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  Ofcourse! We all know that the only reason people buy Apple products are because they're iSheep right? Since sheep wouldn't have any clue on how to refund their purchases, Apple ended up having the lowest return rate in the industry. The same sheep then returns to Apple to buy even more Apple products. It makes perfect sense!
I think the clown knew that it was stolen property. The only defense he has is to say he didn't know and put the full blame on his buddy. It's up to his buddy to testify whether or not he knew about it. Perhaps the "homeless" guy will testify to get a lower sentence.
If I remember correctly, there were dozens of tablets at CES prior to the ipad announcement. Once the ipad was shown to the world, all those tablets from CES were either scraped or postponed for over a year.  
Samsung will come out with this plug when the galaxy s4 comes out.
Google talks about how many daily activations they have, but no one's talking about the refund/return rate. It probably explains the mobile web usage.
No matter how the comparisons are made, it'll never be a fair comparison. If it was a platform comparison, then iOS includes ipod touches and ipads. If it's a manufacturer comparison, then the android guys will want to include all android devices and not just a single manufacturer.   To please the android guys, it would have to be android OS vs iphone hardware. As long as companies continue to release better phones, we should all be happy with our choices and not concern...
I think it's more like:   RT: $499 because they think it's better than the ipad. Pro: $999 because they think it's better than the mba.   The fact that they haven't released the price shows that it's gonna be high. All they said was that it would be "comparable" to the prices of their competitors. They're trying to build excitement without disappointing people on price. When it's finally revealed, they're hoping the excitement drowns out the high prices. Had the prices...
I'm not surprised at all. Just about everyone who's asked me for advice on a new TV actually thought that LED TV referred to the type of display. I have to constantly tell people that it still uses an LCD display and that LED is just a different way to light the LCD displays.
I have helped several people get setup on ATT with iphones and no data. First, setup a line without data using a different phone. Then turn off cellular data on the iphone and pop the chip in. If using an iphone 4 or 4s, just cut the sim to size and it works just fine. They've been using this for years and only use data when they are on wifi. Other than that, the phone, sms, gps, location service, etc portions work just fine. I was just like you, adamant about ATT...
No amount of marketing will sell a junk product. Junk is junk no matter how well you market them. Marketing helps, but ultimately it's the user experience and satisfaction that keeps them coming back for more.
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