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Why are people still arguing over the name? Apple obviously have their own reasons for calling it whatever they want and it's their right to do so. Those who continue to insist it's wrong, get over it. You guys are the ones who are wrong. When you own a company and make your own products, you can name it sequentially with its generation number if you want to. Apple is obviously not following your naming scheme.
Yes, I'm saying the iphone 4 being the 4th generation was coincidental and the next iphone could very well be called iphone 5 or whatever Apple wants to call it.   The two iphones before the iphone 4 was named 3 (for whatever reasons I'm not debating). The 4 came after 3 with a new form factor. 5 could come after 4 with a new form factor. It just makes sense if Apple decided to go that path. If they do, then they do. If they don't, then they don't. It doesn't make them...
There's no indication from apple that the name iphone 4 represented the 4th generation. That's just speculation. It could simply mean a form factor change, thus time for a new number indicator. Since the previous form factor was named 3, 4 would come next and it could be coincidental that it also happens to the the 4th generation. Every other generation says otherwise.   I just made up the 4GS portion as an example. G for telephony and S for siri coming out of beta. My...
  The name of the iphone does not imply its generation number. Whatever Apple decides to name the next iphone, it's solely their decision to make. Why do people insist on Apple being "wrong" when it's THEIR products and THEIR naming scheme? The iphone 4s was the 5th generation iphone, yet it wasn't named iphone 5. That alone should answer any uncertainty about whether or not the name of the phone is an indication of its generation number. The next iphone will be named...
  Ofcourse! We all know that the only reason people buy Apple products are because they're iSheep right? Since sheep wouldn't have any clue on how to refund their purchases, Apple ended up having the lowest return rate in the industry. The same sheep then returns to Apple to buy even more Apple products. It makes perfect sense!
I think the clown knew that it was stolen property. The only defense he has is to say he didn't know and put the full blame on his buddy. It's up to his buddy to testify whether or not he knew about it. Perhaps the "homeless" guy will testify to get a lower sentence.
If I remember correctly, there were dozens of tablets at CES prior to the ipad announcement. Once the ipad was shown to the world, all those tablets from CES were either scraped or postponed for over a year.  
Samsung will come out with this plug when the galaxy s4 comes out.
Google talks about how many daily activations they have, but no one's talking about the refund/return rate. It probably explains the mobile web usage.
No matter how the comparisons are made, it'll never be a fair comparison. If it was a platform comparison, then iOS includes ipod touches and ipads. If it's a manufacturer comparison, then the android guys will want to include all android devices and not just a single manufacturer.   To please the android guys, it would have to be android OS vs iphone hardware. As long as companies continue to release better phones, we should all be happy with our choices and not concern...
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