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They will be paying upwards of $900+ for someone to stand in line and buy iphones for them.
70+ billion dollars can afford them the best lawyers for almost an unlimited number of lawsuits. In the end, they'll win some and lose some. The ones they win, they'll make sure to recoup their lawyer fees. I really don't see apple losing out.
It's just something to read when we're bored. These numbers don't mean anything and won't affect ios or android's success. Ultimately, only apple, htc, samsung, etc., knows how many phones they've sold. Any report elsewhere is just for kicks. As an apple share holder since they were below $100, I'm on the fence whether to sell and claim my winnings or continue to ride it just a bit longer. My gut feelings tell me to wait awhile longer.
The mayor seems like a huge apple fan. I don't blame him though. I watched the presentation of the building the other day and steve posed the possibility that they'd have to move out of cupertino if the city can't accommodate their needs. As a mayor, he wouldn't want to lose the city's biggest tax payer. So in that sense, there's definitely some a** kissing going on.
Actually, that's where you're wrong. Malware gets installed on a windows pc without the owner's knowledge or consent. It's usually attached to a legitimate software that the owner has downloaded and is attempting to install. It can also be attached to files and be transferred to other users through movable media (usb flash, disc, etc.). Mac Defender is an application, period. It doesn't do anything harmful. It's an application that tricks the user into thinking that there...
You would know the difference if you owned a windows laptop/notebook. It would be infected within 30 days of normal use by an average person. Since you're on a mac, you're not experiencing those problems.As for the pwn2own contests, those aim at web browser vulnerabilities and are not real world scenarios. In a real world scenario, if anyone gains physical access to your computer, consider it compromised no matter what operating system it's running. Can these pwn2own...
The dictionary is a "learning" dictionary. If you cancel out the suggestions a few times, it learns your new words and typing pattern. I've noticed it being annoying whenever I type on a new iphone but after awhile it seems to learn my typing pattern.
Actually, it's not. Apple has no need for flash and their sales volume speaks for itself. Anyone who claims to have flash running perfectly is flat out lying. It's buggy even on windows.
That's the thing. Fandroids are made up of children who cannot afford to buy them, adults who can't afford to buy them, and lots of others who just post online. They speak pretty loudly with their fingers, but when it comes down to their pocketbooks they're extremely quiet.It's easy to voice their opinions on the internet about which platform is better, but it's a totally different thing to actually go out and spend money on one. Android on the smartphone as we know it is...
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