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It doesn't work properly (yes I know it's beta software). My phone still hangs on to 1 bar of wifi and refuses to let go until I switch wifi off completely. I would like to see a setting where it drops the wifi based on sensitivity level that we can set. Personally, I would like anything less than 90% optimal to be dropped.
Thanks for the info. Sometimes the convenience is worth the price.
Has anyone traded in an iphone at the Apple store? Do they require you to bring the headphone and lightning cable?
From what I can gather from the limited information that's presented, it looks to me like someone would need to snoop around a public wifi for unsuspecting iphone victims. Capture their Apple ID and PW (which is yet to be proven, it's only "claimed"), then steal that person's iphone.   What happens if the device was stolen first, and remote wiped? How would they get the user's Apple ID and PW then?
 The USB cable is fake too.
I couldn't get this to work on my iphone 5 running iOS 6.1. At the final stage when holding the power button for 4 seconds then tapping cancel, my phone screen just turns off and locks like it would do if the power button was pressed.
I can see it being used as some sort of remote for the iphone. It acts as a watch but when a call comes in, caller ID is displayed on it and you can answer/talk right on the watch. Notifications would show on it as well. That would be amazing.
It seems like some people like to include the cost of service into the cost of the phone and call it the total cost of owning an iphone. I find this absolutely ridiculous. We don't add in the cost of gas and claim that our car costs over 200k. Or even add in cost of electricity, water, garbage, etc. and call our house a million dollar house. While it's true that some wireless lines are cheaper without a contract, I've yet to find a deal that is even worth my time to...
91 pages at 15 post per page and assuming it's all unique posts, that would be 1365 affected out of the 1 million upgrades to iOS6. It affects .1% of the users who upgraded, so yea it's definitely an issue with iOS6. I upgraded one 4 and two 4s, and didn't see the problem. I guess I'm part of the 99.9%.
New Posts  All Forums: