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First, by gathering information and finding out what they're signing up for BEFORE signing. Why should someone else be responsible for your actions? Secondly, pay the early termination fee and move on. The contract is with the carriers, not Apple. Buy a different phone and use it, there's no termination fee as long as you stay with the carrier. You're not limited to using the iphone for an entire 2 years. There's no contract if you purchased it unsubsidized at full price...
It's possible, but I don't think they understand the concept of a business. It wouldn't necessarily make them dumb though. People tend to think that they have rights to everything. What they forget is that companies have the right to refuse service to them.
Apple is don't NO such thing. Going by internet rumors, I see. John Doe can sell his cherries anywhere he wants to, but unless he has his own store to sell it, he's gonna have to make arrangements with the owner be it Apple or another store. Take a look at any retailer and if you were trying to get your products into Wal-Mart, Costco, or the lot, you'll see what terms they slap at you. If you don't like it, they'll simply waive good bye to you. Not to mention the huge...
They do, however, have the right to control what they sell in their store. Don't like their rules? Don't play their game. There are plenty of alternative options for developers. If they wanna access Apple's customers with iTunes accounts, they'll have to follow the rules. If you owned your own store, then you would understand what it means to be the owner. John Doe from across the street can't force you to sell his cherries if you don't want to.
  From what I understand, although Google profits from the android user base and ads, they aren't actually selling the android operating system and they're not manufacturing phones that copy the iphone. Apple has no choice but to sue the companies who do the actual selling of their alleged IP and designs.
It doesn't support LTE 4g, but it does support HSPA+ in Australia, which some would call 4g and the ITU has changed their position to consider it 4g as well. The original 4g specification, now being called LTE Advanced, required at least 100mbps download speeds, which no carrier has.
Having physical access to ANY device = compromised. Why would anyone be surprised about this? Anytime you lose your smartphone or laptop, your safest bet is to remote wipe it as soon as possible. If you don't, consider your data compromised. It's that easy to gain root access to your devices if they have physical access to it.
You could use an unlocked phone on any GSM network that is supported by the phone, such as Tmobile and many of the smaller regional carriers. Being unlocked also adds to the phone's resale value.
I hate to say this but it does come down to parenting and taking responsibility as a parent. Apple does a great job with providing the tools necessary for parents to limit a child's device. As a parent, it's your responsibility to moderate it. If your kid's spending all of their allowance on itunes gift cards, then so be it. When you hand over that allowance, it becomes their money. In time, they'll learn to moderate their spending and even start to save, but as a parent...
A gas station owner can tell you that they only make pennies on a gallon of gas. The bulk of their revenue is from food and coffee. The "strain" that ipads are having on Best Buy probably refers to the reduced sales of their other higher margin electronic products. They just need to upsell their ipad customers on accessories and whatever else they can push. The ipads bring in the visitors, just as the as gas brings in customers to the gas station, but their revenues...
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