mobile at least not for the first year or two. The cool part will be that if you have an iPhone on T-Mobile and its Jailbroken and Unlocked it will use the ATT 3G service as the company's have said all phones will share each others networks.
Well I think the only issues is whether the merger would be considered monopolistic, and in the end I don't think the SEC will see it as that and let them be. Which is nice cause i REALLY want 3G on my T-Mobile iPhone
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